Incoming: Pinoy Trails Sierra Trail Adventure Race 2016



Sierra is one of my favorite trail playground.  It has a clean and fresh air and surroundings. There’s that scenic early morning sea of clouds and there’s the variety of trail surface and terrain you could play with. That’s a playground you can enjoy too with Pinoy Trails on October 16, 2016 for Sierra Trail Adventure Race 2016. #PinoyTrails #STAR2016

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Sierra Trail Adventure Race 2016

I’ve done the Sierra loop several times already and I always appreciate the place.  The highway prides itself with the high vantage point to see the early morning sea of clouds or at times, it looks like a river since you can see it practically move from one mountain to another.  There’s the thrilling downhill ride on different trail surfaces that will bring out the kid in you.  There’s also the challenging climb that would challenge your quads and lung capacity.

Pinoy Trails and Rundezvous presents Sierra Trail Adventure Race 2016 happening at Tanay, Rizal on October 16, 2016. This is a race meant for those who like to start their trail adventures up until the seasoned veterans who are looking for the next challenging climb to conquer.  There’s a 8K distance for newbies or those who want to run it short and sweet. There’s the 12K distance for 12K runners and there’s the 18K distance (solo and buddy), who would be in for a complete trail experience with its descents and ascents as well as being in refreshing forest trails, river and stream crossing and a long climb back to the main road.

#STAR2016 will make you fall in love with the trails.  Register begins on August 30, 2016 and see you there.

Race Details

Date and Venue:

  • Date: October 16, 2016
  • Venue: Ten Cents to Heaven Leisure Camp, Barangay Cayumbay, Tanay, Rizal
  • Distance: 8K, 12K, 18K, 18K Buddy
  • Gun Start
    • 8K – 6:10 AM
    • 12K – 6:00 AM
    • 18K Buddy – 5:40 AM
    • 18K – 5:30 AM

Fees and Inclusions

  • Fees
    • 8K – P700
    • 12K – P800
    • 18K – P900
    • 18K Buddy – P1,600
  • Inclusions
    • Pinoy Trails STAR Finisher Shirt
    • Bib
    • Finisher Medal
    • Loot Bag

Course Description

  • 8K – Course starts with a road stretch entering Sitio Maysawa giving the runners a view of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range and the early morning sea of clouds. It goes through a stretch of dirt roads and a run-able descent. The course goes uphill on the return.
  • 12K – Course starts with a road stretch entering Sitio Maysawa giving the runners a view of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range and the early morning sea of clouds. It goes through a stretch of dirt roads and a run-able descent. The trail also goes through a forest trail running beside fields and rivers. The course goes uphill on the return.
  • 18K – Course starts with a road stretch entering Sitio Maysawa giving the runners a view of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range and the early morning sea of clouds, It goes through a stretch of dirt roads and a run-able descent. The trail heads to a forest trail that would pass through fields, streams of water, mini-falls, rivers and steep climb to get a view of the mountain range. There is a long run-able descent across the ridge while being surrounded by the mountains heading to Laiban. From Laiban, there’s several river crossing and a long climb heading to the highway. Then it’s a rolling course to the finish.


  • Online – via Pinoy Trails (Link to be provided on August 30, 2016)

Race Updates

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Incoming: Philippine Marine Corps Marathon 2016

Get treated to one of the more scenic marathons in the Philippines with a hilly view of the Batangas and Cavite Area.  It’s also a run for the cause of the Philippine Marine Corps Warrior Rehabilitation and Re-integration Program.  The race is happening on October 31, 2016 at the Marine Base Gregorio Lim in Ternate, Cavite with a 5K, 10K, 25K and full marathon Category.

Philippine Marine Corps Marathon

Experience the thrill and scenic delight of  running the hilly and coastal areas of Batangas and Cavite, hurdling a fair amount of ascent and descent, while enjoying the fresh air and picturesque scenery around you. You will also be able to view the blue beaches of Nasugbu, and across the horizon, the islands of Corregidor and Carballo.  That’s what awaits the 25-kilometer and 42-Kilometer runners on October 31, 2016 at the Marine Base Gregorio Lim in Ternate, Cavite. This is definitely one of the more scenic and character-defining marathons in  the country. 25K and 42K Finishers also get a dog tag and finisher shirt.

Runners get to experience to be in Marine Base for this one. Runners will be transported via M35 military trucks and buses from the Headquarters of the Philippine Marines in Taguig to the Starting Line inside the Marine Base Gregorio Lim, and back.  A shot from a 105 Howitzer will signal the start of the race, and during the race, there will be safety patrols a.k.a. “sweepers” to ensure that no one, following the Marine tradition, is left behind.

There will also be a more manageable 5-Kilometer and 10-Kilometer distance for those wanting a feel-good run. Everybody gets a free pass to the post-race “boodle fight” or military style “buffet” (eat all you can as fast as you can, before the food runs out) usually laid out on banana leaves. Every runner is also given an entry ticket to the white sand beach dubbed by locals as the “Boracay de Cavite” located inside the Marine Base.

The most important aspect of the race is being able to contribute to the cause of Marines who have been injured or wounded during combat.  Funds raised from the event will go to the Philippine Marine Corps Warrior Rehabilitation and Re-integration Program. The program will provide financial assistance not only to battle casualties but also to Marine personnel who are terminally ill or have serious medical conditions.  Part of the proceeds shall also be devoted to various projects that will raise the morale of our troops who continue to answer the call of duty.

Be a part of a scenic adventure and a good cause.

Race Details

Date and Venue:

  • Date: October 31, 2016
  • Venue: Marine Base Gregorio Lim in Ternate, Cavite
  • Gun Start:
    • 42K – 4:00 AM
    • 25K – 4:30 AM
    • 10K – 5:30 AM
    • 5K – 6:00 AM

Fees and Inclusions

  • 5k: Php 650 – Gun Start: 6:00 A.M. (Inclusive of Race bib, Singlet,) Boodlefight and Beach Entrance
  • 10k: Php 850 – Gun Start 5:30 A.M. (Inclusive of race bib, Singlet, Boodlefight and Beach Entrance)
  • 25k Kaybiang Tunnel Challenge: Php 1,250 – Gun Start: 4:30 A.M.
    (Inclusive of Race Bib, Singlet, Finisher’s Dog Tag, Finisher’s Shirt, Boodlefight ,and Beach Entrance  )
  • 42k: Php 1,500 – Gun Start: 4:00 A.M. Cutoff: 3.5 hours @ 21k / 7 hours @ Finish Line
    (Inclusive of Race Bib, Singlet, Finisher’s Dog Tag, Finisher’s Shirt, Boodlefight and Beach Entrance


  • ONLINE REGISTRATION thru Bank deposit to PMCOSAI China Bank Savings Account (See Poster for Details)
  • In Store:
    • Lagalag Store (SM_North Edsa (Main Bldg.), Quezon City)
    • Garmin Store, 3rd Floor (Glorietta 5, Makati City)
    • Marine Special Service Office (MSSO) (Headquarters Philippine Marine Corps, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City)
    • Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo Badminton Court (Quezon City)

Race Updates

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Valley Trail Challenge 2016

Hard Earned!!!

  • Date: August 20, 2016
  • Distance: 25K (Actual Distance 28K)
  • Venue: Nuvali

Valley Trail Challenge had a different flavor this year. The usual pancake route turned into a mud-fest with a lot of rains in between. Each step was a struggle and it was a mental and physical challenge going over the long slippery muddy route.  In other words, we had FUN!

Read About:

Valley Trail Challenge

3 Years of Valley Trail Challenge

Valley Trail Challenge has always been an excellent beginner trail adventure because of the flatter terrain. The 2016 version had a different flavor as the rains came into play.  The easy-to-navigate pancake trails became a muddy challenging playground that added drag to each running or walking stride.  That’s the beauty of trails, it can really be a totally different experience anytime the race condition changes.  Coming from several missed races due to sickness, this is my first race back over a month and I opted for the 25 kilometer category.  I’m gonna use this as a training race for my future long-distance races.

Race Route and Elevation

Map and Elevation is powered by Suunto Ambit Movescount

The race starts at Nature Avenue in Nuvali.  It heads to a 3 kilometer stretch of trails and another kilometer of road surface heading to Aid Station 1 in Nuvali Boulevard.  There’s a moderate climb over the next 4.5 kilometers heading to Camp N covering about 60 meters of elevation.  It takes another rolling stretch of 5.5 kilometers up to the u-turn slot  in the New Zealand area of the trail with an elevation gain of 50 meters.  The race then heads back to Nature Avenue over the next 14 kilometers.

The Race

Raced with Glads and Mark while Jose was on Photography duties for Pinoy Trails.

We had an early start coming from Makati at 1 am and we were in Nuvali by 2 am.  We we’re able to see the send off for the 50 kilometer runners as we were parking. Our gun start was at 4 am  so we were able to have some snacks and coffee. It was announced that our category would have the most bonus kilometers for the race.  We would be running 28 kilometers instead of 25 kilometers.  After the race briefing, we were then ready to start the race.

Gun Start

We’re ready to run. – Photo by Jose Ramizarez

We started at 4 am.  I started with a slow jog taking advantage of the short road portion of the race.  I wanted to try to be as conservative in my energy as I’m not sure if I would have enough lung power to cover the full distance.  I always feel that way every time, I am back from a long hiatus from races.  I went on to run the first kilometer before going back to my run walk set.  The first 3 kilometers was a rolling adventure and it was run-able. It was still dark and there were some slippery stretches along the trail.  There was another kilometer from the trail to the rotonda going to the aid station and the next trail entry point in Nuvali Boulevard.

Entering the Second Trail Head

The next set of trails were slight ascents heading to Camp N over the next 4.5 kilometers.  It was long. It was looping and it was endless.  After eating one banana at the aid station, I entered the next trail head along Nuvali Boulevard.  It was also run-able though it had more slippery surfaces.  I shifted to a run and brisk walk pace to cover the next few kilometers.  I was a bit cold and damp coming from the overcast weather and we had some occasional rain too.  This made navigating the trail a bit of a challenge.  The tough part was  the trails look so similar that it felt like a mental nightmare of going over endless loop.

Camp N

After 8.5 kilometers in the trail, we went out at Camp N.  I just made a mental note on the markers of the area as I remember this was the confusing part last year where people got lost.  We then made our way over the next set of trails and it had steeper climb and descents.  There were a lot of slippery surfaces because of the wet grounds.  I also slipped after a steep descent as I failed to notice that the surface was slanted. I stood up and it was a good thing that nobody saw me slip since it was still dark.  It was an up and down adventure from here heading to the u-turn.  It didn’t help that it was raining at this stretch.  We were running over trails surrounded by  tall grasses.  The latter part of the trails had a view Ala New Zealand with large track of Greenlands.  I went on power hike mode at this stretch until the U-turn slot.

Heading Back

Half way point to earning this.

Since I was already feeling hungry several kilometers ago, I took another banana at the u-turn as well as several drinks of water and juices along the aid station.  It’s gonna be about 10 kilometers before the next aid station.  I was also feeling a bit sleepy on the way back as the cold rain reminded me of how comfortable it is to just be sleeping at home.  I had some candies and some nuts to awaken my system.  It was one kilometer after another going through the route back.  I’m starting to feel my legs hurting from my ITB, quads, shin and calves.  The muddy surface has been making each stride heavy. It really added to the stress on the legs.  I saw the champ Icar heading to Camp N and she was on the way back from the 50K category.

Last 8.5 Kilometers

I saw the eventual female champ, Icar in the 50K category at Camp N. – Photo by Ian Yu

Icar passed me at Camp N.  I was now on power walk mode as my legs are starting to feel stiff and heavy.  It’s about 20 kilometers now of running and walking at this point.  I entered the trail head again heading to the next aid station. The next 4.5 kilometers felt like forever.  With the surface getting muddier by the minute, each step now was a struggle.  I had pains on so many sore parts on my legs. It was a mental challenge just to go on.  Even if I was moving the GPS mileage was just trickling in slowly.  Somehow, I’m second guessing myself if I still can continue but I just had to win this mental battle and go on.  I patiently walked in pain along this stretch even if it felt like forever.  I then realized that it was easier to pass on the grassy side along the single track stretch because it was less slippery.  With more stable strides, I was able to move faster and finally able to move to the last aid station.

Last 4 kilometers

It’s the struggle that makes the finish much sweeter – Photo by Jose Ramizares

I had biko, banana and several cups of drinks at the aid station. I felt exhausted over the last 4.5 kilometers of slow trails.  I then proceeded to the short stretch of road climbing to the rotonda, heading to the guard house and entering the next trail head.  I saw Ian of Team SMS biking along the route and that was 3 kilometers to go.  Entering the last trail head, there was a group of students who were tree planting. It was an effort to move past them in the trail.   It was a struggle as the distance felt new to the legs once again and I was running on sheer courage alone.  I made myself through the rolling stretch of the course and was happy to see the last road stretch heading to the finish line.

Last 200 meters

To The Finish!- Photo by Jose Ramizares

It was nice to see the last few hundred meters of road heading to the finish line. I went on to brisk walk faster before eventually finishing at around 5:10 in the race.  I was targeting a sub 5 for the 25 kilometer distance but I’ll take the 5:10 with an additional 3 kilometers and this trail condition.  I am also just glad to be back savoring the satisfaction of a hard earned moment at the finish line.

It was a struggle but I’m always glad to be at the finish line. – Photo by Jose Ramizares

Despite all the aches, the pains and the struggle, I did enjoy the race.  It was fun to fumble your steps on the muddy trail. It was refreshing to get doused by the falling rain along the course.  I always say, each race is a different adventure and this one definitely gave me a different look at the Nuvali Trails. Great Job Frontrunner!

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CrossFit MNL Introduces Run MNL

  When it comes to CrossFit, the pioneer in that field is CrossFit MNL.  It’s been a home of elite athletes and through its new program, Run MNL, they expect runners and athletes to run stronger and faster every mile.

Cross Fit MNL

CrossFit MNL (CFMNL), the pioneer in bringing CrossFit in the Philippines, has proven to be the school of elite fitness.  CFMNL is a composed of a group of passionate athletes from different backgrounds were bored with gym or their usual training routine. These folks wanted to get the best results from a demanding, varied and fun workout.
The journey began in 2011, when one member came across CrossFit in the USA and immediately fell in
love and got addicted to the sport. Spreading the gospel about CrossFit to athletes coming from various
disciplines, they formed CrossFit MNL knowing the benefits of the program and the need for a new sport
in the Philippines.

CrossFit is a fitness program for everyone. It uses exercises from gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, track
and field, kettlebell training and other sports. It’s a quick workout designed to fit the fast lifestyle that’s common to everyone these days.  Most workouts resemble circuit training and are finished in less than 30 minutes.

CFMNL has encouraged men and women of different fitness levels to try CrossFit in the country since 2011. CFMNL has also offered different programs aside from CrossFit like Bootcamp, FitKids MNL, Strongman and Striking MNL. CFMNL is bringing yet again, an innovation in fitness.

Introducing Run MNL

They are introducing and are inviting you to join Run MNL, a CFMNL program that will make every mile to be stronger and faster

The growth of running has been phenomenal for the past few years and has still remained to be a popular lifestyle.  While running is considered a solitary sport, running with a group feels better and easier. Run MNL aims to make running a daily habit; to push the runner in every individual; to develop serious runners/specialists; and to make every mile you covered stronger.

Run MNL is open to all individuals and enthusiasts. Even for those who would just aim to lose those
excess pounds to enjoy their lives longer and healthier. Run MNL is offered primarily in selected CFMNL
boxes (i.e., Eastwood, Kapitolyo, San Juan).

Follow Them at RunKeeper

Run MNL is a program specifically designed for running. As this is aimed to develop specialists, there will
be series of agility drills, speed trials, intense cardio training/HIIT complemented by strengthening and
conditioning skills. Run MNL conducts Community Run during weekends in selected areas where
anyone can join regardless of their fitness level.

Runners and enthusiasts can register at this link.

Follow Them:

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UA Architect is the Training Footwear of Olympic Champ, Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps Olympic Career has been phenomenal. He’s hauled medals every time he joined the Olympics.  Under Armour equips Michael Phelps on his road to Rio with the UA Architect and the UA Speedform Slingshot, which is now available at

Under Armour and Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps has been a swimming icon in the Olympics and the medals are culminations of years of training.  It’s no surprise that the Olympic Champion trains using Under Armour.   Under Armour is the global leader in innovative performance footwear, apparel and equipment has taken footwear innovation to the next level.  It has partnered with elite athletes in different sports including the legendary swimmer Michael Phelps.

In March, the Brand introduced its first-ever 3D printed performance trainer, the UA Architech. The UA Architech is a 360-degree performance training shoe that features a functional 3D printed midsole and 3D ClutchFit auxetic upper design that creates a “super-hybrid” trainer. This performance trainer provides athletes with the ultimate stability and cushioning to take on the most intense workouts. It’s at the Rio Olympics on the feet of elite swimmer, Michael Phelps.

Boomer is his motivation.

In addition to the state-of-the-art technology and custom color design, Michael’s footwear features a personal touch to provide an additional source of motivation as he heads into competition. His 3-month old son, Boomer’s footprint is printed on the insole of the shoe as a personal reminder that Boomer is with him every step and stroke of the way.

The innovative 3D printed midsole of the UA Architech was combined with a flow-molded 3D ClutchFit auxetic upper to provide athletes with a shoe that not only gives a locked-in, supportive feel, but also flexes and moves with the foot to provide a zero distractions experience. Add in the Brand’s unparalleled Charged Cushioning underfoot for responsiveness and comfort, and a thin rubber outsole for traction and you have Under Armour’s most elite performance trainer.

A new color of the UA Architech will be available as a limited edition offering to consumers this August on The shoe, which retails for $299.99, was the first 3D printed performance trainer available to consumers. The first color was available in March and sold out in under 20 minutes.

Under Armour also geared Michael up with a custom pair of the UA Speedform Slingshot Running shoes in a limited edition red, white and blue colorway that also feature Boomer’s footprint. This innovative running shoe delivers zero distractions with a seamless, zonal compression, 3D knit upper and Under Armour Charged Cushioning. The limited edition color way is available on


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Incoming: UNICEF Heroes For Children Run 2016

UNICEF Heroes for Children Run and Anne Curtis returns on September 4, 2016 at the SM Mall of Asia to support the first 1,000 days campaign of UNICEF.  You can be a part of the campaign too by joining the run with 500-meter, 5-Kilometer, 10-Kilometer and 21-Kilometer distances to choose from.

Read About:

UNICEF Heroes for Children Run 2016

Anne finished her first half marathon at last year’s event.

I was there when Anne finished her first half marathon distance at last year’s UNICEF Heroes for Children Run.  It was nice to see Anne finish a strong 2:26 on her first half marathon distance run and it was even more heartwarming to see Anne interact with the kids and the people during the run. Last year’s run saw more than 3,200 runners raise Php 3 million for the benefit of the First 1,000 Days programme. This year, the event aims to attract more runners to raise funds for the campaign.

(L-R) UNICEF Celebrity Advocate for Children Anne Curtis, UNICEF Philippines Country Representative Lotta Sylwander and Coach Rio dela Cruz

Anne has just been an all-around person making waves in  the entertainment scenes in her movies, shows and concerts.  This time, Anne returns back to the running scene to help raise funds and awareness for UNICEF first 1,000 days campaign.  The First 1,000 Days programme focuses on prenatal and early childhood interventions to prevent undernutrition, including quality care for mothers, proper nutrition and complementary feeding, and life-saving treatment for severe acute malnutrition. The effect of good health and nutrition lasts well into adulthood and is key ingredient in breaking the cycle of poverty.

If you want to join the cause, you can simply register and run with Anne on September 4, 2016.  There’s a 500-meter run for kids and 5K, 10K and 21K.   Fans who want to support Anne but cannot physically run or be present on race day may donate on her personal Simply Giving fundraising page at    Ms. Curtis was appointed as UNICEF Celebrity Advocate in November 2014.

Anne Loves Kids.

Online registration is ongoing at until 19 August 2016. In-store registration is ongoing until 28 August 2016 at the following Chris Sports outlets: SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM City North Edsa, SM City BF Homes, Glorietta, Market! Market!, Robinsons Place Manila, and UP Town Center (from August 15 to 28). The run is one of many activities slated in 2016 as UNICEF commemorates its 70th year helping to build a better world for every child.

The Heroes for Children Run 2016 is organized by Anne Curtis and co-presented by RunRio through the support of SM Mall of Asia, Cherry Mobile, Gatorade, Viva Artists Agency Incorporated, Toy Kingdom, Swatch, Eureka Home Appliances, Maynilad, Philippine Star, Good Housekeeping, Female Network, SM Cinemas, Nyxsys Philippines, Chris Sports, F1 Hotel & Resorts, Transprint Corporation, Microtel by Wyndham, Hisense/Devant, and Pacific Cross Insurance.

To know more about the run and UNICEF’s programs, visit or call 758-1000 (Mondays to Fridays, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.).

Race Details

21K Finishers get a finisher shirt and medal

Date and Venue

  • Date: September 4, 2016
  • Venue: SM Mall of Asia Grounds
  • Assembly / Gunstart
    • 21K – A: 3:00 am / GS: 4:00 am
    • 10K – A: 4:00 am / GS: 5:00 am
    • 5K – A: 4:00 am / GS: 5:10 am
    • 500 m – A: 6:00 am / GS: 7:00 am

Fees and Inclusions

  • 500 meters (12 y/o and below) – P 300 (Inclusive of Singlet, Race Bib, & Loot bags with sponsors freebies)
  • 5K – P700 (Inclusive of Singlet, Race Bib, TIMING CHIP, & Loot bags with sponsors freebies)
  • 10K – P800 (Inclusive of Singlet, Race Bib, TIMING CHIP, & Loot bags with sponsors freebies)
  • 21K – P1,100 (Inclusive of Singlet, Race Bib, TIMING CHIP, & Loot bags with sponsors freebies;
    Medals and Finisher Shirts for 21KM Finishers

    • For online credit card transactions, an additional PhP 200 will be charged for online processing fee and race kit delivery


  • Online via
  • Onsite:
    • Chris Sports (SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, Glorietta, Market Market, Robinsons Ermita, BF Paranaque) – 10:00 am to
    • UP Town Center – Opening in August

Race Updates

Race Maps

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KSM Vertical Run 2016

20 Floors done.

I took it a step further when I covered the  very 1st Kerry Sport Manila Vertical Race.  I joined the fun climb which had us ascending 20 floors of Shangrila at the Fort.   It was a really unique experience and thanks to Under Armour, I was also able to try the upcoming Charged Bandit Running Shoes.

Vertical Race

Running with Under Armour Charged Bandit 2

Climbing is not something new to me but joining a vertical race would be a unique experience.   I had a chance to cover Kerry Sports Manila Vertical Race 2016 and the first thing I asked was if there were any kits left.  Fortunately, Under Armour Philippines had one left for the fun wave, which was 20 floors.  Since it’s been raining non-stop, I’m starting to miss the competitive environment of a race.  If I can’t run on the road or on the trail, let me at least try to get an adrenaline-rush from the vertical challenge of this race.

From Speed Form Apollo to Charged Bandit 2

I brought my Under Armour Speed Form Apollo, which is one of the lightest speed shoes you can get but since they were allowing free trial for the upcoming Under Armour Charged Bandit 2. I took the chance to try it on for this event.  So there you go, I’m trying an event I haven’t tried with a shoes I haven’t tried too.  Anyway, this would just be for fun so I guess this would be a good way to gauge some of the features of the Bandit 2.

Under Armour Bandit 2

Ready to Run.

First impression is that it’s really soft and comfortable on the feet.  Charged Bandit 2 uses a Molded Micro G® footbed takes the shape of your foot for great cushioning & fit. The Two-piece Charged Cushioning® midsole provides more balance between support and comfort with a firmer heel area for better landing and a softer forefoot for better comfort.  It usually takes time for me to get used to new shoes but since the charged is soft, cushy and has a good fit, it felt perfect.  I tried it out on the treadmill and I could really feel the float even as I went for a faster pace.

The Race

With Tin of UA (One of A Kind Marketing) before the start.


Tin of UA (One of a Kind Marketing) also joined our wave.  It was just a fun climb, the plan was just go easy (not really).  Our wave start for the fun climb is at 11:00 am. They separated the start in waves so there won’t be congestion in the stairs.  The regular waves started earlier and by this time all the elites and participants for the 59 floors have finished the race.

One more shot before the start of the race

As the race started, I went on slowly after all this was the fun wave. I noticed that everyone was going at a fast pace so that triggered my GO button to speed up.  As we entered the step, I started to brisk walk and went on for longer stride taking two stair step at a time.  It felt like ascending a mountain-summit but only faster and without the scenery.  The first 5 floors went by like a breeze and I noticed that people started to slow down. I went on with my pace though I did stop at one of the floor to take a sip of hydration and to have a photo at one floor.

Look Ina Raymundo also joined the race and even finished 2nd in her age category.

Halfway point, taking fast long strides gets exhausting. I shifted to taking one stair step at a time while maintaining the same pace for the next 5 floors.  With 5 floors to go, I went back to the two stair steps at a time with the same pace since I knew we were approaching the finish line.  I stopped at the 20th floor thinking that the finished line was there but the door was closed. I took the next floor to see the finish line in the 21st floor.  I just realized that the start/lobby was in the second floor, hence, the finish line should be in the 21st.  I checked my watch and it was just 5 minutes and 49 seconds for the full 20 floors. That was crazy kind of fun that satisfies my endorphins.  I want to do it again.  Well, next time, I’ll do the full distance.

Post Race

Lauren topped her aged group in the 59 floors category.

The Bandit 2 did help on the stairs as the steps felt much softer with the cushioning and the outsole had a good grip on the surface so I didn’t have to worry about slipping on a wrong step.  I hope to check it out on longer distances too as that would be an entirely different stories.  It was nice experiencing the very first Kerry Sports Vertical Run. I’m glad even if it was just the fun category, I was able to try it out.  It was also nice hearing stories and experiencing on other friends who also tried the distance.  I had several friends who also made the podium.

Long Time No See Leroy of Brick Multi sport. He got 2nd place in his age group.

It was nice also seeing Leroy too of Brick Multi sport Store, who I haven’t seen for a long time.  We used to see Leroy a lot when we were still training at McKinley Hills with Brick being our usual hang out.  It’s also where I got my road bike. I also saw a lot of friends coming from the trail running community.  I guess the elevation challenge of the vertical race was the next best thing to being outdoor in the trails.

I hope they would do more vertical races here as it’s a different kind of challenge.  It’s a faster race but the vertical ascent will make it worth each huffing and puffing moment to the finish line.  Congratulations to Kerry Sports Manila and the participants of the race.


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Under Armour Trinoma is Now Open

Under Armour welcomed its newest branch in Trinoma with a Basketball Camp handled by the Ageless Asi Taulava and the hardworking power forward Jervy Cruz last August 13, 2016.  Under Armour has now expanded its presence to its 5th branch after BGC, Megamall, UP Town Center, Ayala Town Center Cebu.

Read About:

Under Armour

Team UA

There’s no stopping the growth of the Under Armour Brand on Philippine shores.  After their maiden branch in Bonifacio Global City, they have continued to expand their reach with their brand house in SM Megamall, Up Town Center and their first one outside Metro Manila in their Ayala Center Cebu Branch. Theyjust opened their 5th brand house to cover Northern Manila in their Trinoma Branch last August 12, 2016.  They also brought in the Ageless Asi Taulava and Ginebra’s power forward workhorse Jervy Cruz to conduct basketball clinics last August 13, 2016.  They also had a shootout where spectators got the chance to unleash their inner Stephen Curry.

Under Armour is regarded as the most innovative sports and fitness clothing line in the world.  It’s know to bring out the latest technology in their products that also helps boost their stock as a performance brand. The Trinoma store is also expected to carry the current and upcoming products of Under Armour like the top-of-the-line Curry 2.5 and the highly-acclaimed UA Charged Bandit 2 on its shelves.

Curry 2.5

Look who’s wearing the latest Curry 2.5.

Designed for NBA’s most prolific point guard, Curry 2.5 is molded in synthetic upper that is wrapped closely around the foot for a lightweight and precise fit.  In addition, Curry 2.5 has an external PU shell that provides durable support and structure as well as an external shank and heel counter that delivers locked-in stability through heel, arch and forefoot to maintain balance.  What I like about the Curry Signature Series is that it adopts to your movement and does not feel tight on the ankle giving you a wider range of motion.

Under Armour Trinoma

The grand opening event was held Saturday, August 13, with Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) superstars Asi Taulava and Jervy Cruz with UP Maroons also gracing the event. The opening act was from Beast House Pole and Aerial Dance Studio, who proudly represented the Philippines in the last SG Pole Challenge 2016 and brought home three championship titles.

Beast House will again represent the country in another prestigious competition, this time in Europe for Pole Art Spain 2016 this September. This is the first time Philippines will have its delegates in this competition and will be the only country from Asia.

Taulava has been known by his monicker “The Rock” due to his prowess in the shaded lane.  He’s been ageless with a PBA career that has span 16 seasons here he won MVP< titles and even suited up for the national team.  Cruz has rose to prominence in the collegiate ranks when he steered the University of Santo Tomas Growling Tigers to the UAAP Promised Land in 2006.  His starting to make a name for himself in the pro league for his hard working attitude that makes him an inside thread despite being undersized for his position.  He continues to prove that skill and hardwork can topple height. He is a member of the country’s most popular Team, Barangay Ginebra.

Taulava and Cruz offered a special treat to Under Armour aficionados as both men conducted a basketball clinic by 4:00pm, at the TriNoma activity center.Aside from Taulava and Cruz’s free basketball workshop, Under Armour fans got the chance to unleash their inner Stephen Curry with the UA Basketball Shootout Challenge, where qualified contestants will go head-to-head by showcasing their three-point shooting skills.

Follow Under Armour Philippines

Make sure to follow Under Armour Philippines via @underarmourph on Instagram and Twitter as well as Facebook

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Incoming: Clark-Miyamit Falls Ultra

Clark-Miyamit Falls Ultra has a storied past of challenging even the fittest runners.  It’s tough enough that you get to be a Certified Bad Ass Ultra Runner after the race.  Register Now, Train Early and get ready for a time of your on November 27, 2016 while you conquer the 60 kilometers and 50 miles (80 Kilometer) distance.

Read About:

The Story of Clark Miyamit Falls Ultra

What’s the ingredient of an epic race? It’s probably the one you’ve blitzed through and broke your personal record.  Most of the times, it’s the one where you struggled and tested your physical and mental limits yet you still found a way to finish the race.  Bad Ass Runners are those who dare to take the challenge and manage to find a way to conquer it.  Clark-Miyamit Falls Ultra is a character defining race that’s gonna make you Bad Ass. Now on its 6th edition, the race is known to be physically demanding which requires enough preparation and conditioning.

The storied race has its beginnings in 2011 with only 50 plus participants with mere 14 finishers.  The dreaded 10 kilometers of a hilly, remote and rugged terrain going to the peak which is near the caldera of Mt. Pinatubo has challenged even the strongest of the 2011 challengers. Coupled with a strict cut-off time, the survivors have rightfully earned the moniker “’Bad Ass”.  The Race Director has kept the cut-off time strict and within international standard. The scenic view and the challenge of earning the coveted title “Bad Ass” Trail Ultrarunner has attracted runners, ultrarunners and mountaineers to train and join the race. The race has helped to pave the way for the booming interest in trail ultrarunning in the Philippines. If not racing, members of running groups have been joining as volunteers for CM50. From mere 50 plus racers, the participation has grown in numbers to more than 200 in 2013 and has consistently grown in numbers of both local and international delegation from then on.


CLARK-MIYAMIT FALLS TRAIL ULTRA, known as the CM50 is the finale race of the Clark Miyamit (CM50Ultra) Trail Race Series. CM50 is happening on November 27, 2016 starting at the Clark Parade Grounds, Clark Freeport Zone, Philippines.

The race consists of two categories:60K and 50 miles.

  • The 60K Ultra Category is an ideal race to run your first trail ultramarathon with a 16 hours cut-off and total elevation gain of 2166m.
  • 50 Mile Bad Ass Trail Race: Ideal for those who dare to be called Bad Ass as they pass the strict 18 hours cut-off imposed for the tough distance with 3120m of elevation.

The race will start at the Clark parade grounds will take runners to an out-and-back course on footpath connecting Clark to the scenic Miyamit Falls in Porac, Pampanga. The runners would go through gravel road, fire trails, dirt road, river and lahar crossings, single tracks and partly asphalt/concrete road.   The trail is used primarily by  Aetas to travel from their ancestral land, Clark and other neighboring areas.

Among the key stops would be:

  • Gate 14
  • Sacobia River
  • Puning Spa
  • Sitio Target
  • Sitio Ebus (Aeta community)
  • Pasig-Potrero River (river crossing)
  • Parallel dirt road along SCTEX
  • Crow Creek (Sapang Uwak)
  • Miyamit Falls
  • The peak (about 3kms to caldera of Mt. Pinatubo)

This year’s edition is expected to be filled with superstar trail runners from neighboring Asian countries battling it out for the Asia Trail Master Championship. Countries represented is expected to grow double from 18 last year. Veteran runners are expected to come back again, most of them on their fourth or fifth CM50 while aspiring trail ultramarathoners have also signed up are preparing well for this race. CM50Ultra is also accredited by the International Trail Running Association (ITRA) and is part of the Asia Trail Master Series.  The race will also earn you 4 qualifying points for The North Face Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® (UTMB).

Race Details

Date and Venue:

  • Date: November 27, 2016
  • Venue: Clark Parade Grounds, Clark Freeport Zone, Philippines
  • Race Day
    • Race Briefing, Race Packet Claiming and Check-in: Saturday, 26 November 2016 at 10:30AM – 5PM
    • Pre-race Briefing: Saturday, 26 November 2015 2pm
    • Assembly Time: Saturday, 26 November 2016 at 10:30PM
    • Start Time:
      • 50 MILES – Sunday, November 27, 2016 at 1 am to 7pm
      • 60K – Sunday, November 27, 2016 at 1am to 5pm
    • Cut-off
      • 50 Miles – 18 Hours hours
      • 60K – 16 hours



The CM50 Race Organizers

  • The Race Director and Founder is Atty. Jon Lacanlale
    • Atty. Jon Lacanlale is a seasoned local and international trail runner who was able to finished most of the toughest ultramarathon in the world.
      • Trailwalker 100 (HK) in 2009
      • GNW100 (Australia) in 2010
      • UTMB (France) in 2011
      • Western States 100 (USA) in 2012
      • Hardcore 100 miles (Phils. 2013 & 2014 & 2015)
      • Bighorn 100 (USA) in 2013
      • TNF 100 Philippines 2008-2014 (except 2011)
      • UTHK in 2015
      • Translantau HK in 2015
      • Botak 100K
      • BDM160 (2011 first runner-up)
      • BDM102, 2009-2012 (Champion and has set the new course record in 2012)
      • Four Lakes 100K (2013) and other races.
  • The Event is organized by Race Yaya. Race Yaya is a team of seasoned runners who have professional expertise in the fields of marketing, finance, event management, information technology, race organization, among others.

Race Updates

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Under Armour Releases Limited Edition Back to Back Stephen Curry Shoe Pack

I have been following Stephen Curry’s signature shoe brand with Under Armour since Curry One. It’s been amazing 2 years for Curry the past two years, which showed his rise to back to back MVPs in the league. Under Armour brings a limited edition tribute to that feat with a back to back MVP shoe pack.

Read About:

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry during his last visit in Manila.

Stephen Curry had a dominant 2015-2016 NBA Season en route to the historic NBA Record and his back to back Kia NBA MVP.  One would forget that for most of his life, he was the ultimate underdog who worked his way to be on top of his game. Curry’s impression on the sport of basketball is a lesson in the power of perseverance, through sheer will and hard work. His greatness is coupled with his admirable humility and faith.

In the 2014-2015 season, Curry impressed all by being the first player ever to hit 300 three-pointers in a season. He claimed the 2014-15 Kia NBA MVP Award for his performance and earned his first Larry O’Brien World Championship trophy. Following that, in the 2015-2016 season, he helped to lead the Golden State Warriors to the single-season record for wins, shattered his own three-point record of 400 three-pointers in a season, led the league in scoring and joined the prestigious 50-40-90 shooting club.  For his outstanding achievements, Curry earned the 2015-16 Kia NBA Most Valuable Player Award. He is the 11th player (third point guard) in league history to earn the award in back-to-back seasons.

Back to Back Curry Shoe Pack

Under Armour celebrates U.S. National Basketball Association (NBA) superstar Stephen Curry’s outstanding season performance and second consecutive Kia NBA MVP Award with the Curry MVP Back 2 Back Pack, containing a re-release of the Curry One MVP and a new Curry Two MVP colourway.

Being known for its high performance sports apparel, The Curry is designed for more ease of movement and its lightweight speed.  It’s the shoes that help Curry breakout, set 3 point records and shattering them year after year.

“Stephen Curry’s impact on the game of basketball is immeasurable,” said Kip Fulks, Chief Marketing Officer, Under Armour. “His game and will to dominate is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in the NBA, and his cultural reach off the court is equally transcendent. At Under Armour we are thrilled and humbled to be alongside Stephen on this journey, and look forward to his continued perseverance in making himself a better athlete every single day.”

Commemorating the signature footwear Curry wore in the back-to-back MVP seasons, the Under Armour Curry MVP Back 2 Back Pack has sleek gold colours and design elements, reinforced by Under Armour’s innovative technology. It echoes the relentless strength and tenacity demonstrated by Curry, whose ability to hit shots off the dribble, in traffic and from incredible distance took the world by storm.

Under Armour Curry 2.5 is also now available.

The Under Armour Curry MVP Back 2 Back Pack will be available exclusively on and Titan retail stores.

Take The Basketball Shootout Challenge at Trinoma.

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