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Home Kong… Hong Kong…

Posted by on 17. May 2011

There’s a thing about Hone Kong that combines the rich cultural heritage it has and the new technologies that have arrived. I guess that’s its signature, a country who knows who they are and adopts its culture towards the changing global landscapes. It also has been sort of a home, a comfort zone given that it’s just a few hours away from the country and I get to spend some time with relatives.

I had the chance to exchange a weekend here to a weekend in Hong Kong since I had to use my earned miles before they expire. There it was a business class trip to HK. I’m out of places to visit in HK and fun now has been redefined to doing the things you like to do compared to packing your day trying to explore each attraction of the island. I’m become a much easier and simpler person to please so four days spent just staying at home, attending my niece’s party, shopping a bit, mass, a walk in the park, a trip to Ocean Park and of course, running 15K in their well paved road. I’m still stuck with the thought how can a very active red panda be related to the lazy giant panda but Ocean Park does provide you that mix that ranges from dolphin and seal shows, overwhelming aquariums, animal parks, hot air balloons and scary rides.

Of course, I could have so many variations from a weekend in Disney, to a cable car ride to the Golden Buddha, to appreciating the view at Victoria’s Peak or navigating the city food tripping. That’s Hong Kong’s charm, it can give you so many alternatives from the old to the new, from the relaxing to the enchanting to the exciting and so on. It’s so familiar yet it is so different and even though I’ve probably done those adventures, there’s always a new unique experience that is worth exploring.


How fast my Inaanak Grows, at Hong Kong Park about 5 years apart.

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