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A Visit to the Nowhere Kingdom

Posted by on 30. June 2012

Note: A Visit to the Nowhere Kingdom is a factual fiction developed in my college years. Originally published in the Pinion, which was our official college publication.

The Nowhere Kingdom is found in a far away land… away from reality. A place called Nowhere-Nowhere Land. It is characterized by three things: illusions, broken dreams and confusion. The Kingdom is inhabited by three major characters: Nowhere Man, Super Fallusion and Deranged (?). The subjects of the kingdom co-exist in living a stagnant life.

His royal highness, Nowhere Man is the chief ruler of the Nowhere Kingdom. He personifies individuals who want to be great but fail to do so. Only in a world of make believe and deception can he be great. A world known as Nowhere Kingdom. Since Nowhere Man is in a state of falsehood, the progress of his life in the real world is put to a halt.

SN or Super Fallusion is the kingdom’s resident super hero (?). He is an individual who dreams of becoming a hero but becomes the opposite. SN, a person who tries to reach the impossible will only find contentment in a world of fallacy and illusions. In reality, he is far from being a hero – but rather an unproductive member of the society and will remain trapped in Nowhere-Nowhere Land.

Deranged (?) is the confused one. He does different duties in the kingdom not because he is obliged to but due to his confusion. The confused one remains pondering on unanswered questions… What? Where? When?… This thoughts puzzle him as he tries to fill the emptiness in him. For as long as he remains dazed, he has to stay in the Nowhere Kingdom to find answers; thus, his growth as a person is put to a standstill.

Nowhere Man, Super Fallusion and Deranged (?) are just characters made up by the mind to signify the void in our lives. There will be times when we will be visiting the Nowhere Kingdom and our life would be going nowhere. Our progress as individuals will have to wait. Confusion, broken dreams and promises may bring is to Nowhere-Nowhere Land. The problem will be on how to move on from nowhere to somewhere. In case we are trapped in the Nowhere Kingdom, somebody must pull you out of the land of illusions, broken dreams and confusion. During this interlude, parents, friends, love ones and you yourself will work hand in hand to get out and continue to traverse in your journey in life.

Nowhere Man lives a life of deception and unless he returns to the real world, only then can he reach somewhere, be someone and do something productive. Super Fallusion remains dreaming and unless he wakes up to face reality, only then can he be a hero to himself and to others. Deranged (?) remains dazed and unless he clears things up, only then can he resume his journey in life. The important thing is to pray for strength and courage to move on from Nowhere to Somewhere. We all will definitely visit the Nowhere Kingdom sometime in our life but as much as possible, make it a short-lived visit.

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