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Adventure Time at Timberland

Posted by on 15. April 2019
Outdoor Movie Night at Timberland

It was nice to get in touch with the outdoors once again. This time, it’s a Camp-Out Night at Timberland Adventure Farm.

The Outdoors

It was nice to get in touch with the outdoors once again. This time, it's a Camp-Out Night at Timberland Adventure Farm.

Back in the days, a regular day was playing games on the street or getting down and dirty at a vacant lot leading to the canals and forested part in the neighborhood. Aside from the dirt, we’d go home counting wounds and scratches and that’s as normal as it gets. Those memories just reminds me how trail running brings us back to those days when we were young and carefree. In a world where kids get to be sheltered at home with gadgets, it was nice seeing kids at play and making memories outdoors at Timberland Heights.

I would have wanted to write this on my usual “Me-perspective” but that won’t do as much justice to the fun the kids had during the time at Adventure Farm at Timberland. I enjoyed the outdoors with movie night, camping outdoors and seeing kids enjoy the outdoors. It was indeed a great time outdoors but the kids had a 1000 times more fun just being allowed to play outdoors. The fun part of camping activities is really when it brings a family-friendly kind of fun and that’s what you get with Adventure Farm at Timberland Heights.

Timberland Adventure Farm

Enjoying the night light

The camp out was a test run and possible activity we like to integrate with Pinoy Trails and Trail Academy. Thankfully, Timberland Heights allowed us to use their Adventure Farm for this. This was initiated by Jose. We had the Hermie, Thess and kids and Ruth and kids. Fred also assisted us the whole event.

We were loaded with foods, we had some pizza, hotdog, adobo, barbeque and some snacks. The people from Timberland led by George helped us set up our tents as well as prepare the outdoor movie setup. We also added a surprise with a birthday cake for Tim. After our meals, it was time for Movie Night.

The first movie was Bumblebee and the kids were glued on the screen while munching hotdog, mallows and barbecue. While us adults can roam around multi-tasking, the kids were focused on their movie that the moment the movie was over everybody was rushing to the bathroom.

Seeing how intense the kids were at movie time, we took the chance between break to go up and appreciate the night skies. The upper portion is the usual camping area but since there was a station of the cross for Holy Week, we settled at the lower camp area. The view upstairs was much better at night with the lights illuminating the city-scape and a much cooler climate.

Smores, Anyone?

We resumed movie night with Justice League versus the Fatal Five. This time we also had our bonfire already and had smores as added snacks. After the movie, it was time to get some sleep.

Good Morning Timberland

I woke up at around 6 am and almost everybody was already up. Breakfast was ready as prepared by Fred. Corned Beef, Egg and Sinangag Meals as well as hotdogs, barbecue. We also had some noodles and coffee to pump up the energy. After breakfast, we went up again to the upper viewing area

Photo from Hermie Hicban

The view of the city was much better at night because there were some smog in some areas but the mountain-side view was really scenic. It was refreshing to see the lush green setting from the nearby mountain ranges. Up next, we had to explore the trails where the energy of the kids just took over.

Photo from Hermie Hicban

We started with a descending trails leading to some wooden planks obstacles and before we reached the lower part, the kids was playing all around the wooden planks already. Let the kids play and it was fun just watching them as they were so happy just being allowed to play around.

We continued on the trails leading to another set of obstacles. The kids already had several rounds at this obstacle even before we came. They were so full of energy and we were there lagging behind the trails. It was pure childlike fun and even if they slip at times, they would just rise up and do it over again.

The obstacle led to a wooden bridge and a long uphill climb. Yes, it was a challenge even if we regularly hit the trails. By the time we reached the start of the climb, they were already far ahead. This is getting to be a pattern now. The was a long and steep climb. It was a short but challenging trail, which is about 1.5 kilometers. The next set of obstacles were tires. We would have taken a photo of the kids but they were just too fast for us.

This led us back to our campsite so we had some watermelons to cool us down, while the kids, they were still running around camp as if they didn’t go to a tough trail. They explored the other facilities of Adventure Farm, which included a Butterfly Sanctuary, some animal habitats and a lot more.

Photo from Hermie Hicban

The kids were all dirty after all the activities early morning so we agreed that they can watch the next movie after they are all done cleaning up. Up next was the movie, Spiderman – Into the Spiderverse and Venom. They also got to play Stack ‘Em Up while watching movie.

Photo from Hermie Hicban

It was really time well spent being outdoors at Timberland during the weekend. The activity also made me realize that all kids should get to enjoy this types of activities. It sure beats all the gadget and games they can play plus they get to gain new friend and be fitter in the process. We’ll be planning more of these activities too.

Visit https://www.facebook.com/adventurefarmph/ Facebook Page if you want to try the adventure too.

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