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Certainly Uncertain

Posted by on 23. May 2010

I had a difference in opinion with one colleague when he mentioned that finance people should work at least 15 hours a day. I don’t believe in counting the hours but more on counting the output. I want to do away with the stereotype that finance people are just corporate slaves working endlessly. Then it dawned to me that if this is what’s expected of me, is it still worth it??? The pendulum of change has now become dead even. I am now torn on what should be my priorities be at this point in time and what would be a good next step.

I’m certainly uncertain. Though everything may be on status quo, I am now reassessing things and thinking things through. Maybe I need a getaway just to brainstorm since I do remember a time when I was burned out and I still haven’t taken my break. I might do something impulsive soon. A good part of this period of uncertainty is that I am more spend-thrift as a bail-out option means turning my back on some financial rewards.

Well, life goes on even on periods of uncertainties and that I know is something certain. Speaking of life, had a blast at Gryf’s party and yes too blasted enough to pass out of a drunken spree. A first for me… My tolerance for alcohol may have gone done or I may have gobbled up too much. Well, I just have to think on the upside that since I fell asleep, I didn’t force myself to drive my way home. Cool party, dinner to breakfast… hehe…

I also attended my first fun run (at times, it was a fun walk… hehe). It was worth the waking up early and maybe next time, I will prepare more and probably go for a longer distance. I really haven’t hit the gym or done something active lately owing to the fact that I’ve been on sickbay for most part of the month. I’ll try to be well first.

I’ve been playing travel agent lately but this time, this was not my trip. I am glad that I can send people to different countries to resolve some issues as I like to reduce my travel load. Of course, I still have to go from one site to another from time to time. What interest me this time is to find ways to squeeze in some vacations along the way, I have some free miles to spare for a long trip but that too is uncertain but we’ll see.

And one thing that’s certain at this time is that I’m exhausted from a fun weekend and that sleepy eyes may have his way as of now… ZZZZZZzzzz….

Excess Inkblogs: I still am in awe at this site last week and the fact that I was able to get a decent shot. This should be happy time since even the moon managed to smile. =>

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