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Chasing New Beginnings

Posted by on 23. March 2010

An annual report won’t be an annual report without all the drama and I guess the relaxing week in Taipei was just a tease and a prelude to a bigger headache and I am now again burned out for the record time of two days and I still have a conference call tomorrow. Yesterday was really tiring… Morning meetings… Trip to and from Bataan… Plant Tour and Dinner meetings… Towards the last minute, everything that could go wrong has gone and some annoying people has taken their sweet time while we were chasing deadlines. It’s difficult being in the under appreciated end. I’ll just have to take comfort that we are starting to print… print… print… Tomorrow will just be a conference call will just be a routine but I’ll be battle ready and my mean streak is on…

And about the mean streak… I may not be as nice as I used to be but I guess being fair means giving credit where credit is due but at the same time prompting them when something is not in place. A fair compromise… In my mild-mannered ways, I do try to vent out as much as I can when things are in disarray… I’m such a problem solver to leave things hanging but I guess, a good part of controlling people is not dictating their every move but allowing people to move on their own and yet stay on top of things.

I’ve always ended and started my season at work with the printing of the annual report. Every time I finish the annual report, I’m always chasing new beginnings… a new start… and a lot to look forward to… There are certain chapters I have yet to close but I’m now looking forward to new beginnings in so many aspects… Sometimes, it’s the easier to begin anew than to hold on the uncertain… If this new beginnings will take me somewhere else then so be it.

The beauty of chasing new beginnings is that it gives us hope that everything will turn up fine and each new beginning enters a stronger character created by the previous chapter in the story called – life…

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