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Beat Runner’s Trots with Diatabs

Posted by on 12. October 2015

Anything can happen in a race and that includes that dreaded trip to the portalet to deal with stomach or bowel distress.  That’s called Runner’s Trots and Diatabs has a one tablet solution to help you avoid those uncomfortable moments as you push yourself in a race.  

Runner’s Trots

Chris Everingham of the Philippine Volcanoes discusses on how diatabs can help avoid runner’s trots.

When you are chasing a personal record or doing a marathon distance, you can’t help but feel jittery as you await the gun start.  As the timer counts down to the start of the race, you get to remember that all those months of hard work and preparation all boils down to this race.  A key race to runners is just like a final exam to students.  You know how prepared you are but can’t help feeling lacking in some aspects.  As the gun is fired to start the race, you then proceed in a battle against the clock and the distance.  As perfect races comes so rare at this time, you’ll just know that there can be a series of things that can go wrong.  You can push yourself too fast and your endurance is low towards the latter part of the race.  You can hit a wrong stride and end up aggravating an old injury.  You can also get a case of wrong timing when your tummy doesn’t cooperate and end up racing to the portalet instead of the finish line.

Runner’s Trots is that urge to take a bathroom break during a run. It can be characterized by cramping, flatulence, diarrhea and urge to defecate.  The thing is that it can happen to anyone even when you’ve taken care of your nutrition or changed your behavioral habits.  It really helps to plan your meals before race day and as well as getting to adjust your habits hoping that those bowel break won’t fall at the time when you are running.  Runner’s Trots is really common as 60% of distance runners experience stomach or bowel distress during a run and could even be higher on longer runs.  As Bill Rodgers, a USA Track and field Hall of Famer and a former American record holder, once said,  “More marathons are won or lost in the porta-toilets.”


Why does Runner’s Trots happen?  The motion of running jostles the substances in our intestines and pushes it out of our system.  The activity produces and enzymes that speeds up the digestive process and redirects blood flow to the  working muscle group resulting to more frequent bathroom breaks.  There’s also factors like nutrition, stress and or course, pre-race anxiety. The thing is we can make adjustment in our behavior or the food we eat to avoid runner’s trot.  It maybe as simple as planning your nutrition and food intake before a run, finding ways to relax and meditate or establishing an effective pre-race routine.  In terms of food, you can opt to limit or avoid, milk and milk products, artificial sugars, high fiber foods, caffeine and spicy foods.  Of course, nutrition should be a personal thing so it’s best to check which food are compatible and incompatible with your system before a race.

Then there’s Diatabs.  Yes, that’s the same Diatabs we take when we have problems with our bowel movements.  Diatabs helps control both Diarrhea and Dehydration.  Take one tablet of Diatabs 1 hour before the race.  It can help you avoid additional bathroom visit during the race and keep you focused on the race.  It can also help you prevent dehydration and cramping during a run.  It can really take a lot of worries you have during the race and gives you more time and energy to focus on the other aspects of the race.  As anything during a race, it’s best to try the routine during your long training runs before an actual race.   Beat Runner’s Trot with proper preparation and Diatabs.

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