Valley Trail Challenge 2015

Back in Nuvali Trails

There’s something about Nuvali that makes running here always a good experience.  It gives you the friendliest trails and the feel good experience along the route.  It has a refreshing view, cleaner air and a slight incline for the challenge.  Valley Trail Challenge gives that range of feel good trail adventure whether you’re doing a short 15K like I did, going the longer 30K to see the New Zealand view or doing the full 50K loop around Nuvali.

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Valley Trail Challenge

With Race Director Jonel Mendoza after the race.

Last year, I did 30 kilometers, which was really about 32 kilometers so this year, I wanted a different experience.  There are a lot of different trails.  There’s the high challenge, high reward ones, which gives you a magnificent view when you reach the summit and there are trails like Nuvali, which is a fast, a fun and a refreshing course.  If it were a movie, this would be a feel good one.  Sometimes, you have to go back and re-experience the simpler trails and just have fun and this is why I selected the 15 K category.  Let’s get this adventure going.

Race Course and Elevation Profile

Race Course and Elevation Profile is powered by Suunto Movescount

The race starts at E. Nature Avenue which brings closer to the side trails of Nuvali.  The first stretch of trails last until kilometer 2.5 and heads to the Rotunda where you shift to Nuvali Boulevard to enter the next stretch of trains.  The trails is about 5 kilometers worth of trail and rough roads heading to the u-turn slot.  The trail shifts back to Nuvali Boulevard and back to the first trail for the finish.  The first part of the trail are mostly climbs while the second half of the trails are mostly descents.

The Race

With the King and Queen of Trails, Aldean and Majo

If I had a super power, I wished it was the power to sleep at will.  I barely had sleep for this one but good thing that I always try to wake up late on the day before the race so I would have at least invested some sleep.  I went with running blogger Rene Villarta and we left Manila at 2:30 am and arrived a little past 3 am, which gave us a lot of time before gun start at 5.  We were able to meet a lot of friends who were joining the same category and also met the events team.  We spent the remaining time to warm up and catch up with friends before the race.  Since this was only the 15K distance, I went light on this one by doing away with  the hydration bag and just bring a simple hydration bottle.

My Newton Boco AT Green Meets The Newton Boco AT Pink

Jonel, the race director gave us a few reminders.  One of them was to follow the orange ribbons along the course so we won’t get lost.  I think that’s one of the challenges in trails is how to make sure you don’t get lost especially when you are too drawn by the view and you miss out on the markers.  I hope I don’t get lost for this one though I probably visualized the course in my mind coming from my previous races here.  After the reminders, it was the much awaited gun start.

Using Ahon.PH gaiters again so I won’t have any debris inside my shoes from the dirt tracks of Nuvali.

I was swayed by the fast start of many runners and started fast too.  Upon checking my watch, we were going around 5:30 – 6:00 minute per kilometer pace for the first kilometer.  That was way to fast for me especially on trails where I usually settle for a run walk mix that would have me finishing a kilometer within 10 minutes.  I started to walk as I wanted to pull down from this pace group and when I was away from the speedsters.  I then resumed my run walk scheme.  I would run 1 to 2 minutes and have a walking rest for 30 seconds.  The first stretch of trail was almost 3 kilometers and with the fast starts and the steady pace, it felt like a breeze.  It was a short road with a climb to the rotunda and a descent to Nuvali Boulevard for the first aid station.  I just took a glass of Gatorade and didn’t refill my bottle since it was still a bit full.

Meeting the Great Jared (who’s doing 50K for this one) at Aid Station One.

We then entered the trail at the right side of Nuvali Boulevard.  This was about 5 kilometers worth of fields, dirt tracks, fire trails,rough roads and a lot of tall grass.  It was also a mental challenge as it felt endless especially with the false flat course that had us on the climb for the next 5 kilometers.  I remember telling a group of runners at around kilometer 4 that it’s about 3.5 kilometers to the u-turn slot.  I did quickly corrected myself, make that probably 4 or more kilometers to go before the u-turn as knowing Jonel, he’ll surely give us an extra surprise on the distance.  That’s the other thing I like about trails, it’s not as accurate as road measurements but you love taking the extra kilometers because of the view.

Bumping into Vanj (Upper Left), Allan (Upper Right), Pat (Lower Left) and Rene (Lower Right)

It was nice bumping into friends along the way.  I rarely asked who’s racing before an event, I just know that I’ll bump into them along the course.  I started seeing familiar faces approaching the u-turn.  About 7 kilometers into the race, I entered a rough road area with a view of the mountains and that just means that the u-turn is near and just like I guessed, the course would be more than 15K, which is well and good in my books.  I started speeding up towards the u-turn slot.  There’s something about u-turn that sends you counting down the kilometers left rather than stressing over the kilometers to go.

The Views are so refreshing here – Photo by Rai Cabanig

After the u-turn, I was contemplating on slowing down but since the next parts were descent, I ended up moving faster.  I had to conserve my water reserve though as I have about a fourth of the bottle for the next 5 kilometers to go.  I would just have a few sips after a few run-walk sequence.  The road back felt faster with the descent and of course, my need to refill water bottle at the water station.  It was one effort after the other until I reached the water station at about 13 kilometers into the race.

Heading back!!!

I had several glass of Gatorade and water to drink plus I had another cup to splash on my head as it was already getting hot.  I also ate watermelon and had a few chat with friends manning the aid stations.  I went back to the course with the road to the rotunda and the last 2.5 kilometers of trail.  It was also getting hot as I slowed down a bit.  I still added a few run efforts in this stretch to cut my time heading to the finish line.

Coming out of a huge concrete pipe was part of the course.

After crossing the huge concrete pipe, I knew that it was just over a kilometer over the race.  I shifted to brisk walks coupled with a few runs until we reached the concrete portion which is about 300 meters to the finished line.  I added more runs here until I reached the final 100 meters where I gave it a last push for a strong finish. That was a really fun course. Great Job Front Runner Team!

To The Finish!!!

Outfit of The Race

Green and Orange Combo

  • Race top: Berghaus with #TaleOfTheTrail design by Breakout Design
  • Shorts, Visor, Compression Calf Sleeves and Socks – Under Armour
  • Shoes – Newton Boco AT
  • GPS Watch – Suunto Ambit 2S
  • Eyewear – Salice
  • Gaiters – Ahon.PH
  • Camera – Go Pro Hero 3+
  • Hydration – Simple Hydration
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Under Armour holds Leg 2 of the Earn Your Armour Challenge at UP Town Center

#UnderArmourPH #EarnYourArmour resumed at the UP Town Center last June 28, 2015 with another round of Fight Form challenges with celebrities and athletes joining the action.  The Fight Form Workout is a brainchild of Coach Erwin Tagle, “the Philippine Bruce Lee.”  It utilizes the various martial arts movements in a no-contact format.  There were also several exhibition Jiu-jitsu matches held before the Fight Form: Elite Edition

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Fight Form: Elite Edition

Wearing my Under Armour Curry One for this Event

I was lucky enough to get to try the Fight Form workout at Ultimate Fitness last month and it’s a tough one as you have to do several routines in succession.  The program utilizes the movements in various martial arts as base workouts in a no-contact format.  The high intensity workout lets athletes practice mixed martial arts movements such as jabs, kicks, sprawl and brawl and others without the need of a sparring partner.  Aside from the overall fitness challenge of the workouts,  I find it something fun to do since you get to feel the actual fight situations and the equivalent workouts without the risk of physical injury.

That’s me doing the Fight Form Exercise at Ultimate Fitness last month

I recommend the Fight Form Exercise for Fitness Enthusiasts and Mixed Martial Arts Fans who would want to get the feel of the different forms of Martial Arts.  It can be a great fitness routine and a habit that gives you a full workout in minutes.  This is the reason that I came to appreciate the Under Armour Earn Your Armour Challenge – Fight Form : Elite Edition, which is now on its second leg.  The second leg follows the same format of the first leg with several fight form routines and an endurance routine.  Athletes were scored based on number of repetitions per movement within a set time or the maximum time to sustain a particular movement or position in the form of planks and squat.

Blue-Belt World Champion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Meggie Ochoa graced the event.

As a Prelude to the Fight Form Challenges at UP Town Center, various martial artists demonstrated their skills to the audience.  The demonstrations included Muay Thai, Wushu, Wrestling, Capoeira and Mixed Martial Arts.  There were also several Jiu-Jitsu matches which included a match between actors Sid Lucero and Rocco Nacino.  Blue Belt World Champion for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Meggie Ochoa also gave a demonstration of the sport.

Rocco Nacino (Wearing Captain America UA Shirt) vs Sid Lucero (Wearing Iron Man UA Shirt).

Aside from being able to watch the exhibition matches, the crowd also got a better appreciation of the different martial arts and the different athletes who was part of the matches and demonstrations.

Jiu-Jitsu Exhibition Matches at the Event.

The Second leg of the “Fight Form: Elite Edition” is part of the Earn Your Armour online fitness challenge, which is open to all Under Armour fans. Participants get the chance to win exciting prices from Under Armour, including apparel and footwear.  Participant joined via where they can download the Endomondo Fitness app to receive the challenges and log their accomplishments.  At the end of the series, the participants with the highest number of points get to bring home a full suit of Under Armour apparel and footwear.

Celebrity Siblings Paolo and Bubbles Paraiso doing the Fight Form Challenges

The main event of Leg 2 was the Fight Form challenges where a total of fifty-six representatives from various gyms throughout Metro Manila and Isabela showed their strength, endurance, agility through a battery of exercises.  The partner gyms included Ultimate Fitness, Fitness Camp, Absolute Fitness Isabela, Anytime Fitness, Safehouse and Spartacus.  Celebrity Siblings Paolo and Bubbles Paraiso also joined the challenges and demonstrated the fun intensity of the Fight Form Workout.  The participant showed their toughness and endurance with the workouts and some of the participants had to do their workouts in the cold of the rain.  This definitely gave everybody a tougher time but the rain didn’t deter the determined Earning their Armour.  Great Job Guys!!!

Under Armour has grown its presence in the Filipino market and they have partnered with elite Filipino athletes like Volleyball Superstar Gretchen Ho.  It has also famous athletes-celebrities like Piolo Pascual, Luis Manzano, Robi Domingo, all of them being self-confessed, long-time users of UA even before it hit the Philippine Market. Under Armour’s roster of global athletes includes the most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps, American Ballet Theatre soloist Misty Copeland, recently signed 2013 Wimbledon Champion Andy Murray, Record Breaking America skier Lindsey Vonn and 2014-2015 NBA MVP and Champion Stephen Curry.  They are also the technical partner and kit manufacture for TottenHotpsur of Barclays Premiere League.

Under Armour is exclusively distributed by Triple Pte Ltd.   Their Philippine Stores are located at Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, SM Megamall Building A, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City and UP Town Center at Katipunan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City.

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Breakout Interactive Theater Presents: WHODUNNIT

Solving the Crime is the name of the game!!! Why not star in your own movie complete with clues to find, suspects to interrogate and a murder mystery to solve??? Breakout Interactive Theater, Whodunnit lets you be a detective for a night.  Follow leads, unravel clues, interact with different people as you gather as much evidence that would lead you to the killer.  The real-life detective action adventure happens on July 11, 2015 at the Commercenter, Filinvest City, Alabang. So what to do next??? Elementary my dear friend, head on to to Register!!!

Read About:

Breakout Philippines

We’ve seen Breakout Philippines bring in the premiere escape room game in the country and people were tested in different rooms and circumstances if they can breakout in 45 minutes.  Breakout Philippines unlocks a whole new side to theatrical entertainment with Breakout Interactive Theater and launching of their first ever public event entitled, WHODUNNIT.  Experience it first-hand what it feels like to be a detective for a night! Feel like a star of your very own movie that will test all your seven senses. Immerse yourselves in a crime scene for one night where you’ll be running around looking for clues, interrogating suspects, and investigating crime scenes! And yes, running may or may not be required.

I’m a fan of murder-mystery whether it be in the movies or TV Series like CSI, NCIS and others or even the iphone Game Criminal Case.  It’s just really mind-bending to go over cases and circumstances, getting one clue after another and seeing improbable culprit from the long-list of suspects.  It keeps you hooked and mesmerized with the different leads send the case to some twist, turns and surprises in the story.  You just don’t know what happens next.  The fun part of a mystery is that it keeps you guessing and seeing alternate resolutions of the case before it comes with a surprising but justifiable ending.  WHODUNNIT brings you into the shoe of the detective and who does not want to test out the inner Sherlock Holmes in them and unlock the mystery and solve the case.

This night is perfect for all the detectives at heart. It is a complete experience that comes with a 2-course dinner from The Belly Rub, and prizes for the top groups. Best detective and press costumes will also be awarded!  You’ll make a lot of choices during the night but you’ll also have the options to book the adventure with or without meals.  Bring your friends and form a team of 5 people and go write your own murder mystery novel as it happens.  I’m sure your super sleuthing senses is telling you to sign up now, so just head over to for more information and to register.

Breakout Interactive Theater is brought to you by Runtertainment, Inc.  Runtertainment is the team behind Outbreak Manila — the 5-km zombie infested fun run, Breakout Philippines — the country’s premiere escape room game, and the 1,000 ft slip-and-slide for Slidefest Philippines.  The people from Runtertainment are among the most creative people I’ve met and worked with. They’ve added new facets in their event as well as introduced innovative events throughout the years.  That’s just me saying that, you’re in for a really intense, mind-boggling, heartbeat-stopping and fun-filled adventure during WHODUNNIT.

Event Details

Date and Venue:

  • July 11, 2015, 6PM, Commercenter, Filinvest City, Alabang


  • Package A: Without Meals – P1,200 per person (Inclusive of detective notebook, pen, and accusation sheets)
  • Package B: With Meals – P1,500 per person (Inclusive of detective notebook, pen, and accusation sheets)
    • Meals will be provided by Belly Rub


  • Online Reservation and Payment: Via Bookeo
    • Includes additional P50 per person Bookeo Reservation fee
  • Bank Deposit
    • Email with the SUBJECT: BIT WHODUNNIT RESERVATION to get the bank details.
    • Provide number of participants, package you are choosing and for Package B your preferred Menu
    • Wait for the bank details and confirmation email within 24 hours
    • Send a scanned copy of the deposit slip within 24 hours to finalize confirmation


  • Be at least 15 minutes in the venue as arriving late would less time for the case and you may miss out on the briefing.
  • Open to all ages but children below 13 years old should be accompanied by adults
  • Detective style clothes might help to sharpen your mind. Wear comfortable clothes but refrain from wearing heels
  • Payment is non-refundable but transferable – email for changes
  • No baggage area so be mindful of your own belongings.
  • No outside food and drinks in the area.


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Incoming: Sofitel Manila Half Marathon 2015

I’ve watched Sofitel Runs evolve from a very unique Battle of the Sexes concept to be among the premier half marathons during the year.  One thing common of all the runs is that the cause to support Virlanie Foundation.  #SofitelManilaHalfMarathon is back on August 16, 2015 at the SM Mall of Asia Grounds with 5K, 10K and 21K categories. Expect the usual seamless Runrio execution and the feel good running environment that comes with the warmth of supporting the cause of the street kids at Virlanie.

Read about:

Sofitel Manila Half Marathon

Left: Sofitel Battle of the Sexes 2013, Right Sofitel Half Marathon 2014

Through the years, Sofitel Manila was able to help Virlanie Foundation coming from the proceeds of Sofitel runs.  Virlanie Foundation is a foundation that cares for children in need of special protection; those who are abandoned, abused, exploited, neglected, orphaned, poor.  The funds raised for them can allow Virlanie to help more kids – take them away from the discomfort of the streets and help them establish a better life.  Your participation goes a long way in uplifting lives.  I guess if we go with the cycle of giving out a helping hand, we end up with a better community.

Come join us on August 16, 2015.

Sofitel always gave us a good run with the adrenaline-pumping battle of the sexes and the really scenic Sofitel Manila Half Marathon last year that gave participant a great experience and a really warm heart from helping the cause of Virlanie. Sofitel Manila Half Marathon 2015 is also an appreciation of the heritage in the city as you get to run with the panoramic view of Manila Bay and passing by the Rizal Park along Roxas Boulevard.  The run is also among the most participated runs with 4,500 runners joining last year and is aimed to be at par with international races like the Singapore Marathon.  There would be 3 categories with 5K, 10K and 21K distances to be held at SM Mall of Asia that can cater to all type of runners from newbies to more experienced long distance specialists.  Sofitel Manila Half Marathon would also be a green run as runners would be encouraged to bring water bottles for refilling at designated hydration stations and thus minimizing the use of plastic and paper cups.  Let’s run for wellness! Let’s run for the environment! Let’s Run for the Kids at Virlanie.

Join us at #SofitelManilaHalfMarathon

This event is co-presented by the Philippine National Bank and Cebu Pacific GetGo. The Sofitel Manila Half Marathon is made possible by the following sponsors: Gatorade, Timex, Salonpas, Subaru, Althaus Philippines, Star Xpo Enterprises, Delsan Office Systems, The Real Deal Company, The Cream Factory, Certified Calm, Kleen Kanteen, Toesox and TFC & Saforelle. Media partners include: ANC The ABS-CBN News Channel, AXN and Sony Channels, Businessworld, Fox International Channels, Philippine Daily Inquirer and The Philippine Star.

Race Details

Singlet design

Date and Venue:

  • August 16, 2015, SM Mall of Asia

Distance and Fees:

  • 5K, P750
  • 10K, P850
  • 21K, P950
    • Includes bib, timing tag and singlet.
    • Finisher Shirt and Finisher Medals for 21K finishers

Finisher Shirts for 21K Finishers

Finisher Medals for 21K Finishers


  • Online: (June 23 – August 2, 2015)
  • In Store (July 20- August 9, 2015)
    • Toby’s SM Mall of Asia
    • Toby’s Robinson’s Galleria
    • Toby’s Trinoma
    • Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila

Assembly / Gunstart:

Race Updates:

Race Maps:

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Enervon Activ Holds #WeGotYourBike Promo

I got my bike a few years ago and it led me to new milestones I never expected.  I was able to enjoy biking outdoors, cross train with it and eventually finish several duathlons in between.  When it comes to fitness goals, we always find new ones. It can be a longer distance, faster time or a new discipline like Multisports.  Enervon Activ can prepare you physically for the tougher grind ahead with its powerful energy boosters, immunity strengtheners and improved muscle control.  They also got your bike covered as well as other fitness rewards in their #WeGotYourBike promo.

Read About:

On Biking and Duathlons

That’s Me at my very first duathlon in 2012 at Filinvest City

Biking came to me as the next step after running. I had friends who were among the first to enter the sports at the start of the boom and I was right there outside looking inside the world of multisports until I got my bike.  It’s a bit pricey of an investment but I’m just glad to have my bike.  It turns out that biking is a great way to cross train when you are running as it strengthens the quads and speeds up your cadence.  I started with my bike as a way to cross train and that resulted for me running faster and stronger.  Then I signed up for my first duathlon and I had to invest on road handling skills and a have better feel of the road.  It was a struggle from managing your gears as you pass different terrains to being comfortable on the saddle and on the moving traffic.

Getting more comfortable by the minute.

When I crossed my first duathlon finish line.  It felt really satisfying that I felt all the peso spent for my bike was worth it as not everybody does duathlons.  I started to do more duathlons and bike outdoors, as well as, get to experience the falls too.  Funny, how your first bike crash is like an affirmation that you are a cyclists.  It’s part of the learning process to be a better cyclist.  It was also fun to attend camps from getting to try out the challenging climbs at Tagaytay and Cavite to having a scenic ride at Subic or Clark.  Owning a bike was one of my best investments.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving – Einstein

Trainings are always hard to manage for me as I also have a regular job and I also maintain this site.  I had to invest hours of training and about 100-150 kilometers per week and it just gets longer as I progressed.  Training consistency is important to keep me fit for all my activities.  I was just glad that Enervon Activ has all the right vitamins and minerals I need in my system. As I’ve had my fitness lifestyle, I’ve also have taking Enervon Activ as my daily habit.   It helps me build stamina and give me all the energy as I manage to balance all the activities in life.

  • In managing several sports disciplines, you have to be full of energy.  You have to manage your energy reserves as you run, bike and also do core workouts.  Enervon Activ has powerful energy boosters in Vitamin B, Ginseng and Royal Jelly.   It keeps you on the go as you shift from one activity to the other.
  • Training also requires consistency as you need to build up from your previous workouts to progress.  Training gains are lost from periods of inactivity so it’s really important to be consistent.  You have to recover fast and be free from sickness.  Enervon Activ has immunity strengtheners in Vitamin A, C, E and Zinc.  It keeps you healthy and ready for the next workout in your program.
  • When you race or train, you also need the right nutrients in your muscle to prevent muscle failure.  Insufficient or imbalance of minerals and nutrients in your system can lead to cramps and other form of muscle failures.  Enervon Activ gives you improved muscle control with Mineral SIUM 5XTM formula (Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium).  You can focus on performance and just giving it your best shot.

#WeGotYourBike Promo (Promo Period: JUNE 15, 2015 – OCTOBER 15, 2015)

You don’t have to be outside looking inside the world of multisports as Enervon Activ has the We Got Your Bike Promo.  It’s loaded with prizes that includes the Grand Prize of P100,000 worth of items at Light N’ Up Marketing, which you could use to get your bike + P20,000 worth of Zoot Products, which you can use to buy your gears (Shoes, Cycling Jersey and Shorts and others). You can also opt to use the amount for other items of Light N’ Up and Zoot.  You can check out full promo details here:

There’s also a lot of fitness packages that would go to  63 Consolation Prize Winners as follows:

Enervon Activ We Got Your Bike Promo is just loaded with prizes and I also personally entered by following these 4 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Buy 10 pieces of Enervon Activ on a single receipt from any

  • Participating stores: Mercury Drug, Watsons, South Star Drug, Rose Pharmacy, St Joseph Drugstore, HB1, Metro Gaisano, Puregold, Robinsons Supermarket, Rustan’s, SaveMore, Shopwise, SM, 7Eleven, FamilyMart and all participating supermarkets and drugstores.

I just bought 10 pieces of Enervon Activ at Mercury Drug in Leviste.

Step 2: Take a clear photo or scanned copy of the Official Receipt (OR)

Make Sure that the Photo or Scanned Copy is Readable

Step 3: Email the photo or scanned copy of the OR together with your Complete Name, Address, Contact Number, Birthdate, Gender, and Civil Status to

Attach the Photo and make sure to add your details.

Step 4: Wait for the email confirmation of receipt of entry within 48 hours. This will serve as your proof of raffle entry.

Yey, I got my Email Confirmation for My Entry.

It was that easy and I was able to send my entry.  From the grand prize to the consolation prize, all of these could really do me well in keeping up with my fit lifestyle.  Whether you run, you bike, you walk, you trek, you swim or you do other sports and workout, joining this promo can really boost your resources for your gears and training.

I got my bike, it’s time to get yours by joining the Enervon Activ We Got Your Bike Promo

I like what I’m seeing that almost all fitness activities are booming.  There are a steady amount of road races.  There is a growing amount of trail runs.  There is a growing number of mountain climbers.  There are more people doing aquathlons, duathlons and triathlons.  There are new fitness activities emerging.  The trend for fitness is really booming so if you’re in the couch looking at this, this promo can jumpstart you to a fit lifestyle.  Newbies and progressive athletes would surely love to train and race in new gears.  The Enervon Activ We Got Your Bike promo is just a win – win situation as you get the vitamins and energy reserve you need and you get a chance to win a lot of cool gears and items.

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#MensHealth Launches MensHealth.PH with #YouImproved Project

I have a new look and so does Men’s Health Philippines.  Men’s Health gave us an exclusive self improvement experience last June 20, 2015 at Sports Barbers, SM Mall of Asia as part of #MHYouImprovedProject.  The makeover doesn’t stop with us though as Men’s Health is going online with MensHealth.PH.  It’s a bigger, stronger and faster way to connect with their readers as they are now available 24/7 with fresh contents and new concepts.

Read About:

#MHYouImproved Project

Having a Haircut while reading the fresh posts from MensHealth.PH

I remember that a lot of our father and son bonding time when I was a kid happened in the barber shop. It’s our time together and from having a fresh haircut, to seeing my dad sharing stories with our favorite barber and to the obligatory meal or snack after the hair cut.  It was father’s day every time it was time for a haircut.  Though I got to enjoy this process only a few years because my dad eventually passed away when I was 16.  I did remember the last thing he taught me was how to shave my then growing beard at 4th year high school.  It was a right of passage and I guess that was the last lesson I needed to learn before he can let me go in life.  Being in a barber shop on father’s day just brings up my father’s memories and I guess even if he was only there half of my life, he did a great job in molding me to be a responsible person.

I definitely need a haircut and a shave.

It was just perfect Father’s Day and a day at the barber.  I’m just glad that after the growth of saloons around the Metro, there are now also a large number of barber shops to choose from and Sports Barbers is one of them.  It just brings back the father and son bonding times memories.  Men’s Health plucked out an ace in their pocket by choosing a barber shop for Father’s Day. It’s where men wants to be pampered and yes, Men’s Health did pamper us for this one.  Aside from the complimentary grooming services including haircut, shave, shampoo, massage and nail cleaning, we also got a hearty meal provided by Burger Lab and loads products and services including Gilette, Safe Guard and Head and Shoulders as well as Men’s Health Workout kits to push us to train better.

Baber shop time

Aside from a chance to talk to your barber, having a haircut is also your alone time where you can read up on newspapers and magazine.  In this case, we had tablets and viewing the newly launched website.  I always love reading while having my haircut. I gave my barber a free rein on what he wants to do with my hair, so can use this time to be entertained browsing over the website.  I love the feature on the benefits of working out in the wild since I just love to do treks and trails.  There are features on how getting abs requires exercising all your muscle groups and not just through crunches.  Then there’s a feature on Valeen Montenegro on having a sense of humor.  I got a lot of reading time since I got the full range of service available that day (Haircut, Shave, Shampoo and Nail Cleaning) and that’s the advantage of booking for an earlier time slot that day.

And here’s how it turned out.

I liked how it turned out, I hope you like it too.  By the way, Sports Barbers is located at SM Mall of Asia. They also have other branches mainly in the south area.  I also enjoyed the other pampering services.  Of course, the pampering services became even better with the exclusive first look of Men’s Health Philippines website, MensHealth.PH. I’m really excited with the website as the Philippines is such an internet savvy country. This can give faster and timely features for fitness advocates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Check out Men’s Health Magazine too.

Men’s Health June Issue is also now available on newsstands and in book stores, convenience stores and super markets nationwide.  A digital edition of Men’s Health is also available for download on your mobile through Apple Newsstand, Buqo and Zino.

For more details visit,  Follow Men’s Health on Facebook at, on twitter and instagram @MensHealthPH

With Blogger Rene Villarta, Grace Enriquez and Anya Ong of Summit Media

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adidas Introduces the #YEZZYBOOST 350

Kayne West and #AdidasOriginals has collaborated to come up with the #YEZZYBOOST and it’s first collection was sold out last February at the New York Fashion Week. Mark your calendars as the next collection, YEZZYBOOST 350 would be available globally including Manila on June 27.  It’s armed with adidas #BOOST Technology, Primeknit feature, Second Skin Fit and a fabulous style.

Read About:

Adidas Originals YEZZYBOOST 350

Rapper, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur and fashion designer Kayne West and adidas originals worked together to come up with a shoe which was presented at the New York Fashion Week and the results was the YEZZYBOOST.  It was immediately sold out upon release.  You just have to admire Kayne West for his creativity and style and it’s no wonder why he’s among the upper echelon of the music world.

If you’ve missed the first shoes, don’t worry as West and adidas will release the second sneaker developed in their close collaboration: the YEEZY BOOST 350. Launching globally on June 27, the trainer features an upper composed entirely of adidas’ Primeknit: a breakthrough material developed using the latest digital engineering methods to fit like a second skin. Leveraging adidas BOOST™’s highly responsive properties, the shoe boasts the ultimate in comfort and performance, ensuring that the wearer’s every step is hyper-charged with an endless supply of light, fast energy.

The YEEZY BOOST 350 is composed of beautiful yet simple materials, speaking to West’s ambition of creating a clean, modern, effortless template for footwear and apparel. By fusing adidas’ unparalleled engineering with a timeless aesthetic, the YEEZY BOOST 350 presents a fearless step into the future of style.

The YEEZY BOOST 350 will be available on and will drop exclusively at the adidas x Sole Academy Pop-Up Store in BGC on June 27. It will also be accessible through the adidas Confirmed app in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, a first-of-its-kind sneaker reservation mobile application. The updated app – available in the Apple app store and Google Play- allows consumers to sign-up, reserve, and pick-up their sneakers all through smart phones. The launch will be set to a staggered schedule, unlocking reservation capabilities from East to West.

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Twitter / Instagram @adidasOriginals

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Veloci Powered Philippine Athletics Brings Home 21 Medals from The SEA Games

Philippine Athletics Team in Singapore for the SEA Games – Photo by Ramon Tan Mangila of Pix and Reel Republic

The Future is Bright for Philippine Athletics Team as they brought home 5 gold medals, 7 silver medals and 9 bronze medals at the recently concluded South East Asian Games in Singapore.  That’s 8 more medals from the 13 medals it won 2 years ago.  It doesn’t stop there as PATAFA aims to send more qualifiers to the 2016 Rio Olympics aside from Eric Cray who already qualified for the event.  I hope this is the start of another Golden Era in the field of Athletics especially with private companies like L Timestudio and Veloci actively supporting the athletes.

Read About:

Team Philippines

Team Philippines Athletics is powered by Veloci Time

Over the last few weeks, we’ve witnessed every nail-biting moments as our Athletes went all out to be a medalist in the SEA Games and be able to have our flag hosted up high on every wins we have.  We took a while in our busy schedule to check on the results and the medal tally.  We screamed with each wins.  We felt the pain of defeat and failure.  Win or lose, we stood by our athletes as they competed at the SEA Games.  The Philippine Athletic Team was proud to contribute 21 medals with a haul of 5 gold medals, 7 silver medals and 9 bronze medals as  follows:

Gold Medalists

  • Eric Shauwn Cray (100m with a time of 10.25s, New Philippine Record and 400m hurdles with a time of 49.40s, New SEA Games Record)
  • Caleb John Christian Stuart (Hammer Throw with a distance of 65.63m, New SEA Games Record)
  • Kayla Anise Richardson (100m with a time of 11.76s)
  • Christopher Ulboc Jr. (3000m Steeplechase with a time of 8:59:07)

Silver Medalists

  • Ernest John Obiena (Pole Vault with a distance of 5.25M
  • Jesson Ramil Cid (Decathlon with 7,065 points)
  • Mary Joy Tabal (Marathon with a time of 3:04:39)
  • Kayla Anise Richardson (200m with a time of 23.71s)
  • Mervin Guarte (800m with a time of 1:51.47 and 1500m with a time of 3:48.06)
  • Archand Christian Bagsit, Edgardo Alejan Jr., Ryan Bigyan and Joan Caido (4×400 with a time of 3:06.84)

Bronze Medalists

  • Marestella Torres (Long Jump with a distance of 6.41m)
  • Janry Unbas (Decathlon with 6,796 points)
  • Rosie Villarito (Javelin Throw with a distance of 48.44m)
  • Riezel Buenaventure (Pole Vault with a distance of 3.60m)
  • Patrick Ma. Unso(110m Hurdles with a time of 14.12s)
  • Narcisa Atienza(Heptathlon with 4,798 points)
  • Donovant Arriola Jr.(Long Jump with a distance of 7.51m)
  • Edgardo Alejan Jr.(400m with a time of 47.08s)
  • Jessica Lyn Barnard (3,000m Steeplechase with a time of 10:36.90)

PATAFA President Philip Ella Juico sharing the proud moments in the field of Athletics)

“The name of the game is total medals. It’s how many times our athletes reach the podium. Each time we win a medal, it is a shining tribute to our country and we see our flag raised in victory and pride”, says Philip Ella Juico, President of PATAFA.

The Athletics team gave the country 21 medals, which was a 62% improvement from the medal haul in the last SEA  Games.  Led by double Gold medalist and double games record setter Eric Shaun Cray (100 Meter Dash and 400 Meter hurdles) and last day of competition heroics of Christopher Ulboc in the 300m Steeplechase, the Philippines Athletics team highlighted a number of outstanding performances by young up-and-comers who stand poised to represent the country in upcoming international competitions such as the Olympics and World Championships.

Olympic Qualifier Eric Cray leads the country’s medal haul with gold medals in 100m and 400m Hurdles. – Photo by Ramon Tan Mangila of Pix & Reel Republik

“Eric Cray is already qualified for the Olympics in Rio, and is ranked top 10 in the world in the 400 Hurdles. This is a huge achievement to have a bona-fide qualifier from the Philippines. We are targeting to have perhaps 2-3 more before the 2016 Olympic Games open in Rio”, says Juico.

EJ Oblena is among our rising stars in Pole Vault – Photo by Ramon Tan Mangila of Pix & Reel Republik

If PATAFA achieves this, it will be a complete turnaround from past years where the country’s representatives in track and field were mainly exempt (non-qualified) athletes. Possible bets to make the cut before Rio 2016 and join Cray are young pole vaulter E.J Obiena, who continues to smash the national record on a monthly basis; and, 2-time Olympian Marestella Torres in long jump.

Kayla Richardson brings home the gold in the 100m and the Silver in the 200m – Photo by Ramon Tan Mangila of Pix and Reel Republik

A huge highlight of these games was the double Gold medal victory in the 100 meters, won by Cray and Kayla Richardson, hence anointing Philippines as “The speed capital of Southeast Asia”.

“It was a shocking performance and we overtook traditional sprinting powers Vietnam and Thailand.  Never in the history of the SEA Games have we taken the sprint crown in both men’s and women’s 100 meters,” Juico stated.

Caleb John Christian Stuart tops the Hammer Throw event with a new SEA Games Record of 65.63m – Photo by Ramon Tan Mangila of Pix and Reel Republik

In these 2015 SEA Games in Singapore, the athletics team did not go without heartbreak, with several prior champions failing to again attain the gold medal. Most notable among these athletes was Jason Ramil Cid in Decathlon, Archand Bagsit in 400 meters, and Marestella Torres in Long Jump.

“Whilst some may be focused solely on Gold Medals, we are not. A podium finish is what matters. This is sports. Sometimes there is an injury. Sometimes a fraction of a second means the difference between Gold and Silver. We must be wise and celebrate the achievement and not nit-pick. In 3 races we had photo finishes and we got the silver in all 3. Give us another tenth of a second we would have 3 more gold medals”, says Juico.

Christopher Ulboc Jr. wins gold in the 3000m Steeplechase – Photo by Ramon Tan Mangila of Pix & Reel Republik.

Juico continues, “We should be applauding Marestella Torres. She is 34 years old. She had a baby who is now only 1 year old. She came all the way back, qualified and medaled in her event, and was only beaten by two world class jumps by the Vietnamese and Indonesian, both breaking their national records. It required national record jumps, a perfect day, to beat her. Marestella is a tribute to mothers everywhere who combine motherhood with excellence in other facets of life. She is a hero for getting onto that podium.”

Maristela Torres still doesn’t let motherhood stop her from making our country proud – Photo by Ramon Tan Mangila of Pix & Reel Republik.

The facts are the facts. A +62% medal improvement is a major step-change and makes athletics one of the bright spots of the Philippines performance. If all NSAs had achieved a similar result, the country would have won a total of 155 medals and finished a few notches higher. In the end, Philippines attained only 125 medals.

Philippine Team Modeling for Veloci Time. – Photo by Ramon Tan Mangila of Pix and Reel Republik

Veloci Time and L Timestudio witnessed the “blood and sweat” performances of all our athletes. Intense speed, breathtaking jumps and powerful throws were unleashed with the hope of attaining glory for our country. There were victorious moments and there were unsuccessful attempts. But the remarkable effort of each athlete as they fought for a triumphant finish is what really matters. They will continue to extend our support with the hope of uplifting our athletes.

I won another Veloci Watch

I was also lucky enough to win my second Veloci Watch, which I may say is the perfect sponsor for athletics.  I like their tagline, Live the seconds because it’s so appropriate when it comes to athletics.  Those little seconds could have easily been another gold or another medal.  Every seconds matter in this sports and in life.  Stop holding back on life, go for the things that matter. Live each moment and make an impact.  Veloci combines a lot of features in a single watch and remains affordable and fashionable.  So don’t let the seconds go away, check out L Timestudio boutiques nationwide to choose the Veloci watch that’s perfect for you.

To the Philippine Athletics Team, you are all HEROES. WE SALUTE YOU!

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Join the Health Junkie Bootcamp at The Playground

The focus on fitness has grown significantly.  With that growth comes choices and variety in the different fitness activities. Health Junkie brings you several fitness activities in zumba, crossfit and yoga in a single day coupled with some talks on Skin Care and Nutrition. So save the date, June 20, 2015 and head to the playground for a full days worth of Fitness activities.

Fitness is a Lifestyle

Some work out because they want that picture perfect beach body to showcase on summer. Well, fitness doesn’t end with summer as it’s a year round affair, rain or shine.  We need to invest in our own fitness since it’s more of a lifestyle than a spur of the moment hobby.  Fitness gains can be preserved with consistent effort and that goes a long way when it comes to your overall health.  The good thing about the fitness boom is you have choices.  You don’t have to be stuck on certain sports or activity, you can try so many alternative workouts so it won’t get dragging.  You have Zumba that can give you a party and fun mode while shedding off the excess pounds.  You have yoga that can strengthen your core and improve your breathing.  Then there’s crossfit that gives you a complete workout faster.  You get to try all of these at Health Junkie Boot Camp.

Health Junkie is inviting you to attend Health Junkie Bootcamp: Play All Day at The Playground on June 20, 2015, Saturday, 9 AM – 5 PM. Enjoy an entire day of fun fitness and talks about skin care and nutrition. The Playground is located at 3rd Floor Molave Bldg, 2231 Chino Roces Ave, Makati City

Map to the Playground

  • 8:00 – 9:00 AM Registration
  • 9:00 – 9:45 AM Zumba
  • 10:00 – 10:45 AM Skin Care Talk
  • 11:00 – 11:30 AM Circuit Training
  • 2:00 – 3:00 PM Flow Yoga
  • 3:15 – 4:00 PM Nutrition Talk
  • 4:15 – 5:00 PM Zumba Party

Get freebies and shop from participating merchants — Vitamin Boost, Lightwater, Ann’s Dairy Free Ice Cream, and more. Consult with Ms. Lyka Bugtong, RND after her talk on Body Image and Food Choices for FREE!

Get a chance to win a 4D/3N trip for two to Club Agutaya, Long Beach in Palawan courtesy of our friends at The Playground. More details will be announced on June 20, so come and join us!

Entrance fee is P400 per fitness class and you get to attend both talks for free. Attend all classes and pay only P800 (SAVE P800)! Register until June 18 and get P50 off. To register and to know more, visit


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The North Face 100 Philippines 2015 #TNF100PH2015

After two weeks of being in sick bay, I’m glad to be in the finish line at TNF100 for the 22K category.

18.5K of the 22K category, the Marshall asked me if I can still finish the race after having a bad case of cramps on my calves.  Of course, it’s just 3.5 kilometers to go.  Adversity is what makes #TNF100PH2015 among the toughest and challenging test of endurance for hardcore runners.  I witnessed the difficulties of the 50K and 100K runners struggle with the altitude, terrain, heat and the unfamiliarity of the race course in our media rounds. Hats off to those who came to break all boundaries regardless of the finish as challenging your personal limits is a victory in itself. For me, I’m just glad to see myself back in the finish line after more than 2 weeks in sickbay. #TheNorthFace

Read about:

The North Face 100

Left: 2013 TNF 22K, Center 2014 TNF 22K and Right: 2015 TNF 22K

The North Face 100 is among the races I keep doing yearly having done the 22 kilometers in Baguio the last two years.  I was back at the starting line for the 22K category at Nuvali this year.  It was not easy though this time as I missed significant time from training. I had been battling coughs and colds for the past two weeks, which also had me missing a big race and all the trainings for the rest of the time.  Up until the start of the race, I still am trying to find a way to manage the cough.  It was a game time decision for me and in any case, I set my expectations very low for my performance because of the coughs.  I had a better experience though as I joined the media team in covering the race on June 12, 2015 for the 50K and 100K categories.

The Beauty of Tagaytay Highlands.

The North Face remains one of the leading outdoor brands for five decades now.  It has provided authentic, technically innovative outdoor gear and apparel for active lifestyle enthusiasts.  TNF has been actively supporting top athletes as well as holding groundbreaking events like the TNF 100.  TNF 100 was inspired by the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc race in Europe, a single stage mountain ultramarathon that takes place once a year in the Alps, of which the main sponsor is also The North Face and is hailed as the most challenging test of endurance for hardcore runners.

Hello Nuvali!!!

Like the UTMB which is widely regarded as the most difficult foot race in Europe, it is TNF’s mission to elevate the standards of the community and urge runners to defy their limits. Once more, TNF100 did exactly that as it hosted the Philippine-leg of the competition last June 12 to 13 at Nuvali, Tagaytay, and Batangas.  TNF100 Philippines have grown from a 100 participants in 2008 to nearly 2,000 as it has come to be most highly anticipated trail running event that offers a truly unique experience and immensely challenging terrain. Over the years, TNF100 have had races in challenging and diverse terrains including ones in Clark, Batangas, Camsur, and Baguio, Benguet. This year, the route began and ended at Nuvali in Sta. Rosa Laguna, and encompassed the scenic trails of Tagaytay and Cavite all the way to Talisay, Batangas.

Trying out the tougher part of the 50K and 100K route at Tagaytay Highlands.

The event covered June 12 and 13 with the 50K and 100K participants doing the race at independence day and the 22K participants raced the next day.  While the 100 kilometers and the 50 kilometers went on to go on breaking boundaries, I went with the media team to Tagaytay Highlands to go over some of the check points and at the same time cheer on the runners we met, we stayed the longest at the 30K mark of the 50K category (58K for the 100K category) where we witnessed the struggle as participants had to deal with the challenging incline while climbing with the aid of the rope.  They also had to deal with the heat of the sun along the climb.  We just went on cheering the participant and telling them that the aid station is nearby.  Photos can be viewed at Facebook page.

The view of Taal Volcano from Highlands Steakhouse

We then had our lunch at Highlands Steakhouse with the magnificent view of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano in front of us.  We also got the chance to talk to the sports director of Tagaytay Highlands and got some insight of the rich trails in the area as it covers three provinces in Laguna, Cavite and Batangas.  It’s quite exciting for a trail enthusiasts like me as Tagaytay Highlands can be a great source of events in runs and trails.  It was also a tough terrain for participants as they had to navigate Tagaytay Highlands steep climbs.  100 kilometer runners even had to go until Talisay Batangas for the race route.

Lunch with other Media participants at Highlands Steakhouse

We started also hearing about large contingent of runners deciding to DNF in their respective distance.  I have nothing but respect for them as its always a bold decision not to continue but at the same time, it’s a sign of courage to ensure your personal welfare in a race.

Testing the last part of the trails

We made our way to Casile and tried a portion of the trail before exciting to the Canlubang Area to make our way to the finish line and catch some of the finishers..  We got some feedback on the course and most people says it’s a lot harder than the Baguio route.  The trails were technical with a lot of rappel and steep climbs and the heat of the sun was also a major factor.

Lost in the trails with other media participants

In the end, the toughest and most enduring runners stood out as they proved to be the very epitome of defying one’s limits. Recognizing what could be the most pivotal point of their trail running experience, the winners were awarded with medals and trophies as well as big cash prizes and TNF products to to equip them with the necessary resources they would need to continously defy their own limits and elevate the community in the process.  Please check this site: for more updates about the race.

Top: Ultra Trail 2, Bottom Ultra Cardiac

TNF also took the chance to promote its latest innovation – the Ultra Trail 2 and the Ultra Cardiac by offering a special promotion for its participants who got 50% off their registration fees when they purchase any of the two shoes. With the Ultra Trail 2, tackle long runs spanning from road to trail with the protection of an ultralight, yet durable running shoe that’s designed with a glove-like fit and finished with Vibram soles for traction in rain and mud. It isn’t a surprise that it got awarded as Gear of the Year 2014 by Outside Magazine.  On the other hand, the Ultra Cardiac will allow for smooth transition from road to trails during adventure races with its lightweight and flexible yet ultra protective quality. Crafted with a wide platform, this workhorse promises stability and aggressive traction especially when charging uphill with its grippy Vibram soles. Meanwhile, its ample midsole cushioning will pad your feet on your way down.  The North Face is exclusively distributed in the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia by the Primer Group of Companies.

And The Winners Are:

Men’s Top 10 Winners

Women’s Top 4 Winners

Race Route and Elevation Profile

Race Route powered by Suunto Ambit 2S and Suunto Movescount

Elevation Profile powered by Suunto Ambit 2S and Suunto Movescount

Race starts at the fields and proceeds to Nuvali Boulevard before entering the trails with moderate inclines passing by a river at kilometer 3 and resuming the climb until the 5th kilometer with an elevation gain of about 90 meters.  There is a short descent to Marcos House and a short climb after. The descent resumes at kilometer 6 and goes downhill until kilometer 10 with about 120 meters of elevation headed to the Nuvali roundabout. The race shifts to the other side of Nuvali Boulevard where it enters the trail which has moderate ascent of about 30 meters in the next 3 kilometers and then descends back for the next 4 kilometers. The route returns at the roundabout at kilometer 18 and goes on a slight incline at the last 3.5 kilometers to the finish line.

The Race

With Jham of Sigue Correr, Rene of Jazzrunner,com and Adrian of Takbo.PH

I still had coughs going into the race so i added some Strepsils and Fisherman’s friend to calm my throat whenever I feel like coughing.  The day before I usually cough when I run but when I brisk walk, I can manage it better. The plan was to brisk walk the whole race.  Of course, I’ll try to add some runs to assess if I can push further.  At the race start, I positioned myself at the towards the end of the runners as I expected to go slow on this one.  After the race reminders, we had our gunstart so I went on with a slow jog but had to stop several times to cough in the 500 meter road stretch before entering the trail.  At the trail, I went at brisk walk pace and inserted 30 seconds run whenever I feel that I am slowing down.  The kilometers were trickling in though I wasn’t going fast.

River crossing and yes, there were sandbag in the river.

At kilometer 3, we crossed a river and funny that there were sand bags to step on.  I always enjoy the river crossing so the sandbag felt like an overkill. Oh well, maybe it’s to ensure safety.  After the river, there was a short and steep climb back to the main trail.  It was followed by about 2 kilometers of moderate uphill trails.  I bumped in to Vanessa who also climb Mt. Marami a few weeks ago and we were just walking this part while telling stories.  The climb was tolerable though it was long.  I like the part of the climb since I can just walk this part without worrying about my coughs.

Marcos House

By the 5th kilometer, the route went downward as it was approaching the u-turn at Marcos House and  so went fast on this part.  We took time to take our photos at the Marcos House as well as taking a drink at the water station. We also met Sir Rene here.  We walked the part of the climb and it is where I noticed that we were nearing the tail end of the runners.  I tried to run the descent and just like that, the cough was gone.  I felt that the run was able to open up my lungs which finally pushed the cough out of my system.  It was about 5 kilometers of descent so I went real fast to cover this part and started overtaking some runners.

Finally, got the cough out of my system.

After the fast descent, I was back into my old self and I started pushing myself one effort after another.  The trail led us to the Canlubang route entering the roundabout in Nuvali and we then headed to the lower part of Nuvali Boulevard before entering the trail once again.  I tried to go run walk at this point with a one minute run followed by a 30 seconds break and just like that I was inching my way to the course and moving fast.  It was a moderate uphill climb in the next 3 kilometers but the goal was just to keep the run – walk sequence to cover more time.  It was faster approaching the other side of the trails as there were a portion of roads and wider trails in the next 4 kilometers.

Run – Walk – Repeat.

With zero mileage for the last two weeks, being able to run cough free felt liberating that I kept pushing myself.  The Nuvali trails was the perfect venue as it had a nice surface and a tolerable terrain.  I went out of the trails in Nuvali Boulevard at around 18 kilometer and headed to the roundabout.  As I was approaching the next aid station, I had that familiar twinge in my right calves and the next thing I knew I was seated in the sidewalk writhing in pain.  Since I was near the aid station, the medic was able to come to my aid immediately.  And he asked me, if I can still continue with the remaining 3.5 kilometers. I said yes since I can walk that part already and there’s more than two hours before cutoff.  My cramps was treated by relaxing it with ice and some liniment. After a while I was asked to stand up and started walking.  There was still some pain but it’s tolerable.  It’s been a while since I last had cramps but I did appreciate it this time because I knew that I’ve been pushing myself hard for the last 13.5 kilometers already.

When I got up, I noticed that I must have dis-aligned something in my hydration pack so I had one bottle of Gatorade filled for my last 3.5 kilometers.  The medic told me that if the cramps would come back, I should just tell the marshal so they can contact them.  It was a slow walk for me from hereon.  I walk my way to the next part of the trail which was mostly flat except for a creek area where you had to climb up.  I made sure that someone was either in front of me or behind me as I as if ever the cramps would come back at least someone is nearby.  I just walked the last part and crossed the finished line at around 3:40+ and I was still able to get a medal as it was limited to a certain number of finishers.  Not bad for all the odds I had to go through.

It was also nice to be able to use Ahon.PH gaiters as it kept my shoes protected from all the debris.

It’s just so good to be back in the finish line after all the time I’ve missed from training.  It was a really great experience from covering the event to racing the 22 kilometer distance.  It was also nice to use Ahon.PH gaiters, it can really keep the debris away from your shoes.  Those debris can really cause a lot of inconvenience while running. Anyway, I’ll come up with a separate review for the gaiters.  Anyway, I just want to congratulate everybody who joined and tried to break all their boundaries.  You are all winners and let’s do this again next year. 

TNF has held a wildly successful event that brought together the entire community of runners for a two day celebration of their unified passion for the sport and the great outdoors. The TNF100 2015 marks another significant milestone for the brand and the community as it paves the way for two important things. One of which is to showcase the breath-taking landscapes of the country to inspire everyone to go outside and explore and secondly, TNF had once again took part in raising awareness for the sport and elevating the community to a whole new level as it hosts a bigger and bolder race each year.  The North Face 100 was made possible in partnership with NUVALI, SEDA Hotel Nuvali, AXN, Gatorade & Summit as it’s official hydration sponsors, the Primer Group of Companies, R.O.X., Department of Tourism, LGUs of Laguna, Cavite and Batangas, Tagaytay Highlands, Municipalities of Canlubang, Tagaytay and Talisay . Thanks also to our media partners Business Mirror, Business World, Philippine Daily Inquirer, The Philippine Star, Manila Bulletin, MB Sports Digest, Speed Magazine, and Men’s Health.

Outfit of the Race


  •  Race Top: Berghaus #TaleofThTrail design by BreakoutPH
  • Bottom, Visors and Socks: Under Armour
  • GPS Watch: Suunto Ambit 2S
  • Shoes: Newton Boco AT
  • Eyewear: Oakley Tour De France
  • Calf Sleeves: Zensah
  • Arm Sleeves: Nike
  • Hydration Bag: Scott
  • Camere: GoPro Hero 3+


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