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Berghaus Urban Adventure Games 2014 #BerghausUAG2014

Posted by on 17. November 2014


My Team with Roch of and Jham of

Date: November 15, 2014

Venue: Circuit Events Grounds

#BerghausUAG2014 is a first of it’s kind with a mobile based urban adventure games. Participants get to earn points by joining physically demanding sports, cross fit and parkour challenges, solving mind bending puzzles, trivia, games and riddles or finding QR coded items around Circuit Events Ground in a scavenger hunt.  It’s get to test you on all aspects including team play as you work with your team in accumulating as much points before time expires.

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Berghaus Urban Adventure Games

Taking a selfie was one of the more fun ways of earning points.

Berghaus Urban Adventure Games 2014 is a first of its kind in the country with an app developed by Cyburban containing a series of task you have to do to earn points.  The task ranges from physical activities, mental games, scavenger hunt and social challenges.  It also tests team play to its core as you’re ranged against different teams to earn all the points you can in a given time.  I was given one group slot so I had to pick my team members so I got Elite Runner Jham (JhamJhamRunner.Wordpress.Com) who’ll be strong enough for the physical challenges and I got Roch ( who should do well in the mental challenges and scavenger hunt.  At first, I joined the fun wave as I am not really competitive and would also be holding back since I have a race the next day but after going over the rules, I decided to shift to the competitive level since it has a cutoff time of 4 hours.  That means, I can rest in the afternoon after the event for my race the next day.  I was really excited to try this out since I really enjoyed the time we did the demo version weeks ago.  This has a really great potential and I’m sure there will be more of this type of games in the future.

Let the Games Begin

It’s a rainy Saturday Morning and that just means, we don’t have to deal with the sun.

Circuit Events Grounds is just a few minutes away from my house in Zapote so I wasn’t rushing for the 5 am assembly time.  Roch came really early so had to rush to the venue and I picked up Jham along the way to Circuit Events Grounds.  Since this is an app based games, the first thing to be done was registering in the Cyburban applications and syncing among team members.  The Cyburban software is available in Google Play so we had to make do with one mobile device for the event since my phones are under iOS.  Towards the start of the games, it started to drizzle and that would be the weather for the whole event.  For competitive wave, teams get to score as much as they can in four hours while the fun wave can take all day until 5 pm.

The scavenger hunt had us looking for QR codes with items needed by the app.

The plan was to start the physical challenges in the skate park early so we don’t have to do it when it gets warmer in the morning.  We did some scavenger hunt along the way.  The scavenger hunt had us looking for QR codes of items in the list in the Cyburban app.  If you take a photo of the right QR code, the point would be registered for the team.  The first thing we did was to shoot some hoops.  We had to accumulate 5 shots in the basketball court.  We were able to do the challenge though we didn’t earn the bonus since you have to make 5 straight.

Surprisingly, I was good at the soccer challenge making my shots several times.

We then tried the soccer challenge and surprisingly, I was good here making my shots several times.  We didn’t get the points at first since the each member had to shoot one goal each and needed 3 consecutive goals from the team.  We did earn the points in the soccer challenge later in the day.  We did the selfie challenge to earn one of the easier challenge for the day.

Jham doing the Parkour Challenges

We did some Parkour challenges and were able to earn some of the points here.  There were several parkour challenges which includes following a path of yellow lines where you had to make some big jumps, racing from one end to another and jumping through the stairs to reach a certain height.  We also missed some activities like the going across the skateboard park blindfolded and hanging at the end of a steep wall.

Roch doing the hula hoops

Roch was able to do the Hula Hoop task and even earned a bonus.  We also did the rope curling part and did some puzzles including sodoku and word hunt, trivias and  riddles to rest up a bit.  We also had some easier task like having Roch in a skateboard while pulling her from one distance to another.  We also checked on some puzzles along the area though we skipped most of it.  Next up, we went to the crossfit area for the physically challenging part.

One of the task was to do six cycles carrying a sled across the distance.

This was a test of team work as the effort of the one pulling should be the same as the one pushing to distribute the load of the sled.  This was really the exhausting part and even more exhausting since we were running this part.  That’s the drawback when you have runners pushing and pulling the sled.  After this we had to do some crossfit challenges which included doing 51 burpees over a box divided among the three of us.  We passed on the challenge to doing push ups in an inverted position and lifting a big wheel across a distance. The crossfit part were all really exhausting.

We also did the dart task wherein 10 out of 15 darts should in the odd numbers in the dart board.  At first, we failed at this task and had to go back later to do it again as another group was already there to try it out.  Finally, on our next visit, we were able to score the needed points in the dart challenge.

Jham doing the tent folding task while Roch and I did riddles.

After that we went back to solving riddles.  To save time Roch and I did the riddles in one of the tent while Jham was doing the tent folding task.  We were able to earn the point for the tent challenge while slowly covering the riddles.  The riddles were really challenging.

Crawling Challenge

We also did a crawling challenge where I had to crawl forward, Roch had crawl sidewards and Jham had to crawl backward.  We also did a soccer challenge where you have to accumulate 20 kicks among the group in six tries with each group member having to try it twice.   We also did a task carrying a load of 40 kilos in a Berghaus bag for several loops within the event grounds.  It’s impressive how Berghaus bags can be sturdy with the weight inside the bag.   We were able to successfully all these task to earn points.

We also did the rolling hills challenge where you had to roll in a hill and reach a certain distance.  You actually should be still here as if you are in the wrong position, you can get injured.  This really had me dizzy at the end of the turn.  It was fun though as it reminded me of the times we did play around in the mountains at home.   We then went on to finish with the scavenger hunt and the riddles.  We had a final look at the challenges we made and missed. We earned more than 1,200 points though some were really game for all challenges earning up to 1,700 points.  We were really wet from the rain but was a really fun experience with the a lot of variety in the challenges.  Circuit Events Grounds was a nice venue as it had some natural obstacles in the skate park and soft grassy terrain, which made rolling, crawling and falling in the grass much safer.  There were also several activities in the Circuit Events Grounds since there were other brands and activities in the area as part of the 2014 Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour.  It turned up that the sun never came and it was raining the whole morning but I guess that added a different flavor for the Berghaus Urban Adventure Games.   I would love to do this again. Great job Berghaus and CybUrban!!!

Outfit Of The Race

Top: Berghaus Shirt with #TaleOfTheTrail Design by Breakout Desigh, Bottom: Under Armour Shorts with Compression, Shoes: Under Armour Speed Form, Watch: Suunto Ambit 2S, Shades: Oakley Racing Jacket, Visor: Under Armour, Socks: Under Armour, Sling Bag: Under Armour

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