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Anker is Now Available at Maximus Athletes Shop Cafe

Posted by on 5. June 2017

I’ve lost count on the number of times that I was on a trip and had limited sockets for my devices.  There were also those times I’d be outdoor on the field or even on a long hike and ended up being battery empty. I’m glad that I’ve found Anker power ports and power bank to make sure I am able to power up my devices.  Anker is now Available at Maximus Athletes Shop Cafe at Sparta Complex, 126 Pioneer Avenue, Mandaluyong City.


  • Checking in on a local hotel and find out that there are limited sockets to charge devices?
  • Getting into a foreign country with a different socket and can’t request too many adopters?
  • Going on a remote location on a trip with no available electricity?
  • Going on a long drive or trips with no available charging devices?
  • Spending a whole day on field and you have to keep your phone available for that crucial business call?

These instances happens so many times that we end up with empty devices we can use to contact people or for emergency purposes. I got too experience them too.

I travel a lot, whether for work, for recreation and even for a race and more often than not, there are limited electric sockets.  I also commonly encounter the different power socket on international trips.  Of course, I also get to tick off those bucket list locations and long hikes with limited or no power source.  Then there’s those long drives and whole day field assignment where I try to conserve my phone’s battery for business calls and emergencies.  The list could go on, I actually have limited number of available sockets too at home so I just alternate charging my devices.

I found Anker a few months ago and it solved all those dilemmas.   Anker has power ports, power banks, car charging ports, cables and audio devices. Of course, there are other power charging devices so what sets Anker apart.

  • Anker has built in Power IQ.  The Power IQ component of each Anker product help manage the flow of power to your devices enabling it to charge faster and at the same time, stop when the device is fully charge.  This also solves overcharging issues.
  • It also has a multiple protect feature to keep devices safe from power surge and other short circuit issues.
  • With a faster charging time, it keeps the device more mobile and not being plugged in to chargers and ports all the time.
  • Multiple port to charge more devices faster.
  • More product options depending on your needs.

Here are some Anker Products and features:

Power Ports

There are Power Ports that can charge 4 to 5 devices at the same time.  It really helps when there are limited sockets since there are more charging devices in a single Power Port.  It also uses Power IQ to efficiently manage the flow of power and also not to overcharge your devices.

The main difference between the 4 ports and the 5 ports is that the 5 Ports has 2 ports with two Quick Charge ports, which can charge 4 times faster. If you are just a regular user, the 4 ports should be ok but if you are a power user, it might be better to go with the 5 ports.

  • PowerPort 4 – SRP 1,790 (Available in Black and White)

    • 40W 4-port USB charging hub for phones, tablets & more.
    • Fast Charging Technology
    • Capable of charging 4 devices at the same time
    • Surge protection, temperature control and more advanced safety features keep you and your devices safe.
    • Compact look
  • PowerPort 5 with Dual Quick Charge 3.0 – SRP P2,790

  • Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 delivers charging speeds up to 4X faster than standard chargers. Anker’s proprietary PowerIQ and VoltageBoost combine to deliver the fastest possible charge to non-Quick Charge devices.
  • Anker’s exclusive MultiProtect system provides surge protection, short circuit prevention, temperature control, and more to deliver unbeatable protection to you and your devices.


With more features in our phones, tablets and other devices comes the need for more energy.  Anker has several variants with 5,000 mAh, 10,000 mAh and 20,000 mAh.  Each devices usually would need 3,000-4,000 mAh for full charging so you can do multiple cycles of charging depending on the capacity.  Some Anker powerbanks also have a faster charging speed, which would be a factor when you are a power user.

  • PowerCore Slim 5000 – SRP 1,590

Slim and sleek, the Power Core Slim 5,000 carries enough juice to charge your devices once or twice depending on your device.  It’s also uses PowerIQ that has adaptive, max-speed charging for any device (up to 2A).

  • PowerCore 10000 – SRP 1,690

Power Core 10,000 is just about the size of a Credit Card and can charge your devices 3 to 4 times. It uses both Power IQ and Voltage boost to manage the power transfer and speed up the charging of devices. Also comes, with Anker’s Multiprotect System.

  • PowerCore Speed 10000 QC – SRP P2,290

PowerCore Speed 10000 QC has enough juice to fully charge your phones 3 to 4 times at an even faster pace.  It charges devices 80% faster than regular powerbanks since it uses 3 distinct fast charging technologies.  It also comes with surge protection, short circuit prevention, temperature control, and other advanced safety features keep you and your devices safe.

  • PowerCore+ 10050 – SRP P2,690

PowerCore 10050+ has enough juice to charge your device 3 to 4 times and charges even faster with its Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 port. It also recharges faster than other powerbanks. It also has Power IQ and Voltage Boost for faster charging and power allocation and also has the Multiprotect System of Anker. PowerCore 10050 also comes in Pink, Gold and Black.

  • PowerCore 20100 – SRP 2,990

PowerCore 20100 has two ports and capable of charging 7-8 cycles of your device.  That’s probably enough power to charge your devices for a week. It also uses the Power IQ and Multiple protect technology to keep charging fast and safe.

Other Devices

Anker also have Power Drive car charges prized at P690 for Regular Car Charger with 2 Ports and P1,390 for Fast Car Charger 2 Ports that uses the same technology of their power ports.  They also have Apple MFI certified Powerline Lightning Cable priced with P790-P990.  They also have cables for other micro USB devices too.

Available at Maximus Athletes Shop Cafe

Anker is now available at Maximus Athlete’s Shop Cafe located at Sparta Complex, 126 Pioneer Avenue, Mandaluyong City.

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