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Posted by on 1. September 2011

“For life to matter, you just don’t have to survive it… you have to make a difference.”

Sometimes we are just content in surviving life and probably at times, it’s the only choice we have but what does it matter to survive without a cause or a vision to believe in.  It’s like groping in the dark or aimlessly wandering on the road without direction.  Making a difference is quite an ideal mindset and a part of me will always be an idealist but it’s a simple formula, if everyone does extend an extra hand then more people would be in a better position. That would be a better world but I for one should come up with a real advocacy to stand for.  I know I do my fair share of doing good but I’m caught with the idea of doing more on a consistent basis.

That would be the day but first things first, I have to shape up better financially.  I’m not well off nor am I on the short end but I do spend and spend a lot.  I guess, it doesn’t matter how high you earn but the important part is the part you set aside.  I do have a fixed amount saved but it really isn’t anything to crow about so I have to cut those unnecessary expenses and save more.  I’ve always had the ‘today’ mentality though it is also sound fundamental to equip yourself for today’s battles as it builds on your instinct.  Of course, it does help that you also have a piece of your mind looking at where you’re going and where I’m headed is quite exciting with big things coming.

Big things are coming!!! Changes are coming and it makes each day something to look forward to.  I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it but for now, I’ll have to zip my lips, hold my posts and keep things in covert mode until the changes sets in.  Everything is moving at such a fast pace so it’s just matter of time.  And with time moving so drastically fast, I may not be as good as I used to be in managing time.  I barely have time to update my blogs, kept travel at a minimum and have been less all over town as of late.  The reason being is that it’s all systems go training for 21K and I can’t afford too much slack.

And on that note, I still have to shed a few more pounds to bring in more speed and do more long runs to bring in more endurance.  It’s quite challenging coming up with longer routes and digging deep in your energy reserve just to finish the run.  There’s a lot of sacrifice to running but the upside is you build on your confidence, discipline and focus plus you get to lose a lot of weight.  I should be back to my writing roots and travel itch once I’ve done my half marathon or then again there’s the possible shift to duathlon that’s playing in my mind.

There’s a lot of things that’s playing on mind and like anything else, it’s a step at a time…

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