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A Stay in CDO and Iligan

Posted by on 18. June 2009

Cagayan de Oro and Iligan has so much wonders.  Iligan has Maria Christina and Tinago Falls. CDO has its white water river rafting and several natural attractions and then there’s nearby Camiguin. Unfortunately, these have to stay on my “to visit” list even if I was given a chance to stay for a week in both CDO and Iligan.  After having a chance to be in Tacloban and Davao the year before, I chose to visit both Iligan and CDO plants of my client in 2002.  The good part was that it would be crossing over a weekend so I would have a chance to spend a weekend in either CDO or Iligan.It was another audit engagement wherein we have to go up 50 foot tanks and warehouses worth of Copra to measure the volume of Coconut Oil and Copra and perform test of controls as well.  After arriving via CDO by plane we took another several hours to go to the Iligan plant where we spent the first half of the visit.  It was nice to be in Iligan enjoying great seafood delicacies and of course, the famous Iligan peanuts.  It felt fresh to be in Iligan and even if it were only a few days but it was unfortunate that we had to miss seeing the famous Maria Cristina Falls and Tinago Falls since our weekend would be spent in CDO.

So after just a few days in Iligan armed with our bagful worth of Iligan peanuts as Pasalubong off we were to CDO.We had to do the same audit routine in CDO but since the plant was much smaller, it was less toxic.  For the weekend, we went to Malasag Nature Trail to appreciate the nice view and the great cottages.  I really wanted to try the white water river rafting but the cost of it was too expensive for my meager income back then and since this was done on our lean season we didn’t have the luxury of our extra overtime income pay.  Yes, the life of an auditor is not lavish but I guess it’s the experience that matter.  Malasag Nature Trail was still a good experience but of course, white water river rafting and the falls of Iligan would have been better but there’s always a next time and I know I’ll have a chance to get back here in the future.  I was also able to enjoy the night life in CDO.  Yes, CDO’s night life is really alive and fun especially that the client was really very hospitable and lavish in the entertainment department.

A few days after, I was on my way back to Manila and the rest was to visit the facility in Camiguin.  The disadvantage in being  the audit senior in the engagement.  The higher ups always want you in close sights to do volumes of work.  So there it was I was able to miss Maria Cristina and Tinago Falls, White Water River Rafting and Camiguin in a single trip but it was still a great trip even if it was mostly for work.

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