Stepping into the 80s with the Brooks Chariot

Life was much slower and laid back in the 80s. The easy-going attitude comes more time to enjoy life and hang out in cool sneakers.  Brooks brings the vintage feel of the 80s in the Brooks Chariot.  The past meets the future as it combines the old-school look of the original legendary Brooks Chariot of 1982 and latest shoe technology of today. It’s fashion and functionality all rolled into one. Brooks Chariot is now available at Urban Athletics Greenbelt, Urban Athletics UP Town Center and the SM Store Mall of Asia.

Brooks Chariot

Brook Mens Chariot

I was just a kid in the 80s but even on my first few years of my existence, I witnessed how simple and laid back life was.  People didn’t have to worry much about traffic jams or the unpredictable weather or polluted atmosphere.  People enjoyed a good stroll in the park or a scenic walk.  With that much time to enjoy the simple things in life comes a really comfortable sneakers.  As a throwback to those times, Brooks brings back a vintage running shoes in the Chariot which has been among the most popular shoes in the 80s. The legendary Brooks Chariot was born in the 1982 and is now all grown up.  The rejuvenated award winner delivers all of the original high-tech features, combined with updated style for a vintage look with modern appeal. As the newest addition to Brooks’ lifestyle footwear collection, the Brooks Chariot celebrates another historic running era for the company.

“The Brooks Chariot is the perfect embodiment of the fashionably functional Brooks Heritage Collection, further illustrating our rich history in the run and catapulting the line into a new generation,” said Shane Downey, Heritage Creative Director and Business Manager. “The addition of the Brooks Chariot is a sign of things to come as we continue to evolve the collection, delivering compelling and exciting product stories that celebrate our 100 years of running and the iconic models that have defined them. “

Capturing the essence of the original model, the reborn Brooks Chariot features the same tech qualities pioneered during the decade including a Diagonal Roll bar which was a breakthrough in motion control technology, molded tri-layer insole for cushioning, solid rubber outsole for shock absorption, and reflective hits for visibility.  Fusing the past with the present, this reborn classic has been updated with modern details such as the iconic suede logo on the original color way and an opulent leather chevron on the rich varsity color ways, which pay homage to the leading schools and teams of the 80’s while also adhering to current fashion trends.

Brook Womens Chariot

The Brooks Heritage collection is available at Urban Athletics Greenbelt, Urban Athletics UP Town Center and the SM Store Mall of Asia and retails at P4,195.

Follow Brooks Running Philippines

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Incoming: Sunpiology 2015

Diabetes has been prevalent in our country. We are among the top 15 countries in the world where diabetes is rampant.  We can #KickDiabetes goodbye with a healthy lifestyle. Sunpiology is back and it’s gonna give you a race route that’s gonna spur a healthy lifestyle, some obstacles that would remind you of the food groups to avoid and a chance to kick diabetes as you finish the race.  There’s a golden kilometer for those who are in their 50s and above.  There’s a 500 meter dash for kids.  There’ll be 3K, 5K and 10K run for all.  #Sunpiology2015 is happening on November 28, 2015 at an exciting new location of West McKinley in Fort Bonifacio. Online Registration begins on October 12 while In Store Registration begins on October 19.

Sunpiology 2015

Piolo discusses the Sunpiology 2015 race.

7 years, that’s how long the SunPIOLOgy tradition has been and each year, Sun life and Piolo offers a different race experience for the runners to enjoy.  It’s also been supporting numerous causes over the years.  Sunpiology 2015 would have health and education as their main advocacy this year with the beneficiaries being the Institute of Studies on Diabetes Foundation, Inc (ISDFI), Lingkod Kapamilya and Hebreo Foundation.   Diabetes takes center stage as the race won’t be your ordinary run as they’ve added some diabetic obstacles like maze, zigzag of soda can, candy crawl and choco bars hurdles. The obstacles would be in the form of food groups that can lead to diabetes to remind the runners on proper nutrition.  There’ll be a kick2give area before you cross the finish line in form of body bags with the word diabetes you can literally kick.  Sunlife would be matching those foot strikes with a donation to ISDFI.

Riza Mantarng, President and CEO of Sun Life Financials

“Together with other Sun Life territories, we are concerned about the widespread prevalence of diabetes, especially here in the Philippines.  We actually belong to the top 15 countries where diabetes is more rampant. So for this year, we will raise funds for both health and education – two advocacies that have always been very close to our values as a company,” said Sun Life President and CEO Riza Mataring.

Coach Rio Dela Cruz of Runrio discusses the race details.

The event is happening on November 28, 2015 with a fresh new route of McKinley West of Megaworld Properties in Fort Bonifacio.  McKinley hill is one of my favorite routes because of its hilly terrain.  The race would both be featuring the new McKinley West area and the challenging McKinley Hill area. The race would be for all ages. Sunpiology is introducing a new category called Golden Kilometer or GK, which is a 1 kilometer distance that can be enjoyed by thove in their 50s and up.  There will be a 500 meter dash for kids as well as 3K, 5K and 10K distances for all.

With Running Icons, Coach Rio Dela Cruz and The Bull Runner, Jaymie Pizarro, who’s also now Sunlife’s fitness consultant,

Since it started in 2009, the SunPiology Run has already raised millions of pesos for education and social services.  Every year, the event is made even brighter by the presence of Star Magic’s crowd-drawers including Bea Alonzo, Kim Chiu, Maja Salvador, Paulo Avelino, Matteo Guidicelli, Xian Lim, Liza Soberano, Enrique Gil, Ejay Falcon, Iza Calzado, Rayver Cruz, Jessy Mendiola, Robi Domingo, Joem Bascon, JC de Vera, Pokwang, Angeline Quinto, Zaijian Jaranilla, Nash Aguas, Alxa Ilacad, Inigo Pascual, Sofia Andres, Michelle Vito and PBB Alumni to name a few.

I’m hoping that this will be the biggest and brightest SunPIOLOgy Run yet. Aside from being able to send more scholars to school, we will also be doing our part in stopping the spread of debilitating diseases such as diabetes. So guys, let’s run together in the name of a healthier and diabetes-free Philippines,” said Sun Life Ambassador and Hebreo Foundation Founder Piolo Pascual.

Jason Gainza as Tito Bhoy drills Piolo on the run.

Registration begins online on October 12 at and in-store via Runnr BHS and Trinoma, Toby’s SM Mall of Asia and Robinsons Galleria starting on October 19.  Let’s join Sunpiology and kick diabetes Goodbye!!!

Race Details

Singlet Design

Date and Venue

  • November 28, 2015, 3 PM at McKinley West.

Fees and Inclusions

  • Golden Kilometer (GK) – P400
  • 500 Meter Dash – P350
  • 3K with 1 obstacle – P700
  • 5K with 3 obstacles- P800
  • 10K with 4 obstacles- P900
    • Inclusive of Singlet, Race Bib with Timing Chip (B-Tag), Sun Life Premium Items
    • Post race: loot bag from sponsors, freebies, Sunlife premium items and drinks
    • Plus P150 delivery and processing & PhP50 web admin fee for online registration



  • Online via (Starting October 12)
  • On Site: (Starting October 19
    • RUNNR, BHS and Trinoma
    • Toby’s, SM Mall of Asia and Robinsons Galleria

Assembly and Gun Start

  • 500 Meters – Assembly: 3 PM / Gun Start: 4 PM
  • Golden Kilometer – Assembly 4:30 PM / Gun Start: 5:20 PM
  • 3K – Assembly: 4:15 PM / Gun Start: 5:15 PM
  • 5K – Assembly: 4:00 PM / Gun Start: 5:10 PM
  • 10K – Assembly: 4:00 PM / Gun Start: 5:00 PM

Race Updates

Race Maps





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Pacing 10K at Run United Philippine Marathon

Mission Accomplished: 10K at 1:05 – Photo by KB for Photo-ops

  • Distance: 10K
  • Date: October 4, 2015
  • Venue: SM Mall of Asia

After chasing the longer distances, I was back at 10K distance pacing a faster time of 1:05.  While the race was quick, the preparation wasn’t easy as I had to relearn running at a faster pace.  10K is such an intense distance because you can really go all-out on this one and get a really good finish time. Aside from pacing, it was also fun cheering the runners as it was time to #ExceedYourself once again at #RunUnitedPhilippineMarathon

Read About

Run United Philippine Marathon

Run With Me!!!

I paced the 2:37 group at Run United 1. I was on sick bay at Run United 2.  For Run United Philippine Marathon, I opted to for a 10K distance. 21K has been a default category for me and probably for most people. 10K was a throwback to those times that 10K was the key distance to conquer and every race was a fervent chase for the next Personal Record.   That also meant that I should really train hard for this one.  For more than a month, it was a 3 runs a week routine for me with recovery indoor cycling in between.  I was able to train more since the distance and recovery time were shorter.  While I was training my legs to be stronger on the road, the indoor cycling was able to strengthen my quads and also improve my cadence speed.  I shifted to the faster Newton Distance and made sure that my legs was in tip top shapes by having regular myotherapy at New York Theraspine. I also went to join Camp Alpha in Bohol for a Tri camp where I got to revisit running drills, core workouts and all the basics of running.  I wanted no excuses for this one. I enjoyed the journey back to 10K and the process of slowly but surely shedding time in my regular 10K routine.

Race Route

Race Route powered by Suunto Ambit 3 Sports and Movescount

Race starts at Seaside Boulevard and heads to Macapagal Boulevard and CCP area before entering Roxas Boulevard via Vicente Sotto.  At Roxas Boulevard, you run until Rajah Sulayman at the 4th kilometer mark for the u-turn.  The race then heads back to Seaside Boulevard until kilometer 8 which gives you a peek at the finish line.  You then get a two kilometer out and back route in Diokno Boulevard en route to the finish line.

The Race

Pacing with this speedsters Ryan Moral and Takbo.PH founder Jinoe Gavan – Photo by Jinoe Gavan

Racing in the morning has not been my routine as of late as I’m used to training at night already.  I went to sleep early before the race (8 pm) and was up before 3 am on race day. Despite being up early, I reached the venue about 30 minutes before gun start.  I ran from my parking slot to the pacers area just to make sure I make it on time.  That’s my instant warm up.  With me at the 1:05 pace group was Ryan Moral and Takbo.PH founder Jinoe Gavan.  I was so nervous for this one that I was afraid that the 1:10 group would even finish faster than me but since I trained for this I promise to go all out on this one.

Let’s do this!!!

When we were at the starting area, we took our time to ask runners their target time and some did have a target time of 1:05.  There were also some recreational runners who used to have 1:20-1:30 time but would want to go with the faster group.  As soon as we started the race, Jinoe reminded me to start overtaking since we need to keep our pace so we ended up starting at 6 minute per kilometer pace, which is just a few meters away from the 1:00 hour group.  The good thing was I had a good round of warm up and stretching that I didn’t have to worry about warm up pains.  We went even fasted on the second kilometer before settling down a bit to a 6:15 minute per kilometer pace on the third kilometer.  Ryan being the strongest runner in our group was doing more of the cheering and we’d also cheer in unison if we see someone winded already by the effort.

Also prepared for the nutrition part of the race.

Approaching the fourth kilometer u-turn, I got separated from the group since I took too much time in the water station.  So, I had the option to go faster to chase them down or just go with a consistent 6:30 minute per kilometer pace.  Since there were runners in my pack, I just went on with a consistent 6:30 minute per kilometer pace. We’d be catering to more runners this way and besides they were still within viewing range.  It was exhausting running at this pace so it was good that I had Carb Gel with me.  I had the banana flavor and it felt like taking a banana in the race.  It has a light sweet taste and it packs in the power.  I got my second wind after taking my carb gel at the 5 km mark.  I went on to run the remaining route at Roxas Boulevard. Every time I am slowing down, I try to use faster arm sways to speed up my cadence.  That’s one thing I got to relearn at camp, your leg speed follows your arms sways.

I love the adrenaline-rush of running fast.

I was counting down the kilometers and preparing myself for the mental challenge at kilometer 8 at Diokno Boulevard.  It was mostly running with a few seconds walking break to recover a bit along Roxas, CCP and Macapagal.  It was not strong as how I started but I’m still being able to go on at a decent pace.   On hindsight, I still need to invest in endurance to have a stronger finishing kick in the race.  It was one push after another until I reached Diokno Boulevard.

Let’s go for the finish. – Photo by Red Knight

The 2 kilometer out and back at Diokno Boulevard was a really mental challenge as you can see the finish line but you still have two kilometers to go. I shifted to faster runs with a few seconds rest intervals and I had a runner following my pace at the 10K at this stretch.  She asked me how many distance we still need to cover and I said 400 meters so we did the intervals until we reached the finish line.  After finishing the race, I went back into the race course to join Jinoe and Bave to cheer on the runners.  Powered by the Carb Gel still on my system, I was all out in cheering the runners as they made their way to the finish line.  I also saw the 1:10 group finish after me so yehey, I did finish before them.

Cheering the runners with Jinoe and Bave. – Photo by Jinoe

We would remind them that they should get ready for their finish line photos or tell them to give it one last push and many more.  It was nice paying it forward in a race. As much as I enjoy running, I love to see people develop the love for fitness too.  There was one 21K runner who asked me to pace her to the last 200 meters to the finish line and I obliged. She finished with a time of 2:20 for 21K, which was a really fast time.

Pacing a 21K Runner finish her distance at 2:20. – Photo by KB of Photo-ops

I treasure this experience not only for the countless runners who wants to exceed themselves.  It was also a challenge for me to run at this pace once again.  I’ve been able to go for marathons or hardcore trail runs but I was never fast at doing it.  This was a needed step back for me too. I needed to step back to focus on speed so when I go back to the longer distance, I would be able to run faster than I used too.  I’m glad to be a part of this initiative as I can safely say that I was one with Unilab Active Health in Exceeding Yourself.

It was nice seeing fellow Louisian Frdz finish his second marathon

Outfit Of The Race

The fun part of doing a fast 10K is reaching the finish line as the sun rises.

  • Singlet – Run United Pacers Singlet
  • Shorts – Under Armout
  • Shoes – Newton Distance 4
  • Watch – Suunto Ambit 3 Sports
  • Socks – Features
  • Visor – New Balance

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Camp Alpha Goes On an Epic Bohol Adventure

A scenic road to trail to beach run at the first day of Camp

When you’ve been so used to the fit lifestyle, you get to find new ways to have fun.  Fun is when you do a battery of core workouts and do running drills in between. Fun is also when you go for a very long 150 km ride appreciating the historical churches and natural attractions.  Fun is also when you go extreme on a tough 1.5 kilometers swim.  That’s truly an epic weekend for Camp Alpha and that’s just a day in the office for Camp Alpha. #iamspecialized #iamsuunto #GoPro #CampAlpha #EpicBohol #UnilabActiveHealth #Gatorade #NewtonRunning #Bellevue


Epic Bohol

Hello Bellevue!!!

Hello Bellevue!!! That’s our official place of resident as we joined the GoPro Camp Alpha Epic Bohol from September 25-27, 2015.  Bellevue and Bohol is just the perfect location for the camp as we got to enjoy the beauty of the facilities in Bellevue as well as enjoyed the roads of Bohol.  I joined mostly the run clinics but it was awesome seeing your fellow athletes conquer 150 kilometers of bike and about 1.5 kilometer of extreme open water swim. It was a test of will and endurance as they got to do all of these in one epic weekend.

Day 1 – September 25, 2015

Core and Drill Workouts at the Beach – Photo from Bellevue

The first day started with a lecture on the importance of core and some of the key workouts to can do to strengthen our core muscles.  Having a strong core is really important when you swim, you bike, you run or you do several fitness activities.  It gives you balance and helps you maintain proper form when you race.  It goes a long way especially in the longer workouts as fatigue sets in, it’s your core and your form that will carry you through the finish line.  It would also prevent several injuries as you get to balance the load among your muscle groups.

Doing a short 3K Road to Trail to Beach Run – Photo from Andy Leuterio

After the brief lecture and demonstration, it was time to work on our core strength.  We had to do several sets of push ups, burpees, cannonballs, sprawl, donkey kicks and v-ups and had drills like jog, backward run. strides, high kness, duck kicks, lunges in between sets.  It was a total body workout that really challenged our core and energy reserves.  It really helps doing the drills and the core workout as it improves our upper body strength as well as increase our stride length and improve our running form.  We also did the workout barefoot to have a better feel of the surface.  The uneven terrain of the beach added to the challenge but the softer surface gave less strain on the legs.

The view also made the tough workouts refreshing.

After the drills and core workout, we went on a refreshing run.  It was a short run but the run had us transitioning from the road in front of Bellevue to the soft trails and to the beach front heading back to Bellevue.  It was a really scenic run as we had the ocean as our backdrop.  The white sands of the beach were run-friendly as it was soft on the knees and stable enough to come up with decent strides. We did the run at a very fast pace but we did stop midway into the run to appreciate the views.   It was a visual treat that gave us a better appreciation of the beauty of the area.

Coach Andy gives a lecture on Training & Racing with Pace, Power, and Heart Rate

The night was reserved for a lecture on training and racing with Pace, Power and Heart Rate.  This is one thing we can really focus on especially with more powerful GPS watches like Suunto that can give us the key metrics we can monitor to improve performance.  It’s also good to invest in a power meter so you can see on how much you can improve on the bike.  There’s always a room for improvement as even at your best, there will always be someone better than you.  It’s important to keep improving on your weak points and understanding your strengths.  You’ll also need to have the proper nutrition as learning how to fuel yourself within a race to get your optimal performance.

Day 2 – September 26, 2015

The Alphas at a Coffee Stop towards the end of their Epic Ride.

Day 2 was reserved for an Epic 150 kilometers bike ride for most of the participants.  That’s a ride around Bohol starting from Bellevue with stops at Baclayon and Loboc Church on the way to the halfway point at chocolate hills View Deck at 75 kilometers.  From chocolate hills, they headed to the Loboc River area, Dauis church and had a final stop at a coffee shop before heading back to Bellevue for 150 kilometers worth of riding.  That’s a ride through the heritage sites of Bohol in the historical churches.  It’s an appreciation of nature with the man made forest and the chocolate hills.  That translate to about 1000 meters of elevation gain spread out over the 150 kilometers ride.  The impressive part about this is that 100% of the participants went on to finish the distance strong.

It was really amazing to see them conquer the distance considering that they had also did the drills and core workout the day before and will be doing an open water swim the day after.  You gotta make the most of the weekend as most of the participants are also preparing for Ironman distance races.  I’m sure they would be ready come race day on November.

150 Km Bike Route

It’s a Run Workout for Me

Running 10K in Panglao Area

Whilethe awesome ones were away, I went on a run.  It was so refreshing running in Panglao as I had a 10K out and back loop that had me reaching the other side of Panglao.  The roads were smooth. The scenes were fresh.  The sun was up too.  It started as a cool run in the rain but ended up to be a hot one towards the end.  The initial plan was to do 10K out and back refill water at Bellevue and do another 6K on the road. Since it was hot already, I opted to just do the remaining 6K in the gym.  That’s good enough for 2 hours worth of running for me.

Day 3 – September 27, 2015

Before the Open Water Race early Sunday Morning.

Sunday was reserved for an extreme 2-4 km Swim Our Island open water swim.  This is my first time to witness an open water race and this is different from the usual out and back races.  The participants had to be transported in the middle of the sea then had to swim back to the shore.  Since it was an extreme open water swim, there were a lot of things that didn’t go as expected.  The 3-4 kilometer area was really too wild that the organizers opted to go for a shorter 1.5 to 2 distance for safety reasons.  Despite the shorter distance, it remained a challenging swim as the waves were really high and it took a lot of effort to swim.  It was also great that there were kayaks watching over the swimmers in extreme conditions like this as everybody came to shore safe and sound.

Alphas Gryf and August finishing their Swim Distance

Hat’s off to the swimmers who joined as this was really a difficult one.   Some even went home on top of their age group and that’s coming from two days of exhausting workouts. Great Job Guys!!!  Open Water Swim is starting to gain more mileage as a separate endurance event.  It’s a very young sport and at times unpredictable with the wave conditions but seeing the sport grow through events like this is a good way to appreciate the oceans and be fit.

Congrats to all participants and finishers.

The GoPro Camp Alpha: Bohol triathlon training session was presented by Specialized and the Bellevue Resorts Bohol. It was supported by RUNNR, Newton, Unilab Active Health and SUUNTo. Gatorade is the official drink of Camp Alpha while Toyota Tagbilaran provided the official Support and Gear Vehicles for Epic Bohol.

That concludes the GoPro Camp Alpha Epic Bohol Adventure. Well, the fun is just getting started as there will be more camps in the future. Stay tuned and be a part of it. I promise you every muscle ache would be worth it.

Congrats Coach Andy for an Epic Camp!!!

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Cobra Ironman 70.3 Gone in 28 Minutes

Sunrise Events, Inc. does it again for the Cobra Energy Drink Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship 2016 edition!

The Ironman 70.3 Asia Pacific Championship is happening on Philippine shores come August 7, 2016.  The Cobra Ironman 70.3 in Cebu just got even grander because of this.  Triathletes took the early registration rush as slots got sold out in a record time of 28 minutes last October 1.  The journey of experienced and fresh set of triathlete begins as they prepare to conquer 1.9 kilometers of Swim, 90 kilometers of Bike and 21.1 kilometers of Run in the scenic Cebu route. #cobra703apac; #ironman703philippines; #IM703ceburegistered; #ironmanmorefun; #IM703APAC2016


Regular slots for the Cobra energy Drink Ironman 70.3 Asia Pacific Championship 2016 got sold out in 28 minutes beating its own record of 40 minutes for the 2015 edition. Definitely a heart rising moment for all triathletes who registered at the Cebu Provincial Capitol this morning when they all converged over breakfast sponsored by Alaska Milk Corporation. Watch out for updates as triathletes start their journey to the Cobra energy Drink Ironman 70.3 Asia Pacific Championship 2016 race.

For more information about the IRONMAN 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship, please visit Follow us on, @cobraironman703 on Instagram, @CobraIronman703 on Twitter for updates. Tag us at #cobra703apac; #ironman703philippines; #IM703ceburegistered; #ironmanmorefun; #IM703APAC2016

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Make the Most Out of Your Apple Watch with yurbuds Wireless

yurbuds wireless works well with Apple Watch

I’ve always been on the look out for a device I can pair with the yurbuds wireless that could match its battery life and is also lightweight.  I found a match in the Apple Watch.  While a lot of the Apple Watch’s features is dependent on the iPhone, you can actually load up to 2 gig worth of music and play them using the yurbuds wireless.  It sure beats having to carry your phone while working out.

Read About

Yurbuds Wireless Leap

Running with yurbuds Wireless Leap

When it comes to running or working out, music helps a lot.  It gives you a mental edge.  It keep your mind occupied to get past the distance, the pain and the routine of running.  yurbuds, which is now powered by JBL, has several Bluetooth-enabled wireless device that takes away all the uncomfortable wires.  You just have to pair it with your phone and you can access the phone’s music as well as voice commands via Siri.  The yurbuds wireless can last you 6 long hours, which is enough to power you with music for a full marathon.

You get a mental edge when you are running with Music

The thing about running, especially when you go longer, is that you want to run as light as you can.  It’s also possible that you are preserving your battery life on your phone to make important calls especially when there are emergencies.  There’s an alternative device to source music to be paired with yurbuds wireless and that’s the Apple Watch.  It’s still new in the market and its features are largely dependent on the functionality of the iphone.  It has some standalone features like the health apps and music.  Yes, you can play music straight from your watch since you can use up to 2 gig of the watch memory for music. You get a handy music source plus it has longer battery life that can take you working out for hours.

Loading Music

  • Go to the setting panel of the watch in the iPhone. Select Music to go to music settings window.

  • In the Music Panel, you can set the synced playlist and the playlist limit. Max limit is 2 Gig.  Make sure the watch is connected to the charging device on your computer.

  • Select the music you would like to Sync to the watch. If the watch is connected to the charger, the music would automatically be synced to the watch.

  • After doing the steps above, the music should already be on the Apple Watch

Playing Music from the Watch

  • Go to the app view on the Apple Watch and click on the Music app (It’s the one with the musical note)

  • Once you are in the music app, press the screen until it shows you the menu below. Select Source.

  • Once you select source, you’ll be redirected to a screen where you get to choose whether to use the iPhone or the Apple Watch. Select Apple Watch.

  • When you select the Apple Watch, you’ll be directed to the portion where you can sync your bluetooth device.

  • After it has detected and paired with the Blue-tooth, you’re good to go.

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Incoming: Philippine Marine Corps Marathon

The Philippine Marine is our first line of defense in protecting our Philippine waters and territories. They have kept their presence even in the disputed and resource-rich coral triangle.  Safeguarding our waters is a tough task as they also get to fight boredom, disputes and unfavorable environment.  Let’s do our part to give them a boost by joining Philippine Marine Corps Marathon on November 15, 2015 at Marine Base, Gregorio Lim, Ternate Cavite with a full marathon event, a 25K Kaybiang Tunnel Challenge, 10 kilometers and 5 kilometers categories.  You’re also in for one scenic run as you get to see  the view of the coast, the tunnels and also passing by Pico De Loro. 


Philippine Marine Corps Marathon

The role of the Marines is very important in defending our sovereignty especially in the Kalayaan Group of Islands.  The marines gets to fight boredom from being away from their family.  They are in the forefront of emerging disputes.  They experience harsh and unsafe environment.  In support and recognition of our troops’ bid to conserve the country’s natural maritime resources the Philippine Marine Corps launches the first “Philippine Marine Corps Marathon” with the theme “KATUNGKULAN: Takbo Para sa mga Kawal”. The 42.2 km race, which will have side events in the 5km, 10km, and the special 25km “Kaybiang Challenge”, is scheduled for Sunday, 15 November 2015 at the Marine Barracks, Gregorio Lim, Ternate, Cavite.

While the troops stationed there are supported by the resources of the Marines.  They would still need some added boost and some necessity like a desalination system for their drinking water and some protective gear.  Your registration goes to support those needs that would surely improve their safety conditions and boost their morale.  The Philippine MCM hopes to attract runners to this annual event which is earmarked for projects and programs that will raise morale of troops in the Kalayaan Island Groups who continue to answer the call of duty. It is in this spirit that we invite all to get involved and do their part:

Humans are not separate from the rest of nature, we are part of it by God’s design, we humans rely for our existence on the balance of nature, which includes the interaction and interdependence of all life forms and natural elements of the earth’s all encompassing ecosphere. Our own actions must be part of that balance. In fact, by God’s design, we humans are to participate in this community of life forms as its caretakers and preservers”. (Source: Interfaith Power and Light).

Col. Blasco discussing the race at the Prescon.

There are two things to expect in the race.  One, it’s gonna be a challenge as you’re gonna be on rolling terrain with a total ascent of about 1730 meters with about 42% of the course involves running on inclines.  The second would be a visual treat for all runners as they get to see the beauty of the ocean as you go on the course.  You also get to pass through the Kaybiang Tunnel and the Pico De Loro area as well as being on a rare chance to be on Marine Grounds.  While the race is in Ternate, Cavite, there will be FREE shuttle services from Philippine Marine Corps Headquarters in Lawton and Manila (Pick up time is 12 midnight) and at Ternate Municipal Hall at 2:00 am for those coming from the south.   The shuttle alone would give you the feeling of being transported like our troops with their vehicles.  And… forget about the traditional gunstart as for this one, it’s gonna be a Cannon Start. That’s sending you off on a bigger bang.

Finisher dog tags for 25K and 42K

Post race, get to enjoy the facilities of Boracay De Cavite Beach Resort and have a boodle fight meal set up.  42K and 25K also get finisher shirts and dog tags.  Marine Corps Marathon concept is common in other countries and it’s nice to see one right on our very shores.  It’s a bucket list destination marathon for every runner out there.  Are you ready to be deployed for this one? Well, Register Now.

Race Details

Top: Singlet Design, Bottom: Finisher Shirt Design

Date and Venue

  • Race Venue:
    • November 15, 2015, Marine Base General Lim, Ternate, Cavite
  • Pick up points:
    • Philippine Marine Corps Headquarter, Lawton, Taguig City, 12:00 Midnight
    • Ternate Municipal Hall, 2:00 AM

Fees and Categories

  • 5k: Php 650 – Gun Start: 6:00 A.M.
  • 10k: Php 850 – Gun Start 5:30 A.M.
  • 25k Kaybiang Tunnel Challenge: Php 1,100 – Gun Start: 4:30 A.M.
  • 42k: Php 1,300 – Gun Start: 4:00 A.M. Cutoff: 4 hours @ 21k / 8 hours @ Finish Line
    • 5K and 10K (Inclusive of Race bib, Singlet, Finisher’s Certificate)
    • 25K and 42K (Inclusive of Race Bib, Singlet, Finisher’s Dog Tag, Finisher’s Shirt)
  • Other Inclusions
    • Post-race boodle fight at 12:00 Noon
    • Free entry to Boracay de Cavite Beach Resort
    • Goodies from event sponsors
    • Free shuttle from Philippine Marines Headquarters to the venue and back and for those coming from the south, pick up point will be at Ternate Municipal Hall


  • Onsite
    • RUNNR, BHS, Taguig City
    • RUNNR, TRINOMA, Quezon City
    • TOBY’s Store and RUNNR, SM Mall of Asia
    • 100 MILES CAFE, 2F Fort Pointe Bldg., BGC, Taguig
    • Camp Aguinaldo Badminton Court, Quezon City
    • MCSSO in front of JURADO HALL, Bonifacio Naval Station, Taguig City
  • Bank Deposit
    • Pay race fees on/before October 30, 2015
      • Bank: China Bank Savings Account
      • Account Name: Philippine Marine Corps Spouses Association, Inc.
      • Account No.: CA #3510-0119-13
    • Write your name, distance category and contact number on deposit slip.
    • Email a copy of your deposit slip together with filled up and signed registration form to (with the Subject: PMC Marathon) before the registration deadline.
    • Wait for confirmation that your email was received.
  • Registration From Download Here: PMC Marathon Reg Form
  • Race Kit Claiming: November 9 to 12, 2015 at registration venues.

Race Update

Race Map

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Incoming: Run For Hope 6

Baguio is among the best places to run with its cool climate and challenging terrain.  You get refreshed by the chilly breeze and your eyes gets visually rewarded by the Pine Trees and the mountain ranges you get to see along the course.  You get to experience that by joining SLU Run for Hope 6 on November 29, 2015 with 3K, 5K, 10K and 21K categories. You also get to warm your heart by joining this run as it would be a run for a cause benefiting SLU Centennial Halfway Home for Boys,  the Residential and Study Center for Children – DSWD-CAR in Wangal and poor students.

Run for Hope 6

The children are the hope of the nation yet not everybody is given a fair chance at growing up.  Some unfortunate children suffer in poverty. Some of them lose their way. Some become victims of abuse.  Some are short of resources for a good education.  Life is not fair for them but in our own little ways, we can help them have a better chance at life. Saint Louis University (SLU) is now back with its yearly advocacy of promoting fitness and resources to support the needs of the unfortunate.  This coincides with the Cordillera Administrative Region’s celebration of the children’s Month in November.  Let’s join hands against child abuse through Run for Hope 6, which is happening on November 29, 2015 at Burnham Park with 3K, 5K, 10K and 21K categories.   It carries a theme of  “Komunidad at Pamahalaan, Magkaisa Pang-aabuso sa Bata, Wakasan! (Community and Government should unite to end child abuse).”  The beneficiaries this year will be: the boys of Halfway Home, The children of the Residential and Study Center for Children – DSWD-CAR in Wangal, and poor students.  Celebrate children’s month by making a real action: making a difference in Children’s Life!

Let’s take long strides in fulfilling children’s dream.  This run is close to my heart as SLU is my Alma Mater and Baguio is my hometown.  I also was once a student supporting the same causes through outreach activities of SLU. I know how it warms kids’ heart to see presence of people who care and the little support they get in our visits.  Each runner gets to make the impact of the cause much greater.  You also get to adopt a healthy lifestyle by joining the run.   Baguio is among the best areas to run with the chilly weather, the scenic view of the Pine Trees and the mountains along the route, and the challenging terrain.  It’s a run that’s gonna keep your eyes feasted on the attractions while your legs gains the extra power of a good work out.  The run is also happening on a long weekend so this may be a great race-cation for people outside Baguio City.  Join the 6th Staging of Run for Hope and whatever distance you’ll join, it’s gonna be a really great experience.

Race Details

Date and Venue

  • November 29, 2015, Burnham Park, Baguio City

Distance and Fees

  • 3K: (Student P300 /  Non-Students P350)
  • 5K: (Student P350 /  Non-Students P450)
  • 10K: (Student P500 /  Non-Students P550)
  • 21K: (Student P650 /  Non-Students P800)
    • Inclusive of Race Bib, Route Map, Dri-fit Shirt and Race Band
    • Finisher Shirt and Medals for 21K Category


Dri-fit Shirt


Finisher Shirt


  • Onsite:
    • SLU Main Campus
    • SLU Maryheights Campus
    • SLU Navy Base Campus
    • SM Baguio
    • Laperal Building

Race Updates

Race Maps

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Alaska Bags Silver in Asia Awards for Brand Advocacy

Nazia Hayat of Lenovo Singapore (2nd from left) awarded the silver trophy to the Nutrition. Action. Champion. team. From left: Fen Marquez of M2M Advertising Phils., Robbie Aligada of TBWA\SMP, RG Gabunada of Alaska Milk Corporation, and Alan Fontanilla of OPEN and PARTNERS.

When it comes to advocacy in Sports and Nutrition, Alaska is really admirable.  Their commitment to the healthy and fit lifestyle have raised the level of awareness on proper Nutrition especially among the Youth.  The “Nutrition. Action. Champion” initiative have not only enshrined the Alaska Brand the trust of their consumers but it also was able to bag them the Silver Award in Best Use of Brand Advocacy during the 2015 Loyalty & Engagement Awards in Singapore last Aug. 13 at the Shangri-La hotel, Singapore. Great Job Alaska!!!


Nutrition. Action. Champion

It’s really important to brands like Alaska to establish Corporate Social Responsibility by supporting an advocacy.  Alaska has been the pillar of several sports and has been spurring growth in the grassroots level over the decades.  It’s also being true to their brand and being a champion of Nutrition as they have encouraged thousands of participants to take part in their different sports and fitness activities.  These initiative not only encouraged the participants to have a healthy lifestyle but it also puts premium on values like discipline, determination, hard work and team work.  The initiative is truly world class.  

The “Nutrition. Action. Champion.” program of Alaska Milk received international recognition for excellence when it won the silver medal in Best Use of Brand Advocacy during the 2015 Loyalty & Engagement Awards in Singapore last Aug. 13 at the Shangri-La hotel, Singapore.

The “Nutrition. Action. Champion” program was cited from among cutting-edge work across the region with 22 entries from Asia Pacific, South Asia and ANZ during the third edition of Loyalty & Engagement Awards, which was its biggest ever.  Through the “Nutrition. Action. Champion” initiative, Alaska Milk rallies Filipino children to an active lifestyle, promotes good nutrition and instills the values of discipline, determination, hard work and teamwork for them to become champions in whatever they do.

The sports activities are developed, organized and sustained by Alaska Milk and its agency partners TBWA\SMP, OPEN and Partners, and M2M Advertising Phils. Alaska Milk has one of the biggest year-long sports programs in the Philippines- with more than 60 events, six different sports (basketball, volleyball, football, triathlon, cycling and running), and more than 20,000 participants nationwide.

The Loyalty & Engagement Awards support Marketing magazine’s mission of elevating marketing standards and practices in the region with focus on customer loyalty and engagement.

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JBL Releases More Compact, Powerful and Durable Portable Listening Devices

JBL Launches More Compact, Powerful and Durable Devices

When it comes to giving you a superb listening experience, you can never go wrong with JBL.  They divide the users into segments and fine tune their products specific to each segment.  So whether you’re listening on your earphones while working out, enjoying good music on a long drive or even watching your favorite artist on a concert hall, you get the same high quality crystal clear audio that endears your ears.  JBL gets even better as they introduce a whole new line of wireless devices that’s more powerful, compact and durable.

JBL Just Got Even Better

Damon Johnson, Sr. Manager for Sports Headphones, Harman International, Netherlands discusses the new products of JBL.

JBL / Harman has been a powerhouse when it comes to music and audio devices.  They also give the customer an excellent listening experience that suits their need.  A key part of that is how JBL divides the market into different segments with specific demands.  JBL would then introduce products based on  the need of each market segment.  They have a wide range of product that sets the bar when it comes to their audio devices. Whether your listening from your home, your car or a concert stadium, you get the same crystal clear of listening experience.  JBL is taking it to the next level as the next set of products are focused on the wireless technology incorporated in the speakers that makes the devices more compact, powerful and durable to stay in tune for those who live life to the fullest extent.

JBL Clip+ Ultra Portable Wireless Speakers – SRP P2,995

Do you love the outdoors? Now, you can go on a hike without worrying about the absence of a reliable speaker system. These ultra-portable speaker system are versatile in their durability, provide hands-free listening and deliver powerful, high-quality JBL sound. Their Splashproof technology means there is no need to worry about rain or spills, and you can even clean these JBL speakers with running tap water.  Before a speaker can be described as truly versatile, it must be able to handle the unexpected. The JBL Clip+ has been created for this purpose— from its durable, splashproof design to its portability. Its built-in carabineer makes it possible to bring music on all of your adventures. Whether you toss it into your backpack at the end of your day or bring it to your kayaking outdoor adventure, the JBL Clip+ can take care of itself. Its durable, double-injection housing protects the speaker and ensures that it will always produce the same quality audio as it had on day one. During the summer months, music can complement any activity with this very convenient form factor.


  • Wireless Bluetooth Streaming – Wirelessly stream high-quality sound from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Rechargable Battery – Built-in rechargable Li-ion battery supports up to 5 hours of playtime.
  • Speakerphone – Take crystal clear calls from your speaker thanks to the noise and echo cancelling speakerphone.
  • Built-in Carabiner – Hook the Clip+ onto anything you see fit and take it on all your adventures.
  • Splashproof – Splashproof means no more worrying about rain or spills and you can even clean it with running tap water.
  • Integrated 3.5mm Audio Cable – Don’t worry if there’s no Bluetooth, plug the audio cable into any device to enjoy your music or use it to daisy chain another Clip+ for bigger sound.
  • Available in 8 colors: Black, Blue, Red, Gray, Teal, Yellow, Pink and Orange

The JBL Clip+ Ultra Portable Speaker System is currently available at JBL/Harman Kardon Concept stores and will soon be available nationwide.

JBL Charge 2+ Portable Speaker System – SRP P7,995

The JBL Charge 2+ takes the party everywhere – be it poolside or dancing in the rain – and amplifies the excitement. It is a portable, compact stereo speaker with room-filling sound and a battery with capacity enough to power your lifestyle—however active it may be. Allowing you to listen wirelessly and charge endlessly in rain or shine, its 6,000 mAh lithium-ion battery keeps the music going for a full 12 hours, with power to spare for charging phones, tablets and other devices through its USB port to ensure that you are never left hanging without your tunes or mobile device while on any expedition. The device anticipates that some adventures will no doubt be taken with friends; the speaker’s social mode lets up to three people take turns streaming music from their mobile phone, tablet or laptop playlists.


  • Wireless Bluetooth Streaming – Wirelessly stream high-quality stereo sound from your smartphone or tablet.
  • 6000mAH Rechargeable Battery – Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery supports up to 12 hours of playback time and charges devices via the USB port.
  • Speakerphone – Take crystal clear calls from your speaker thanks to the noise and echo cancelling speakerphone.
  • Splashproof – Splashproof means no more worrying about rain or spills and you can even clean it with running tap water.
  • Social Mode – Music has never been this social, connect up to 3 music sources to the same Charge 2+ and listen to your friend’s favorite songs.
  • JBL Bass Radiator – Hear the bass, feel the bass, see the bass. Dual external passive radiators demonstrate just how powerful your speakers are.
  • Available in 8 colors: Black, Blue, Red, Gray, Teal, Yellow, Pink and Orange

The JBL Charge 2+ Portable Speaker System is currently available at JBL/Harman Kardon Concept stores and will soon be available nationwide.

JBL Flip 3 – SRP P6,495

The JBL Flip 3 is a versatile wireless portable speaker that delivers powerful sound and equipped to travel the world with its new, rugged, splashproof design and 10-hours of battery life to play music from the day, well into the night.  For added convenience, the JBL Flip 3 also features a noise and echo cancelling speakerphone for crystal clear calls, and JBLConnect technology that can wirelessly link multiple JBL Connect-enabled speakers together to amplify the listening experience. JBL FLIP 3 is a follow up of their award-winning portable speaker, the JBL Flip 2.


  • Enables users to connect up to three smartphones or tablets through Bluetooth
  • Provides up to 10-hours of playtime with its built-in rechargeable battery
  • Delivers crystal clear calls from the speaker with its noise and echo cancelling feature simply by touching a button
  • Allows music lovers to use the speaker in the rain and the great outdoors with its rugged and splashproof design
  • Enables users to amplify the listening experience by connecting compatible devices via the JBL Connect feature
  • Provides a richer bass option with its dual external passive radiators
  • Available in various colors including black, red, orange, pink, gray, blue, yellow, and teal

The JBL Flip 3 is currently available at JBL/Harman Kardon Concept stores and will soon be available nationwide

JBL Xtreme – SRP P15,995

Through JBL’s technology and patents, the Xtreme’s rugged, splashproof portable speaker is empowered with four active transducers and two bass radiators that enable listeners to feel the music with its powerful sound, while on-the-go. The JBL Xtreme also features a noise and echo cancelling speakerphone for crystal clear calls, and JBLConnect technology that can wirelessly link multiple JBL Connect-enabled speakers together to amplify the listening experience. This extraordinary stereo sound will fuel boundless adventures – whether indoors or outdoors, poolside or at the beach.  The JBL Xtreme isn’t just for playing music, as users can charge other devices with its dual USB charge-out ports, connect up to three smartphones or tablets and take turns playing DJ. The device also provides a noise and echo cancelling speakerphone option for clear conference calls by simply pressing a button.


  • Enables users to connect up to three smartphones or tablets through Bluetooth and take turns playing earth-shaking, powerful stereo sound from their personal device
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery supports up to 15 hours of playtime and charges devices via dual USB ports
  • Delivers crystal clear calls from the speaker with its noise and echo cancelling feature simply by touching a button
  • Allows music lovers to use the speaker in the rain and the great outdoors with its durable fabric material, rubber housing and splashproof design, perfect for any adventure
  • Enables users to amplify the listening experience by connecting compatible devices via the JBLConnect feature
  • Equipped with dual external passive radiators that enables listeners to feel and hear the powerful bass feature
  • Includes a shoulder strap for easy carrying and portability
  • Available in various colors including black, red or blue

The JBL Xtreme is currently available at JBL/Harman Kardon Concept stores and will soon be available nationwide.

JBL Pulse 2 – SRP P9,995

JBL Pulse 2 is a wireless, splash proof speaker that transforms any space into a party through a captivating light display.  With sensational sound and synchronized flashes of vivid,full-color light, the JBL Pulse 2 intensifies music anytime, anywhere. Listeners can wirelessly stream songs from any smart device and watch the glow of the JBL Pulse 2 as it illuminates the room or evening sky to the rhythms of th eir favorite hits. To elevate and personalize the LED lightshow experience, the JBL Prism color sensor lens matches and reflects any color it’s pointed at,amplifying the colors of life.

The high-quality stereo sound, splash proof design and 10 hours of playtime make the JBL Pulse 2 the perfect party companion. To further amplify the listening experience, the JBL Pulse 2 features a noise and echo cancelling speakerphone for crystal clear calls and JBL Connect technology to wirelessly link multiple JBL Connect-enabled speakers together. For those looking for the pinnacle of personalization at the tip of their fingers, the JBL Connect app lets users further customize the lightshow and configure JBL Connect settings. Download the JBL Connect app to unlock even more interactive features waiting to be discovered on the JBL Pulse 2.

The latest addition to JBL’s growing family of splash proof portable speakers, JBL Pulse 2 gives music lovers powerful sound anywhere, anytime. JBL splash proof portables include the JBL Clip+, JBL Charge 2+, JBL Flip 3, JBL Pulse 2 and JBL Xtreme, and seamlessly stream songs from your smartphones or tablets. Whether relaxing on the beach, camping on a mountainside or unwinding at home, JBL portable speakers elevate the experience through immersive audio.


  • Wirelessly connect up to 3 smartphones or tablets to the speaker and take turns playing music with sensational sound
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery supports up to 10 hours of playtime with music and lightshow.
  • Take calls from your speaker with a touch of a button – crystal clear thanks to the noise and echo cancelling speakerphone
  • Customizable lightshow visualizes user’s favorite tracks or sets the atmosphere using its ambient lighting
  • Allows music lovers to use the speaker in the rain and the great outdoors with its rugged and splash proof design
  • Build your own ecosystem by connecting multiple JBL Connect enabled speakers together to amplify the listening experience
  • Provides a richer bass option with its dual external passive radiators
  • The JBL Prism color sensor lens enables users to add more colors to the palate by simply pointing and shooting the lens at the desired color and the Pulse 2 will adapt its lightshow to the shade chosen
  • Customize your lightshow experience and configure your JBL Connect settings, all at the tip of your fingers with the JBL Connect App

The JBL Pulse 2 will be available nationwide in stores in October, 2015.

JBL Everest – SRP – TBA

JBL Everest gives music lovers an advanced and wide-ranging feature package in wireless headphones.  An unparalleled blend of topflight audio technology and ergonomic design, all five models within the JBL Everest series connect wirelessly to any smart device. Listeners can fully immerse themselves in JBL’s renowned sound quality and move freely without wires as they enjoy their favorite songs. For additional comfort, best in class ergonomics were developed through extensive research to provide contoured ear cushions and earpiece shapes for all listeners.

The Everest series’ flagship model, the JBL Everest ELITE 700, offers the most innovative and inclusive set of features ever packed into wireless headphones. Bluetooth 4.1 provides listeners the ease of wireless connectivity, while the new NXTGen Active Noise Cancelling Technology pairs the immersive experience of noise-cancelling with the power to control the amount of outside noise let in, creating each user’s ideal balance of ambient sound and music.

With JBL Pro Audio sound, the Everest ELITE 700 delivers a dynamic acoustic experience. The carefully sculpted ear cushions provide unmatched fit around the ears, maximizing comfort throughout the ELITE 700’s 15 hours of playtime. The headphones’ TruNote™ technology calibrates sound based on the fit around the ears, delivering sound personalized for each individual. The free, downloadable My JBL Headphones App elevates personalization by allowing users to further customize headphone settings and features.


  •  BT 4.1: Connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device for amazing sound quality without the hassle of wires.
  • Legendary JBL Pro Audio: Experience the same elevated experience and incredible sound JBL has been delivering to concert halls, studios and living rooms for almost 70 years.
  • Best in Class Ergonomics These ear cups are carefully designed to fit all ears, and not just sit on top of them. This is achieved through extensive research on human ear shapes and anatomy, developing proprietary contoured ear cushions, and earpiece shapes. As a result, listeners experience unprecedented comfort—allowing a longer, more enjoyable experience.
  • NXTGen ANC: For the first time, a JBL headphone combines the immersive experience of active noise-cancelling technology and allows control of the amount of ambient noise let in. Users have the power to balance awareness of their surroundings with the listening experience, with a simple press of a button.
  • TruNoteTM Auto Sound Calibration: Listeners will be blown away with the cleanest, most authentic version of music possible. TruNoteTM Auto Sound calibrates sound based on how ear cups fit around the ears, for a personalized audio experience.
  • ShareMe 2.0: Connect with any brand of Bluetooth headphone and share music, videos and games with friends – easily and wirelessly.
  • Off: Experience greater simplicity and a longer battery life with the auto off feature which powers the headphones off automatically when not in use
  • My JBL Headphones App: Get even more control and personalization of your listening experience with this free App. Through your mobile device, you can create custom EQ settings, and access all other headphone settings and features.

JBL Reflect Mini BT – SRP – TBA

The JBL Reflect Mini BT is a lightweight sport headphone designed for ultimate comfort and stability in fitness. The Bluetooth-compatible sport headphones provide wireless freedom, a lightweight feel, secure fit and premium JBL signature sound to push through your workout.

The JBL Reflect Mini BT connects wirelessly to any mobile Bluetooth-enabled device, allowing athletes to enjoy JBL quality sound and the freedom to move without wires. Fitness enthusiasts can sprint, climb and push their way through a workout knowing their headphones won’t get in the way. The compact and agile design affords athletes optimal mobility, helping user’s stay light on their feet and conquer any fitness challenge at hand. These sport headphones also feature ergonomically designed eartips that stay in place during intense training. The JBL Reflect Mini BT offers pure JBL signature sound, up to eight hours audio playback, and a three-button in-line microphone for music and call control.

The JBL Reflect Mini BT will be available in four colours – red, blue, teal and black.

JBL Reflect Aware – SRP – TBA

The JBL Reflect Aware is the world’s first sport headphone that gives athletes the ability to mix ambient sounds with active noise cancelling performance. The Ambient AwareTM technology allows any athlete to optimize their audio performance for every workout.

With conventional in-ear noise cancelling headphones, today’s athlete is limited to only full noise reduction or no noise reduction. Extensive research with athletes of all levels shows that workout locations vary, and therefore the ideal headphone needs to be able to adapt to varying environments. The new JBL Reflect Aware headphone delivers both best in class active noise cancelling performance and the ability to mix in sound from the environment for greater awareness of the surroundings when the user wants it. Giving the athlete better control of what they hear, they can remain focused on their workout knowing that they will hear important sounds when they needs to. For full adaptive noise control, the JBL Ambient Aware app not only gives the athlete control of the ambient noise level, but also custom EQ settings to create the perfect audio sound for your workout.

Another distraction common to conventional in-ear noise cancelling headphones is the battery box. Designed to draw power and audio directly from the lightning connector on Apple devices, the JBL Reflect Aware headphones are not burdened by the bulky battery box. It comes with a small 4-button remote control to enable standard play/pause and volume controls in addition to ANC on/off.

The JBL Reflect Aware is designed as a piece of sport equipment, with a rugged, sweat-proof design and patented ergonomic eartips for hours of comfortable wear, not to mention powerful sound you expect from JBL. Now, you can stay in total control of your zone with the world’s first ANC sport headphone on the market.

JBL Grip

The new line of JBL Grip headphones provide the soundtrack to keep the momentum going through every flip, grind, and crash. The headphones are created through collaboration with action sport athletes, extensive consumer testing and with support from professional snowboarder Ben Ferguson.

The JBL Grip line includes the JBL Grip 100 and JBL Grip 200 headphones. They allow action athletes such as snowboarders and skateboarders to perform at the top of their game without interruptions, while addressing all extreme athletes’ concerns:

  • Award-winning Twist-LockTM patented design ensures these in-ear headphones never fall out, especially while in motion, allowing athletes to focus on their tricks and performance; Provides up to 10-hours of playtime with its built-in rechargeable battery
  • Durable build of the JBL Grip products is made to stand up to the extremes of action sports, so athletes don’t need to worry about replacing their gear after each session;
  • FlexSoftTM eartips ensure a comfortable fit while the headphones are in use, enabling pure enjoyment of a session and music experience;
  • Cord Pinch Technology allows one- or two-bud use and custom cord control to offer settings unique to each athlete and enables better awareness of surroundings to maintain safety during a session;
  • Integrated controls on the JBL Grip 200 headphones, the advanced model within the line, allow easy access for music and calls, and minimize disruption during a session, allowing athletes to continue to perform at the top of their game.

JBL Grip offers both models in three colour combinations: navy/orange, charcoal grey and olive green and features a 2 X 14mm transducer, 20Hz-20kHz frequency response, and a 114 cm cord with pinch capability.

Follow JBL Philippines

Website: and


Follow us on Twitter: @JBLPH

Follow us on Instagram: @jblph

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