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Adventure Anawangin

Posted by on 11. May 2008

Tight on the timetable but was able to squeeze in an adventure in Anawangin in Zambales with SGV friends Ruth and Anna.  It’s really much more than Anawangin to explore as there were two more islands to hop – Capones and Camara.  The result, a full weekend island hopping, trekking, swimming, snorkling and just chilling in the beach.  Actually, each island has its own unique feature to explore.

We took the last trip to Zambales last Friday Night arriving Pudaquit area at early dawn.  Lucky for us, we were able to get a room at Aling Nora’s resort even though we arrived at such an unusual time.

Early morning, we had our first stop at Anawangin. The place was so pristine. The beachfront had long stretch with fine sands with a mountain-view as a backdrop.  We explored the island a bit, had a short dip and spent the rest of the morning just chilling and sleeping near the beachfront.  After a short nap protected from the sun by the lush trees in the island, we had our lunch picnic. It was a real relaxing treat at Anawangin.

After lunch, our next stop was Capones, which had an old spanish lighthouse to boot. It took us a long adventurous trek along the island (we had to go the longer way because the waves was strong on easier side).  Aside from going around the island, we also had to trek the mountain for about an hour just to reach a peak (lesson remembered from last year: Havaianas is not for trekking).  The light house was such a unique infrastructure but the best part of it was the view from the top – seeing the unison of the ocean, the mountains, the islands and the bright blue sky. A tiring trek in Capones but was well worth it.

Next stop, Snorkling and Swimming in Camara. The area had a nice white sand beach and yet another breathtaking view of the different different islands. The waves were strong and seeing the waves crashing to the rocks and to the shore was also a scenery in itself and it was also a thrill being thrown by the waves to shore while swimming.

It was a great adventure exploring these three islands and the price range is not that high.  It makes you proud that there are still some areas that has its nice pristine beauty in the country and I also came to realize that there so much wonders to explore in the Philippines and the adventure continues.

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