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Ho Ho Holland

Posted by on 18. June 2009

On the way back to Philippines from Paris. We decided to take an earlier connecting flight to Holland arriving in Holland early in the morning and with a chance to take a few hours tour around Holland.  It was just a short visit but I did have an appreciation of the place as we booked a tour which just took several hours.

We took a two hour tour and we got a few tidbits about Holland.

  • Amsterdam is a named from a dam blocking the Amster River.
  • The place is under sea level and this is the reason why the place has a very cool climate.
  • Funny how the house and structures are leaning sideways to each other.  There is small movements in the ground being under sea level so having structures leaned against each other would make it more solid.
  • I was able to visit the the cheese factory and they really have great cheese in here.
  • I was also able to visit the shoe factory which comes out with the clog-like sandals.
  • The wind mills was a great view.
  • The place also has the red light district and it’s all legal here.

Actually, part of the initial plans from Paris was to visit the location of their oil mills in Rotterdam via Train but since we tend to get lost even going back to the hotel in Paris, the client thought it was safer not to have us go on that trip.  During our brief time in Holland, there was still time to explore the Diamond mines and go on a river cruise but unfortunately since we’ve already been in Paris for 17 days, we’re running short of cash so the two hour trip was the only thing we could afford.  Even if I already spent 17 days in the best city in the Planet, I still felt homesick.  I guess being out of the country for so long is not my cup of tea.  At the airport, we got to meet several Overseas Filipino Workers who was so eager with our 4 pm flight that they were on the airport as early as 4 am.  Yes, they know that even if they come in earlier that the flight would still leave at the same time but that was how excited they are at going back to the Philippines and seeing their families again.   I’ve been homesick after just 17 days and they’ve been waiting for this moment for years so it was touching to see their anticipation to see their families after all these years.  And there we were on the way back to the Philippines but the 17 days in Paris and those few hours in Holland would always be something I’d treasure and of course, I’d like to go back there again.

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