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Posted by on 11. August 2010

I’ve been lucky enough to have several stops in Shanghai over the years and this time I was able to take a peak at the World Expo. I didn’t have much time as I spent just probably a day and a half here which includes a board meeting but as always, if you want time, you’ll find a way to make it work.

Short as it is, I was able to have a nice walk to admire the lights at the Bund and TV tower area… It’s really a nice scene when old school buildings meets the bright lights with the darkness of the night as a canvass but of course, the main attraction of this trip was the extravagant displays at the world expo.

World expo… My first memories that comes along with it was the almost an hour queue just to get in and the inside was impressive even if we only got to see a few and only entered on pavilion (Philippines) since we only had a few hours to navigate the place. Of course, the heat was scorching hot… the crowd was suffocating and the walks was endless but it’s still a welcome experience to just be mesmerized by the extravagant displays of each of the country. Too bad, these would be taken down at the end of the Expo. My take, it’s a great place to visit but do start early and take at least a full day. I wished I did have more time but I’m still glad I was able to squeeze some time at the World Expo.

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