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Incoming: Tri Series 2019

Posted by on 12. April 2019

SBR.Ph has been in the forefront of an athletes journey towards multisports. They ease the transition with a more relax environment perfect for newbies and at the same time still be a challenge for the experienced triathletes. Tri-Series 2019

Get ready for the Tri Series 2019 Powered By Go For Gold! Complete the series and join the Aquaman Aquathlon, Duaman Duathlon and Triman Triathlon!

The Tri Series 2019 Powered By Go For Gold is made up of three race events open to everyone that was primarily designed and organized for newbies and amateurs. The tri-race events are also a good venue for former professionals or veterans trying to get back into the sport. The distances of the Tri Series 2019 are challenging enough even for experienced athletes. All races are newbie friendly and has no cut-off time.

The Tri Series was developed so that new and budding athletes from the new generation would have an avenue to hone their skills and at the same time build passion for the sport together with the long-time veterans who are joining them in these race events.

Whether your outside the multisport world looking to jumpstart your journey to triathlons or your the regular weekend warrior in search for that BRICK workout or a key race, is perfect for you. It’s a progressive journey starting with Aquaman, followed by Duaman and culminates with Triman. Register Now!

The Races

Pilipinas, atin to! The Tri Series 2019 Powered By Go For Gold medals reflects the triumvirate of colors of the Philippine flag. Proudly homegrown at para sa Pinoy! Collect the set!


Aquathlon has long been considered as the perfect stepping stone for triathlon. The Aquaman Aquathlon 2019 is designed for athletes who are just starting to get their multisport feet wet. The Aquaman Aquathlon 2019 has various distances. The FULL Distance is an 800m Swim followed by a 5k Run while the LITE category is a 400m Swim and a 2.5k Run. This year also features the AQUAKIDS category which is open to kids from 7 to 14 years old!

This race is a combination SWIM-RUN event. It has long been considered as the perfect stepping stone for individuals who want to have a taste of what it takes to be in a triathlon event sans the bike, as bike handling skills may be a little too intimidating for some beginners. This race event allows them to get the feel of a multi-sport event in preparation for the bigger training which would be in store for them in the future.


  • WHAT : Aquaman Aquathlon 2019
  • WHEN : May 19, 2019
  • WHERE : Vermosa Sports Hub
  • DISTANCES : Full Distance / Lite Distance / Aquakids
    • FULL Distance : 800m Swim – 5k Run
    • LITE Distance : 400m Swim – 2.5k Run
    • AQUAKIDS : 
      • 7-10 yrs old (100m Swim / 600m Run
      • 11-14 yrs old (300m Swim / 2k Run)
  • CUT OFF TIME : Take Your Time 😉


The Duaman Duathlon is the second leg of the Tri Series and is our perennial biggest event. We designed both distances of the Duaman Duathlon to be short enough for the newbies and lung-busting enough for the seasoned duathlete. The Duaman Duathlon was the biggest recorded duathlon in Philippine history. Garnering over 1,500 participants from all walks of life and varying skill levels. The Duaman Duathlon is currently the biggest recorded duathlon event in Philippine history.


  • WHAT : Duaman Duathlon 2019
  • WHEN : June 16, 2019
  • WHERE : Camp N, Nuvali
  • DISTANCES : Full Distance / Lite Distance / Aquakids
    • FULL Distance : 6k Run – 25k Bike – 3k Run
    • LITE Distance : 3k Run – 15k Bike – 3k Run
  • CUT OFF TIME : Take Your Time 😉


The Triman Triathlon is the flagship event of the Tri Series 2019. It is the culmination of the three sports SWIM-BIKE-RUN with enough distances to challenge even the most hardcore of participants but friendly enough for the newbie triathlete who just wants to have that taste of sheer ecstasy upon reaching the finish line.

The Triman Triathlon is considered as the de facto training/breeding ground of all triathlon newbies and is the most newbie friendly triathlon in the country.


  • WHAT : Triman Triathlon 2019
  • WHEN : July 28, 2019
  • WHERE : Fontana Hot Spring Leisure Parks Resort, Clark
  • DISTANCES : Full Distance / Lite Distance
    • FULL Distance : 600m Swim – 30k Bike – 5k Run
    • LITE Distance : 300m Swim – 20k Bike – 2.5k Run
  • CUT OFF TIME : Take Your Time 😉


Registrants of the TRI-PACK and finishers of all three races are entitled to get the Tri Series Trifecta Shirt! This shirt is NOT for sale and is available only to Tri-Pack registrants and Tri Series finishers.


Male and Female Age Group Categories

• Medal for Top 3 15-17, 18-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60 and above.

Male and Female Age Group Categories

• Medal for Top 3 15-17, 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60 and above.

Male and Female Age Group Categories
Medal for Top 3 7-10, and 11-14

The lite category is NOT included in the Aquathlon Series Championships.



Aquaman Aquathlon (FULL / LITE)

Early Rate (Until January 31, 2019 only!)

  • Individual : PHP 1,900
  • Relay 2-man : PHP 3,400 (For FULL Distance ONLY)
  • Trikids : PHP 1,900

Regular Rate (From February 1, 2019 up to May 5, 2019)

  • Individual : PHP 2,200
  • Relay 2-man : PHP 3,700 (For FULL Distance ONLY)

Duaman Duathlon (FULL / LITE)

Early Rate (Until February 28, 2019 only!)

  • Individual : PHP 2,100
  • Relay 2-man : PHP 3,600 (For FULL Distance ONLY)
  • Relay 3-man : PHP 4,950 (For FULL Distance ONLY)

Regular Rate (From March 1, 2019 up to June 2, 2019)

  • Individual : PHP 2,400
  • Relay 2-man : PHP 3,900 (For FULL Distance ONLY)
  • Relay 3-man : PHP 5,250 (For FULL Distance ONLY)

Triman Triathlon (FULL / LITE)

Early Rate (Until March 31, 2019 only!)

  • Individual : PHP 2,600
  • Relay 2-man: PHP 4,100 (For FULL Distance ONLY)
  • Relay 3-man: PHP 5,450 (For FULL Distance ONLY)

Regular Rate (From April 1 up to July 7, 2019)

  • Individual : PHP 2,900
  • Relay 2-man: PHP 4,400 (For FULL Distance ONLY)
  • Relay 3-man: PHP 5,750 (For FULL Distance ONLY)

Tri-Pack (Aquaman, Duaman, Triman Package) | For Individual Racers Only!

Early Bird (Until January 31, 2019)

  • PHP 6,000

Regular Rate (From February 1, 2019 until May 5, 2019)

  • PHP 7,000

All entries are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-applicable to future races.


  • Your email should include the ff:
    • List of ten (10) of your online registered teammates/ group.
    • Full name, e-mail and distance along with your 11th member.
  • Once verified, 11 registration codes will be sent to your email.

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