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Chaos in Nowhere Kingdom

Posted by on 28. July 2012

Note: Chaos in Nowhere Kingdom is a factual fiction developed in my college years and is a sequel of A Visit to the Nowhere Kingdom. Originally published in the Pinion, which was our official college publication.

First Part: A Visit to the Nowhere Kingdom

It was in the land away from reality that a gathering of all people of the Nowhere Kingdom was planned by Nowhere Man’s top henchmen Super Fallusion (SN) and Deranged (?). According to Super Fallusion, a gathering must be held to know every person who comes in and out of the kingdom. Deranged (?), the confused one, follows every command of SN. Not at his own will of course, but because of his confusion. Everything would be fine until….

Nowhere Man, the kingdom’s ruler, comes into the picture and insisted on not having a party. He explained that since he was the ruler of the kingdom, he should be the one to set the gathering. The king also refused to be with the kingdom’s peasants because of his nowhere royal blood. Other group started to gather, each insisting on their own will for the gathering. Super Fallusion, being the kingdom’s resident super hero, tried to settle the difference between the conflicting parties. Since he is just in a state of fallacy, he failed. Deranged (?) unable to answer his own questions was not much of help either.

The gathering had to be called off. The royal highness’ board of adviser was called to step in but to no avail. Each party wanting to get the better end of the deal – trying to get more credit for their deeds. Everything was going nowhere.

Nowhere Man, the passive ruler of the kingdom, just waited for the conflict to be settled. SN was starting to feel depressed because for him it was another broken dream and another failure. Deranged (?) was happy. Why? He’ll never know why. Obviously, a fruitful event can never progress in Nowhere-Nowhere land. A land where everybody is a nobody, everything is nothing and everything is governed by fallacy, illusion and confusion.

A glimmer of hope still exists. That somehow these poor lost beings in Nowhere Kingdom would finally snap out of their delusions, shattered lives and bewilderment. Nowhere Man, Super Fallusion, Deranged (?) and the rest of the people of the empire should find a way out of their dilemmas. This is the only way that a gathering and any important event can take place in their respectively lives.

Third Part: Deranged (?) Defies Nowhere

Fourth Part: Super Fallusion Sees the Light

Fifth Part:  Morose Enters The Nowhere Kingdom

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