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Bonjour Paris

Posted by on 18. June 2009

It took me a quarter of a century before I really needed a passport and a Visa. I felt jinxed on foreign travel since every travel before this did not push through for some reasons and here’s my first foreign trip a 17 day stay in Paris. What could I ask more???

Even if this was work. I had the convenience of time and the ease of Metro transport to go around.  I actually learned the concept of subway system here. I was able to go to the top of Arc D’ Triumph at the foot of Champes Elysee.  I was able to cruise around Paris via Bateaux Moques. I was amazed at the view of Eiffel Tower and able to climb at its peak. I played the role of Quasimodo at the bell in Notre Dame. I met Mona Lisa and the various artworks in The Louvre. I was impressed by the massive Versailles Palace.  I had a top view look of Paris from Sacre Couer and Artist Village area in Mont Marte and I was able to have my first encounter with Mickey & Co in Disneyland Paris. Our client also made sure that we’d be able to savor the wide variety of food in Paris which was a melting pot of various culture.

It’s been a good adventure. I enjoyed the walks at spring time. I was able to savor the food and was amazed by the structures.  Honestly, I’d like to come back to see the brighter lights of the Eiffel Tower and the long sunny days that comes with spring and summer and maybe catch the sunset at 11 pm or midnight.  Yes, the sun was up as late as 11 pm or midnight and so goes the question does the moonlight shine in Paris.  Not bad for a first out of the country trip. =>

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