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Fossil Q Brings in their Smartwatches Line

Posted by on 5. December 2016
Happy with My Fossil Q

Happy with My Fossil Q

When smartwatches came into the scene, they came with a generic look. Sleek and Sporty.  Fossil Q is the time when the traditional round face watches strikes back.  Fossil is among the first to add the smart watch feature in their elegant watches.  It’s your old-school watch with the most up-to-date features.

Fossil Q

I’ve tried a lot of smartwatches before with activity trackers embedded in them.  I really appreciate how they track every steps, calories and even distance covered but it does have a generic look. Some would look like bands. Some would look sporty.  I wanted it to look like a day to day watch that can go with any outfit and still feel like a traditional watch.  That’s where Fossil Q Smartwatches comes in.  It’s not just a smart watch but it’s your elegant day-to-day watch that can go for all occasions with the smartwatch feature.  Old School is cool especially if they come in with the latest features of a smartwatch. (FYI, I’ll do a more comprehensive post on the Q Founder 2.0)

Fossil Q Hybrid Smart Watches

Q Gazer

Q Gazer

Your next smartwatch may not come in a generic band shape watch.  It could actually come in the elegant looking and fashionable fossil watches.  While it looks like your regular Fossil watch, there’s more than meets the eye with the Q Nate, Q Crewmaster, Q Gazer and Q Tailor.  It’s a symmetry between Analog Design and Smart Connectivity.    The hybrid smartwatches look like ordinary watches, but also provide all of the functionality of a world-class tracker hidden in the sleek style of a traditional timepiece. Features include:

  • Activity tracking
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Custom goal setting
  • Automatic time zone
  • Second time zone
  • Alarm
  • Filtered notifications with vibration & dial animations
  • Q LINK capabilities controlled by bottom pusher
    • Ring my phone
    • Take a photo
    • Control my music
  • Up to 6-month battery life: coin cell battery, easy-change with tool or coin
  • Compatible with Android™ OS 4.4+ or iPhone 5/iOS 8.2+Bluetooth® wireless technologyActivity Integration including Google Fit™, UA Record™ by Under Armour, UP by Jawbone™ and Apple Health app

The new hybrid smartwatches blend analog design with smart connectivity. This wrist essential is always on and always connected with a battery life of up to six months (based on usage). Bluetooth technology allows the hybrid smartwatches to alert you to accomplished fitness goals or incoming smartphone notifications with a vibration or spinning minute and sub-eye hands. Set an alarm, view 24-hour time, compare time in multiple time zones and track everything from steps to calories to sleep. Press the bottom pusher to operate the camera or control music on your phone. You can even locate your phone using the same button.

“We know our customers desire both form and function. They want to stay connected while enhancing their personal style and these new hybrid smartwatches do both,” said Jill Elliott, chief creative officer. “Our new hybrid smartwatches are the ultimate convergence of fashion and technology, bringing together the elegance and simplicity of an analog watch with the most popular alerts and tracking features offered by today’s smartwatches. We pride ourselves on being innovators in the fashion watch space, and we believe that the hybrid smartwatch is the future of fashion watches.”

All devices have limitless options for personalization including interchangeable straps in leather, silicone and stainless steel.

Specifically, the Fossil Q hybrid smartwatch line includes the following:

  • Q Crewmaster:

Q Crewmaster

Q Crewmaster

A brand new platform for those with the boldest style. The Fossil Q Crewmaster fits your adventurous lifestyle with a strong stainless steel and colorful build, and lets you keep track of your fitness and sleep, and it even auto-updates the time based on where you are!

  • Q Nate:

Q Nate

One of Fossil’s best-selling platforms just got smarter! The Fossil Nate’s eye-catching construction and on-the-move functionality play with an urban aesthetic. Made for weekend warriors, the Fossil Q Nate is available in a range of colors on both leather and steel straps.

  • Q Gazer:

Q Gazer

Q Gazer

Incredible smarts packed into an elegant and slim package. Designed for the girl who loves a subtle shine to stand out in the crowd, Q Gazer is the smartwatch that pulls it all together. Dressed up with crystal accents, control your music, ring your phone when you can’t find it, take a selfie,track your fitness … the Q Gazer just does it all!

  • Q Tailor:

Q Tailor

Q Tailor

The beauty is in the details with one of our most loved watches. With a minimalist design taken to the max, Tailor delivers fresh femininity with a classic steel case and luxe colored straps like navy and rich shades of browns, all while letting you keep track of how many steps you take and notifying you of only the things you care the most about.

The new hybrid smartwatches are compatible with both Android smartphones and iPhones and start at P10,300.  All four hybrid smartwatches are available in ALL Fossil and WSI stores and selected L Timestudio and Wristpod.

Touchscreen Fossil Q Watches

Q Founder 2.0

Q Founder 2.0

If you love the Fossil Q hybrid, you’ll love their Touchscreen editions in the Q Wander and Q Marshall.  It’s touchscreen and it gives you greater control of your watches from customizable watch face design up until the interchangeable straps.  It easily pairs with your phone and gives you immediate notification from your phone directly to your watch.

“Q Wander and Q Marshal beautifully marry form and function for a stunning addition to your everyday style,” said Jill Elliott, chief creative officer. “Fossil is known for its quality timepieces and we’re proud of the seamless expansion to our wearables collection. These slim yet highly functional smartwatches reflect the elevated design of a Fossil watch while incorporating a digital experience that’s important to today’s customer.”

While it goes touchscreen on the Q Wander and Q Marshall, it does keep up with the elegance and fashion that Fossil is known for.   It’s a perfect balance of function and fashion, Q Wander and Q Marshal pack the power you need to efficiently accomplish all of your daily tasks in a smaller sleeker package. Feature include:

  • Touchscreen, always-on displays
  • 45 mm case size
  • Notifications with vibration
  • Compatible with Android™and iOS
  • Refined steel and classic leather accents
  • Microphone & Speaker
  • Activity tracking&Step Goal Setting
  • Customizable watch face design
  • Interchangeable straps
  • Automatic Time Zone
  • Magnetic Charger
  • Partner Activity Integration including Google Fit™, UA Record™ by Under Armour, UP by Jawbone® and MyFitness Pal™
Q Wander

Q Wander

Q Wander has a beautiful soft curving, multi-finish case with artfully sculpted wire lugs while Q Marshal has a striking rugged case.  Both devices have limitless options for personalization including interchangeable straps in leather, silicone and stainless steel, and thousands of customizable options per dial choice, including the dial’s color, numbering, hand style and color, and sub-eyes.

Q Marshall

Q Marshall

These smartwatches help you stay on track with timely traffic and flight updates, allowing you to get the information you want, when you need it. Both Q Wander and Q Marshal feature always-on displays and feature a haptic sensor that vibrates when you receive a notification, so you’ll always be aware of important information like time, calls, text messages, emails, and app alerts. When paired with an Android smartphone or iPhone, you can also easily view text messages and emails on your smartwatch. Android smartphone users can also respond to these messages from the smartwatch by tapping the touchscreen or by using voice commands.

This is not your standard-looking activity trackers. Q Wander and Q Marshal stylishly track walking, jogging and running so you can see your progress over the course of seven days.  And with no exposed pins or connectors, charging both smartwatches is a breeze. The back of each smartwatch easily connects to the magnetic charging unit.

Q Marshal and Q Wander are compatible with both Android smartphones and iPhones and start at P 16,000. Fossil Q Marshal and Q Wander is available in all FOSSIL and WSI stores and selected L Timestudio and Wristpod.

For more information on Fossil, visit www.fossil.com or follow them on Twitter and Instagram, and like us on Facebook.

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