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Filinvest Endurance Weekend 2014

Posted by on 11. November 2014
3 hours worth of running at Filinvest Endurance Weekend

Filinvest Endurance Weekend was different from the distance based run since it is time based.  It’s about finishing the most loops in the given time.  The Filinvest trails was a refreshing route with a variety of surfaces from single track paths,  forest trail, ascents and descents with both the nature and urban view across the trails.  It’s a unique experience from your usual road and trail races.

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Filinvest Endurance Weekend 2014

Trails and the City. Filinvest is the place to be.

I’ve missed the Endurance Weekend last year since the only option was a 12 hours run, which was too long for me at that time.  It was a good thing this year that they offered 6 hours and 3 hours run alternatives.  Given the part of my marathon preparation, I opted for the 3 hours run, which would be a good complement for my next races.  I’ve been  in Filinvest trails several times.  The trail would be familiar by now.  I always like how Filinvest can both give you a deep forest and also an urban city view in a single race.  It’s always fun being in this part of Metro Manila.

Race Route

Race Route Powered by Suunto Movescount

The race starts on the top end of South Corporate Avenue and proceeds to the first section of the trails that starts with a descent and a long climb in forest trails.  The race then shifts to the trails in beside Corporate Woods Avenue which starts with a climb and goes on a flatter forest trails.  The race briefly shifts to a short road portion before it shifts to the flat and long winding single track trails along Filinvest Avenue with a portion of the trail on the side of the riverside.  The last part of the trail is the Corporate Woods loop with a long single track trail and a big climb back to South Corporate Avenue for a loop of about 4 kilometers.

The Race

How can you not love the trails with views like this? – Photo by Run Lipa

An endurance challenge was a totally different experience for me.  Running for 3 hours is not new to me but running several loops in 3 hours would be the unique part of the race for me.  With an estimated 3.5 kilometers per loop, I was targeting to do 6 loops in 3 hours, which is one loop more the minimum of 5 loops to qualify as a finisher.  I was in Filinvest about 30 minutes before gunstart and it was a rainy Sunday morning which is great since I don’t have to deal with the hot weather. It also means the trail would be a lot more slippery though I’m happy with the traction of my Newton Boco AT that I’d be fine even on wet soil.  I used my simple hydration bottle since I can easily refill after each loop.  My only worry was missing a large stretch of my training during the week which means I would be rusty starting the race.

One leg over the other and repeat for three hours. – Photo by Run Lipa

The race director gave a short briefing of the course and the rules. One rule that stuck is that if you enter the start of the loop before 3 hours cutoff, the loop would still count on your total no matter how long you finish the loop.  The race started promptly at 6 am with the 3-hour runners and the 12-hour runners starting at the same time.  At the start of the race, I tried to start fast which was not a smart choice given that I was rusty and stiff starting the race.  A few kilometers into my first loop, I had stiffness in my calves.  I still tried to go fast until I realized that I should pace myself better.  So I’d run fast and allow a few seconds for my legs to rest with some walking breaks and go at it again.  I also made a mental note that it’s me against the time so I didn’t mind if the elite runners were overtaking me.

It’s not a sprint so it’s important to pace yourself. – Photo by Run Lipa

After 1 loop, I realized that each loop was about 4 kilometers in my Suunto Ambit 2S so I figured the 5 loops would suffice at my current pace since that would be about 20 kilometers already.  The route was almost full trail with only the crossing from one segment to another being on the road.  It’s much slower running on trail with the uneven terrain and the more challenging elevation.  I started planning my pace too with the first segment and second segment a bit hilly and the third and fourth segment with a flatter terrain.  So the plan was to slow down on the first two segment and speed up on the last two segments since it’s on flatter grounds.

The loops had its highs and lows and that’s the part where you strategize.

I was more relaxed doing the second loop since I am now more familiar with the course and now know the portions where I can rest.  It felt faster now with the second loop as you are no longer groping on the route.  I distributed my efforts along the course and was starting to enjoy the course.  I had my first gel after the second loop a little over an hour into the race.  I also took a water break at the hydration area before proceeding to the third loop.

I’m starting to enjoy the race as I got familiar with the course. – Photo by Run Lipa

By the third loop, I still maintained my pace and was already overtaking a few runners here. I’m still trying to keep the effort consistent.  I didn’t run fast in a single loop but I was just consistent and I’m in range in completing the required loops.  I ate my banana in the third loop and had my second gel in the fourth loop.  I also refilled my water bottle.  The good part about the run for most part of the 3 hours it was really cool and just had short period of sunny weather.

It’s time to wrap this up.

By the last loop, I had about 40 minutes to complete the last loop.  If I time it right I can do one more loop since I can finish a loop within 30-35 minutes so I can go for another loop. It would be tempting going for a 6th loop with the nice weather.  The 5th loop would be around 20 kilometer and if I go for a 6th loop that would be about 24 kilometer.  I decided to just enjoy my last loop and appreciate the trail since I have to catch my breakfast too at Palms Country Club.  I took my time in the last loop to appreciate the trail and eventually finishing the three hour course with about 20 kilometers worth of mileage.  That’s good enough for me.  I really enjoyed this one.  Great job Filinvest!!!

That Was Fun!!! – Photo by Mark Manalangsang

Outfit of the Race

This is my outfit for the race: Photo by Run Lipa Top: Adidas Singlet (designed by Breakout Design), Bottom: Under Armour, Shoes: Newton Boco A/T, Watch: Suunto Ambit 2S, Eyewear: Oakley Tour De France Radar Lock, Visor: 2xU, Calf Sleeves: 2xU, Socks: Under Armour, Tape: Rock Tape

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