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Posted by on 24. November 2010

I guess that’s how demotivated I am taking me more than a week to just revisit my site. Either I was busy enough to do away with my weekly blogging routine or I am just really clueless on what happened from point A to point B leaving me in a state of demotivation.

The journey towards such phase takes months, if not years of frustration. The short end of the story is that I am tired mending problems after problems after problems and yet there’s just no established sense of accountability that goes with that. I now want to take a different course of action but timing would always be an issue. I am now convinced that my skills and my talent would want to partake in more productive endeavors though I just want to have a level of comfort that I’ll leave on a good note or maybe even just a devil-may-care attitude that will just take a leap of faith at a moments notice. Now to think of ways to motivate myself going from point B to point C. Life is just so short to be bothered by the things that won’t matter in the long run.

I’m just glad that when it comes to running, I’ve sighed a new breath of life and have recorded a new high in 10K at 1 hour 11 minutes and that’s 6-7 minutes improvement from my first 10K run. Still more than 10 minutes away from my goal but at least it does give me some momentum in my training. Every minute gained is really hours and days of preparation. This is something that I am motivated in doing and running has now been a lifestyle and I’m starting to build my life around the training schedule and so far, I’m making it work. The goal has been set, the date has been set and now to deal with the challenging part that comes in between. Preparing for battle has never been this fun and I just can’t wait for my next run.

I sense that my life is a bit hectic and at times, I just dozed off from a very tiring day but somehow, the coming Christmas has its ways to reward your effort. For one, there’s an amazing light show in Ayala triangle I get see every time I train there. I get to see friends again this early and even if I had to fit this in my schedules I was able to have dinner with the AGSB Gang last week. There’s so much long weekend in between. I may not have the luxury of those weekend getaways but I do get to have packed weekends that starts with an early morning run.

I do have some parts of my life are in place though I know that there are some things that require some fixing and that’s just how the we take on life. We have to learn to bounce with it so even how low we fall, we’ll always find our way up. =>

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