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How Do You Spell Phnom Penh???

Posted by on 20. June 2009

I’ve been to Phnom Penh several times already for the past few years and first impression I had was a look back at Philippines decades ago though it’s catching up at a fast pace.  The development in Cambodia has really been amazing from all the infrastructure that’s rising and they still maintain their iconic attractions
Phnom Penh is the center of Cambodia and going around the city, there’s Pagoda structures, an Independence Monument, Wat Pnom… Museums, Historical Sites and the Royal Palace. The Royal Palace is amazing as its located facing the Mekong River. Also, they have nice hotels, being able to stay in Intercontinental and Raffles Place Le Royale in my visits.  Also, you’ll be impressed by how big their houses are here.  One story goes that after the Civil War, the Cambodia Government gave away lands to citizens just to encourage them to come back to the city.   Tuktuk and motorcycles are the more popular means of transportation here and crossing the road is really difficult as you get swarms of motorcycles always.   Part of it also being a capital city, it also has the traffic every capital city has during rush hour.  Food can go from the regular Chinese fare, to seafoods and also to the exotic ones.  They eat black spiders here and in one of my trips, I was able to try it.  It felt like shrimps but it was a bit hairy and absorbs the garlic taste cooked with it.  While Cambodia Riel is their currency, dollar is accepted and even more prevailing in the market and so is English is also a prominent language here.
Well, Phnom Penh is more than a word that’s tricky to spell and it’s also an interesting place to visit and in years to come, it’s gonna boast of even more development and attractions to come.

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