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Posted by on 28. November 2011

The sequence of events in the political landscape this month would rival top rated reality shows with a mix of down the wire suspense. melodramatic scenes and unending twist and turns.  From a former president’s attempt to flee the country on account of ‘sickness’ with the aid of a high court’s TRO to a lawyer pledging his balls for his client to a resistant Justice Secretary and finally a trial court issuing an arrest warrant.  It was a battle of legal innuendos on a persons basic right and a persons accountability. My take, I’m always in the belief that a persons right ends when the person starts violating or oppressing other people’s right and that is where a person’s moral obligation begins.  I used the wold ‘moral’ as even without the complicated rule of law, at the very least a person should be accountable for his own actions.   The previous administration had so many glaring violations but the biggest one of them was that we were forced to fathom a society without accountability.

A former president, despite her call for sympathy and melodramatic means to sway the concerns of the public, had all the chance and the power to clean her name but ‘un’-moderated greed has reared it’s ugly head.  Had she not hidden from her allies in congress who made a mockery of the impeachment process or from the veils of executive privilege or through the political warlords in Mindanao, or votes of the high court or skewed Comelec officials, we would have a fair assessment of the truth.  Why would you move Heaven and Earth to deny people having a fair idea on all those allegations?  We’ve been witnesses over the years of how power and political affiliation fed us on what was just and unjust but justice is not based on debt of gratitude but rule of law.  If those who are suppose to safeguard justice tries to prevent it from happening, can you sue them for obstruction of  justice?

It was compared to a boxing match with the previous administration’s camp winning the first few rounds with a TRO but the government was able to hit back with an actual case and the match continues.  I do hope that they are ready for even a thousand rounds because the Filipino people deserves the truth and if by chance, justice or the truth is still denied by men blinded by political loyalty, there will be one final knockout punch that awaits coming from the hands of fate and of a Higher Authority.

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