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Cooling Down the Hot Way… Again

Posted by on 2. April 2012

2nd Time

This is my second visit at 88 Hot Springs Spa & Resort (1st Visit) and for a resort along the Pansol area to have multiple visits, it must  be doing something right.  I’ve been wanting to return here for quite some time and first and foremost among the reasons is the therapeutic of volcanic hot spring waters which ranges from improving blood circulation to relieving physical pain to relaxing the muscles and removing toxins in the body. Just the perfect getaway for me after stress overload at the office and a full quarter of intense multi sport training.

Pool Unlimited

I love that they have so many pools with different features.  The biggest would be the pool by the side of the cottages which consist of pure mineral hot spring waters. They have jacuzzi pool at the upper part of the resort with water temperature ranging from 39-41 degrees which is good for relieving pain and stress.  They have a standard and mini pool with 42-45 degrees water temperature just beside the restaurant that is good for the skin.  They just recently added another standard pool with slide just beside the lake.

Fengshui Energy Pool

Then there’s the Fengshui energy pool that has 8 different pool with temperature 42 to 45 degrees wherein spending 10 minutes at each pool will provide the optimal flow of energy and most benefit to your health.  This was the part I was looking forward to as my training lifestyle has made muscle wear and tear and fatigue on the accelerate mode so a little bit of warm water would fast track the recovery.  In simple terms, hot compress can loosen those tight and fatigued muscles.

Clean and the Luscious Type of Green

The place is about 10 hectares of pools, fountains, statues and lush green grasses and plants across the whole area.  An added feature is a big lake wherein you can also do fishing and boat riding. The lake does complement its backdrop which is Mount Makiling.  The whole place is well maintained and very clean.

Food… Food… Food…

They have a restaurant just above the reception area and serves mostly Korean food though they have also added several Filipino foods for local guests who prefers the Filipino variety.  They don’t allow food inside so you’ll have to make do with the food in the restaurant and the minibar near the pool area.  Another option is of course, eating outside of the resort but the food prices are within the price range of regular restaurants.


Accommodations ranges from a small Kubo Room for 2-4 (P2,500), a standard room for 2-3 (P3,000), a Bamboo Deluxe Room for 2-3 (P4,400), a Bamboo Suite and Villa Room for 4-6 (P4,900) and a Nipa Hut Room for 7-8 (P7,000).  They also have day tour packages at P700 for adults and P500 for kids.  The rooms are air conditioned, well maintained and spacious.  All rooms except the small Kubo room are equipped with Cable TV and its own bathroom.

Cooling Down The Hot Way

It’s a different type of cooling down this summer months and going for a healthy dose of hot springs is a great alternative.  It’s just about 40 miles from Manila or less than 2 hours by car especially that there’s already an efficient skyway system going south.  Cooling down the hot way is definitely more fun in the Philippines.

88 Hot Springs Resort

#9601 National Highway, Bagong Kalsada, Calamba City, Laguna, Philippines.

Website: http://www.88resort.com/en/

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