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FBW: The First of Many Grand Eyeball

Posted by on 10. December 2012

1st Grand Eyeball

I rarely attend bloggers events as chances are, I’m probably somewhere out there running, cycling, traveling or even working but Filipino Bloggers Worldwide Event 1st Grand Eyeball was such an enticing event to be a part of.  I didn’t just join this one, I had to host it.  That’s what you  get for missing the first few meet ups, you get assigned the hosting part.  Kidding aside, it was really my pleasure hosting this event though I have to give it my fellow admins Mai of, Sumi of  and Ness of along with all the volunteers for handling all the pre-event details.   The sponsors came pouring in which was a feat in itself as the lead time for the event was less than a month.  We give thanks most especially to Mr. and Mrs. Orly Ballesteros of Ex-Link Events for sponsoring the venue and buffet food and of course Ms. Tess Chancellor and Joy Blanca for founding the group .

Design for the Personalized FBW Admin Shirt for the Event made by Touch the Sky Graphics

“No plan ever survives first contact with the enemy. – Art of War.” 

Planning is one thing but execution is everything.  December 7, 2012 came and as the event was fast approaching.  One by one, the loose ends started to be discovered but thanks to Ex-Link’s expertise, these were immediately resolved and just like that, we are all set.  While we had a program in place, we had to improvise at times to adjust to the time and the crowd.  I love how the admins and the volunteers were able to adjust real time during the event.

 Proud to be a Part of the Admins for the Group – Photo by Michelle Banayo

We started a bit later than the usual to give way for more members coming in considering that Friday is traffic day.  We made the introduction portion shorter with a video of the admin and some reminders before breaking the ice with a human bingo game and some trivia.  We wanted them to immediately interact with each other to get to know more of the other bloggers and at the same time to give some tidbits about FBW for the members information.  Dinner time was next on the program of activity. While people where eating, we gave a chance for the late comers to introduce themselves and also other members who would want to introduce their blogs just to keep things moving despite the dinner time.

With Blogging Idols Jason Cruz and Donald Pagulong – photo by Myrns Roman

The meat of the night would be the talk by Jason Cruz of who’s a social media manager, a positive person and a really fast fellow runner.  The talk was on how to create a marketable blogThe bloggers did learn a lot and paved way to a good round of Q&A on social media and the discussion would go on within the day to day interaction within the FBW Facebook Group.  After the insightful discussion, we then proceeded with the unlimited raffle and games which had all bloggers end up as winners since there were a lot of prizes that were up for grabs from our various sponsors.

3 of the Top 10 Travel Bloggers, Mai Flores, Me and Jeffrey Rilles – photo by Dimaks Saj

In between all the prizes was the awarding of FBW’s top 10 travel bloggers.  Only Me, Mai Flores and Jeffrey Rilles were present.  It was really a feel-good moment after going through the nomination and voting process, it was good to be here and hold the certificate as the 4th of the FBW’s Top 10 Travel Bloggers.  Honestly, I was just aiming at least a slot in the top 10 but thanks to the support from family, friends, SLSC, XCV and SLU batchmates,  SGV and Medtecs colleagues, fellow runners and bloggers who supported me I was able to make it to 4th Place.  After the awarding, we proceeded to wrap the event up and thank the participants and the volunteer. Everybody got a generous loot bag from our sponsors.

And you just now that this is not the end… but just a beginning.

 FBW Class Picture – Photo by Mark Morfe
Special Thanks to our sponsors:

Bo’s Coffee, ShareTea Philippines, Minute Burger, B’s Cupcakes, Water For Less Purifying System, Manny O. Wines, Breakfast Magazine, Airo Media International Inc. for our Speed and Total Fitness Magazines, Azta Urban Salon, YstiloSalon, Beauty by Ria, Bagellia Filipinas, Tough Brat Bags, VESTI, Always 10 List, Frank & Carol’s, PinkyToes PH, Jana Kathryn, Kikay KonekAstigirl by Tweet Sering, Blogger Manila, GadgetGambit, Towercamp Phils., Inc., Touch the Sky Graphics, Jinkee Umali, Angelica Rondolo, Say It Nessie, Budget Biyahera, The Purple Doll, Franc Ramon, Shopping with Juan, and Smart Mommy Online.

De La Salle University Medical Center (DLSUMC), Bawal Mag Shoot Dito (BMSD), Diana Stalder and SMART also provided additional raffle prizes.

Thank you to the volunteers:

Michelle Banayo, Ericleen Jucal, Tristan Khalil, Joey MJ, Anna Monique, Karen Tuazon, Lariza Garcia, Rence Chan, Mark Morfe, Mac Vasquez, Myk Rome, Jevelme Frago and the event speaker Jason Cruz.

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