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A Closer Look at #SpyderPH Nomad H

Posted by on 4. May 2015

Through the eyes of a Spyder – Photo by Running Atom

We get a fair dose of sunshine and glare outdoors especially since we are a tropical country.  It’s great that there are a lot of eyewear alternatives and technology that keeps your eyes protected against the UV rays and the sun’s glare.  #SpyderPH gives you a value for money eye-wear that is durable with its resillens materials, flexibility with its adjustable flex nosepad and comes in easy to change lens alternative depending on your need.   #WeAreTeamSpyder


Using Spyder Nomad H in my Races

Eyewear is one of my key essentials when running.  For one, I need to protect my eyes from debris since I’m wearing contact lens.  The more important factor is protect my eyes from UV rays of the sun and keep me focused despite the glare.  It also helps you on the mental aspect of the race as when the heat is on, it can be energy-draining.  Having a cooler vision reduces that feel at least on a mental aspect. There are many choices when it comes to eyewear and along the years, I have gathered a few eyewear and brands to my collections.  The good part about it is that you have choices as there are premium brands and there are brands that are on the mid-tier and there are brands that give you the same protection at a much lower price.  Spyder is among the most affordable eyewear with a price point of P1,200 – P1,800 and it’s packed with the same features as big name brands.

Wearing Spyder Nomad H after a race in Sierra

I got a Spyder Nomad H early March this year and I’ve been using it during races and trails.  The first thing I like about it is it’s durability. That attribute comes from the Resillens material in the Spyder Nomad H.  The Resillens is the same material used for bulletproof windows, airplane windows and, riot police shields.  While it comes from tough materials, it retains its lightweight feature.  Being lightweight reduces the possibility of the glasses from sliding down and at the same time, it reduces your overall load on the longer runs or workout.  I need that durability when it comes to my runs or my trails as anything can happen in an outdoor environment including dropping the eyewear several times.

Spyder has three lens alternative depending on your need.

The Spyder Nomad H also come in polycarbonate and mirrored lens, which makes it lightweight and help refract the suns rays.  It has three lenses you can use with the blue one, which is perfect for the regular protection from the sun.  There’s a smoked one that gives you a clearer view of the surrounding which is perfect for late afternoon runs and ride.  The smoked lens is also perfect for eye protection in darker times of the day.  Then there’s the black one, which gives you a darker and cooler view of the surroundings.  The lenses replacement cycle is so fast that you just have to unlock the shades, change lens and lock it again.  That saves you so much time when you need to go for a cool look in the mid afternoon to a clear look in the late afternoon.

Spyder Nomad H has a nice fit with its adjustable nose pad. – Photo by Running Atom

Since running sets you in constant motion, the fit is really important when it comes to eyewear.  It would ruin your rhythm when your eyewear falls off especially for people like me, who’s not that blessed with a large nose.  The good part about Spyder Nomad H is that it has a flex nosepad, which means you can adjust the nose pad based on your nose bridge.  It gives you a better and more comfortable fit.  This helps a lot as the right fit means also not taking to much time fixing the placement of your eyewear.

The Jazzrunner, Me and Running Atom #WeAreTeamSpyder

Spyder Nomad H gives you not only a cooler vision of your surrounding, it also gives you a cooler look.  I like the blue lens since it’s my favourite color.  The yellow lens can be catchy and the black lens is just elegant.  It’s like owning 3 different shades in a single eyewear.  It gives you options in different lighting condition.

The eyes of the Spyder is a reliable one. – Photo by Running Atom

Looking through the eyes of the spider, you get a durable eyewear that can adjust its fit to conform with your face structure.  It gives you lens alternative for different lighting conditions and more, importantly, it gives you the usual sun protection at a more affordable price. #WeAreTeamSpyder and you should be too.

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