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FrancVille Level Up

Posted by on 8. March 2010

At this day and age, I guess we don’t get old already – We just level up. I’d like to say that I have lived my life without “Ifs”. Each passing day was just a new lesson learned which leads us to our level ups. Of course, there’s always new lessons to learn, paths to explore and crossroads to get past but I’d like to think in my own twisted way, that I did live the life I wanted to. Not always the easy road, not always the typical existence, not always a bed of roses… I guess, in order to make the most of any situations, we just have to take whatever life throws at us – the good… the bad… and the ugly. Things or situation does not always end up the way we want them to be but in its own complicated way, each step or misstep is just a piece of a bigger puzzle…

Happy or sad??? Honestly, I don’t know. I’d always live in a state of volatility wherein a moment of happiness is countered by a moment of sadness. I’d like to go on thinking that all things would end up in a happy way. Sometimes, when all is lost, all that I can have is a positive front. I’m too proud not to be happy or if not, at least give it a try. Things will fall in its proper place at the proper time and at the proper circumstances and not necessarily towards our liking but in a way on what is appropriate. That’s all I have as of now – a positive outlook and that I cannot lose anytime.

On my road trip today, there were many thoughts that came and passed and one of the ideas that came to mind is that the one luxury I can not give up right now is the chance to be able to walk away anytime I feel that things are not in place. Flexibility is such a comfort at this time that the world has been revolving so drastically. I always had this perspective in the workplace and maybe the volatile mindset keeps me living by the day and yet my positive nature makes me survive the difficult times.

I’m still glad that I am celebrating a new day… a new existence and though it may seem that some momentum had decelerated, I guess, I just have to see the light that I’m standing firm on both feet and though I’d like to decide where to move on… I’ll leave a little room for fate and chance to give me the next unexpected turn… and hopefully it’ll be a good one. Sometimes, you just have to take life’s blows and just hope that you’ll have enough energy to last another round…

Speaking of energy, I did have a shortage of it during the heat wave on our plant tour this morning and I wasn’t able to finish conducting the tour but at least, I was able to do my presentation after lunch. I’ll just be cautious next time I get upfront with the heat of the season.

On a final note, I’m glad that I’ve been spending the last few days with people who are in my inner circle and people who I care about because that’s one of my reasons to celebrate – that there are people just around the corner willing to share in your day!!! A million thanks to those who are part or will be part of the celebrations!!! A Level Up is not complete without people to share it with…

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