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Calm Before the Storm

Posted by on 25. April 2010

I did find a reason to smile this week or was it more of drown myself in laughter. One funny incident happened in our plant site as when they had their server fixed, everybody was mad at the IT department because the along with the working server came the next new bit of information, Facebook was not accessible. Major Labor Issue… hehe… Though it was less fun the next day as even the important work site were not accessible so had to deal with the issue heads on. I’m poking fun at what happened in the plant but assuming it happened in our Makati office. This could have been War!!!

Shallow as it seems. I guess we get some small reasons to smile or laugh in the most obscure situation but it swings the mood to something jovial. I’m unusually calm before an upcoming board meeting next week and even if things were in disarray, I was running on a long leash. Of course, several people and events did eat much of our deadline but somehow I’m more positive the past few days and seem more confident that I’ll get through next week in one piece.

It took some time to sink in but I’m finally excited about seeing friends again in SG. There’s so much to catch up and there’s so much to look forward to. I’m back to some comfortable cycles like travel and I’m in the process of working for my Oz Viza for a breather there. I am trying to move out the migrate to UK option I’ve been tempted to take lately out of my mind since I know I’m not one to survive being far away from home for some time. I’m happy with the frequent short trips I take. I’m back in my comfort zone.

Aside from rushing reports, I spent my weekend to have my Facebook wall and photos uncluttered. There’s so much tag photos and post already. Manage to untag half of over a thousand photos and clean up my wall until late last year (Nobody would have the patience to go back further from that). I did notice based on my post that its been such a roller coaster year but essentially still a good one. It’s all part of the cycle.

Despite that everything has gone up, down and upside down, I am now ready to face the thrill and the turbulence of tomorrow and I guess the positive part of me would always prevail. Even on the worst of time, I’ll always try to look positively at things and that’s how I want things be. I may not know what I’ll do next nor what in store in the next few years but I do know what I don’t want to be. I don’t want to be someone who don’t feel secure looking at life half empty so I’ll try to take whatever life gives me and just appreciate what’s available yet still looking forward for the promises of tomorrow.

Going into a stormy week, I’m a bit calm (though had fever last night) and I hope things does turn out fine.

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