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Posted by on 11. July 2010

Boring… that’s how I’ll describe the week that came. Oh yeah, I unexpectedly had a great time attending the alumni homecoming in SGV even if I can count the batch mates I saw. It says a lot knowing that most of your colleagues are overseas… Oh well, I still love my life here though the departure option did hit my mind lately. I still know a lot in this circles and it was great to see people once again.

Most part of the week was spent being sluggish and sick so it was a simple work-home-rest cycle as of late. I’m starting to get used to that cycle and save for a few get togethers, that’s pretty much of how I’m spending my weekdays. I’m looking to resume workouts, the problem is at the end of the day, I’m either so exhausted or lazy to work out. I’ll find the energy for that or else, I’d be too bloated and unprepared to do those weekend runs.

And what does take up my energy??? It’s the office annoyances that no matter what you do, there’ll always be something bad or not true you hear. I think this is where I get my attitude to not care enough with what people say. If I did listen to all those who undermined me in the past, then I’d probably be lost in oblivion now. I did have bouts of people saying I’m too young for my responsibilities but I did hit all my milestones… even the impossible ones. Let’s just say I live for the challenge.

Well this weeks shifts from boring to annoying as there’ll be a know-it-all lurking around calling unnecessary meetings and giving endless lectures. Oh well, that’s part of a hard days work. I’ll just have to try to get some headway on half year closing as the board meeting is fast approaching so we’ll just have to manage the annoyances. I do have to meet a few friends in the week to come so lets see how I balance everything so maybe annoying can be fun too.

Let me resume my boring weekend for now… =>

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