Color Manila Run 2018

6 Years of Color Manila Running

6 Years of Color Manila Running

There’s no better way to start your race calendar than enjoy the multitude of colors at Color Manila Run.  That’s how I started my year for the past 6 year and it still remains as fun an as visually exciting as ever.

Color Manila Run

I still remember how the festival of colors amazed me 6 years ago in the first ever Color Manila Run.  Since then, it has always been my first race of the year.  It’s a feel good run and you still get your distance for the week.  6 years of Color Manila and I’m still enjoying every moment of it.  2018 had more than 10,000 runners having a paradise run flavor who enjoyed the festive run and the classic Color Powder Ceremony.

Color Powder Ceremony

Color Powder Ceremony

The Color Powder Ceremony and the after party is what makes Color Manila stand out from other runs.  It keeps runners in party mode as they welcome the new year the colorful way.  6 years on this habit and I’m still amazed at how Color Manila brings in droves of runners and even non-runners to try out the running lifestyle.  It’s just a fun concept to introduce the running lifestyle to people outside the running community.

For my 6th year of Color Manila Running, I opted for the 10 kilometer distance since I’m a bit rusty especially when it comes to road races.  The first run of the year is always a struggle for me and that’s one of the reason I want the lax environment at Color Manila Run.  At gun start, I just went with the flow and went on run the first kilometer. Hello Shin Splints!!!  My legs felt stiff and I had to manage my pace once again until the muscle gets warmed up enough for a good run.

Photo by Lem So.

Photo by Lem So.

I went back to the run walk set.  I would run several minutes and take walking breaks in between just to let the muscle relax a bit.  I’d enjoy each color station and go again.  There’s really no reason to rush my way to the finish line. The route had an out and back along Seaside Boulevard and Diokno Boulevard with four color stations at Diokno. The run walk set went on smoothly before entering the other side of Diokno and heading towards Sunrise Drive.

There was a swarm of 5 kilometer runners headed towards the route.  I had to swerve my way through the crowd.  There was several color stations at Sunrise Drive.  I went at my regular run-walk pace until the u-turn at Macapagal Boulevard.  On the way back, I met Jeff Lo of Pinoyfitness and TBR Batchmate Chiqui so I joined them for a while.  This was the part that I was at running pace already.

With Jeff and Chiqui - Photo by Lem So.

With Jeff and Chiqui – Photo by Lem So.

I joined them towards the Diokno Boulevard stretch before letting them go ahead a bit in Seaside Boulevard at the last two kilometers.  I then resumed my run-walk set heading back to the finish line for my first 10K run for the year.  It’s always such a great feeling crossing the finish line.

First 10K of the Year!

First 10K of the Year!

I had color powders all over me but I had a lot of fun.  After the race, I stayed at the media tent. Aside from the color powder ceremony, another tradition for Color Manila Runs is the dance showdown and it was fun watching the participants dance their way to earn the applause of the crowd. Then there was the Color Powder Ceremony.

The color powder display was really awesome and what made it even better was the jovial and party mood of everybody as they enjoyed the celebrations.  It’s always a fun day at Color Manila and what a great way to start the year.  Happy Colorful New Year!

Congrats Justine for another well organized Color Manila Run.

Congrats Justine for another well organized Color Manila Run.

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Incoming: 7-Eleven Run 2018


7-Eleven Run 2018 just got bigger with the simultaneous staging at Manila, Cebu and Davao.  Get ready to run the different categories on February 4, 2018 and be part of their biggest run to date.

7-Eleven Run Series

7-Eleven Run Series has been getting bigger and better every year since 2013. Last year, it had more than 20,000 registrants that had a mix of families, runners and people of all ages.  The series resumes in 2018 for another round of freebies, fun and fitness.  Philippine Seven Corporation, country licensee of 7-Eleven is hosting one of the most anticipated running events in the Philippines on February 4, 2018 with an even bigger goal to hit.  It aims to top the 2017 participants and be the biggest and most exciting of the series yet.

With that goal in mind, 7-Eleven Run 2018 is not only happening in Skyway and Filinvest, but for the very first time, it will also be happening in IT Park, Cebu and SM City Davao, Davao at the same time.  The Manila leg would have nine categories (500 M Kids Run, 3K, 5K, 5K Buddy, 10K, 10K Buddy, 21K and 42K.  The Cebu leg will have eight categories with all Manila categories except the 500 M kids race.  The Davao leg will have seven categories with all the Manila categories except the 500M kids race and the 5K Buddy Run.

Run 2018 is made possible with 7-Eleven’s unique system of self selected wave starts allowing participants to choose their wave start and run with people of the same skill or speed (or with friends).  The winners on each category will be announced on race day, and will receive cash prizes and medals.  In addition to this, the overall top 3 Filipino male and female placers from all 3 locations of the 21K and the 42K categories will get a chance to join an International Marathon in Asia, all expense paid.

To join, register online at and pay the fees at any 7-Eleven store within 48 hours. Race kits can be claimed on the date indicated on the receipt, and from the same store where payment has been made.  Registration is only until January 23, 2018.  Follow 7-Eleven Run Series on Facebook the get the latest updates.  Use hashtag #711run2018 and join in the conversation.

7-Eleven Run 2018 is held in partnership with Skyway and Filinvest City and exclusive sportswear partner, Asics.  The event is also brought to you by Selecta, Nature’s Spring, Summit, Gatorade, Del Monte, Fit N’ RIghtIsotonic Drink, Cheetos, Aquafina, Pocari Sweat, Evian, Kopiko 78, Le Minarale, San Miguel Beerm B’lue, Sip Purified Water, Sorso Fruit Tea, Milo, Safeguard, Grab and Caltex as well as media partners, Cignal, Hyper, Smart, ABS-CBN Publishing, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Manila Bulletin, Summit Media, ESPN, and Solar Sports.

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Incoming: New Balance Run On Manila + Power Run 2018

New Balance Run On Manila and Power Run combine to have a race that’s gonna cater to the newbies who’d take the extra effort to run 5 + 1 kilometers or the experienced and elite runners taking the longer 8K, 16K or 25K distance on February 11, 2018 at McKinley West, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

New Balance Run On Manila + Power Run 2018

New Balance has brought both Run On Manila and Power Run as their signature races catering to different markets. Run On is a regional race series, which encourages runners to reach their mark of 5 Kilometers and run for an extra kilometer.  Now on its second year, the 5K + 1K caters to beginners and metropolitan athletes.  Power Run is the annual flagship race of New Balance in the country, which is now on its 15th edition.  It targets intermediate and elite runners gunning for a longer distance or beating their personal records in the 8K, 16K and 25K distance.

Both races come together on February 11, 2018 at McKinley West for an even bigger event that would feature the 5K + 1K distance on Run On Manila and the 8K, 16K and 25K distances of Power Run.  There will be a fun post race activities and raffle items to celebrate each runner’s personal achievement. The fusion between Run On Manila and Power Run 2018 is a perfect venue to reach your running goal – whether it involves breaking personal records are taking a first shot at the running lifestyle.

It’s also a race for a cause, which will help further in supporting the grassroots triathletes of the Philippine Triathlon Team.  Triathlon has come a long way, especially with the recent gold medal hauls of the Philippines in international meets.  New Balance hopes to help our grassroots athletes by honing their talents and their performance, thus potentially molding the future Olympians.  This effort is in partnership with Toma Carasco, the Secretary General of the TRAP (Triathlon Association of the Philippines).

Race Details

Date and Venue:

  • Date: February 11, 2018
  • Venue: McKinley West BGC, Taguig
  • Gun Start
    • Run On Manila 5+1 – 5:15 am
    • Power Run 8K – 5:00 am
    • Power Run 16K – 4:30 am
    • Power Run 25K – 4 am

Fees and Inclusions

  • Run On Manila 5+1 – P600 (Inclusive of NB race tee, race Bib, NB Discount Voucher, Raffle coupon and loot bag)
  • Power Run 8K – P900 (Inclusive of NB race tee, race Bib, NB Discount Voucher, Raffle coupon and loot bag)
  • Power Run 16K – P1,000 (Inclusive of NB race tee, race Bib, NB Discount Voucher, Raffle coupon and loot bag)
  • Power Run 25K – P1,200 (Inclusive of NB race tee, race Bib, NB Discount Voucher, Raffle coupon, loot bag and finisher medal)
  • Group Registration Promo
    • 10+1 and 20+3


Race Updates and Promotion

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Year of the Franc X2

Safety Nets! That’s what 2017 is all about.  I’m a bit more future forward and I’m seriously filling in the bases when I eventually step out of the corporate world.  Hectic as it is, I’m enjoying the transition and learning new skills along the way. 2018 will be a good year to finally take off and I can say, I’m ready and waiting.

Year of the Franc

If each year was a race, I can say I always finish empty.  I never hold back in life and with the gazillion things I get to do, I finally burnt myself out once again.  Not complaining though as those burdens meant I was able to do something… I was able to push my limits… I also get to lend a helping hand to make someone’s life much better.  I’m a game changer and that’s how it will always be as long as I live my life to the brim and also pursue things I’m passionate about.  I had to take a step back towards the end of 2017 to rest, reassess and get myself ready for 2018.

2017 was the year I stepped back, pursue other things and also relive my other passions.  I had fewer runs and training. I spent a lot more time to travel, to be with friends, learn new skills, strengthen my business and preparing my safety nets.  My year is a lot more similar to my pre-running years.  It’s about time to be more future-centric and I like how everything is falling in place.  It was not my best year but I like to be a part of many success stories around me.

My Business

When I started my own Company, it was more about learning than ins and outs of having a business.  Its a growing up process all over again, which makes my career journey a full circle.  It started from learning the audit aspect then to accounting, finance, management and now, its about taking risks as an owner.  I started with distributing Oakley in 2016 and I’ve added Anker to my line in 2017.  It’s time to start thinking of another new concept for 2018.

My Travels

It’s as if I went back in a time machine and went back to my traveling ways in 2017.  It was not planned but it felt like taking trips monthly.  There’s the regular out of the country work travels in Singapore and Taiwan. I’ve also checked my bucket list of stepping on the Great Wall of China.  I also had several trips to Hong Kong. It was nice seeing Bacolod for the Eat and Run in January.   We had family time in Vitalis in Ilocos in March and was invited to Ilocos Norte and Pagudpud for a run and exploration a few weeks later.  Of course, all the out of town breathers in the trails and Baguio is always part of my routine.  Let’s see where 2018 leads me.

My Playground

While I’ve been in trails mostly in 2016, I’ve even spent a lot more time in my playground in 2017.  It’s really nice being in touch with nature and just chilling out there.  It’s been a mix of races, feel good runs and some easy treks.  Come to think of it, I’m such a klutz in life that I’m not meant for the trails.  I’m hardheaded anyway, so might as well struggle my way thtough the climbs, outrun my fears of the descents and endure the distance.  I missed my out of the country climb this year with Rinjani being cancelled and PAL cancelling my flight just in time for Snow Mountain in Taiwan. Oh well, looking forward for another round at the trails in 2018.

My Races

This was the year I stepped back from races and this was my fewest mileage in the past 7 years.  Most of them were on trails with only 5 races on the road.  I’m not as high now when it comes to races but I still try to find time to hit the road and the trails on weekends.  I did however finish my first 50 kilometers at Cordillera Mountain Ultra, though beyond cut-off.  Of course, the other highlight would be staging the STAR race this year.  It took a lot of time to be mentally ready for this one but I’m glad that STAR Trail Challenge was another success. Game for another STAR in 2018?

My Sites

I’m bringing back to have a more personal feel.  It’s now about my stories and the few things I’m passionate about.  I’ve reduced my schedules on events, promotions and even contents but I’m glad that I still get my usual traffic for my site. is now on its fast growth in 2017 and I do hope that we get more contributors, more trail stories and features.  While I spend less time on the sites, I do spend a lot more time helping races and brands in the trail community.  I also get to enjoy sharing my passions in talks.  Things are gonna get even bigger and better in 2018.

A Different Kind of Christmas

It was a different kind of Christmas this year as we spent it in Manila instead of the usual one in Baguio.  Since my Aunt was out of the country, my mom wanted to have Christmas in Manila this time.  Well, it was difficult breaking tradition but it was a good try.  I had a better appreciation of Christmas in Baguio, not just because of the weather but because I get to detach from everything related to my routine in Manila.  I guess it’s back to Baguio again next year.

2018, I’m Ready and Waiting

I’m glad that I spent the last few days of the year laying low and being detached.  If there’s one thing I know about the lifestyle I live is that I gets me tired and burnt out at some point.  There are times that I need to detach and reassess things before giving life another long hard go. It’s been a difficult past few years but 2018 is the year to fly.  The safety nets are in place so it’s time to taking the risks, pursuing the essentials and making a difference.  Thank you 2017 and everyone who was a part of it. 2018 here I come.

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Under Armour Hosts Athletes and Media Thanksgiving

from left to right , Winston Olarte Sports Writer of , AIMAG 2017 Gold Medalist Meggie Ochoa , Mikki Tan Sports Write of  , Ms. Vida Lacano of , AIMAG 2017 Sliver IWF World Weightlifting World Championships Silver and Bronze Medalist Hidilyn Diaz , Pepito Olarte the Senior Vice President and Group Sales Head of the Inquirer Group of Companies ,Aldwin Tolosa Advertising Sales Manager of Business Mirror,  Coach Antonio Agustin Jr.

from left to right , Winston Olarte Sports Writer of , AIMAG 2017 Gold Medalist Meggie Ochoa , Mikki Tan Sports Write of , Ms. Vida Lacano of , AIMAG 2017 Sliver IWF World Weightlifting World Championships Silver and Bronze Medalist Hidilyn Diaz , Pepito Olarte the Senior Vice President and Group Sales Head of the Inquirer Group of Companies ,Aldwin Tolosa Advertising Sales Manager of Business Mirror, Coach Antonio Agustin Jr.

2017 has been a good year for Under Armour and One of a Kind Marketing.  With that, they hosted a dinner, games and treats for their athletes and media friends at Ascott Makati last December 11, 2017.

Under Armour

 from left to right , (wearing blue shirt)Aldwin Tolosa Advertising Sales Manager, Marc Velasco The Philippine Sports Intitute National Director ,Jonathan Enriquez Account Executive of Business Mirror, Randy Caluag Sports Writer of Manila Standard , Franc Ramon blogger of FRANCRAMON.COM , Ms. Earth/Columbia Ms. Michelle Gomez, Miss Earth 2015Ms. Angelia Gabrena Ong,   Christine Majadillas Managing Director One of A Kind Marketing, Jun Mendoza Sports Photographer of Philstar, Winston Olarte Sports Writer of, Joey Mendoza Sports Photographer of Philstar, Allan Majadillas Chief Operations Officer of One of A Kind Marketing and Ces Cabiles Account Executive of Business Mirror Health and Fitness Magazine ( wearing polo shirt).

from left to right , (wearing blue shirt)Aldwin Tolosa Advertising Sales Manager, Marc Velasco The Philippine Sports Intitute National Director ,Jonathan Enriquez Account Executive of Business Mirror, Randy Caluag Sports Writer of Manila Standard , Franc Ramon blogger of FRANCRAMON.COM , Ms. Earth/Columbia Ms. Michelle Gomez, Miss Earth 2015Ms. Angelia Gabrena Ong, Christine Majadillas Managing Director One of A Kind Marketing, Jun Mendoza Sports Photographer of Philstar, Winston Olarte Sports Writer of, Joey Mendoza Sports Photographer of Philstar, Allan Majadillas Chief Operations Officer of One of A Kind Marketing and Ces Cabiles Account Executive of Business Mirror Health and Fitness Magazine ( wearing polo shirt).

Under Armour has been well represented by its athletes and by their media partners over the years. As part of the mutual support of Under Armour, its athletes and media friends comes a thanksgiving dinner at Ascott Makati last December 11, 2017.  Christine Majadillas of One of a Kind Marketing hosted the dinner and the regular party games that came with a twist.  Everybody was treated with food, prizes and gifts.

from left to right , Ago Coronado Stellar Videographer  ,ASCOT team, JERVY CRUZ PBA Star, Winston Olarte Sports Writer of  and ASCOT Team.

from left to right , Ago Coronado Stellar Videographer ,ASCOT team, JERVY CRUZ PBA Star, Winston Olarte Sports Writer of and ASCOT Team.

The event also showcased ASCOTT facilities and also had the media play a game of basketball with the people of Ascott.  They have an open court adjacent to their lobby area.

Media game (Find the hidden Franckie)

Media game (Find the hidden Franckie)

It was an intense game between between the two sides and I’m lucky to be a part of the winning team this time.  It was also fun to play basketball again after not having played it.  I actually wasn’t ready for this one but it’s always a fun time playing hoops and especially if you’re being cheered by these ladies.

Ms Earth Angelia Ong and Ms Earth Columbia Mich Gommez

Ms Earth Angelia Ong and Ms Earth Columbia Mich Gommez

After the game, it was back to the room as Under Armour gave out their gifts to the media and Athletes.  I would also want to thank Under Armour for their support not only this year but since they started in the Philippines a few years ago.

Bellator MMA Fighter AJ Mathews also dropped by for the night.

Bellator MMA Fighter AJ Mathews also dropped by for the night.

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Incoming: Color Manila Paradise Run 2018

There’s no better way to start the year than the Color Manila Way.  Enjoy a splash of colors in a feel good and laid back Paradise-type of an environment that focuses more on the fun than the run.  Let’s all have a colorful new year on January 7, 2018 at SM Mall of Asia for CM Paradise Run Year 6.

Color Manila Run

Ever since Color Manila started 6 years ago, it has always been my first run of the year.  Starting my year the colorful way has been a tradition.  It’s just amazing to be visually treated by the fun, the festive mood and the color display.  It’s a fun way to be healthy and on its 6th year, it now gives you a Paradise themed concept.   ColorManila, the country’s most aggressive ‘concept fun-run’ organizer, gears up for its biggest and most colorful event to date – the ColorManila Run Year 6, also known as CM Paradise Run, to be held on January 7, 2018, at the SM Mall of Asia Event Grounds, in Pasay City.

CMR5, which was held January of this year, saw a record-breaking, sold-out event with 12,000 participants joining the race. The event also got international recognition and was a Finalist for Asia Sports Industry Awards in Bangkok, Thailand, for both the Mass Participation category and the Best Integrated Marketing Campaign for a Sports Event category. It also got featured in various news outlets in 13 countries, including Malaysia, India, Turkey and Spain, among others.

This year, they are targeting 15,000 runners who will get to enjoy the ‘Paradise- themed run’ which takes place on the first Sunday of 2018. CM Paradise Run includes four race distances, 3K, 5K, 10K and 21K. The experience will take runners through various color stations with palm trees, garlands and hammocks. This will be capped off with the CM Color Festival where runners will get to groove and dance to the music of the DJ, as they simultaneously throw colored powder in the air.

A true Filipino start-up, ColorManila was started almost 6 years ago by Jay Em and Justine Cordero, with the vision of growing fun-runs in the country. Today, the company has seen over 150,000 runners join their various events, spread across the country from Ilocos Sur on the north to Davao, down south.

ColorManila VP Justine Cordero says, “We’re proud to say that ColorManila started as a passion project, which grew into a company. Throughout the years, we have seen runners who have been with us from our inception, whom we see every year. We’ve seen participants spend their life events with us, such as proposals, birthdays and anniversaries.  The hundreds of thousands of runners we have seen over the years are also part of the ColorManila family and we look forward to seeing them again, and of course new runners who will surely enjoy this ‘Paradise-filled’ experience.”

Runners can also expect celebrities and athletes to join the event. In the past years, celebrities such as Karylle, Kuya Kim, Yassi Pressman, Dominique Roque, Sam YG, Bubbles Paraiso, Yael Yuzon, Katarina Rodriguez, Clea Pineda, Coach Jim Saret, Sheena Halili, Rica Peralejo, Jodilly Pelendre, Miss Earth 2015 Angelia Ong, Rovilson Fernandez, Miss Universe Maxine Medina, 1st runner-up Ms International Nicole Cordovez, Phil and James Younghusband, Melissa Gohing, Crystal Belo, Maxine Magalona, JC Intal, Elmo Magalona, Patricia Tumulak, Bb Pilipinas Ann Colis, Eric Virata, Toni-Toni, Gerard Pizaras, Jan Marini, Dominique Roque, Diana Zubiri, Bb. Pilipinas Zara Carbonell, Will Devaughn, Eruption and Volcanoes’ Chris Everingham were spotted in their events.

As for the kits, runners can choose from the Deluxe Kit, Rockstar Kit, 21K Kit and the VIP Kit.

  • Deluxe Kit, which is priced at P950, comes with a dri-fit shirt, sunglasses, race bib, color packet and finisher’s medal.

  • Rockstar Kit, priced at P1,500, comes with a dri-fit shirt, sunglasses, race bib, color packet, finisher’s medal, drawstring bag and headwear.

  • The 21K Kit is priced at P1,900 and comes with a singlet, sunglasses, race bib with timing tag, color packet, finisher’s medal and a finisher’s shirt.

  • The VIP Kit, which is priced at P2,500, comes with a dri-fit shirt, VIP sunglasses, race bib, color packet, finisher’s medal, drawstring bag, headwear, and VIP Access.
  • VIP Access includes the following: Access to the Premium Lounge with a changing tent, portalets, special redemption area for baggage, hydration, color packet, and medals. Also, exclusive 10% discount in all CM Merchandise. It also allows access to designated VIP parking at the SM Mall of Asia grounds.

Registration is still ongoing, for more information, visit at

Race Details

Date and Venue

  • Date: January 7, 2017
  • Venue: SM Mall of Asia Grounds
  • Assembly time:
    • 21K- 3:00 A.M.
    • 10K- 4:30 A.M.
    • 5K- 5:00 A.M.
    • 3K- 5:30 A.M.
  • Gun Start:
    • 21K- 4:00 A.M.
    • 10K- 5:45 A.M.
    • 5K- 6:00 A.M.
    • 3K- 6:25 A.M

Fees and Inclusions:

  • DELUXE- P950 (Early Bird rate: P850) Dri-FIT Shirt, Sunglasses, Race Bib, Color Packet, Finisher’s Medal
  • ROCKSTAR- P1,500 (Early Bird rate: P1,350) Dri-FIT Shirt, Sunglasses, Race Bib, Color Packet, Finisher’s Medal, Drawstring Bag, Headwear
  • VIP- P2,500 (Early Bird rate: P2,100) Dri-FIT Shirt, VIP Sunglasses, Race Bib, Color Packet, Finisher’s Medal, Drawstring Bag, Headwear, and VIP Access
    • VIP Access includes the following:
      -access to the Premium Lounge with a changing tent, portalets, special redemption area for baggage, unlimited hydration, self-service laundry by Quicklean, color packet, and medals
      -exclusive 10% discount in all CM Merchandise (on top of the Php100 runner’s discount)
      -CM ePLUS card – Use the CM ePLUS card in all SM Tickets and receive 10% off on all CM events. Plus, avail of all ePLUS Perks and Privileges.
      -access to designated VIP Parking in SM Mall of Asia Grounds
      -VIP Race Bib which will allow you to run any distance, except 21K
  • 21K- P1,900 (Early Bird rate: P1,700)
    Singlet, Sunglasses, Race Bib w/ timing tag, Color Packet, Finisher’s Medal, Finisher’s Shirt
  • Early bird rates apply when you register at from November 4 to December 3, 2017 only!
    Regular rates apply from December 4, 2017 to January 6, 2018 or until supplies last.


  • Online Via Color Manila
  • Prepaid Card
    • Toby’s Glorietta
    • Toby’s SM Mall of Asia
    • Toby’s SM Megamall
    • Toby’s SM Aura
    • Toby’s Trinoma
    • Chris Sports SM City North EDSA
    • Chris Sports Market! Market!
    • Chris Sports SM Mall of Asia
  • SM Tickets
  • Kit claiming will be from January 3 – 6, 2018, from 11 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Venue to be confirmed

Race Updates

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Tori Ramen Tei Alabang

When it comes to food, nothing warms the heart like a bowl of Ramen.  Tori Ramen Tei – Alabang gives a sumptuous bowl of Ramen, gyoza and a lot more at an affordable price range. Visit them at The Port Food Park at 585 Alabang Zapote Road Almanza Uno, Las Piñas.

Tori Ramen Tei

Alabang has its Southern Charm away from the busier side of Metro Manila area. It’s also easily accessible via the Skyway.  It’s just the perfect place to escape the more congested Makati, QC and Ortigas area.  Recently, they started The Port Food Park at 585 Alabang Zapote Road serving meals and drinks from 4 PM until 2 AM. The Port Food Park is your week night and weekend hang out for your friends, office mates and even your family.    The Port Food Park is located along Alabang Zapote Road, just a few meters away from the Old Toyota Alabang near Concha Cruz Gate.  One of the food stops you shouldn’t miss at the Park is Tori Ramen Tei.

It’s time to unwind in the south and Tori Ramen Tei is a must visit.  They have affordable Ramen that’s hearty and satisfying down to the last sip.  It’s been my go-to Ramen place ever since it opened. I love how each bite and sip is just so pleasing to my taste buds, soothing to my throat and warm on my tummy.  They have a variety of sizes and level of spiciness depending on your preference.  I also love how to add their Gyoza as part of my routine meal since it complements well with their Ramen.  I don’t mind escaping my usual busy haven just to have a refreshing meal down south. Aside from their Ramen and Gyoza, I still would love to explore the gastronomic adventure in their menu in my future visits.

The place is born out of her love for Ramen by its owners.   With that love and passion comes the commitment to be more particular with the taste and combinations that would definitely give you a great dining experience.  Price range is affordable with Ramen priced between P60-P140 price range, Bento priced between P120-P140, Gyoza and other sides below P40.  That’s instant meal on a budget.


I have my share of Ramen experience. Most Ramen places are steep on the price so it’s nice that Tori Ramen Tei keeps their Ramen at an affordable price range.  It’s definitely a satisfying value for money meal.

Night out at The Port Food Park

Night out at The Port Food Park

The place gives you an outdoor and laid-back feel.  It’s just the perfect hang out place for a night out with friends and family.  They also have performers for the night as well as Television to keep you entertained.  More importantly, it’s the company that matters as the Port is patronized by people who like to chill the night away with warm foods, a good drink and a lot of stories.



Tori Ramen Tei is among the best sellers in the Port Food Court.  After all, Ramen can really warm the heart and pamper the tummy.   It’s a happy food that can bring in the good vibes.  It’s a place where you can enjoy a good meal with great company.  Of course, there’s also the people behind Tori Ramen Tei ready and happy to serve you. It’s time to visit Alabang and taste the reason yourself on why it’s the hottest place at Port Food Park. Check out their menu below.


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STAR Trail Challenge

STAR Trail Challenge All Set!

STAR Trail Challenge – Photo by Glair Recella

You can have all the bright ideas in the world but if you don’t have people to execute its just bound to be an idea.  After the successful Sierra Trail Adventure Race 2016, it took time before I was mentally ready for its sequel.  I also needed the experience and expertise of Be Trail Ready team and the full backing of the sponsors just to make sure STAR Trail Challenge would be a success.

STAR Trail Challenge

Planning STAR Trail Challenge at Frankies.

Planning STAR Trail Challenge at Frankies.

It took time for Pinoy Trails to finally decide on the sequel of the Sierra Trail Adventure Race.  It was a tough road heading towards the race in 2016 from cancellations, losses and a lot more but after all the happy faces during the race, it was worth it.  We learned a lot of lessons in the 2016 edition.  In 2017, there was no urgency to do the race as I had to prepare for my own races and also needed up helping some race organization and brands to promote in the trail community.  I also needed a team that share the same passion and would be there against all odds.  Then there was Be Trail Ready Team spearheaded by DBB and Hazel.  We’ve been to their races, had chats during recons and it was a good mix.  We still needed one more ingredient to make it a good treat for the runner and it was the sponsors.

Hoka One One

Hoka One One – Photo by Glair Recella

The first up was to get Hoka One One, who I’ve working frequently for several campaigns.  They would be the key sponsor and we wanted to use the race to help promote their shoes and help runners appreciate the Downhill Challenge.  Hoka One One was originally designed as a downhill running shoes with its excellent cushion, support and traction.  The original team alongside Rene and Jun of Pinoy Trails initially had a course in the Sampaloc loop but had to redesign the route to make way for the challenge.  A race within a race and I’m starting to love the idea of STAR Trail Challenge.

Photo by Glair Recella

We also had Nuun, Lightwater, Vitamin Boost, Gu and Del Monte for Hydration and Race Giveaways.  We had Amihan as our race gear partner. We had Gu as our nutrition partner. We also had Milesyone Pod, Drymax, Runnr, Fuel Belt, Trail Junkie, SanctBand and Under Armour.  Thanks to all the sponsors that we had a lot of prizes and giveaways on race day.  Everything given to us were given back to the runners because STAR Trail Challenge is a Runners Race.

Venue was Tanay Adventure Camp, which has easy access to a lot of trail routes.  We also love that’s its an outdoor haven and they share the same passion with us.  Special Thanks to Tanay Adventure Camp for being such a good venue partner and also to Tanay Tourism, who always fostered events like STAR Trail Challenge.

With Princess and Hazel

With Princess and Hazel

Pinoy Trails handled the sponsors, promotion and marketing while Be Trail Ready handled race logistics, venue, registration and the recons.  It was really great working with Be Trail Ready team and we’re looking forward to another STARry race with them in 2018.  Manila Box Office was our registration partner and it really made our job a lot easier which allowed us to focus more on the race.

Trail Talks

Trail Talks

It was also nice to have several trail talks heading to the race to promote the trail lifestyle.  Aside from our usual trail talks, we (Me and Princess) conducted several trail talks aimed at newbies and we’re happy to note that we were able to recruit several no-bies (no running experience at all) to get to try the race.  We really wanted STAR to be a venue for newbies to enjoy the trails yet keep the route exciting for the experienced ones.

The Race

Race ready

Race ready

The race was for Be Trail Ready to do what they do best on the trails.  They operated like a well-oiled machine from route markings, to route supervisions.  I joined Hazel, Princess and the rest in the venue.   I was just there to fill in any gaps.  It was raining so we had several plan Bs in store and yes, we were ready for anything this time.  I actually liked that it rained because it added another fun element on the trail.  As we were unleashing runners, things felt lighter for us.  We had to adjust several times but it’s all good.

Good Morning Runners!

Good Morning Runners! – Photo by Glair Recella

You can’t really plan everything perfectly but it was important that we were able to make adjustments along the way.  I ended up doing several task, including bring Vanessa of Active Pinas on the route, manually carrying cases of Lightwater from one side of the hall to another, to being a sweeper for the kids race, being part of the opening and closing ceremonies, brewing coffee and a lot more.  It was a good working as I probably did several kilometers being from one area to another, lifted a lot of weights too.  That’s what I do best, just be the glue to try to make things work even on a supporting role.

Kids Race

Kids Race

Of course, the runner in me would have preferred me running the course.  There were a lot of reasons I enjoyed STAR Trail Challenge.  It was a lot of happy faces.  It was people telling stories about their awesome adventures.  It’s the sponsors getting a good mileage.  It was nice to see the original Pinoy Trails Team (Rene, Jun, Arvin, Mike and Jose) and friends.   It was the new segments like the kids race and the downhill challenge.  I hope both this challenges get to get more exposures in other races.  The kids race though it was a side event did make me really happy to see kids play outdoors.

“Joma: Kids, gusto nyo ba mag parlor games na lang (since it was raining)?

Kids: NOOOOOOO!!!!

Joma: Kids, gusto nyo ba tumakbo sa ulan at maputikan?”

Kids: OO!!!!”

With that, we allowed the parents to join the kids in the race and they look so cute and so natural on the trail.   After all, this is a race for everybody.  We saw a lot of newbies brave the trails, a lot of elite runners show their wares and a lot of passionate runners cap their running year with STAR Trail Challenge.  It was a fun day at our rainy trail playground and I hope everybody did have fun and eventually continue to love the trails.  It’s time to recharge a bit for me and when I’m done, it’s back to the drawing board again with Team BTR and sponsors for another Epic STAR adventure.

See you in the trails!

See you in the trails!


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On Cloud X is the Ultimate Fitness Shoes

On Running Cloud X is the ultimate fitness shoes that’s handy on the gym and the technology to keep you running on cushy cloud feel on the road.  Running gets remixed by Cloud X with its versatility and its flashy and fashionable look.

On Cloud X

With Cai and Nica at On Cloud X Launch at Avant Garde Crossfit

With Cai and Nica at On Cloud X Launch at Avant Garde Crossfit

The tide of fitness is evolving.  It used to be running at the center of it all and the other fitness activities supporting the lifestyle.  The growth spurred the development of running specific products to better suit the needs of the runners.  On Running Shoes is equipped with the cloudtec technology that uses cloud pods as an added cushioning and at the same time an extra push for the next stride.  It’s one of the more efficient shoes when it comes to running with the cloud pods reducing the impact of each foot strike.  Fitness is now back at the top with more people hitting the gym, doing crossfits, strength based exercise and a lot more while running remains an alternative workout options.  Running remixed, that’s how things are now.

Running Remixed

On Cloud X Launch

On Cloud X Launch

Running isn’t not just about putting out foot after the other now.  It’s also important to keep the whole body in good shape to make running a lot more comfortable. On Running shoes introduces the Cloud X.  Running doesn’t stop on the road.  It also involves time in the gym or other fitness activity to keep that core firm, the muscles in tip top shape, the body flexible and a lot more.  Cloud X is the ultimate fitness shoes as it not only performs well on the road but at the gym as well. We got the chance to try out the latest Cloud X last December 2, 2017 at Avant Garde Crossfit with a mix of runs and cross fit exercise.

We had to do several sets of 800 meter run, 40 pull ups and 70 push ups.  What have I gotten myself into?  After a few warm ups, we were all set to go for the first part which is the run.  My legs are really choosy when it comes to running shoes.  It usually takes me a few runs and a lot of muscle pains before I can finally adjust to the shoes.  For this one, CLoud X didn’t need a break in period for my legs as it felt smooth on the run.  It helps that it’s a cross between the Cloud and the Cloud Flow, which I’ve been using running ever since.

It’s a lightweight shoes at just 8 oz and its fully cushioned with the cloud pods.   Since I haven’t really been running, I’d let it go if I’d have a short bout of shin splints while warming up but no, it felt smooth running on clouds.  It’s one of the rare shoes where I didn’t need a break in period.  Running the 800 meters felt like a breeze with Cloud X.

The pull ups and the push ups were a struggle for me since I rarely do core workouts but I’m a trooper so I survive this phase and went on with the second sets.  The thing with core and run workouts is that it brings fatigue in when you run, which simulates the latter part of a long run.  Despite the fatigue coming from the core workouts, it still felt smooth running with Cloud X with the added bounce from the cloud pods.  It was a quick work out but it was a good one with the mix of runs and core activities.

Cooling Down

While most running shoes works efficiently on a forward motion, Cloud X also supports multi-directional support common to most gym or cross-fit work outs. It has a heel cap that keeps the shoes steady when you move.  It’s light and breathable that keeps the foot refreshed and comfortable.  The soft cloud pods not only is comfortable when you run but is an added cushion when you do jumping exercise.  Of course, it’s flashy and would definitely stand out at the gym or at the road with their fashion friendly designs and cool color.

On Cloud X is the ultimate fitness shoes, whether you’re on the road or on the gym.  It brings the running on cloud experience in all your workout giving you efficiency, comfort and support.  It does keep you working out harder, farther and longer.

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Living the Young Living Lifestyle

It’s the little things that can shift your day from a bad one to a good one.  It may be a good night sleep, or tapping on an energy source, or it can maintain wellness and a lot more.  Young Living Essential oil ticks of all of these and has helped me manage the gazillion things I have to do with a clearer mind, a healthier body and less stress.

Young Living

I came to know of essential oils early this year and has been a part of my routine since April.  I could have started earlier but I’m equipped with a large amount of professional skepticism I’ve gained from years of my audit work.  Why spend on an amount for oils? It’s not technically a huge investment but it’s a normal process that goes through every spending I make.   Some things in life are priceless… like a goodnight sleep… a strong immune system… a healthy lifestyle and those moments that makes us smile.  With that, I finally joined the growing trend of essential oil users.

The process is simple, get a premium starter kit via Young Living and you’re good to go.  The premium starter kit contains the basic oil blends but it covers a lot of bases.  There’s an oil for everything after all. If we’d go back to the ancient time, people had no medicines but more on oils and plant extract to deal with their common concerns.  There’s a science to it but trying it out is a much better gauge on the essential oils.

It took months to convince me to try it out but it took just a few days of trying it to make me feel that I made the right choice.  The Premium Starter Kit is really effective in helping  a lot of your concerns but once you get the hang of it, you get to try other oils too depending on your need.   You can use it using the diffuser or some can be ingested and some can be used topically. Here are some of the reason how Young Living essential oils have changed my lifestyle.

For A Goodnight Sleep

My Go To Sleep Blend

My Go To Sleep Blend

Gone are the days that I can go on those sleepless nights and still get to brag about having no sleep.  I realized how sleep has always been the great equalizer whether it’s for your mood, for your energy, for weight-loss and for recovery.  There are a lot of sleep blends but I my go-to blend is Lavender, Cedarwood and Vetiver.  I do get weird dreams at times especially with Vetiver but that just means I get deep and quality sleep.  The usual worry here is not waking up on time but if I need to be up early, the more I’d go for my sleep blends as it will make sure it gives me quality sleep.  2 hours of quality sleep can be worth more than hours of restless sleep.  When I’m up, I’m good to go.

To Perk Up My Day

If Lavender is part of my sleep blend then Peppermint is the one that keeps me energized.  I usually diffuse lemon and peppermint to keep me focused at work.  It’s a feel good blend that keeps me awake and happy.  I also keep peppermint handy on my runs.  I remember when I did Mount Makiling a few months ago, I started real sleepy because of the early travel time.  After smelling the aroma of peppermint, I’m good to go.  It also helps open up the lungs for the long climb.

All Around Roller Blends

I’ve grown to love roller blends because it’s handy.  I don’t need to bring my diffuser and I can carry it anywhere.  Tranquil blend is good for sleep.  Stress away can really help calm you done on nerve-wracking situations at work.  Breathe again helps ease my breathing and lowers my heart rate. Deep relief is for the muscle pains and relaxing the body.  I use breathe again before I sleep to relax my heart and deep relief to relax my body.  You can also blend some oils for restful sleep, nervous system support, better circulation, immune system and a lot more.

For Digestion and Circulation

Digize always comes handy whenever I feel bloated.  It aids in the several stomach issues. I hate that bloated feeling so digize or the blend of digize and peppermint has really help me address those issues the past few months.  I also add a drop of lemon and grapefruit to my water for cleansing, detox and weight loss.  You can also add peppermint into the mix if you want to try a different taste and flavor.  I also got to try Detoxzyme Capsules and it really helps in the cleansing, detoxification and overall support of the body.

For My Healthy Lifestyle

There are so many oils and blends that matches my healthy lifestyle.  Peppermint helps perks me up for a work out and when I need a fresh burst of energy.  Breathe again helps my heart rate stay steady on the long climbs.  Deep relief roller and pan away helps on the muscle pains.  I also use Amino Wise as both my work out and recovery drink, which keeps me up longer on training and helps me recover faster.

For Immune Boost

This really helps a lot especially on when I need a boost in my immune system.  Thieves and Purification are great boosters especially when there’s a virus at home or in the office.  It also complements my training as we get weaker immune system the longer we train or as we peak in our training.  R.C. and Raven can really help in our overall wellness.  I make sure I have them and their equivalent roller with me as what can be more important than health and wellness, right?

For Valor

When it comes to Valor, it’s about balance between our physical and spiritual bodies.  It’s an extra dose of courage in a bottle and I always use it when I have to speak to a crowd or have a major task at hand.  It helps calms and relax me, giving me clarity of thoughts and confidence whenever I speak.  Yes, it works for me.

For Financial Blessings

I usually get a few drops of abundance on my palms to start my day and it works, I’ve managed to attract a lot of financial blessings.  It’s not a substitute of hard work though but a little bit of lady luck on your side is not a bad ally in a tough world.

Young Living Lifestyle

It’s been months of using essential oils and yes, there’s an oil for everything.  It’s a game changer, a mood shifter, an immune booster and a lot more.  Try it yourself and have an oily lifestyle.

Join here: Young Living

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