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Cool as Ice… Cream!!!

Posted by on 23. March 2012

The summer heat has come and so does all the craving for ice cream and here comes Magnum with its rich rich chocolatey taste that comes in Classic, Almond and Chocolate Truffles flavor.  While it’s newly launched in the Philippines, it isn’t new to me as I’ve tried it already in some of my foreign trips.  If you love chocolates then Magnum is for you.  I’m more into the fruity flavors so there are several ice creams I prefer than Magnum.

Melona, the popular ice cream from Korea, is available in several fruity flavors that ranges from melon, strawberry, banana, mango and lime.  It’s a soft ice cream on a stick which has a fruity taste and just the right amount of sweets. It’s not a new brand but it has now a broader distribution base compared to limited Korean supermarkets before.  I was able to buy one in S&R, Rustans and Rockwell and the mini stop in Dela Costa.

Whenever I shop at S&R, I look forward to their pizza and their ice cream, Blue Bunny.  My partiality to blue bunny brand is it does have some unique flavors, I once tried a bubble gum flavor that had an actual gum within the ice cream.  Then there’s the pistachio, choco mint and strawberry flavors that is such a delight to my sweet tooth.

Simply Amici(ng).  Cara Mia is now the brand carried by the Amici Ice Cream which probably among the first to introduce Gelato or italian ice cream in the market or at least in my own consciousness.  Gelato have less fatty content which is healthier than the regular ice cream.  People actually flocked to Don Bosco before just for their ice cream and now with Caramia, they have become more available and expanded their product line to other dessert based ice cream.  I just love the rich taste of their different flavors.

Golden spoon capitalizes on having non fat and low fat Yogurt.  It’s guilt-free as we somehow associate ice creams with something that can make us fat but Yogurt is an healthier alternative.  I do love that they also have some different flavors like espresso which is practically a combination of your dessert and your much needed afternoon shot of caffeine and some fruity variant like banana and strawberry.

One of my favorites is the ice cream you get to buy in the streets of Singapore that cost S$1.  They have unique flavors like ripple, peppermint, honeydew and others and is packaged with a slice of multicolored bread or wafer.  Now, that’s an ice cream sandwich.  I somehow end up eating several flavors every time I  pass by Orchard or Raffles Place in Singapore.

Of course, the list could go on but I’d leave it at that as I’d rather be cooling down with ice cream rather than writing about it.  By the way, my favorite ice cream ever since I was a kid was the Orange flavor twin popsies. =>

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