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I Don’t Want To Rule The World

Posted by on 10. May 2010

The sound of the song “Everybody wants to rule the world” is still ringing in my ear from a recent round of music banking with super friends and it’s timely, as we are in the middle of the first automated elections. The queues were long, the heat was at its peak but people did step up to make their vote count. I was lucky enough to vote early at 8 am and avoid the long wait but I’m glad that I did exercise my right to vote this time. I guess people also are eager to vote this time probably to make sure we do have a new president shortly.

I do have my jet setting tendencies but when I think deeply I don’t want to rule the world. I may take my travel load a little bit lighter this time. Come to think of it, I’m running out of places to go. So, it’s time to prioritize the other little things I did miss out lately. Travel will always be a part of me, I’m just shifting to first gear to appreciate the scenery. The same goes for my fast-paced career, a little bit on the slow-motion mode to focus on little things. At some point, you do have to make a choice on what you really want to do and try to balance things out.
It’s really been a short week from barely arriving from Singapore, I’ve been to Bataan then to Baguio for Mother’s day and the election. It’s been a fun week and I’m enjoying my mini slack season. Time out with friends… Mother’s Day Celebration in Baguio… Late night coffees… and a little less stress… Things have shifted for the better though health-wise, I’m still struggling with cough and colds. I need to be a little healthier as I feel I’m starting to get bloated from not being able to exercise coming from the sluggishness that sickness brings.
It’s gonna be another short week and it’ll be a day trip out of town again come weekend. I love summer in the Philippines though I feel bad that I haven’t hit the beach yet up until this time. Oh well, the summer is not yet over. Happy days ahead… That gives a hint on why I don’t want to rule the world cause it’s much fun to rule your own life.
Excess Inkblogs: It’s been really hot and even at the summer capital, the heat has been intolerable… Oh well, the heat is on… At least, there are no more rerouted roads from all those political rallies and those annoying jingles…

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