ActiveHealth Community is Here

ActiveHealth has always been about creating progressive athletes.  They are now taking it a step further by having an online portal for swim, bike and run communities. The app is complete from coach support, to expert sections, mentors session and monitoring tools for your training and races. ActiveHealth Community is designed to help you exceed yourself.


Coaches and Mentors for ActiveHealth Community

The growth of the fitness community has been overwhelming over the years. From the boom of running 5 to 6 years ago came a lot of progressive athletes who dared to conquer longer distances and even new disciplines.  Some ventured to cycling, swimming, triathlons, cross fit, trail running, ultramarathons and a lot more. There are more people who are into fitness compared to before.  We should take care of that growing passion with an app to guide you as you set your training goal, progress and eventual conquer new goals and progress as an even better athlete.

We are a happy Bunch!

One online portal to unite them all and that’s the ActiveHealth Community App.  ActiveHealth is taking its growing community of running and multisports athletes from the physical realm of race tracks and training grounds to the digital platform of online race prep and coaching, historical race results tracker, sports nutrition and sleep advice among others. It is giving another dimension to its engagement with its active race participants through the online platform called the ActiveHealth Community (AHC) portal.  AHC App is a all in one tool for expert and mentors advice, sessions, training and race monitoring and a lot of community updates that will definitely inspire you to exceed yourself.

According to Alex Panlilio, Unilab Consumer Health Operating Vice President, “The idea behind AHC is to strengthen the ties that bind the community, which is pursuing an active lifestyle, and pursuing excellence by encouraging them to strive in reaching their potential. AHC is yet another medium to deliver the mission of ActiveHealth to empower the progressive athletes”.  

ActiveHealth team (Mr Antonio Mapa AVP Unilab Consumer Health – Ms Zeny Mejias ActiveHealth Project Manager – Mr Lester Castillo Sports, Event and PR Executive, Unilab ActiveHealth

AHC members have access to training plans that are customized to the ActiveHealth race that they are joining, expert advice/support from AHC Coaches and mentors through classes, training camps, articles and online coaching analysis, updates on all events, special offers of ActiveHealth as well as rewards for being an active member of the community.

AHC Coaches

What sets AHC apart from other training programs or clubs is that we know our community of runners, cyclists, and triathletes very well so we can provide them what they require as progressive athletes in order for them to exceed themselves. And that is a holistic, system-based approach covering all areas of training and race preparation—sleep, recovery, nutrition and gear,” shares Ani De Leon-Brown, Senior Coach Consultant of AHC.

AHC Experts

AHC members have access to a roster of the best coaches and sports specialists in their fields such as veteran coaches and marathoners Titus Salazar and Ben Alacar, former triathlon team coach Dan Brown, first certified female multisport coach in the Philippines Ani De-Leon Brown, multi-awarded triathlete Coach Andy Leuterio and other seasoned triathlon coaches such as Ian Alacar, Kaye Lopez, and Nonoy Basa. We also have sports science experts Riel Espino, Saul Sibayan, Kris Agarao, sleep and recovery expert Francis Diano and sports nutrition experts Harvie De Baron among many others who are in the process of finalizing contracts with ActiveHealth. It really helps to be in touch with the right coaches, mentors and experts as it would help guide you in your goals and help you progress in all aspects.

AHC Mentors

“The mentors will be the on-ground teachers who will assist the members with their form and technique. There will be regular mentor sessions across different training areas in Metro Manila so we can provide assistance to more athletes,” adds De Leon-Brown. Eventually, AHC will also conduct mentor sessions or classes outside of Metro Manila.

You can also add your teams in the community

AHC is accessible via the ActiveHealth website, / or by downloading the app on Google Play store and Apple store when it becomes available towards the end of the year. AHC is open to all participants of ActiveHealth races (Run United, Tri United, among others) since 2010 up to the present. Once an athlete registers for an event, they automatically get a link to the AHC portal. The AHC portal is linked to the online registration of ActiveHealth races. Membership is free and has no expiration. For your login information, please check previous emails sent by the Active Health Community.  It’s easy to update info and once you’re in AHC, you have all the training database you need.

Be Part of AHC,

ActiveHealth is offering a premium subscription to AHC members who want to avail of additional benefits such as priority registration to all events (i.e. registration will be open to premium subscribers two (2) weeks before it is open to the public), access to coach classes, request online coach analysis (extra fees apply) and other features such as sleep timer on the mobile app, once it becomes available. The Premium subscription will be offered at an introductory price of PhP365 per year.

Exclusive rewards and offers are also in store for AHC members. They can earn rewards/points by completing tasks and activities within the community such as signing up and completing races, attending classes, and achieving targets. The detailed rewards mechanics will be available to the athletes on the AHC portal.

Those interested to join AHC can already do so when they register and participate in the upcoming Tri United 4 on November 27 in Clark, Pampanga.

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#TaleOfTheTrail Mount Paliparan (Tanay, Rizal)

Top of Mount Paliparan

Mount Paliparan was not an easy climb. There were steep ascents that came with the really warm morning.  We also had to maneuver our way to sharp rocky cliffs.  The muddy surfaces also came into play.  It was hard but as all things in life, there is always a way to overcome them.  At the end of the day, we end up stronger and more appreciative of the beauty that surrounds us.

Read About:


Tale Of The Trail

Got surprised by the technical difficulty of Mount Paliparan

Tanay has been our constant playground for weeks. While we’ve been doing most of our recons in Maysawa and Laiban, we decided to try something new. We wanted to check out Mount Paliparan looking for a feel-good climb.  It turned out more than we expected.  We got different inputs on the distance to Mount Paliparan, which left us more puzzled on the degree of difficulty of the climb was.  It turned out to be a difficult climb but once we descended. we found a route that is gonna make you love trail running even more.

Map and Elevation

Powered by Suunto Ambot 3 Sports – Pertains only to first 8K of the Route.

We started out at the Marilaque Highway heading down towards Barangay Cuyambay for the first 2.5 kilometers. The next two kilometers of the route is a slightly ascending forest trail.  It then goes on a steep and technical climb to the summit for the next 1.5 kilometers before descending to the river for the next two kilometers.  The route goes on a rolling terrain for the next 6-7 kilometers back to Barangay Cuyambay.

Trekking Mount Paliparan

Weekly dose of Vitamin #SeaOfClouds

We started with an early meet up at QC and started by 6 am at Pico De Pino in Tanay, Rizal.  The first 2.5 kilometer was a sweet descent on paved roads going to Barangay Cuyambay with a view of the early morning sea of clouds in Tanay.  We had our breakfast at Barangay Cuyambay and registered at the Barangay Hall. Climb fee is P30 per person while guide fee is P500.  Once we have registered and then we were off to the trek.

Passing to rice filed and we enter the forest trails.

We started with some irrigation passageway and some fields with an overlooking view of the Mount Paliparan.  We then shifted to forest trails, which was a bit slippery coming from the rain the previous day.  The trail had some stony surface that were a bit difficult to navigate so we took it slow on this part.  It then shifted to muddy single track trails with a slow ascent.  The area is covered by trees and plants, which makes it a lot cooler to explore.  The cover also meant that it will take a lot more time for the surface to dry up.

Forest trails

I was hoping that we’d be in the forest trails forever while the trail slowly ascents to the summit.  It was refreshing seeing the green surrounding and the forest cover protected us from the sun’s rays. The forest trails lasted 2 kilometers.   We were out of the shade and we were welcomed by the warmer temperature, a view of the top parts of the mountain and a challenging climb ahead.

The Sun is Out.

The sun is out and we were going on steep ascents on single track trails with cogon grass.  One of the rare times I don’t wear arm sleeves and calf sleeves and I end up on a grassy trail.  I got a lot of small cuts and irritation from the cogon grass.  It was energy draining as the climb goes steep and the heat can be overwhelming.  We had to stop at some point to recover. We only had short resting breaks because it was too hot to stay fixed at one area.

Look at the mud all over my feet.

The view was worth it though. One end you had to see the seemingly insurmountable climb and the other end was a birds eye view of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range and you could even see the windfarm from this vantage point.  It was exhausting up to the point that I was starting to doubt if I can still go on but on the other hand, there were just no bail out options.

Taking a break at one of the rock structures.

When we reached one peak of the mountain, we had to traverse to the other side of the mountain with the higher peak.  It was a descent on covered trails with some slippery stretches.  While we thought that the worst is over. We were wrong.  We then had to climb several rock surfaces that was technically challenging to navigate and a bit dangerous too as one wrong step could mean falling off cliffs and ravines.

When the going gets tough.

The degree of difficulty immediately leveled up.  It was time to be strategic.  You had to see every edge you can hang on as you pull yourself over the rocky structures.  We came to climb a mountain, we ended up rock climbing.  The thing is when the going gets tough, you just find a way to get past it. Even on a slow mode, we endured on the climb, adjusted on the terrain and made our way past the long rocky climb.

One last climb.

After the tough part, we then saw the destination so near. We took a short downward trek to go to the other side of the access point, which also was the way down.  We then made the final climb over the slanted grounds and over rocky surfaces on the way to the summit. We had to rappel heading to the summit.

The things I do to have a selfie at the summit.

The rappel part was a tough one as you had to look for areas which you can step on as you slowly pull yourself to the top.  It has been a challenging journey, might as well do this part.

The Summit

The view of the summit was worth all the effort.  It was just around 3-4 K from Barangay Cuyambay but it took us hours reaching the summit.  You can see the very rich Sierra Madre Mountain range and it was all the effort going to the top.

Stone Marker at the Summit

We then our made our way down.  While it was not as hard as the climb, it did take us a lot of time descending the mountain. The trails were steep and slippery.  I think I feel 3 times on the descent.  We made our slow descent from the top over forest trails. The muddy part took away some of the traction from our shoes making it a lot slippery.  After another eternity in descending, we finally hit the river and it was the perfect place to cool down.

The river was refreshing.

We waited for the rest at the river and took time to clean ourselves and get refreshed by the waters.  We did hang out a long time at the river before we went on the journey.  We then headed back to Cuyambay and at the start of the climb, my phones and my watch were all fully drained so I wasn’t able to measure the distance or document the trails.

Mount Paliparan on my background.

On the way back was a long rolling trail, with a variety of surface from wide dirt tracks to knee high muddy surfaces.  I did enjoy this part because of the variety when it comes to views and surfaces.  I also enjoyed the part where it rained and it was instant refreshment after having to deal with the heat most of the time. It was a long way back but it’s definitely a trail worth exploring. It was a tougher trail than we expected and it was a nice mental test for the future trail adventures.


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It’s Fitness Friday with Bootcamp at the Park at Capitol Commons

Crossfit MNL (CFMNL) is the pioneer of crossfit in the country.  They’re taking fitness to another level with Bootcamp at the Park every Friday, 7 PM at Capitol Commons.  Let’s join the fitness Bandwagon

Read About:


The fitness craze has taken over the country. It comes in all forms and disciplines. There’s running, gym sessions, cycling, swimming and a lot more. Then there’s crossfit! The good part about crossfit is that it’s not just a fitness craze on its own but it also complements other sports disciplines and even your regular lifestyle.  CFMNL gets even more accessible with a Bootcamp in the Park at Capitol Commons every Friday of September, 7 PM.

In partnership with Crossfit MNL, Capitol Commons brings this alternative, holistic fitness program that combines various physical movements, workout routines, and sports activities into a timed workout to help participants get leaner, stronger. By focusing on bodyweight movement, Crossfit is proves to be both a fun and challenging workout.

Tag your fitness buddies and sign up for free Bootcamp in the Park classes at Capitol Commons. Visit this link to sign up:

For kicks, Capitol Commons’ partner CFMNL is throwing in a cool prize for Bootcamp in the Park participants. One lucky fitness enthusiast who attends the most number of Bootcamp sessions can also get a chance to win a one month unlimited bootcamp package. For more details, click here:

Capitol Commons is Ortigas & Co.’s latest mixed-use urban hub which caters to the dynamic, fast-paced lifestyle of young city-dwellers who wish to have a more well-balanced lifestyle. Sign up in Bootcamp in the Park now and get pumped up for a healthier, stronger you


RUN MNL is also hosting weekly and community runs in their difference boxes.  Get stronger every mile by having the right balance of running and proper core and total body strength to get you past your races.  Run MNL is your perfect complement for every runner for them to nail their A Race and allow you to finish strong and continue to challenge your personal best.  Check out the schedules above.

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Under Armour Run Crew is Now Here

Welcome to UA Run Crew

We’ve been welcomed to the Under Armour Run Crew fold via several challenging workouts handled by Under Armour Test of Will Regional Champion Coach Zoe Pond-McPherson and UA Run Crew Coach Toni Saret. Aside from the strenuous workouts, we also got to witness the launch of the Under Armour Charged Bandit 2 at Kerry Sports in Shangri-la Fort.

Under Armour Run Crew

Under Armour is officially entering the running scene with the Under Armour Charged Bandit 2 and the UA Run Crew. The UA Run Crew is headed by Under Armour brand ambassador and program director Jim Saret, who is the sports and fitness-training consultant of the Philippine Olympic Committee and currently serves as the president of Scientific Sports and Fitness Council of the Philippines.  Having been to some launches and camps with Coach Jim before, I can say that the UA Run Crew will develop runners who are stronger, fitter and faster.  They’ll be better equipped as runners with the broad background of Coach Jim.

Under Armour’s UA Run Crew is a tailor-made program for active lifestyle enthusiasts and aspiring runners as it provides a step-by-step guide towards a person’s objective in running.  UA Run Crew is consisted of community runs every Saturday that comes along with an in-depth seminar with fitness experts to flesh out every essential aspect about running, including dynamic warm-up exercises, injury prevention, race day nutrition, and many more.

In addition, first 20 male and female participants will have the opportunity to try the highly acclaimed UA Charged Bandit 2 as part of UA Run Crew’s monthly shoe trials. The UA Charged Bandit 2 is a good running partner as it sports the Molded Micro G® foot-bed that takes the shape of the foot for great cushioning as well as a rubber outsole that offers full ground contact with deep tense grooves for extra flexibility.  I’ve tried the Charged Bandit 2 before when I did the Kerry Sports Vertical Race and I can say that it’s a really cushioned shoes that meant to give you ample support even for the longer distance runs.

Interested applicants can now register in all Under Armour brand houses in BGC, UP Town. While you may register online at  Registered applicants will be part of the very first Under Armour Run Crew in the country. They will receive exclusive discounts, be the first to try the latest innovation gears from Under Armour and get free coaching from our international trainers Coach Jim and Coach Toni Saret along with the other Under Armour PH ambassadors.


The fun part of the launch was getting the taste of the workouts too.  We started with some warm up exercise and a step ladder work out from Coach Zoe.  Coach Zoe is a really good mentor plus she’s a fitness icon as well, having won several competitions including Under Armour’s very own Test of Will a few months ago. We had some drills for warm up.

The main course of the workout where we had to do progressive squats, burpees and full sit-ups for 10 minutes straight. We started with one for the first set then it increases by one repetition after each set. Coach Zoe would do her rounds on the workouts and would give pointers on proper form and posture.  The best part of it was surviving the work out and getting a well deserve high five from Coach Zoe.

Up next was Coach Toni’s turn to give us our workout.   Yes, that’s how we got welcomed with a barrage of work out sets.   It was a good thing Coach Toni prepared a fun and upbeat work out sets that combined some exercise and dance steps.  It was a quick work  out and just enough after Coach Zoe’s workout.  I’m gonna be sore for sure the next day but it was indeed fun.

I got a UA Charged Bandit 2

After the workouts, we got introduced to the different ambassadors of Under Armour and were given our very own Charged Bandit 2.  I’ll give a more in depth review of the Charged Bandit 2 soon.  Aside from the UA Run Crew and the Charged Bandit, Under Armour will also be introducing the UA Record and MapMyRun digital applications that track and monitor the progress of runners.

Make sure to #RunWithFight on your social media accounts and follow Under Armour Philippines via @underarmourph on Instagram and Twitter as well as Facebook at

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Oakley EV Zero is Built for Speed and Comfort

Oakley goes even lighter with the EV Zero.  That’s the same Oakley Technology that provides 100% UV Protection, High Definition Optics and its Unrivaled Impact Protection.   It’s now available at Maximus Athlete’s Shop Cafe located as Sparta Complex, 126 Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City.

Read About:


Different Trails, Different Oakleys

Unrivaled! That’s what people always say about Oakley.  I’ve had several Oakleys over the years and I still get to add more on the collection too.  It’s one of the core reason that I started a distribution hub for Oakley at Maximus Athlete’s Shop Cafe.  There’s the jaw-dropping awesomeness of the Jawbreaker, which is perfect for cyclists since it has angst, vents to prevent from moisture and it protects your eyes even better.  There’s the Radar EV that looks perfect for ladies and those with smaller faces.  There’s the Flak 2.0 that’s perfect for runners with its sleeker feature. Then there are the different stylish lifestyle models.

When it comes to Oakley, you get unrivaled high definition optics, UV and Impact Protection. You can check out the video above when Oakley was tested against other leading brands.  You get the top-of-the-line product, the cooler look and even more protection.

MY EV Zero at the top of Mount Fuji

EV Zero is the latest in the line of Oakley.  It’s similar to the Radar EV line but it has a rim-less look.  The Radar EV has been among my favorite because it matches the contour of my face. When you go rim-less, you go lightweight and that’s the unique feature that the Oakley EV Zero has to offer.  I got a planet X frame which is a bit different with a purple printed stem combined with a positive red iridium lens.

It looks catchy, right?  Without the rim, it’s lightweight therefore it’s perfect for those doing multi-sports, running and outdoor training. It’s the lightest performance frame with their patented Plutonite® technology with a rimless design. It gives you a better and unobstructed view.  You’ll barely feel the added weight of the eyewear when you are wearing it.

I always get to feel the difference in comfort with an Oakley eyewear.  It’s rounded stem eliminates any discomfort on the ear area yet it still has a no slip grip on both the earsocks and the nosepads.  That means a lot when you’re wearing the eyewear for hours and you are in constant motion running/cycling.  The impact protection that comes in their Plutonite® Lenses means a lot when you are outdoors exposed to so many debris and objects.  You don’t have to fear the glare of the sun and its harmful effects on the eyes because of the 100% UV Protection.   Despite it’s sleek look, the EV Zero is not only lightweight but durable as well.

Eyewear is essential in my fitness routine as I use contact lens everytime so it protects me not only from the sun but the foreign debris as well.  Being lightweight means it’s easy to carry whether you tuck it in your stuff, place it over your head or wear it.  I’ve worn it on long races to keep my eyes protected from the glare of the sun, the wind or even the falling rain.  I’ve used it to trek Mount Fuji and its kept my eyes and a large part of my face covered from the cold winds at the summit. I’ve worn it on regular days because it just looks so cool.  It’s really a good investment when it comes to protecting your eyes.  Check out the other Radar EV models available at Maximus Athlete’s Shop Cafe located at Sparta Complex, 126 Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City.

They are also carrying stylish and limited trucker cap that’s perfect for both your casual life and outdoor adventure.

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My Runnr’s Haul

Runnr has been a home to most of the brands for runners and fitness enthusiasts.  The thing that keeps me coming back to their shop is that they keep on innovating and developing new items for their market.  Check out some of their new items that you can add in your fitness journey and lifestyle.



It’s about a 100 days for Christmas and there are some Runnr items that’s worth adding to your Christmas shopping list.  In terms of brands, there are indeed a lot of brands worth noting at Runnr. There’s the fast and furious Newton Running shoes. You got the shoe encrypted with the Runners’ DNA in Brooks. There’s compression technology in CWX and CEP.  You also get a lot of hydration, timing and race nutrition specific items and a lot more at Runnr and Toby’s.  Runnr has been a one-stop shop that cater to the needs of the runners.

Here are some items now available at Runnr:

  • FuelBelt H30- SRP P1,995


What can a 3 bottle fuel belt do that 1 or 2 bottle fuel belt can’t? It’s all about flexibility.  You can convert it into a one bottle belt by using only the middle bottle for the shorter runs. You can convert is to a two-bottle belt by using the two outer bottles for the middle distance run. You can go all out with a three-bottle belt for the long runs.  That’s like having three belts for the price of one.

You also get the super lightweight technology of Fuel Belt. They have the Helium Hex Foam which makes the belt breathable and comfortable.  It’s water repellent so you are sure that it won’t get heavy once you start sweating from the run.  The bottles are easy to grip, which can really save you a lot of time when ever you hydrate on a run.  It also has a pouch at the side to keep your phones and other valuables on the run.

  • Fuelbelt Poly Carb Bottle – SRP 595

With our normally warm humid weather, it’s always best to bring some water or hydration.  That’s where Fuel Belt Polycarb bottles can come in handy.  It’s lightweight, durable and it’s transparent.  It’s compact, which you can easily squeeze in your bag.  It’s leak-proof screw top will keep the fluid secure as well as won’t get you worried of any spillage inside your bag.   It’s wide opening makes it easy for refills as well as cleaning.  The transparent cylinder will keep any unwanted debris visible so you can either clean the bottle or replace the fluid.  It sure beats just packing several mineral water at your bag.

  • Runnr Frio Bottle – P495

Frio bottles have added insulation to keep fluids cooler inside.  It’s best to have the bottles on outdoor activities as the added frio insulation will keep the water cooler a lot longer than any other container.  It’s nice that Runnr came up with their own branded bottle.  It’s also a lot taller than regular bottles, which means it can have more liquids though at the same time may not be as compact to fit a bottle cage for bikes.  With a sleeker built, it’s ideal for the outside side pockets of bags on hikes or on gym bags for other outdoor activities.

  • FuelBelt Super Stretch Belt – P895

I always need extra pockets or space to tuck in some of my stuff when I am running.  For races, I usually have a phone for emergency purposes, gels for race nutrition and space for some money and my car key.  I can fit all of them including my race bib in the Fuel Belt Super Stretch Belt.  I’ve always used race bib holders as it keeps race bib more secure.  Race pins can cause some distortion on the race shirt and can even give you rust stains.  The super stretch belt has four gel loops, that’s enough race nutrition to fuel a marathon.  It has a lace lock for bibs.  It has Fully adjustable fit with snap buckle closure and Helium Hex Padding to keep the belt secure and comfortable.   The stretchable compartment can fit my phone, my car key and some money.

  • Runnr Shirt – P495

I love statement shirts that can inspire others or drive you to strive better.  Runnr shirts has always showed character.  They are simple yet they do say so much on your passion.  They also come in cool colors and really nice designs.  At the same time, they remain affordable for an non-workout day outfit for runners and fitness enthusiasts.

  • Runnr Sling Bag

The Runnr Sling bag is the perfect work out bag. It has a shoe compartment at the inside of the bag.  It also have the capacity for your basic workout gear.  It’s compact and much easier to carry than other workout bags.  It so compact that I just keep it in within my line of sight whenever I workout and the gym.  It’s also a good outdoor bag that can fit a lot of items (like clothes, shoes, towels and bottles of hydration.

Do visit the different Runnr stores to check on new items for your running and fitness journey.

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Incoming: Filinvest Endurance Weekend 2016

It’s a ride all you can weekend on October 8-9, 2016 as Filinvest Endurance Weekend is back. Passionate bikers converge at Filinvest City once again as they ride unlimited for 6 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours category.

Filinvest Endurance Weekend

Filinvest Endurance Weekend has gone a long way from its very first staging a few years ago.  It has evolved to be among the key endurance biking events that passionate cyclists and teams are looking forward to.  You have the Filinvest trails, which is among the most bike friendly trail available and you have a team aimed at keeping the bike meet organized and challenging.  How many loops can you make in a span of 6 hours? 12 hours? and 24 hours?  This is a test of will, strength and endurance.

Crazy as it seem.  The endurance weekend is among the events that some cyclists are waiting for . According to Coach Donjie Dormitorio, you forget about the time, the fatigue and the effort of a 24 hour ride but you just remember the love and passion for cycling.

If you love to bike?  Endurance weekend is something for you to try and… try again and again.  The route this year would be a lot more challenging since they would do the reverse loop of the regular cycling loop in Filinvest City. There will be more ascents on this route.  It’s advised that you do try out the trails too for you to get the feel of the trails and be familiar with the elevation profile and surfaces.

For more information, visit Filinvest City website ( or Filinvest City’s Official Facebook Page ( FilinvestCityOFFICIAL). You may also email for inquiries.

Race Details

Date and Venue

  • Date: October 8-9, 2016
  • Venue: Pacific Rim, Filinvest City, Alabang
  • Gun Start:
    • 24 hours: October 8, 12 noon
    • 12 hours: October 8, 5 pm
    • 6 hours: October 9, 6 am

Fees and Inclusions

  • Solo (Male/Female):
    • 24 hours: P 2,500
    • 12 hours: P2,000
    • 6 hours: P1,500
  • Team (All Male / Mixed)
    • 24 hours: P6,500
    • 12 hours: P 3,500
  • Inclusions:
    • Race kit includes a Filinvest Endurance Weekend Bike Jersey
    • All finishers and winners will receive a race medal


  • Epic Cycles, Unit 114 Commercenter Building, Filinvest City, Alabang, Muntinlupa
  • Cycling Zone, Shell Gas Station, Alabang-Zapote Roade, Alabang Muntinlupa
  • Multisport Hub, Nuvali, Solenad 3, Nuvali , Sta Rosa Laguna
  • Paulina’s Cycling Center, Blue Bay Walk, Macapagal Ave., Pasay City
  • John Wilkie Bike Shop, J.P. Rizal Street, Barangay Conception I, Marikina City, Metro Manila
  • Velocipede Bike Shop, Building B, Royal Place Mall, Beirut Street, Don Antonio, Quezon City
  • The Brick Multisport Store, Woolridge Apartments, McKinley Hills, Taguig, Metro Manila
  • Storck Store Manila, United Street, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila
  • South Cycle, Suite 104 Greenworld Plaza, Presidents Avenue, BF Homes Paranaque

Race Updates

Race Map


Rules and Regulations

  • Race Course.
    • The course is a loop course of up to 6.2KM consisting of single-track and asphalt roads. It will be marked by the use of a mixture of arrows, buntings, and traffic cones.
    • There will be sections throughout the course where there are no markings.
    • There will be no decision points either –just keep riding. At the end of each lap the course passes through Transition Zone.
  • Control Point.
    • There will be at least one control point out on the course. It will be manned for the full 24 hours and race numbers will be checked.
    • To assist, please call out your race number to the control point team. Additional spot checkpoints may be positioned at random locations.
    • The control point will have radio contact with the Race HQ.
  • Race Numbers.
    • Each rider is given an individual race number. This must be attached to the seat posto f the bike.
    • In order for your lap to be timed and counted you must ensure that your race number is visible.
    • Do not deface, or trim the race number.
  • Transition Zone(TZ)
    • The (TZ) is the only area where you can exit the race course. This is also where teams swap riders and hand over the band. Spectators are not permitted in the TZ.
    • As you come through the TZ, here are a few simple rules to make life easier for everyone
      • WALK, WALK,WALK (there is no riding in the TZ)
      • Call out your number to the timing crew to assist in recording your lap
      • Help your team mate with the transition
      • After you have completed the transition, VERY promptly clear the area and move outside the TZ to catch your breath, have a chat or warm down
  • Finishers.
    • All teams or individuals must complete the minimum number of laps to be counted as a finisher.
    • Minimum Number of Laps:
      • SOLO
        • 24 Hour: 24 laps
        • 12 Hour: 12 laps
        • 6 Hour: 6 laps
      • TEAM
        • 24 Hour Teams of 3: 8 laps per member
        • 12 Hour Teams of 2: 6 laps per member

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#TaleOfTheTrail Mount Takao (Hachioji, Japan)

Mount Takao Summit, 599.15 MASL

While Mount Fuji was the main course of the Japan Trip, Mount Takao was the appetizer.  It was a feel good climb that was also a tour among temple and an appreciation of nature. 

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Team Takao


Day 1 in Tokyo, we got a chance to tour the city.  We were able to see Gundam at Diver City and also enjoyed Shibuya.  For Day 2, we had several options. There was a team going to Disneyland.  There was a team on a city tour and there was a team hiking Mount Takao.  Disneyland was tempting but ended up taking the hiking option. I’m sure I’ll be back to Japan someday but being with fellow climbers is as rare as it gets. The upside of Takao is that you also get to tour the temples within the area.

Route and Elevation

Map and Elevation is powered by Suunto Ambit 3 Sport

The climb starts at the foot of the train station and goes on a gradual ascent to its summit at 199.15 MASL at around 4 kilometers.  It has several descent options going back to the train station.

Trekking Mount Takao

Train Adventours

The train ride was an adventure on its own. While the train system in Japan is highly efficient, you should really take note on the right time for the train.  We took the train ride from Asakusa and had to transfer to several train before eventually heading to the Takao line, which stops at the foot of Mount Takao.

Team Takao – Photo by Aileen Ladia

Arriving at the foot of Mount Takao, there were several options on trekking Mount Takao. We decided to take the most basic route, which is trail number 1 to the top and take another route heading down.  Trail number 1 is mostly paved with stops at the temple and also has some viewing decks.

It starts with a moderately ascending paved zigzag trails.  The plan was to go at a very relaxed pace since we need to keep ourselves fresh for the Mount Fuji hike the next day.  While the roads are paved, you get a lot of forested views and a lot of plants.  In fact, there are a lot of more senior hikers just appreciating the different plants around.


We were able to talk to some senior hikers and they say that some of them hike Mount Takao daily.  They would even tell you how the different plants look each day.  It’s nice to see older folks enjoy the fresher air and the added thrill of the elevation.  I’d like to grow old still being able to appreciate the rigors of hiking.

As you go up, you get more overlooking views of the city.  We took a break to try some local delicacies and ice cream approaching the 2 kilometer  mark.  The place had viewing decks and also was the access point of the cable cars for those who would prefer to cut the hike in half.

Food Break – Photo by Aileen Ladia

I enjoyed the ice cream as well as the view of the city from the viewing deck.  At this point, we’ve hurdled about 250 meters of elevation and at a really relaxed pace.

After the food break, we then headed back to the route. There’s a stair route heading to the temple and there’s a road route.  We took the stair option.  After the stairs, there were several pillars and then the Buddhist Temple.  We’d also get to pass another temple on the way.

Temple Hopping

It was nice to visit the different temples which also had some shops too.  You get to appreciate the architecture of each temple as well as get to learn more about their practices.  The last temple led back to the trails and from paved grounds, it was now time to get dirty.

Dirt roads.

It was dirt roads and you also get to see the different trail markers coming from the different route.  There are a lot of routes going to the top as well as going down.  The other trail routes offer a different challenge and sets of views.  We then headed to the summit at 599.15 MASL.

Team Takao at 599.15 MASL

That was a feel-good hike. You barely notice the elevation challenge yet it was a good workout.  We took time to appreciate the summit.  It had a view of the city from one end and the view of the mountains at another.  That view included Mount Fuji.

Mount Fuji is towards the back end center of the photo.

It was then that I got to appreciate the hike more.  It was motivation seeing Mount Fuji from a far since the next two days would be our trek towards 3,766 MASL of Mount Fuji.

We were supposed to take trail 6, which has more dirt tracks but one wrong turn led us back to the temple. We were back to trail 1.  We then decided to speed things up on the descent and then had Ramen for lunch at the foot of Mount Fuji.  We then got back to the city proper and shopped around at Shibuya before heading back to our Hotel in Asakusa.

Mount Fuji

Day 3-4 was the epic hike to Mount Fuji. You read more about that at #TaleOfTheTrail Mount Fuji (Fujiyama, Japan)

At the Crater of Mount Fuji – Photo by JP Yu

Heading Home

After coming back from Mount Fuji on the 4th day, we still had a few hours to enjoy Tokyo.  The next day was our trip back.

This sums up my Japan Trip

For the Mount Fuji hike, we had our souvenir stick stamped and even if it’s costly. It’s something I would definitely treasure. We were able to drop by the Pokemon shop at the Airport and was able to get Ash Ketchum and a pokeball as souvenir.  See you soon again Tokyo.


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Your Run: Mike Famaranglas Journey to Cardimax Clark Ultramarathon

Victory – Photo by Donna Castillo

From being away in the running scene for the past 5 years, Mike Famaranglas returned just in time to build up for his first ever Ultramarathon at the Clark Cardimax Ultramarathon last September 3-4, 2016.

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Cardimax Clark Ultramarathon

Race briefing at Maximus Athlete’s Shop Cafe – Photo by Andy Leuterio

It was fun covering Cardimax Clark Ultramarathon for the past few months. I can say it’s a full experience for their participants. They held talks, clinics, runs to help the participants prepare for Cardimax Clark Ultramarathon race.  That’s practically a step by step guide to crossing your first Ultramarathon finish line.  It was indeed a successful events with a lot of feel-good finish line for the participants.  Every finish line is special and my college school friend Mike Famaranglas shares his long-hard road to his first ever Ultramarathon.

Mike Famaranglas Road to 50K

Mike’s a veteran on the running scene since he started running way before the running boom in the Philippines. He would normally do around 3 kilometer run while he was still in London and that was around 2004.  Running 3 K and 5 K in the treadmill became a routine since then. When he came back to the Philippines, he joined his first race in 2010 with the 10K distance at the Condura Skyway Marathon followed by another 10 K race at Run United 2. After that, He stopped joining races due to an Achilles tendon injury.

In 2016, he started running once again and was able to finish his first marathon last April.  He also got another push from a gym friend to join the Ultramarathon distance last June.  It turned out that I had a slot for the race and since I’m booked for Mount Fuji, I offered my kit to Mike as well as the chance to share his story of the race at  It was perfect timing to pursue the unfinished business of joining an Ultramarathon race.

Training for the Race

Marathon Number 1

It turned out the Clark Ultramarathon would fall between his Milo Marathon and the upcoming Run United Philippine Marathon, which meant that it was like having a marathon or ultramarathon every month. Since he already committed, there was no turning back. He just went on to do what he have to and just accept the challenge with a mindset of train now, recover later.

Marathon Number 2

There’s not much changes on his preparation for the race since he is used to running 20-30km a week even without a race, except adding more mileage. He would cover more than 50 kilometer per week on combinations like 16km-16km-21km or 10km-10km-32km.  He would make the LSD habit on weekends. He also make sure he is properly hydrated by drinking at least 2 liters of water a day. He loads on potassium everyday that comes with coconut juice and bananas (or any equivalent nutrient foods) as these helped avoid getting dehydrated and cramps.

The Race

Photo by Dhona Castillo

Sleep was evasive for Mike before the race. I guess this is just normal for any first timer coming from the anxiety and excitement for a big race.  After all, this was his transition from a marathoner to ultra marathoner.  He got a bit nervous seeing the 100 K runners already along SCTEX Clark already driving into the venue.  He started to focus on his mental toughness for the race.  It also helped to see running friends Mark and Glads to ease the tension even if he’s used to running alone. Since he forgot his running watch, he decided to pace with Mark and Glads on the first part of the race. He also learned doing the run-walk pacing.  His 10km was very relaxing where he had to follow the pacing of a running friend Mark with 2 minutes run and 1 minute walk interval.  This help him save energy for the later part of the race.

Local residence cow farm of Sitio Monicayo

Mike’s normally a speedster. Running at more relaxed pace made him enjoy the race more. He also enjoyed the view with brighter, wider and less traffic roads of the Clark Economic Zone. There is enough road space on the side for the runners. There’s nothing much elevated inside the economic zone and if there is you won’t even notice them. He increased his speed a bit on next 20 kilometers since he was running on solo mode.  Whenever, he felt fatigued, he would walk a few seconds and then resume again.

Sacobia Selfie

The last 20km of the route going to the Zoocobia was the most difficult one for him.  There were many steep uphills and downhills. You can hardly run the way up and he was cautious on the knee on the way down.  He decided to walk this part instead and went back running when the road was less elevated again. He never felt like quitting since He prepared for this. It also helps that there’s no pressure of a targeted PR or PB since this is his first time also. His goal only here is to finish strong and injury free only within a reasonable time.  On the 30km, running towards the SCTEX road toll entrance/exit feels like it’s never gonna end. He can’t wait to see the U-turn and back.

Waiting for the sunrise at Sacobia River Bridge

Fortunately, he never had cramps during the race though he felt some muscles fatigue. He would walk it off or stop to stretch to get his condition back.  On the 40km, this is already on the way to the small roads part of uphills and downhills parts. He had to walk most of the time to enjoy the view of the local resident houses, farms and mountain here.

Allellujia! At 40km U turn. Almost there!

On the way back after this, He felt relieved that the tough part is over.  The rest was on smooth and less elevated roads.  He then bumped into an old client named Ludwig Valencia in an aid station nearly 3km before the finish line.

Bumped into an old client Ludwig Valencia who’s also a first timer in 50k ultramarathon

People were discussing how difficult in that Zoocobia part only. They recognized each others and decided to run and pace together on their way to the finish line.Ludwig was struggling a bit so Mike went on with his pace anyway, they are near the finish line with no time target. He still had enough energy to run faster on the last 100 meters to the finish line to finish strong. Mike is now a Ultra marathoner!!!

Mike Famaranglas, Ultramarathoner

Crossing the finish line was not just a culmination of the race. It was a culmination of months of getting up early, training in the gym, running alone on the highway and controlling his nutrition. There’s no easy way or shortcuts in anything to achieve this.  His passion for running, strong determination, mental and physical preparation kept him alive and got him past his personal limits and capabilities. He’s definitely doing this again and he’ll try new things in training and find ways to improve on his time. For now, he’s on recovery mode and proud to earn the title of “Ultra marathoner.

Message of Thanks from Mike:

“I would like to thanks my wife Leslie for supporting me and understanding for insanely in love for running. To my running idol, my trail master and my super boss, Mr. Franc Ramon for trusting me and allowing me to use his slot on this race, thank you for all the running tips and advice (ehem, coffee, please). Thank you to the strong running couple Mark Chico and Glads Jane for the pacing and educating me on the run-walk interval which came in handy during the race,” Mike Famaranglas Ultramarathoner

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Pinoy Ballers Make Waves at 2016 Stephen Curry Asia Tour

Last year, Stephen Curry visited Manila as part of UA Road Show Manila. This year,  his Asian Tour had stops at Shenyang, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Taipei. Pinoy Gian Mamuyac stole the show with a big block on the Steph at the buzzer of their exhibition game. Gian topped 10 other young athletes to earn a spot in Curry’s camp next year.

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Stephen Curry

Last Year at #UARoadShowManila

Last year, I was among the lucky ones to get up close with Stephen Curry during his visit to Manila. Stephen Curry’s rise to super stardom has been a feel-good story from the ultimate underdog who rose to back to back KIA NBA MVP.  While he is just amazing on court with his barrage of 3 pointers, Stephen Curry has been a role model when it comes to his faith and being humble off-court.  Steph is back in Asia with stops in Shenyang, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Taipei. While the Philippines is not part of his destination this year, the basketball crazy republic will still be part of the action.

The Philippines never missed out this tour as basketball is the country’s top sport and being able to play on court with Stephen Curry is one of the Filipino youth’s most awaited basketball experience. The Philippines was represented by 2 young basketball aficionados in Juan Gomez De Liano and Gian Mamuyac.  Gomez De Liano, a 6 feet point guard of the University of the Philippines Integrated School was also able to play with Steph Curry during the MVP’s #UAROADSHOWMANILA visit last year.

Gian Mamuyac Steals the Show

Pinoy Gian Mamuyac bagged first spot among the 10 young athletes from all over Asia at SC’s Under Armour Asia Camp in Taiwan yesterday. Gian earned his moment when he stayed close in front of Curry and blocked the Back-to-Back MVP’s three-point attempt.  Mamuyac is also a part of the Philippines U-18 National Team.  Highlighting the camp, the promising young pinoy was awarded the MVP of the Under Armour Asia Camp in Taiwan yesterday, September 6.

Gian Mamuyac emerged as a rising star in this year’s SC Camp.

Stephen Curry Asia Tour

The Back-to-Back MVP embarked on his second annual summer tour with Under Armour which began September 2. Unique experiences rolled out across four cities in five days for fans to feel the fervor and excitement for basketball that only Stephen and Under Armour can provide.

Some of Asia’s best young basketball players and fans experienced Stephen’s relentless dedication to the game of basketball up close and personal during tour stops in Shenyang, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Taipei.

“I’m thrilled to get the chance to visit some of the best basketball fans in the world this summer. Being able to share my passion for the game with this next generation of players in Asia—while immersing myself in their incredible culture and witnessing first-hand the infatuation for the game—is humbling, and personally it’s a tremendous reenergizer for the upcoming season. I can’t wait to meet some of the phenomenal fans and players who are committed to driving the game forward on a global scale,” said Curry.

The 2016 “Stephen Curry Asia Tour” connects Stephen with the people and culture of these diverse countries through up close and personal interactions, via experiential activations, cultural happenings and more, in an effort to showcase Stephen’s love of the game and unending drive to get better, all while sharing and spreading that commitment and passion for basketball with fans and players alike.

Follow the tour experience @UnderArmour and @UnderArmourPH.

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