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Intesity 20.12

Posted by on 2. January 2012

I’m stepping up the intensity in 2012!!!

NY = Year End

While a start of the year would seem like a warm up to most people, it always meant ‘hello busy season’ for me and probably to most of those crazy enough to have earned those three initials that spells C P A.  For all of my professional life, nothing has been more synonymous to new year than the term, year end closing.  So begins the saga of closing the books, chasing deadlines, resolving issues and finalizing financials within a 60-day time frame.  This is the time I bring my A-Game and pressure-packed situations brings out the best in me.  I’m ready!!!

Run + Bike = 2x the Workout

Off season is over and it’s time to unpack the unwanted pounds.  After almost a month of low intensity training or lack of it, the first day of training seems like the first day at a Biggest Loser camp.  Christmas Spirit has been unstoppable and has definitely shifted the scales to the More Food, Less Workout side.  It’s gonna be fun to finally start shedding the fats and this time it’s gonna be twice as fast as I’m having twice the workout with running and cycling.  I have half marathons to prepare for and at the same time, I’m learning the ABCs of cycling.  Seeing two additional columns to work on in my training logbook won’t be easy but all I can say is, Bring in the PAIN!

Shifting Timezone

I’ve been hitting the road to train at night for over a year now.  I want to shift some of my trainings early in the morning as it would free up some time at night.  I would be using fresh-out-of-sleep energy rather than the depleted whatever-is-left-after-a-hectic-day energy.  Getting to sleep early would also be a challenge as even if I’m taking everything a notch higher, sleep is not one of the things I won’t compromise.  This is a big adjustment but it’ll be for the best.  This new year is about new challenges and this is just one of them.  This should make me more upbeat in the morning whether I’m in a race course or at work.  Alarm clocks adjusted!!!

Travel-less For Now

I don’t usually start early with my trips.  Aside from the routine business trips, I have yet to make up my mind on what to do with my travel calendar this year.  I’m still awaiting the official race calendar to clear up so I can sync up my vacations and trainings.  I’m quite impulsive when it comes to booking trips so being travel-less for now is just temporary.  I did book a weekend in Cebu to watch my Iron-friends conquer the 70.3 Ironman distance and committed to attend a friend’s wedding in Boracay this year.  Promo fares, come on down.

Intensity 20.12 Blogging

It does add pressure having about 1,500 hits on my blog site last month and that inspire me to come up with meaningful posts in 2012.  I’m really excited to blog about my next adventure whether getting lost on a new place, pulling all the stops to finish a race or accomplishing a new feat.  It does make it a complete experience from planning an event to being in it to writing about it after.  Writing about an adventure gives you a chance to relive the thrill and the fun of an adventure.  I should start lining up exciting things to do in 2012 so I have an something to blog about.  Now that’s motivation.

No Complains, No Excuses!!!

No Complains, No Excuses is my new mantra for 2012.  Whining and scapegoating take so much of your precious time so might as well do with the things I can control like the effort I put into the things I do or the attitude to just take in what life throws at you and make the most out of it.  The only way to solve life’s puzzles is taking a look at the pieces and seeing how each piece can come in unison to come up with the solution. It’s all systems go in 2012!!!

Happy New Year!!!

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