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Decade of the Franc (YOF14)

Posted by on 20. December 2019
Snow Mountain was my Highest Peak in 2019

Saying goodbye to 2019 is a bit different now since, it’s not a year that we are leaving behind. It’s a whole new decade that’s coming in and safe to say, I’m a totally different person this decade compared to the last.

Decade of the Franc / Year of the Franc X14

10 years and another lifetime ago

10 years ago, I’m such a corporate hotshot and modesty aside, I was ahead beyond my time. When you’ve reached the upper echelons of your finance job portfolio, somehow you get bored. You tend to get lost in the mix of your achievements and the drama that goes in the corporate world. Yet, you just have to get lost to find a better way.

Something New in 2019

My greatest strength was not that I was good in words or numbers. It was being creative and being able to think outside the box in whatever I do. Reaching you max doesn’t mean you have to stop learning and developing new skills. It was time to transform the corporate Franc to a more well-rounded (pun intended) individual.

A little bit of international hikes, races and trips

For this decade, I’ve learned in a lot of new things and make things matter. I’ve evolved from an employee to an influencer to a game changer. So just to mix things up with usual format of my Year of The Franc post, here’s 10 things I’ve done or learned in this decade.

Trails Unlimited
  1. Started Francramon.com and this blog has grown leaps and bounds. It has over a million hits and has won certain accolades including best personal blog and citations in travel blogs. It was also my key to opening a lot of channels in the fitness world.
  2. Started Running. I started running in 2010 as my way to move forward and I’m tens of thousands of kilometers ahead from my 2010 self. I’ve had 2 marathons, 1 trail ultra, several duathlons and over two hundred road and trail races. While my blog was my access pass to where I am, it was running that created me a niche.
  3. Started Francramon Enterprises Inc. Well, this is a work in progress and safe to say, I’m not good at managing my own business yet. I’ve counted my losses as my tuition fee in learning the ropes of business. In just 3 years, I’ve expanded my brand and product range and learned new things since the day I started.
  4. Started climbing peaks and running trails. There’s the non-competitive part of the mountains and trails that taught me to enjoy nature and getting dirty each weekend has been a norm now. With #TaleOfTheTrail preceding Pinoy Trails, I’m glad to be all over the country and the world climbing peaks and running trails. I even have my version of the Asian Trilogy.
  5. Started PinoyTrails.Com. Pinoy Trails was meant to be a community portal for trail running and a database for trails but it grew much bigger than that. We were able to expand the site and create a community and developed our own brand of races.
  6. Started organizing races via PT Events. This is probably a source of my greatest heartbreaks and greatest victory. We started really raw and inexperienced but I’m an open book when it comes to absorbing new skills. We started the STAR brand and had a trilogy of races including the biggest one in 2018. We also did the Hoka Trailogy and created a premium branded racing environment. It’s extremely satisfying organizing races but it’s also extremely exhausting.
  7. Started Trail Academy. Along the way, I’ve done talks to inspire people to try out running in the trails but Trail Academy is just a lot of steps further. Started a FREE trail talk and run segment by partnering with brands and developers.
  8. Started to incorporate brand strategy into my list of to dos. It just helps that I’ve been part of the consumer and also working closely with brands that I have a good read of the market. I’m just glad to utilize marketing and brand management skills in MBA as I’m sure it will come in handy as an added skill to my portfolio.
  9. The last decade too was my greatest struggle both financially and emotionally. It’s the decade where my mom was fighting the big C and that’s really draining in financial resources. I’m not complaining cause no amount of money would amount to be equivalent to good health.
  10. This decade is also probably the most exhausting of all due to all of the above. Sometimes, I just get too tired to appreciate how much I’ve gained through the years. That’s also the lesson I’m taking in to the next decade: “Just since you can do it all does not mean I should do it all.”
Races and Events

On to the Next

On to the next

Measuring a year or a decade has always been tough because everything comes at a cost. The cost of success is time, hard work and consistency. I’m such a different person 10 years ago and I’ll be a different one in the next 10 years. Here’s what I’m taking in for the next decade.

PT Dirt Squad
  1. Change is good. If the past few months is any indication, a lot has already changed and I’ve started redeveloping old habits and set absolutely new goals.
  2. Prioritize. I’m realigning my priorities and I don’t want the next decade to be as busy or as demanding as the last one. It was not an easy decision but I’m stepping away from some of the stresses I do. I’m not getting any younger.
  3. Appreciate the now. I’m in the age range of my dad when he passed away and if history does repeat itself, I would want to spend those times doing the things I love. Live in the moment and make each moment count.
  4. Value people who value me. Life is too short to be bothered with what people say or do. Take the hit, grab those lessons but the story-teller of your life is only you, and you alone.
  5. Be content. Life will never be perfect. Learn to adopt. If things are tough, learn to be thrift. If life gets generous learn to appreciate and enjoy it.

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