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Cam(e) Back So Soon

Posted by on 13. August 2007

I saw myself back in Cambodia for the board meeting of Medtecs from August 9 to 12; which is just a few months after my last visit.

It started with a Singapore Buffet Pre-Board Dinner with our guest for the trip Washington SyCip, with Medtecs Board of Directors, Clement Yang, Wimpit Rodriguez, George SyCip, Carol Yang and Evelyn Tan, Medtecs officers Alex Chang, Christine Yang, Larry Kao, Andy Huang, Sheila Sanchez, Maritess Elbinias and Me; and, SGV Partner, Manolito Gonzales, Serafin Salvador and Jose Pepito Zabat III at Raffles Hotel Le Royal.

Despite having a half year announcement to go, this board meeting was relatively easy compared to the fast few board meetings. In fact, we finished everything a week before. With every board meeting, come the responsibility of presenting to the board the financials of the Company. There were several queries but it all turned out smooth and painless… hehe….

Next was the plant tour, again my second in a few months… a bit tiring with Medtecs having such a big facility in Cambodia… After all the work and the effort, then comes the fun part… a tour in Angkor Wat… my second time in a few months… but since this does not come off my wallet… so it’ll be fun with more people enjoying the scenery… but this tale is for another blog to come…

Apart from the tour, we had a French Dinner at Raffles. This time with the Adviser to the Prime Minister of Cambodia, his wife and one of the Cambodian based Magsaysay Awardee Ek Sonn Chan. There was two Magsaysay Awardee in the Dinner, Washington SyCip being the other one.

Anyway, back to common people like me… I ordered Australian Lambs with Ratatouille… the clincher being the Ratatouille… The movie having aroused my interest on what made the tough critic look back to his happy childhood… and to my surprise; I liked the Ratatouille part… but no flashbacks like the movie…

The next day was our trip back… 14 hours on the road… 10 hours on the plane… four hours in transit at the airport… plus add all the working and walking along the trip… do the math and that adds up to a really exhausting trip… yet somehow, you get to look past all the drops of sweat and just leave on the parts that was enriching and fun…

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