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Good Things Happen in Messed Up Ways

Posted by on 14. February 2010

Good things happen in messed up ways.

I’m drawn to that quote from Life Unexpected in the same light that I’d like the good part of life overtake whatever mishaps that come in between. In some unexpected twist, I have shifted to the finer side of life from being in endless deadline breaking chases just a month ago. I am spending a bigger chunk of my time outside my usual comfort zone and the side that’s fun and light. Movies… Nice talks… Late night dinners… Out-of-town drives… Happy!!!

I guess the part that we least expect may be the one that could rock things up and though the unexpected twist may lead to the not so good part. I always look at it in a way that if we don’t get what we want, then there is still a room to expect another surprise. Good Things Happen in Messed up Ways.

The week-that-was has shown flashes of the roughness but generally tolerable. I’m really used to the emotional roller coaster that happens day by day but I’m glad to end a day with a smile and yes, even the prospect of returning to ancient ways had elicited just a laughter on my end. The week to come would be a lot easier as most of the annoyances are away for the Chinese New Year.

I was able to have my passport renewed last week and for the next few days I’d be a flightless person while awaiting my new passport. Glad that I had to go through the process the less toxic way. It could have been intolerable to go through the regular process. I figured that bureaucracy is one of the resources that’s overflowing in Ph and efficiency is just always a promise. There’s so many process to be simplified and I hope that those people whose ads are overflowing on TV have also thought that the government needs to be shaken up. I just look forward to having my new travel pal as this time, the world is such a smaller place. I need to plan my travels for the year.

Well, in between the waiting and the planning is resuming the fun in my unexpected life…

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