Incoming: Filinvest Endurance Weekend 2018

Do you love to bike? It’s time to explore the trails and roads of Filinvest in a 6, 12 and 24 hours course designed to test your biking skills and endurance.  Filinvest Endurance Weekend in back on July 7-8, 2018.

Filinvest Endurance Weekend

Can you bike a 5 kilometer loop? How about doing it again and again in 6, 12 and 24 hours?  That’s the concept of Filinvest Endurance Weekend, which is happening on July 7-8, 2018.  So bike for fitness, bike for fun and bike for as long as you want while you get awed by the mix of cosmopolitan feel of Filinvest and the natural aura of its trails.

Filinvest City Endurance Weekend will once again challenge all elite and amateur MTB racers to test their endurance on July 7–8, 2018. On its sixth year, Endurance Weekend is now one of the toughest endurance races in the metro. Experience a more exciting race course and attempt to beat your personal records on the trails!  The race is open for bikers of all ages and experience level.  You can even go as a relay team.

Register now, only limited slots are open!

Race Details

Date and Venue:

  • Date: July 7 and July 8, 2018
  • Gun Start:
    • 24 hours: July 7, Saturday, 12:00 NN
    • 12 hours: July 7, Saturday, 5:00 PM
    • 6 hours: July 8, Sunday, 6:00 AM

Fees and Inclusions

  • Solo
    • 6 hours – P1,800
    • 12 hours – P2,300
    • 24 hours – P2,800
  • Team
    • 12 hours – P4,000
    • 24 hours – P7,000
  • Inclusive of Race bib, Race Jersey and Medals for Finishers


  • Online via Goorahna
  • In Store:
    • Cycling Zone (Shell Pacific Gas Station, Alabang Zapote Road, Muntinlupa)
    • Storck Store Manila (The Portal, Greenfield District, United Street, Mandaluyong)
    • Paulina’s Bluebay (Bluebay Walk, Macapagal Avenue, Pasay)
    • Celeste Cycles (188 Congressional Av, Project 8, QC)
    • South Cycles (Greenworld Plaza, President Av, Paranaque)

Race Updates

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#TaleOfTheTrail Mount Semeru and Mount Bromo (Java, Indonesia)

Life is One Crazy Adventure or Nothing at All.

Mount Semeru and Mount Bromo was an all-out adventure with a tale of two summits, the mystical Ranu Kumbolo lake, a 4×4 adventure along the sand dunes and a whole lot more. #TaleOfTheTrail

Mount Semeru and Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is the one on the left, while Mount Semeru is the tallest peak in the back.

Unlike my previous hikes with Trail Adventours, I didn’t know what to expect with Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru trip. I had a short briefing with Coby a few days before the trip and it dawned upon me, “What have I gotten myself into?” Semeru was a tough one. The Summit Assault takes about 6 hours on Scree surfaces and on steep slopes. Those thoughts would linger on the actual assault as my legs did get a shock when I was cramping midway and barely moving forward on the scree surfaces. Well, that was my toughest moment that made the summit even more worth the climb. The story does not end there as we’re in for several days around the volcanic trails of Java, Indonesia.

Read about:

Trekking Mount Semeru

Got a lighter back pack with my Amihan Hiking bag.

It took a long way just to get to the start of the tour as I had to fly in to Singapore via Jet Star and take the flight to Surabaya the next day. It took another 3 more hours heading to Tumpang Village, where we arrived early at around 3 am just a few hours before our start. After breakfast, we went for the medical clearance, where it took time for me to reach the regular blood pressure to be allowed to climb. Credit that to lack of sleep. After the medical, we went to Ranu Pani for the start of the hike at around 10 am.

Ranu Pani to Calimati

The first hike is about a 10 kilometer hike from Ranu Pani to Ranu Kumbolo for lunch and followed by another hike from Ranu Kumbolo to Calimati Camp Site for dinner and short sleep before the summit assault early the next day. It starts about 2,100 MASL until 2,800 MASL with about 1,300 meters of elevation gain for this section.

With Ed and Cathy

The trail starts with about a kilometer of paved roads before heading to the trail head. Starting from the trail head, the route shifts to single track dirt grounds with slight ascents. I joined the second group consisting of Ed and Cathy of Trail Adventours with the first group consisting of Yuan (tour coordinator from Rani Adventours), Max, Shiela and Fabian. The trail is heavily forested with short ascents and flat surfaces. Because of the slight ascent, we were able to go at a faster pace.

Semeru on the background

We had our first break 3.5 kilometers into the route in one of the rest stops. The views from the trails was even better from this point as we were already at a higher vantage point. We also had some peeks at Mount Semeru and the sea of clouds at some area. The ascent still was moderate so we just kept on our consistent pace. There were also section that were rolling with some descents and another round of climbs.

With Cathy

We had another break before a short stretch with a steep climb. This is the last steep climb before a rolling terrain and as we slowly descend to Ranu Kumbolo. This stretch got even more scenic as we were about 2,400 – 2,500 MASL and we also were getting closer to Mount Semeru. We even got witness some minor eruptions of Mount Semeru.

Ranu Kumbolo

About 10 kilometers into our hike, we’ve reached Ranu Kumbolo. The lake was special, which was about 2 kilometers in diameter. It was such a serene and mystical site. This is where we had our lunch break all set up courtesy of our Indonesian guides. We had a comfortable setup near the lake.

Team Semeru

We had about an hour of lunch break before we resumed at 2 pm. It was another 5 kilometer climb heading to Calimati Camp Site. There was the hill heading out of Ranu Kumbolo, wherein if you can finish it without looking back and stopping, you’re wish would be granted. I was able to do it without stopping but was too occupied by the effort to think of a good wish.

Ranu Kumbolo

After the climb, we headed out to a large open field. It was a nice view because of the rich backdrop of lavender plantations. We went fast on the flatter parts and rested before the climb started.

Rest stop

It was continuous climb from hereon. We kept a consistent climbing pace with a few rest stops. The climbs at this parts are a lot steeper so we went a bit slower from our previous climbing pace. The trails were dry and the routes were mostly open, which made us feel the warmer weather. The climbs headed to a view deck seeing Mount Semeru and we needed another kilometer of descent heading to Calimati Camp Site.

Mount Semeru

You can actually see the scree surface from here and it’s on a steep incline. I really wouldn’t know how to approach this one as it’s my first time I’d be trying out that surface with that steepness. We arrived at Calimati Camp Site at 4:30 pm, which was about an hour and a half than our expected arrival. This was really a fast group.

Calimati to Summit and Back

We had dinner at 6 pm and I was already asleep at 7 pm. We had to wake up at 12 midnight and start climbing at 1 am. If there was a time that I was really afraid of the climb, it was at this time. How can a less than 3 kilometer loop take 6 hours average to climb? It must be a really tough one. We shifted to our assault pack but added more layers of clothes as it was really cold early in the morning.

The first part of the climb were forested trails with moderate ascent. The trail was a bit technical as you have to hang on some twigs and branches at some area. Compared to the scree surface, this was the easy part. This was about 1-1/2 kilometers before we entered the Kree surfaces. We were given the instruction to follow our guides and not to tap rocks as it could fall of and can be dangerous. It was also a bit dangerous as you can fall of at some areas.

I just went on with my stride and it every step, you end up sliding half a step. I tried to be patient and was able to crawl my way through half a kilometer of the Kree Surface. Since I was trying to stop my downward momentum every time I slid, I ended up straining my calves. I was cramping halfway into the climb. I had it relaxed and stretched by our porter in one of the rest stops. It remained sensitive as I had a lot of bouts of almost fully cramping in some of the steps.


I was barely moving, cramping and was now really frustrated at my pace. This was shifting to be a mental battle and I was losing it. There were some points I wanted to just go down and give up and there were times that I tried digging into my mental bag of tricks just to keep my head distracted from the idea of quitting. There were really not much surface or trails that was similar to this one. Good thing Cathy always stayed with me all through out.

Scenes from the Indonesian movie, 5 cm

I was looking at my watch just to have an idea on the remaining elevation so that’s the best trick I had my sleeve. I was counting down the meters of elevation that I needed to ascent. Out of the total, 1,200 meters, I was down to the last 500, then to the last 400 and then to the last 300. I also found a better way of moving faster as I let my guide take a 5-6 steps before I then took another 5-6 steps. Taking it one at a time left me unable to start a good momentum in the climb.

It was good that it was dark as you are not overwhelmed with seeing how far the summit is. It was nice to see the quarter moon at one side. I was already going at a much better pace before the weather went really cold and foggy. I had to stop once in a while to wipe my glasses. Everything has come to a close and so was these torturous climb as I’ve reached the summit in 5 hours and 13 minutes and it still below the expected 6 hours.

Foggy Summit

The summit was extra cold and foggy. We were not blessed with a clearing to appreciate the beautiful view of the summit. I’ll take as I was just happy to reach the summit given the difficulty of this one. I was able to reach the highest peak in Java at 3,676 meters above sea level.

Thanks Cathy of Trail Adventours for spending those difficult hours with me on the climb.

It was really cold in the summit so we had to descend the summit after our group shot. It was really fun going down as the uphill struggle became a fast skid going down. It felt like skiing on the loose scree surface so in no time, we were already at the middle part of the scree surface.

We hang out in the area to appreciate the scenery as we were overlooking the forest. There was a sea or rather an ocean of clouds to our right. The summit remains a foggy site. It was just great to hit the pause button after the experience.


We then headed to the forested trail area after a lot more skiing in the scree surface to be back in our camp for breakfast. The descent did bring up the kid in us.

Hanging out in the middle of the Mount Semeru

Calimati to Ranu Kumbolo

We had breakfast after our descent from Mount Semeru. We had a few chats before we went to catch up sleep again. We were supposed to leave at 2 pm but ended up leaving at 1 pm because it looked like it would rain. We would then just have our lunch at Ranu Kumbolo.

Ranu Kumbolo

The first kilometer was a climb out to the viewing deck of Mount Semeru. We stopped a while to have a last look at Mount Semeru before heading on the descent. It was quick hike and we reached Ranu Kombolo in just over 1:30 of hiking from Calimati.

Ranu Kumbolo would be our home for the night. We had lunch at 3 pm and dinner at 7 pm. The lake was just beautiful and felt really calming. Visiting Ranu Kumbolo is really one of the highlights of the trips as it gave us a lake-side abode in the middle of our adventure. It was raining in the afternoon so we slept between meals and woke up early to catch a glimpse of sunrise.

Ranu Kumbolo to Ranu Pani

After having breakfast at the lake, we were then off to Ranu Pani to culminate the Semeru Part of our adventure. It was a long 10 kilometer hike but it’s mostly downhill. With the tougher part of the hike over we just went on to enjoy this one. The first kilometer and a half was pure climb so we just went at a steady place. We did appreciate the view of the lake from several vantage points. Mount Semeru was also visible along some points of the route along with the sea of clouds along the way.

After the climbing part came the partly rolling part until mid-way of the climb. We had two stops with a lot of daddy joke time in between. I guess it’s a lot different on the way back as we were a lot more comfortable with each other now. The hike felt like a breeze especially as it went downhill on the forested time.

After 10 kilometers of hiking, we were back for Ranu Pani for lunch and we’re now off to the Bromo part of the tour.

Trekking Mount Bromo

This is the 4×4 part of the adventure as we made our way from Ranu Pani to Ngadisari Village. This part was the sightseeing part as we had different vantage points of the view of the nearby Volcano and mountain range. We also had a sand dunes adventure before heading to our village.

The village was full of tourist as Bromo is the more tourist friendly volcano with just a short hike to the summit. It was nice to explore the village before dinner, which was at 7 pm. It was also a welcome relief that we are now back to our rooms after being on tents for the past two days.

View from Mt. Pananjakan

We were up early again the next day starting at 4 am heading to Mount Pananjakan for a sunrise view. What I like about this was the view of the nearby volcanoes including Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru.

Up next, we were allowed to play a bit in the sandy part on the wide area at foot of the volcanoes. It was a bit chilly at this time but it was fun playing around in the wide area. These were also sand dunes so it was fun as well going around via 4×4 vehicle.

We then headed to the foot of Mount Bromo, which was already packed by tourist. There were options to go on the summit via horse but it’s a very short climb and also, poor horses. There was a long walk to the start of the climb probably to put some separation among the climbers.

We started walking our way to Mount Bromo and it was really dusty because of the surface and also the foot traffic. It’s a really short climb and you can probably reach the summit in 20-30 minutes walking. There was a long stair climb towards the summit wherein you can get to explore the top of Mount Bromo.

Mount Bromo

It was nice to see the summit of Mount Bromo, especially since we didn’t have the clearing at Mount Semeru. There was a thin trail along the caldera. I explored only a short portion of the caldera since I was not that confident moving around the volcano. It was still a nice view from our spot.

With Cathy

After waiting for our group, we then run our way back to our car to cap this adventure at Mount Bromo and Semeru.

With Cathy and Sheila

I started a tour with no idea on where is Surabaya (it’s already near down under in the Globe) but I was really impressed by how well the tour was planned and also how complete our adventure is. I really enjoyed this one and I’m glad that I went out of my comfort zone and just booked the trip. Thanks to Trail Adventours and Rani Adventures for the wonderful experience.

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Incoming: 42nd MILO Marathon

The Country’s biggest and longest running footrace is back on its 42nd edition. Milo Marathon is back to crown this year’s Milo Marathon King and Queen with a 11-leg event including the National Finals happening in Laoag on December 9, 2018.

42nd MILO Marathon

MILO Marathon has been the biggest. longest running and most prestigious foot race in the country which has immortalized running legends throughout its 42 years of existence.  Leading beverage brand MILO has officially launched the 42nd MILO Marathon with an 11-leg event season in search for the MILO Marathon King and Queen.  Reigning MILO Marathon King Joerge Andrade and five-time MILO Marathon Queen Mary Joy Tabal will go head to head with the top contenders to defend their titles for the Finals on December 9, 2018.  It gets extra special for the MILO Marathon King and Queen as they get to participate in an international marathon and a chance to be a part of the pool of PATAFA contenders for the 2019 SEA games.

“Magsama-sama, Tumakbo, Matuto.” MILO strengthens its legacy with a values-driven race experience for runners through out the race season.  They wish to capitalize the character-building aspect of a running for its 150,000 expected participants.

“The 42nd MILO Marathon continues to center on life lessons that runners can learn and take with them beyond the finish line. We are committed to delivering an inspiring season as we highlight the values of discipline, resilience, determination to help runners be molded into true champions,” said Lester P. Castillo, MILO Philippines Sports Executive.

All Road Leads to Laoag

The 42nd MILO Marathon would be having 11 legs with Laoag hosting the finals.  The city of Laoag promises to offer a unique running experience for the participants as the National Finals would be a part of the city’s bicentennial culminating celebration.  Aside from the festivities, the runners would be treated to the beauty of Laoag as the race route goes along some tourist hotspots including, the Paway and Laoag Sand Dunes in the longer distances.  Laoag can also be an excellent race-cation destination with several places of interest like Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, Kapurpurawan rock formation in Burgos, the windmill farms of Bagui and the beaches of Pagudpud.  Vigan, a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Center is also just 80 kilometers away from Laoag.

A Race for A Cause

MILO has played an active role in helping underprivileged Filipino youth reach their dreams by giving them brand new pair of running shoes through Help Give Shoes Advocacy.  This year, with the help of Department of Education, MILO will donate 1,500 pair of shoes to deserving public schoolchildren across the country.  MILO will also be donating an additional 2,500 basketball to deserving public schools nationwide to expand the reach of their advocacy of getting them into sports, not just running.

Race Details

Date and Venue:

  • Urdaneta – July 15, 2018
  • Metro Manila – July 29, 2018
  • Tarlac – August 26, 2018
  • Batangas – September 16, 2018
  • Lucena – September 30, 2018
  • Iloilo – October 7, 2018
  • Cebu – October 14, 2018
  • General Santos – October 21
  • Butuan – November 11, 2018
  • Cagayan De Oro – November 18, 2018
  • Laoag – National Finals – December 9. 2018

Fees and Inclusions

  • 3K / 5K – Student P110, Adult P160 (Inclusive of race singlet, bib and MILO Sachet)
  • 10K – P850 (Inclusive of race singlet, bib, MILO Nutri-Up Sachet and Drawstring Bag with Finisher Medal if within cutoff of 1:30)
  • 21K – P950 (Inclusive of race singlet, bib, MILO Nutri-Up Sachet and Drawstring Bag and Finisher Hoodie after the race and finisher medal within cutoff of 2:30) – Medical Certificate Required
  • 42K – P1,050 (Inclusive of race singlet, bib, MILO Nutri-Up Sachet and Drawstring Bag and Finisher Hoodie after the race and finisher medal within cutoff of 6:00) – Medical Certificate Required


Race Updates

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7-Eleven Philippines Dominate Jeju International Tourism Marathon

Team 7-Eleven Philippines pose for a victory photo together with 7-Eleven Philippines’ Marketing Director Mr. Jackie Lay (standing), General Merchandise Division Head Mr. Jose C. Ang Jr. (sitting) and 7-Eleven Run Series Project Head Ms. Michelle Saludes (sitting)

7-Eleven powered Team Philippines brought Pinoy Pride once again at 23rd Jeju International Tourism Marathon as they were part of the top placers of the race.

23rd Jeju International Tourism Marathon

The Team 7-Eleven Philippines delegation to Jeju Island, South Korea was composed of 11 Filipino elite runners and executives of Philippine Seven Corporation (7-Eleven Philippines)

The winners of the 7-Eleven Run Series got their chance to shine on the international stage as they were sent to to join the 23rd Jeju International Tourism Marathon Festival held at Gujwa Life Sports Park in South Korea’s Jeju Island.  Eleven Filipino runners made it to the race courtesy of 7-Eleven Philippines, as part of their prize for landing within the top three spots of this year’s 7-Eleven Run Series held last February.

“Race safe, enjoy and make 7-Eleven and the Philippines proud.”, was 7-Eleven Run Series Project Head Michelle Saludes’ message to the runners.  The runners, who carried the banner of Team 7-Eleven Philippines, lived up to expectations and grabbed podium finishes in the 21km and 42km categories.

Eleven Filipino runners made up the Team 7-Eleven Philippines who went to compete in the 23rd Jeju International Tourism Marathon Festival in South Korea.

Fresh from her training camp in Italy, Olympic medalist and marathon queen Mary Joy Tabal showed her winning form and finished the 21km race in 1:18:44 to come up on top, besting the Japanese and Korean elite runners who placed second and third, respectively.  “I wasn’t able to break my personal record but I am satisfied and happy with my overall performance. This race serves as an evaluation of my training and a good warm-up for me for the Asian Games next month.”, said Tabal who flew back to Italy the day after the race to continue with her training which is due to finish by August.

Ruffa Sorongon and Christabel Martes, who directly came from their successful 10km race in last week’s Philippine National Games, took the fourth and fifth podium spots of the 21km category to complete the Female top five.

((from left to right) Richard Salaño (2nd male),  Ruffa Sorongon (4th female), Mary Joy Tabal (1st female), Christabel Martes (5th female), Prince Joey Lee  (5th male) and Jerald Zabala (6th male) run the 21km race at the 23rd Jeju International Tourism Marathon Festival and finished in top spots.

Richard Salaño, Bulacan’s “Kenyan Slayer” settled for a top two finish in the 21km male category, clocking the race at 1:11:19.80. Cebu’s Prince Joey Lee and Cagayan de Oro’s Jerald Zabala settled for the fifth and sixth place, respectively. It was Lee’s and Zabala’s first race outside the Phiippines.

Meanwhile, the Filipino runners also reigned in the 42km category of the race. Bryan Quiamco, who earned his slot by winning the third spot of the 42km race of the 7-Eleven Race Series last February, took runner-up honors as he finished with a time of 2:37:03.70. Richeel Languido grabbed third while Rafael Pescos placed fourth.

On the distaff side, the Filipinas ruled as veteran Davaoeña runner Judelyn Miranda covered the challenging course in 3:16:03.91 to bag the crown and beat team mate Maricar Camacho who finished at 3:26:55.02 and settled for second place.

“Para sa akin amazing ang laro na ito kasi kapos ako sa ensayo pero naglakas-loob akong lumaban sa laro na ito dahil dala ko ang bandera ng ating bansa. Salamat sa 7-Eleven Philippines na nagsuporta sa aming lahat na makapunta kami sa South Korea.”, said Judelyn Miranda when asked about her win.

(from left to right) Richeel Languido (3rd male), Maricar Camacho (2nd female), Judelyn Miranda (1st female), Bryan Quiamco (2nd male) and Rafael Pestos (4th male) all made it to the podium of the 42km race of the 23rd Jeju International Tourism

“For me this race Is amazing because even if I lacked training, I bravely went on to race because I am carrying our country’s flag. Thank you to 7-Eleven Philippines who supported all of us in going to South Korea.”

“We are very satisfied with Team 7-Eleven Philippines’ performance here at the 23rd Jeju International Tourism Marathon Festival. 7-Eleven Philippines will continue with its program to nurture and support our Filipino runners who aspire to get the chance to represent the country in an international race. With that we encourage them to prepare well and we’ll see them on February 3, 2019 for the 2019 7-Eleven Run Series.”, shared 7-Eleven General Merchandise Division Head Mr. Jose C. Ang Jr., when asked about the team’s performance.

Ever since 2013, 7-Eleven Philippines have given a set of Filipino elite runners a chance to compete in the international stage by bringing them to a foreign running race, all expenses paid for plus pocket money and all needs taken cared of. Apart from this, runners who successfully finish on any of the top three overall spots in their respective category will not only get to bring home the race prizes but also receive a bonus cash prize from 7-Eleven Philippines.

The participation of Filipino runners at the 23rd Jeju International Tourism Marathon Festival was made possible through the effort of Philippine Seven Corporation together with the valuable support of Asics as exclusive sportswear partner, Smart and ESPN as media partners and sponsors Selecta Ice Cream, Nature Spring Water, Gatorade, Summit water, Del Monte, Fit and Right, Active, Blue Flavored water, San Miguel beer, Le Minerale, SIP water, Sosro fruit tea, Safeguard, Kopiko 78, Aquafina, Cheetos, Pocari Sweat, and Evian.

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Nick Baldwin and Liz Blatchford Top Century Tuna Ironman Philippines

Nick Baldwin’s Date with History

It was a historic day for the Philippines as it hosted its very first full distance Ironman event with Century Tuna as title sponsor last June 3, 2018.  Nick Baldwin became not only the Philippines first full Ironman Champion but also his home country, Seychelles first ever Ironman Champion.  Australia’s Liz Blatchford topped the Women’s category.

Century Tuna Ironman Philippines

The first ever Century Tuna Ironman Philippines was a historic day last June 3, 2018 and it culminated the long hard training road for all participants earning the Ironman title for the first time on Philippine soil.  With a 3.8 kilometer swim at ACEA, Subic, a 180 kilometer bike leg in the rain and in the heat and a hot and humid 42 kilometer run leg, it was a tough course for the triathletes.

The country’s inaugural full distance Ironman saw close to 1,300 participants with 50 countries, including the Philippines, represented. A total of 805 Pinoys were among the pack, a strong indication of triathlon’s increasing popularity and the country becoming a premier race destination.

“Filipinos earning an Ironman badge on home soil is making history. We hope the triumph of our Ironmen and Ironwomen today inspires our countrymen to embrace fitness and live healthier lifestyles—our goal as an organization from the very start,” said Greg Banzon, EVP and COO of Century Pacific Food, Inc.


Historic Day for Philippines and Seychelles

After all the swim, bike and run action Nick Baldwin of Seychelles made several tick marks in history.  After being challenged in the run leg by favorite and legendary Cameron Brown from New Zealand, he pulled away in the run leg to emerged as the first-ever Philippines Full Ironman distance Champion with a time of 08:50:30.  He also becomes the first ever Seychelles triathlete to win an Ironman event, which is also now his first major win.

New Zealand’s Cameron Brown (08:56:49) and Simon Cochrane (08:58:58), placed second and third respectively, in the men’s Pro division.

Australia’s Liz Blatchford returned  to the Ironman event after giving birth to her daughter last year, to win the Women’s Pro with a time of 09:22:22.  Fellow Aussie Dimity Lee Duke (09:40:45) came in second, followed by New Zealand’s Simone Maier (09:47:39).

Liz Blatchford is an Ironman and an Ironmommy

Filipino August Benedicto ruled the Asian Elite Division clocking in at 09:48:46.  Pinoys Benjamin Rana (10:13:01) and John Philip Duenas (10:27:34) who came in second and third respectively share Benedicto’s pride of being top Ironmen in their own country.

Baldwin and Blatchford got their share of the USD 25,000 total purse prize for winning their respective categories. Also for the first time, the race served as a qualifier for the 2018 Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, USA with 30 slots up for grabs. The following have earned the 30 slots for Kona.

The Century Tuna IRONMAN Philippines 2018 is produced and organized by Sunrise Events, Inc. and made possible through the support of a number of sponsors and partners including: Alaska, the Department of Tourism, the Tourism Promotions Board, AAI, SBMA, Acea Subic Bay, NLEX and SCTEX, HOKA One One, Gatorade, Aquafina, TYR, Stork, David’s Salon, GU, Intercare, Prudential Guarantee, Media partners: The Philippine Star Hyper HD on Cignal, and FinisherFix, Marketing partners: AlcoPlus, Cetaphil, Devant, Fern-C, Ford, PLDT SMART Communications, Regent Foods, Sanicare, and Timex.

For more details, visit or

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Underpants Run Heat Things Up for Century Tuna Ironman Weekend

The Century Tuna Ironman Weekend just got hotter with The Underpants Run held at June 2, 2018 along the roads of Subic.

Underpants Run

Photo from Century Tuna Ironman Page

The Underpants Run was inspired by the tradition at Kona, home of the Ironman World Championship, which was adopted by Century Tuna on the eve of the first ever Full Distance Ironman happening on June 3, 2018. It gathered world-class athletes, Superbods finalists, and individuals of all shapes and sizes, all united to raise money for a cause. The Century Tuna Superbods: The Underpants Run took center stage continuing what has become a pre-race ritual during previous Ironman 70.3 events at Subic Bay.

This year’s edition was highlighted by the participation of recent Century Tuna Superbods Ageless 2018 grand winners, Maureen Montagne, Jules Aquino, Angel Jones and Johan Ludovica, along with other finalists. Running with them are triathletes and running enthusiasts. This year’s 3KM course took participants in and around the Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center while wearing their colorful under garments.

Team Japan

China’s Aqua Triathlon club was the first group to finish taking home the P20,000 prize while Frank Hoban took top the top spot for the individual category to along with P15,000 pot. Team Japan was judged as the group with the most inspired costume while Larry Ronquillo, who dressed up in Filipino tribal wear, took home the best individual costume award. Loot bags with exciting freebies and finisher shirts were given to all finishers.

Larry Ronquillo

Aside from being one of the side events prior to the Century Tuna Ironman Philippines 2018, The Underpants Run aims to show people the lighter side of living a healthy.

“The Century Tuna Superbods: The Underpants Run showcases just how fun a fitter lifestyle can be. We want to inspire people to start moving and feel the benefits of living healthier,” says Greg Banzon, EVP and COO of Century Pacific Food,Inc.

For more details, visit or

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Incoming: Salomon XTrail Pilipinas 2018

You’ll never how strong you are until you’ve gone through the path of most resistance. That’s what Salomon XTrail Pilipinas is all about. It’s back for another round of challenging slopes and surfaces in the 6Km, 12 Km, 24 Km and 32Km distances they are offering on July 22, 2018 at Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

Salomon XTrail Pilipinas

Salomon X Trail 2017

Salomon XTrail has been among the more challenging races I’ve been to. I’ve got my baptism of steep climbs, technical surfaces, bouldering at Pico De Loro and Anvaya Cove in the previous editions. I also got climbs unlimited at their Subic Route that came in sizzling hot and extra muddy edition. It’s always a totally different adventure that will give you satisfying (not easy) memories.

Salomon XTrail Pilipinas is a race you’ll love to hate but you’ll still be doing it anyway. The Path of most resistance, whether it be muddy trails, unlimited ascent, boulders of rocks, soft beach sands and a lot of different surfaces, will give you a better appreciation of the trails. It’s a school of trail running with a much friendlier intro to trail running with a road to trail distance of 6 Km and 12 Km. The 24 Km and 32 Km is for those earning an advance experience in trail running.


The Path of Most Resistance

Five decades since its inception, Salomon continues to elevate outdoor experiences as the world’s leading trail running brand. But beyond its steadfast dedication to superior product innovation, Salomon has likewise come to embrace its role as a pillar of outdoor athleticism. In its bid to push the boundaries of trail running, Salomon is more than thrilled to announce the return of the highly-anticipated Salomon X-Trail Run this July 22, 2018 at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

Conceived in 2008 as an annual event organized by Salomon throughout Southeast Asia, the Salomon X-Trail Run is held in countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Philippines. Highly regarded by the trail running community for its exceptional and technical trail routes, Salomon X-Trail Run continues to attract an increasing number of participants among runners, fitness junkies, and outdoor enthusiasts.

In the past, Salomon X-Trail Run Pilipinas has been held in various premiere venues throughout the country and has since gained notoriety for consistently mounting the most challenging yet most-attended trail running events in local trail running history. Now on its 7th year, the Salomon X-Trail Run Pilipinas is back to challenge hardcore trail runners and outdoor adventurers with another grueling and unforgettable trail running experience.

Beyond boundaries

Following last year’s widely successful turnout of close to 1,200 participants, this year’s event seeks to attract 1,500 racers from all over the country as it unveils another adrenaline-pumping race across the lush and vigorous forest trails of the Subic Freeport Zone. Similar to past Salomon X-Trail races, this year’s trail running competition will consist of two race categories – the Trail Run category for beginners with 6km and 12km distances and the more technical Mountain Run designed for experienced runners with its 24km and 32km distances.

Transcending the boundaries of human capability is a philosophy which ultimately drives the core of Salomon. As such, participants of this year’s Salomon X-Trail Run can expect no less from the trail running authority as it once again simulates the challenging ascents of Skyrunning races.

Particularly, the Mountain Run which is positioned as the most challenging category of the race will feature a heady combination of terrains such as asphalt and rocky trails to rivers, sandy tracks, and steep technical ascents – all of which are designed to test the stamina of the most tenacious runner.

The Mountain Run participants will receive a race bib, timing chip, Salomon X-Trail technical jersey, Salomon Microfiber towel, post-race meal, raffle coupon & products from sponsors. Only those who finish within the cut-off time will receive a Finisher’s medal for this category.

Path to progress

An advocate of inclusivity, Salomon X-Trail Run also opens its doors to avid runners with basic to no trail running experience with its 6km and 12km Trail Run category. Though slightly less demanding, the Trail Run category equally aims to inspire runners to test the limits of their ability by coming up with a technical terrain that will surely prove taxing for its participants. Trail Run participants will receive a race bib, timing chip, Salomon X-Trail technical jersey, post-race meal, raffle coupon & products from sponsors.

Given the demanding nature of these distances, participants of the 32km and 24KM Mountain Run must adhere to the prescribed medical certificate before registration and mandatory gear before the race which includes, a headlamp, a whistle, a hydration pack/belt with at least 500mL of water. Those with incomplete mandatory gear will not be allowed to participate in the race.

Throughout the event, there will be specific areas and control points located in varying locations within the course to ensure that the participants finish the race within the official time alongside motivational posters and signages to encourage racers. Moreover, the Salomon X-Trail Run will be a Green Race. A pioneer advocacy championed by the Salomon X-Trail Run since its first series back in 2010, Salomon’s Green Race Movement will not permit the use of disposables during the event. Participants are then required to bring their own water bottles.

Interested participants are invited to register until July 8, 2018 at Salomon Stores: SM Aura, SM Megamall, Glorietta 3, SM North Edsa Annex or online at The claiming of the Race Kits will be on-site. Alternatively, for online registrants can opt to have the Race Kits delivered via courier for an additional fee.

For inquiries about the event, e-mail Also follow us on our facebook page: @salomonphilippines and @SalomonPH on Instagram.

Race Details

Date and Venue:

  • Date: July 22, 2018
  • Venue: Subic Bay Freeport Zone
  • Race Start
    • 32Km – 7 am
    • 24Km – 9 am
    • 12Km – 11 am
    • 6Km – 11 am
  • Cut off
    • 32Km – 7.5 hours
    • 24Km – 5.5 hours
    • 12Km – 3 hours
    • 6Km – 1.5 hours

Fees and Inclusions

  • 6Km – P1,200 – Inclusive of Race bib, timing chip, Salomon Xtrail technical jersey, Post-race meal
  • 12km – P1,500 – Inclusive of Race bib, timing chip, Salomon Xtrail technical jersey, Post-race meal
  • 24Km – P2,000 – Inclusive of Race bib, timing chip, Salomon Xtrail technical jersey, Salomon Microfiber Towel, Post-race meal. Finisher’s medal for those who finish within cut-off time (5hours)
  • 32Km – P2,300 – Inclusive of Race bib, timing chip, Salomon Xtrail technical jersey, Salomon Microfiber Towel, Post-race meal. Finisher’s medal for those who finish within cut-off time (7hours).


  • Online : via
  • In Store:
    • Salomon Store SM Aura, 4th floor, SM Aura Mall, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
    • Salomon Store SM Megamall, 3rd floor, Bldg D, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong
    • Salomon Glorietta 3 Store, 2/f Glorietta 3, Ayala Center Makati City
    • Salomon Store SM Annex North Edsa, 2/f, SM North Edsa Annex Building, Edsa, Quezon City

Race Updates

Gear Up and Conquer your limits with Salomon

With the Salomon X-Trail Run Pilipinas 2018 in tow, Salomon introduces its latest iterations for its core trail running range – the SLAB and SENSE collections. Made to enhance and live up to the harshest trail running conditions, participants of the upcoming race are sure to perform at their finest by gearing up in Salomon’s latest trail running innovations.

Ideal for competitive trail runners who are out to test their limits in the Mountain Run categories, Salomon unveils this season’s upgraded SLAB collection with four stand-out footwear that are meant to live up to the fiercest trails.

Headlining Salomon’s high-performance trail running range are the S/LAB SENSE 6 and the S/LAB SENSE 6 SG. Both footwear boasts of Salomon’s Endofit technology for a superior fit and breathability and a ContaGrip with Premium Wet Traction rubber to ensure maximum traction over any terrain. What sets these two models apart is that the S/LAB SENSE 6 is made with a hard ground outsole while the S/LAB SENSE 6 SG features an aggressive outsole to get a grip of the soft ground and a soft mesh upper to keep out debris.

Proving to be a brand that’s built with athletes for athletes, the S/LAB SENSE ULTRA 2 was developed with French elite athlete Francois D’haene. The result is a remarkable running shoe that embodies the D’haene’s long-distance stamina, precision, and agility. Its key features include the Energysave foam insert that adds long-lasting cushioning and protection from the coarsest terrain; Energycell+ foam to ensure a smooth consistent ride; SENSIFIT construction with a durable protective Skin Guard lining; and a Contagrip outsole and reverse lugs on the heal area for added confidence when traversing downhill.

Even the most cunning runners cannot escape the perils of bad weather. The next best thing is to sport a pair of footwear that’s especially designed to hold out against muddy, wet, and slippery trails. Take a shot with the S/LAB SPEED 2 with its narrow fit for precision and agility even in the worst conditions; ContaGrip sole to ensure traction and resist clogging; and lastly, a protective mudguard positioned around the foot area along with a cushioned midsole to let you pile on the miles against harder surfaces.

Derived directly from the S/LAB Collection, the SENSE Collection offers a wide range of trail running shoes that are equally formidable and durable. This line includes the SENSE RIDE with its generous cushioning which enables one to push the mileage for extended periods of time in comfort; the SENSE PRO 2 for those who opt

for a lightweight feel without sacrificing comfort; the SENSE ESCAPE which offers incredible protection and grip on and off the road; the SENSE PRO MAX which boasts of an anti-vibration technology for less shock and more fun. The models in the SENSE Collection are available for both men and women.

Salomon’s latest collection also engages runners with its selection of superior running vests. Lightweight and constructed for precision, the all-new AGILE 2 SET is a power mesh-equipped running vest that serves the perfect function of carrying one’s essentials without compromising air-flow, comfort, and motion. Meanwhile, under the S/LAB collection is the S/LAB SENSE ULTRA 5 SET, an ultimate gear stowing solution made with anti-odor stretchy mesh fabric and a Sensifit construction that promises to wrap around the body without hindrance. Plus, the vest is as lightweight as can be at a mere 100g.

Founded in 1947 in Annecy France, Salomon began as a mountain sports brand driven by the sheer passion for exhilarating outdoor pursuits. Since then, the brand has emerged as a global leader in trail running footwear and accessories that help athletes go beyond the limits of their capabilities. As Salomon X-Trail Run Pilipinas returns for its 7thinstallment, runners across the country can expect another challenging outdoor experience that bears the inspiring legacy of a brand built upon athletic excellence.

Salomon is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by the Primer Group of Companies.

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The Different Stories of Tri Factor Ph

Participants pose event hosts and organisers before the start of the inaugural TRI-Factor Asian Championship Series in CamSur.

Each race is a different story and TRI-Factor also had its share of different stories. From the chase of the podium to the feel good story of newly minted triathletes, TRI-Factor has been true to its purpose of providing a venue for new and progressive athletes get into the Swim, Bike and Run lifestyle.

The Stories of TRI-Factor PH

Participants plunge into the Lago del Rey at the start of the TRI-Factor Asian Championship Series in CamSur.

TRI-Factor Asian Championship Series at the Camsur Watersports Complex in Camarines Sur last May 26 and 27, 2018 had gave memorable experience and moments for the participating triathletes. With an environment that was friendly to newbie triathletes as well as the challenge and the nostalgia of the Camsur course, which was among the first triathlon courses, for experienced triathletes. TRI-Factor Ph also shared some triathlon insights to the audience from Elvin Ting, co-founder of Tri-factor and manager director of organizing Orange Room Pte Ltd. The finish line also gave the winning moment for all the participants in the race.

The Camsur hosted TRI-Factor PH was the third leg of this year’s Asian Series. The event and the athletes provided school supplies and slippers to over 200 indigent kids under the Race to Give program of Sanctband of One of A Kind Marketing, the marketing arm of Tri-factor in the Philippines.

The top winners gained berths in the TRI-Factor Series in Thailand plus overnight stay in Caramoan islands. TRI-Factor Asian Championship series celebrates their 10th year doing four-leg mass participating series in a number of countries across Asia such as Malaysia, China, Indonesia and Thailand. The next TRI-Factor series will be in Thailand on June 17, 2018.


The Winners

The Freshmen Category on the Swim Leg

Long Distance

Billy Biag flashed superb form and dominated the long distance triathlon with a time of 3:19:04.4 to rule the grueling 1.5km swim-60km bike-15km run event, beating Renel Brecenio (3:27:05.9) by almost eight minutes while Anthony Llaguno III timed 3:50:30 to place third overall in the long distance triathlon.

Standard Distance

Mark Malolot ruled the Standard Distance of 1.5km swim-40km bike-10km run in 2:27:31, foiling Jade Albar, who clocked 2:31:09 while Ryan Laurino placed third overall in 2:38:43 followed by Edgar Cabalero (2:46:37) and Ricky Busran (2:51:59) in the event.


The top finishers in relay in the Open division of the long distance triathlon was led by Bolima Madler, Platilla Margarito and Lagyap Marino, who timed 3:02:32.7. Hezron Vasquez, Gil Peña Jr. and Dave de Vera placed second in 3:18:47.6 while the troika of Ruben Mariano, Inocencio Parza and Dennis Suz clocked 3:27:36.8 for third.

Sprint Distance

In the sprint distance (740m swim-20km bike-5km run), John Caleb Barlin took the overall crown with a 1:08.29 clocking, beating Louie Ibo and Roman Bonagua, who timed 1:12.52 and 1:14.46, respectively. Actor Gerald Anderson won in the 25-29 age-group (1:16:15) sprint division with Team Da Rosa.

The Dreamers

Miss Earth Air 2016 finished the Freshmen Distance of TRI-Factor.

TRI-Factor was also a feel-good stories for freshly minted triathletes. The event had a Freshman Distance of 200 meters Swim, 10 Km Bike and 2 Kilometer run and it also had a kid-friendly distance of 100 meters Swim, 5 km Bike and 1 Km Ride. This provided an opportunity for a lot of people outside the triathlon community looking inside to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

One story worth noting was that of Miss Earth Air 2016 Michelle Gomez who had a 45 day journey from zero to hero. She had minimal athletic background but with the help of her Coach Angelo Lozada and support from Chapter 2 bike, Michelle was able to have a good finish on her first triathlon race. Michelle is even raring to do more.

This is what TRI-Factor is all about being a venue for newbies to enter the field.

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Incoming: Marvel Run Ph

It’s time to save the world on July 7, 2018 at the Marvel Run Ph happening at SM Mall of Asia.  Be Mighty like Thor, be Strong like Captain America, Be Incredible like Hulk and be a hero while enjoy the fun of running.

Marvel Run Ph

The Marvel Heroes is coming to Philippine shores in a run everybody can enjoy with 3K, 5K and 10K distance to choose from. Happening at the SM Mall of Asia on July 7, 2018, here’s you’re chance to feel like one of your favorite superhero.

Go Deluxe at P1,200 which includes a Marvel Shirt or Go Premium or VIP where you can choose between Thor, Hulk or Captain America Shirt.  It also comes with the fun and feel-good vibe and the usual colorful concept from the creators of Color Manila.

Register Now and Go Save the World one stride at a time.

Race Details

Date and Venue:

  • Date: July 7, 2018
  • Venue: SM MOA Event Grounds
  • Assembly:
    • 10K – 4:30AM
    • 5K – 5:00AM
    • 3K – 5:30AM
  • Gun Start:
    • 10K – 5:45AM
    • 5K – 6:00AM
    • 3K – 6:25AM

Kits and Inclusions

  • Deluxe – P1,200


  • Premium – P1,750


VIP – 2,750



Race Updates

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Celebrities joins TRI-Factor

Tri-Factor has been designed for a Race for ALL. It also had a list of noted personalities and celebrities who joined the race.


TRI-Factor has created a friendly atmosphere for the participants to have a feel-good foray in triathlon. Multi-sport newbies, enthusiasts and veteran triathletes have joined the new challenge as they showcase their skills in swimming, biking and running in the TRI-Factor Asian Championship Series from May 26-27,2018 at the Camsur Watersports Complex in Camarines Sur.

A big number of athletes, including a slew of rising and top triathletes in the region have joined the four-leg mass participation series composed of individual swim, bike and run events and a finale triathlon and staged to promote an active and healthy lifestyle, particularly among the youth.

The TRI-Factor has grown from organizing multi-sport events in Singapore to creating the premier short-course championship series across the Asian region with CamSur hosting the third leg of the Asian Series and it comes at a time when local triathlon is enjoying tremendous boom with top-notch events held regularly across the country the last few years.

For details, visit

Celebrities join TRI-Factor

Miss Earth Air 2016 finishes the Freshmen Distance

Spicing up this weekend’s event is the participation of a number of celebrities, including noted triathlon campaigners Gerald Anderson and Ms Earth-Air 2016 Michelle Gomez. Anderson raced the sprint and fellow Team De Rossa mainstays. Gomez completed her first ever triathlon completing the Freshmen Distance of 200 meters Swim, 10K Bike at 2 kilometer run after having her 45 day from zero to hero training routine.

Gerald Anderson finishes the sprint distance.

The event, held in conjunction with the Kaogma Festival celebrations, also features a “Race to Give” project where TRI-Factor racers will get to award school supply kits to every indigenous child right after they finish the race as part of TRI-Factor’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

Meanwhile, the host province, led by Gov. Migs Villafuerte welcomed all the local and foreign participants today with the race kit collection set from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. tomorrow (Saturday). Other activities on tap in the first day are the Community Aqua Fun Event from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m., the TRI-Factor Freshmen distance triathlon from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. and the TRI-Factor kids distance triathlon from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. The awards ceremony was held at 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Action heated up on Sunday with the TRI-Factor long and standard distance triathlon slated from 6:30 a.m. to 12 noon and the TRI-Factor sprint distance triathlon set from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. The awards rites will be held from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. to be followed by the Let’s Party@Kaogma Festival bash.

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