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100 Islands and More

Posted by on 17. June 2009

Pangasinan is among the biggest provinces in the Philippines and sure have its many wonders. Alaminos has its hundred islands.  Dagupan is the center of the province.  Calasiao has its famous Puto.  Manaoag has its Shrine and Church. Lingayen has its share in history of the country. Urdaneta has its Traffic(=>).

Let’s start with 100 islands. I’ve been here several times already and it’s always nice seeing the numerous islands here.  One of the more popular islands here is Quezon Island , which has fine white sands and unlimited water fun.  I snorkeled for hours in this island and had a really great time.  island hopping is also a nice activity in this area though not all islands can be visited.  Of course, getting to this island is a challenge but enjoying the views and the water is well worth it.

Next stop is Manaoag which has the miraculous shrine of Manaoag wherein it grants your wishes.  I’ve been to this part several times also as there are indeed times where I need a boost from up there.  Thankfully, it does work.  A good part with this pilgrimage is that you can enjoy the beaches of Manaoag at the same time.  One important note here is do it early as there are a lot of devotees who get to flock this place.

Another area that I have visited in Pangasinan is Lingayen which is a historic site. This is the site where McArthur made his return during the Japanese occupation after leaving the country via Leyte.  Of course, they do have nice beaches and they also have feast for the sea.  Another thing about Lingayen, the place is so clean, peaceful and quiet.  I was able to tour this place while I was in college alongside with friends based in Lingayen.

Other treats I did enjoy in Pangasinan.  Puto and Kutsinta in Calasiao.  Up to now, I always try to have Puto ng Calasiao every time I get the chance.  Luckily Puto ng Calasiao is also available in Baguio.  There’s also Tupig in various towns in Pangasinan.   I love eating tupig as its does satisfy my cravings for sweets.  Of course, bangus in Dagupan and there’s even a festival just for Bangus.

Then there are the busy places in Pangasinan like Dagupan which is the center of Pangasinan and Urdaneta which is more popular for its traffic though there are some nice resorts in Urdaneta.   I got a lot of chance to visit this area especially when I was still based in Baguio as its just a few hours away from Baguio and I do have a lot of friends based in the area.   It’s always nice visiting Pangasinan as its a place I’ve been to even when I was still not working and most of the time are pure family getaways.  Then there’s still some wonders to explore here like Bolinao and the other newly established resorts in Pangasinan.  It’s such a big province that I have been to so many places here yet I still have a lot to explore in Pangasinan.

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