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Posted by on 13. October 2010

Upon finishing my scheduled 7K in my running training, it dawned to me that during this day 7 years ago, I started in what seemed like a roller coaster ride that has its ups and downs. Maybe not really downs since most of the time its always an uphill climb but there are times really that I’m hating every bit of what I’m doing. The culture… The overly competitive people that are threatened by young achievers… The seemingly unending supply of problems to be remedied and so on…

On the flip side of the coin, I do love the challenging role I have. I do enjoy that I’ve been able to diversify my skill sets through the years and I am still handling complex and highly technical and innovative matters. Getting the ins and out of the ever-changing standards… Raising big-time funds even at difficult times… Managing unlimited issues and problems… Those are the challenges I get past day to day and at the same time, I’d like to count those as milestones. Yet somehow, I may have outgrown my purpose vis-a-vis to the direction of the Company. It’s about time to have a 7-month plan to switching to maybe a different ride… That topic, I leave for the moment.

I’m now officially banning lazy weekends. I have my time filled with running training with my 4-times a week running schedule. So I’m now trying to avoid lazing around during weekends which is really my normal mode. I’m a natural sloth. I’m getting used to this lifestyle and loving the fact that I’m losing weight though I do have to tone done some area a bit but I’ll get there. As for running, I also have along way to go but it’s a good thing that I am now increasing the distance I am covering from the usual 5K runs. I need to push my efforts further… 10k in a few weeks.

It’s board meeting time again in a few weeks and that keeps me worried. Still tons of things to do… Annoyances to take… and puzzles to unravel… I’m still wondering though why the board meeting should be held Sunday – Monday when they could have it on Monday – Tuesday… Hello… There’s such a thing we call weekends. I was really hoping that I could find a way to participate in a run on the 6th…. Oh well, I won’t worry further as it’s been like kryptonite draining my energy. There’s always a reason to smile and if you can’t find one, it just means you are not looking hard enough…

7 years seemed so fast so maybe in 7 months or 7 weeks or 7 days, things will change. That’s the wonder in this journey, Nothing is certain… The strings of fate is free to pull its own surprises… =>

Thoughtless Thoughts: It’s the people who are not afraid to disagree that makes the difference.

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