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Grab your Runners World Philippines Now

Posted by on 13. June 2014

“I got to tick off two bucket list item this year. One is to finish a marathon and the other is to write for Runner’s World Philippines.  Check out the latest issue of Runner’s World and read about my journey towards finishing forty freakin’ two kilometers.”

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Runner’s World

As a runner, one of the more recognized magazine you get to see is Runner’s World. Gladly, there’s a Philippine edition that is more focused on the local running scene, which is probably the most active in the world.  We have thousands of runners finishing a race every weekend in the various run locations and there are individuals who goes for 30-50 kilometers or even more per week as a lifestyle. I’m one of them.  I’m glad to share whatever I learned through my blogs. For the past three years, I’ve also been visible in magazines from Total Fitness Magazine, Pinoy Fitness Magazine and now, Runner’s World Philippines.  I had to wait for the right topic to be brave enough to contribute and before I go to that, let me show the highlight of the Runner’s World April – June 2014 Issue.

Its’ All About Rio

If you’ve run in any RunRio races, you’ll learn why Coach Rio Dela Cruz holds a special seat in the Running Community.  He brings the best quality and flawless execution in his races.  He’s a runner and understand what a runners need in a run.  Running events has evolved under his hard work, vision and perspiration to be at par with international races.  This has contributed to the growth of the running community, as well.   In this issue, we get to learn about Coach Rio’s beginnings, his dreams and his legacy.

It’s All About Trails

The trails gives you a softer surface, a more relaxed environment, a really scenic vantage point and a lot of fresh air.  Those are among the reasons why people shift to trails from the road.  This summer alone, I already did 3 races on trails and I can say it’s really refreshing and fun.  In this issue, you get the 12 commandments of trail running compiled from interviews with trail masters like Endurance Athlete Ige Lopez, Coach Mar Marilag, Ultramarathoner Jon Lacanlale, and runner Rene Villarta.  With this commandments, you’ll have a safer and more enjoyable time at the trail.

It’s All About Me Too

It was one thing running my first marathon but it was made even special it getting featured in the Runner’s World Philippines.  It was a unique journey as I made sure that I took the scenic way to the finish line.  Preparing for this one took me places in and out of the country as part of my build up for the big run.   It takes time to prepare and ample support from family and friends. There’s nothing like your family and friends message of encouragement running into your head while you fight the wall on the last few kilometers.  I’m not the fastest runner nor the most consistent one but I am always a good learner and the things I learned I shared it to this article. It was definitely a journey that transformed me into a better person and glad I was able to share it on this issue of Runner’s World Philippines.

Of Course, there’s still the value added contents that runners and fitness enthusiast of all levels get to enjoy. So grab your copy now.

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