Hello 2015 Newton Collection!!!

Newton has been my Go-To Running Shoes

Once I got the hang of the forefoot lugs push of the Newton Shoes, it became my Go-To-Shoes for my big races.  It brings out the natural mid-foot landing and adds that extra push on the next stride resulting to faster cadence and better runs.  It gets even better this year with a redesigned forefoot for the Distance IV and IV S with even more exciting color ways and the introduction of new models in the Kismet and the Fate.  This is definitely great news for Newton fans like me. Say Hello to Better Running Days as the 2015 Newton Collection has now landed in #RunnrPH so grab one NOW!

Read About:

The Newton Running Experience

On the road to my second marathon, I tried out if Newton can take me all the way and yes, it did with flying colors as vibrant as each colorway of Newton.

A few months ago, I did my Newton Experiment on whether the lightweight technology of Newton can help me surpass my second marathon.  It’s not common to wear lightweight shoes on a marathon as the number of strides can really give your feet a lot of beating but on the other hand if you run and land properly, there is reduced wear and tear.  It did help me conquer my second marathon, breaking my marathon personal record by more than 2o minutes.  Since then, I’ve been sold on the Newton Running Technology and it has been my Go-To-Shoes for the big races.  It’s a fast shoes that helps you cover more distance faster but even when you get tired, the push is all you need to remember that you need to keep moving forward towards the finish line.  Ever since Newton Running was first introduced by RUNNR in 2009, more and more competitive athletes have embraced the natural running style that the innovative shoe brand espouses. From its headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, Newton Running has churned out seriously fast shoes year after year and racked up impressive wins at both short and long course races.


I also use the Newton Boco AT on trails

In 2014, Newton Running introduced the P.O.P. (Point Of Power) system to its patented Action/ReactionTM technology. Adding a fifth lug to its forefoot lug system, the P.O.P. system provides a custom action/reaction to each specific shoe model, tailoring its responsiveness to the wearer’s needs.  Having introduced the revolutionary 5-lug POP1+ platform in 2014 for the Distance, Stability, and MV3 models, Newton now introduces the 2015 Distance IV and Distance IV S with a new forefoot design and new and exciting color ways to really make the wearer stand out in a crowd.  The 5th lug really adds stability to your landings and eliminates unnecessary movements in the foot.   All 2015 Newton Running models also feature highly breathable mesh uppers with seamless construction for a more glove-like fit, reducing the risk of chafing for those who like to run sock-less.

Newton Distance IV – IV S – SRP P7,995


Newton Distance IV White M (Top), Newton Distance IV S M (Middle), Newton Distance IV W (Bottom)

The Distance IV speed trainer features the 5-lug P.O.P. 1+ platform open chamber Action/ReactionTM technology with isolated and more rigid lugs for greater responsiveness, making it ideal for long distance training and high intensity workouts and races.  The forefoot Flex Zone has been redesigned to offer a custom fit and greater forefoot splay. Runners who have evolved their gait to a more midfoot and forefoot focus will likely feel they have hit the sweet spot in the new Distance IV and Distance IV S. The latter includes an Extended Medial Bridge to the midsole to provide more functional support for runners who need a greater surface area on the medial side due to pronation or a flatter archs.


Distance IV Women

Newton Fate and Kismet – SRP: P8,995


Newton Fate for Men (Top); Newton Fate for Women (Bottom)

Fate is a “core trainer” with a 5-lug P.O.P. 2 platform, featuring beveled and articulated lugs for a more relaxed ride, and surrounded by static lugs for a broader base. This creates a versatile and balanced ride, offering the dynamic Newton “pop” in a more relaxed package ideal for everyday training and racing in an all-around, go-to shoe. It features a mesh upper with 36-degree reflectivity, heel lace lock, and a durable outsole composite in the forefoot.


Newton Kismet for Men (Top); Newton Kismet for Women (Bottom)

The Newton Fate has a 4.5mm drop and a 4mm wider base than the Kismet.  Kismet offers similar features as the Fate but adds an Extended Medial Bridge for additional stability.  The Kismet is perfect for people who delight in the pure joy of running and want a shoe that elevates their experience.  It’s an every day training and racing and all around go-to-shoes.  It offers a versatile, balanced and relaxing run.


2015 Newton running shoes are now available in RUNNR stores. RUNNR is the specialty running goods retail store of the Quorum Group of Companies.  More information can be found at www.newtonrunning.comFor all the running gear you need, visit RUNNR outlets at: Bonifacio High Street, Trinoma Alabang Town Center and Ayala Center Cebu. You can also check out the RUNNR corners in Toby’s outlets specifically in Shangri- La Mall and SM Mall of Asia. You can also log onto www.runnr.com.ph, call 403-1787, or log on to www.facebook.com/RUNNRPH or https://twitter.com/RUNNRPH



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We Took the Merrel Capra Challenge and We Won

Champions for the Merrel Capra Challenge

The first time I saw a Capra it was in a zoo and I was amazed at how the mountain goat can navigate with ease in the rocky cliff with their hooves.  That same traction comes in the new Merrel Capra shoes that has the Vibram Megagrip with excellent traction for different surfaces and Unifly that provide a better feel and agility on the surface for better movement.  It can go both for the faster trails or the longer and more challenging mountain treks.  We got to be a part of the Merrel Capra Challenge as part of the launch of the newest Capra shoes and we ended up winning the challenge and win our very own pair of Merrel’s latest all around trail and trek shoes.

Merrel Capra Challenge

The Merrel Capra Challenge was a game of wits and strength designed to inspire excitement for the outdoors and foster the spirit of adventure.   It had a series of obstacles for us to conquer and the team with the fastest time wins the challenge.  It challenges each member and at the same time fosters teamwork.   As you know me, I always love challenges like this and even if I don’t always do well, I always give it a good hard try. I also like brand launches like this as it deviates from the normal sit down launches.  It was exciting to be a part of this one as I am also spending a lot of time in the trails and mountains recently and Merrel would be a product I would really want to try.  I feel at home when I’m in the confides of the trails and mountains and would love to conquer as much adventure as I can especially now during summer months.  It was also Merrel’s way of introducing the latest Capra shoes that has an impressive features as slated by mountaineer Coby Sarreal, who was able to use the Capra shoes over several mountains already.  On a side note, Coby would be our trek guide on our climb to Mount Kinabalu next month.   After a short briefing about the brand and the shoes, we were immediately grouped into 4 separate groups with each team having 5 members.  There were series of obstacles and at times, we would be choosing which obstacle we would be taking based on a flipboard.

Teamwork at its best.

The first challenge was simultaneously moving in a wooden plant.  I am familiar with this one since we did this in our Principles of Management Class in Grad School.  They key is to move in unison and you’ll end up nowhere if you don’t move as one.  We were able to take this part quickly to be able to establish a lead over the other team.  The next obstacle had us running on tires, which was common for me since, this is always part of obstacle trails.

After the tire runs.

Next was to do jump ropes and this was something I couldn’t do, not even if my life depended on it (Yes, boo to me).  Good thing, that there is a rule where if you can’t do an obstacle, the team captain or a team member can do this for you. Working as a team also involves knowing your weak points and allowing others to take over.  We then had to go through boulders of rock,s which does require a lot of balance and traction.   After that we had to crawl under a net.

Please, let it be a low number.

We then had to do push ups with the number of repetitions to be determined based on the results of the two dice.  We were lucky that it just had 1 per die so we just had to do 2 push ups.  We headed to the last which was to take a photo each at the top of the Military Wall.  For a total time of 5 minutes and 26 seconds.  We were ahead of the other group.  We had to wait for the results of the second batch and surprise, surprise, we were overall champions and we won our very own Merrel Capra.  I can’t wait to try them out on actual trails and climbs.

We are the Champions!!!

Of course, the event was just a teaser and the highlight was showcasing the Merrel Capra.  The Merrel Capra came in colorful and flashy designs with a durable frame that’s built ready for all surfaces.  And now, without much ado, let me introduce the Merrel Capra.

Merrell Capra is inspired by nature’s ultimate climber – the mountain goat. The bold and colorful Capra is especially constructed to help hikers over varied terrains and this one is the perfect partner as you go all out in your outdoor adventures and achieve your personal goals whether blitzing a trail or conquering a new mountain.  Capra is the brand’s latest hiking innovation that’s fast, nimble and designed to enhance the backpacking experience, driving people to ascend further and stay longer outdoors. Summer is the ideal time to sport the shoe as you venture out in search of that perfect getaway.

The Merrell Capra is packed with technology that makes it ideal for every kind of excursion. Extreme conditions are no problem with the Vibram MegaGrip, improving grip and durability during those long and grueling hours on the mountainside. The outsole design is constructed like goat hooves with a split-toe design for enhanced grip on rock edges and crevices, while the UniFly™ midsole provides serious feel and agility. Vibrant hues keep your look young and eye-catching whether you’re trekking over dirt trails or taking it easy on the streets.  Merrell gets you ready for your getaway to adventure – from city streets to mountain trails and everywhere in between.

Go for the outdoors.


Like our own Capra Challenge, there are also challenges out there for you to conquer.  What’s your challenge? Take it on with confidence in the Capra, a speed hiker that’s designed to maximize performance and style outdoors. With a strong silhouette and striking colors, this lightweight shoe is a dynamic choice that can take you exploring far and wide as you search for the perfect getaway.  Challenge yourself to push life’s boundaries as you getaway to adventure. Whether as part of a pack or enjoying solitude in the wild, be humbled in the face of nature’s most majestic sites and find the will to emerge stronger than ever. Nothing is as empowering as venturing out of your every day routine and taking on the untouched wilderness. Trek with purpose and climb like an animal in your Merrell Capra, the only partner you need on the journey.  Transform your life with the power of adventure. Embark on your getaway and come back changed by the exotic destinations, the vibrant cultures and the once-in-a-lifetime experience. All you need is a good backpack, sturdy shoes and an open mind.

Life is an adventure

Life is an adventure and do take it.  Don’t fear those lung-busting climbs, enjoy those fast descents, have the time of the life crossing rivers, going over boulders of rock or anything goes.  When you have a shoes that’s designed for all the different terrains and conditions, you’re in good hands. Go for your own challenges and adventures and make the most out of your trails and treks with Merrel Capra.

Go for your own challenge and adventures.

Grab your own pair of Capra for your getaway in Merrell stores at TriNoma, SM North EDSA Annex, Market! Market!, Festival Mall Alabang, Marquee Mall Pampanga, Harbor Point Subic, SM City Dasmariñas, Ayala Center Cebu, Gaisano Mall Davao, Abreeza Mall Davao, SM Lanang Premier and SM Ecoland Davao. Merrell is also available in leading department stores and sports specialty stores nationwide.  Visit Merrell on Facebook via www.facebook.com/MerrellPhilippines and follow us on Twitter and Instagram via @Merrell_PH.

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#SlidefestPH Brings #1000FtOfPureHappiness to Subic

We had fun in the bubble machine while awaiting our slide.

The Summer in the Philippines just got one major upgrade with #1000FtOfPureHappiness making its way to the scenic Subic Bay for its maiden offering.  #SlidefestPH gave us an exhilarating, fast paced and action packed plunge along a Giant Slip and Slide attraction.  It came with all the thrill, the twist, the turns and a big splash as you make your way to the bottom of the slide.  It also came with a feel-good party atmosphere that made it a great bonding event for family and friends.  The good part about is that this one is just the start as those Giant slides makes its way to Alabang on May 16 and 17, 2105.  Do take the #SlidefestChallenge when it hits Alabang.

Read About: 


#1000FtOfPureHappiness is now in town.

The buzz about the #1000FtOfPureHappiness started last February with the social media launch of the event.  It comes at a perfect time to offer something different by the time the summer months hits the country.  I was lucky enough to get to try the slide on its test run and felt that this is really one exciting family-friendly, adrenalin-pumping giant slide that everybody should get to try. The swift descent gives you a rush and excitement as you get to slide, twist, turn while making your way to the giant slide.  I know that the real thing would be so much better.  Fast forward to April and the wait was finally over.  My schedule is like a sudoku puzzle as I get to balance a lot of events happening on the same weekend but I made time to drive my way to Subic and get to experience the real thing.  I was able to get a good deal for my accommodation at Mango Valley Hotel in Subic.

#1000FtOfPureHappiness The Bay and the Mountains

I was able to reach Subic around 10 am and immediately got my media pass, which came with a two hour pass at the slides.  I didn’t select a time for my slide first as I wanted to explore the place first and await friends who would be in the vicinity.  There are food booths that came in food trucks, food stalls, ice cream stations and hydration tents.  There was merchandise area with cool event shirt for the VIP sliders and those who would want it as souvenirs.  There were claiming areas, which was arranged alphabetically for easy claiming of the slide pass. There was also a photo booth area wherein you can get a souvenir of your slide.  The event area had two queue lines, one for the VIP slides and one for the wave sliders and they are eventually funneled into the two giant slides where they take the #1000FtOfPureHappiness Slide.  I took some photos of people doing their slide and each slide was a unique experience with people having various forms and ways to navigate the giant slide.  (Few of the photos can be found at Francramon.com Facebook Page).

Joined the slide with Mr. Pinoy Fitness Jeff Lo and his friends Chiqui and Mike Dijamco

After having my lunch, I decided to check in my hotel first before going for my slide.  By the time I returned, I met Jeff Lo of Pinoy Fitness with his friends Chiqui and Mike Dijamco and we decided to join the 4 pm wave for our slide.  At first, we started to queue with the wave sliders and queued with the last sliders of the 1-3 pm wave.  It took some time before we got our chance to slide but since we had water and bubbles to play with and we had each other to talk to, we didn’t notice much of the time.  It’s best to do this with people you can get along with as they could keep you company while passing time.  After a while we finally got our chance and the ride was really fast, fun and really adrenalin pumping.  The real thing was probably 1000 times better than the test run as they found a more inclined slope and the ride was frenetic.  It had me twisting, turning, bumping into the walls and accelerating for a large splash.  The bottom of the slide was really exciting as you get to crash to a lot of cushioned guarded by marshals.  Hats off to the marshals as they did take a lot of impact with each slide.

After the first slide, we were all talking about how the slide was worth the wait. We also tried out the VIP sliders lane as we also wanted to try out the queuing experience there too as Media.   At this time, the bubble machine was on the VIP sliders part for we played around like kids in the bubble machine.  Being covered with bubbles all over can really be fun. Next, we had access to the hose so we really took it upon ourselves to try to dose each other with water. Its great that GoPro is water proof as we had it drenched in bubbles and water and it passed that test with flying colors.  People really had fun with the bubbles and the water. It helped pass the time while waiting for our turn.  Towards the end of our wait, it was also the time where the weather shifted from scorching hot to that chilly breeze of nightfall.   From being eager with water, we tried to avoid it because it was already cool.  The shift in weather can be drastic, it’s a good thing that I was able to load up on Vitamin Boost and Booster C which was available on the booths to increase my resistance.

The second drop was even a lot more fun as I’m trying how the raft would react with my feet up or when my feet was down.  I also tried trying to control my trajectory by using my hands against the wall.  I ended up descending at a more adrenalin-pumping faster paced.  As I was about to reach the end, I heard the marshal telling me to slow down and that got me thinking. How do I slow down?  That’s something I got to learn in the next slides.  I think you have to use your hands to break a bit.  It ended up to be an even bigger splash when I ended because of my faster pace.  After the second slide, we were discussing if we’ll get to do another but we opted to reserve the excitement for Alabang.  So far, so good.  I’m sure they’ll find a way to make the lines smoother by the time Alabang comes.

Manila’s Hottest DJ Nina hosting the Party Wave

I stayed around til the party wave and the sliders shifted to a more colorful light display and I think the party wave batch had a faster queue.  It was also fun seeing people dancing and partying their way with family and friends with Manila’s hottest, DJ Nina hosting the party.   It great to see Slidefest come to town and despite some hiccups, I can say, this was a great way to bring Slidefest to the Philippines.   Looking forward to the Alabang leg and future legs to come.

If you want to register for the next leg, you can read the registration details here: http://francramon.com/slidefest-philippines-brings-1000ftofpurehappiness-and-the-bestsummerever/

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Brooks Introduces Pure Flow 4

Each Brooks Shoe has the Runner’s DNA in mind and they get features much specific to their needs.   Not all runners have the same shoe requirement so Brooks carries both the feel (lightweight that gives you a better feel of the road) and the float (cushioned that gives you more support for longer runs).  The Pure Project is its primary line of lightweight shoes designed for those who love the faster paced runs.   It gets even better this time as Brooks launches the Pure Flow 4.  #BrookeRunningPH

Read About

Brooks Pure Project 4


I started running using more popular yet generic sports and lifestyle shoes.  As I got the hang of it, I realized that going for runner specific shoes, like Brooks makes a world of difference when running.  Brooks has the runner in mind when it conceptualized its shoes. They provide a lot of alternatives that would be more specific to your foot type, running gait and preference.  I always prefer the lightweight feel, which is one of the core strength of the Brooks Pure Project  Brooks also carries a line of cushioned shoes, which gives you more comfort when running like their transcend line.  So whatever your preference, Brooks got you covered.   I like how a rounded heel can keep the heel and ankle in place preventing unnecessary movements to help avoid ankle sprains or even heel tendonitis.  I like also that it has a snug fit yet doesn’t feel tight with its Nav Band.  It also has enough cushioning through its DNA midsole yet it gives me enough feel and traction to power my next running stride.  It also gives me the option to go sock-less without giving me friction burns or irritations because of its seamless or no sew overlays.

From the widely acclaimed Pure Project running shoe line, Brooks proudly introduces the PureFlow 4. Designed as a lightweight, cushioned training shoe for neutral runners, the PureFlow 4 is 8.6 ounces of running bliss.  At 8.6 ounces, it’s one of the lightest cushioned shoes, you’ll ever try with most cushioned shoes usually at around 9.5 – 10 ounces.  That really saves you a lot of effort lifting the foot for each strides because of the lightweight feel. This results to higher cadence on your strides and a faster run..

The upper features a Nav-Band that wraps around the foot for a secure, yet non-constricting fit. No-sew overlays add to the premium look and feel, along with a cushioned tongue that further enhances the wearer’s comfort.  The DNA midsole is designed to provide custom comfort by soaking up the harshness of the road surface while translating your energy into forward motion. Compared to the one-size-fits-all approach of traditional cushioning, Brooks DNA continuously adjusts the level of cushioning to a runner’s specific needs – even as it changes during a workout. The DNA technology delivers 30% more cushioning than standard midsole materials such as gel or EVA, with twice as much energy return for more pep in your step. Meanwhile, the Rounded Heel allows for better alignment and a smoother stride, while Omega Grooves in the outsole add stability and flexibility.  With a midsole drop of 4mm., a light feel, and a low profile, the Brooks PureFlow 4 is ideal for fast-paced sessions, road races, or as an all-around training shoe. It joins the ranks of the PureConnect, which is designed for a low-to-the-ground feel, as well as the highly admired support-oriented PureCadence.

The Brooks PureFlow 4 is now available at select RUNNR and Toby’s Sports outlets for P4,995.  For more information on Brooks, follow us on Facebook & Instagram at brooksrunningPH and Twitter @Brooks_PH.

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adidas Climachill Brings In the Chilling Effect during the Warm Summer Days

NBA’s Jeremy Lin Wearing the Black Climachill Shirt

Working out this summer has felt like moving around in a sauna room with the heat and humidity taking its toll on your system. #adidas #Climachill uses 3D aluminium-cooling spheres that provides instant cooling sensation upon contact.  It also uses a SubZero flat yarn that contains titanium and is woven throughout the inside of each Climachill™ jersey to deliver more cooling capacity.  The climachill technology is perfect for the hot and humid Philippine weather.  It keeps your body cool for a more comfortable workout even in the warm months of summer.

Read About:

adidas Climachill

Using Climachill Technology in My Races

Last year, I was introduced to the Climachill technology and it really felt comfortable especially during summer months.  I also got their singlet type designs which I used for my races.  It really help since when you feel cooler, your body would feel more relaxed and your heart rate would be lower.  There’s a rise in your body temperature and add the outdoor heat and humidity into the equation and that’s a lot of heat, which drains your energy faster.  I’ve grown to love the climachill technology since the 3d aluminum cooling spheres at the back of the shirt brings an instant cooling effect especially once sweat starts to come in.  Working out these summer days feels like moving around in a sauna room so it really makes a difference having the instant cooling effect of adidas climachill technology.  It doesn’t stop there as adidas keeps innovating the Climachill technology further with the launch of the new Climachill™ apparel range, headlined by a black training t-shirt that features intuitive body heat management technology to cool athletes in hot conditions. Perfect for the warm and humid climate in the Philippines, the adidas ClimachillTM is designed to deliver maximum cooling benefit without compromising comfort or design.

World Soccer Player Gareth Bale Wearing the adidas Climachill

 “The body’s core temperature can increase by 3 degree Celsius when we are exercising. To maintain a stable temperature, your body needs to work a lot harder to lose excess heat. This may result in impaired physiological functions, which will ultimately affect performance. When it comes to performance, every degree matters. The Climachill™ apparel is the smartest and most advanced sporting product and can provide maximum cooling experience,” explained Dr Maarten Hupperets, Director of Future Sport Science at adidas.

Top Ranked World Tennis Player Simona Halep Wearing the adidas Climachill

For athletes who desire sophisticated solutions in order to regulate body temperature and remain cool in adverse conditions, the innovative Climachill™ apparel is their answer. In this cross-category collection, adidas has also launched training shirts in the most unconventional colour for athletic apparel – black – to showcase the process of the ClimachillTM technology.  Employing industry-first 3D aluminium-cooling spheres, the Climachill™ apparel provides an instant cooling sensation upon contact. In addition to the aluminium dots, the ground-breaking SubZero flat yarn also contains titanium and is woven throughout the inside of each Climachill™ jersey to deliver more cooling capacity. Filipino athletes don’t have to be afraid of wearing black for fear of heat and they can now train harder, run longer and compete better.

Top Sprinter Octavious Freeman Wearing the adidas Climachill.

The Climachill™ product range is now available locally from 1st April 2015 at leading adidas Sports performance stores, adidas online store (http://shop.adidas.com.ph) and sports retailers nationwide.

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Incoming: Takbo 2

The first Takbo event in 2014 was able to raise almost P2 million for Gawad Kalinga benefiting communities directly struck by Typhoon Yolanda and Ruby (PDIC-GK Village in Sitio Malmangan, Lawaan, Eastern Samar). Takbo 2 follows up on that advocacy with another run for a cause to continue the relief to the recovering community.  PDIC brings the Hero in you in Takbo 2 as you get to be fit and directly help out the calamity stricken area as 100% of the race fees goes directly to the cause.  Takbo 2 is happening on May 10, 2015 at the CCP Grounds in Pasay City with 1K, 3K, 5K and 10K race categories.  Register Now!!!

Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC)


PDIC is a government instrumentality created in 1963 by virtue of Republic Act 3591 to insure the deposits of all banks. PDIC exists to protect depositors by providing permanent and continuing deposit insurance coverage for the depositing public and help promote financial stability.  I came to know of that function of PDIC during the financial crisis in the 90s, where some of the banks had to close because of liquidity concerns.  It’s the PDIC that eventually funds the deposit and ultimately returns it to the depositor up to the extent of the insurance coverage.  That’s also one of my personal financial rules to keep only funds in a certain bank to the extent of the PDIC coverage.  Aside from the financial support, PDIC has also been active in supporting the needs of the community.

In 2014, the PDIC was able to raise about P2 million from holding Takbo sa Pagbangon ng Leyte last May 4, 2015 for GK as initial donation for the construction of the PDIC-GK Village in Sitio Malmangan, Lawaan, Eastern Samar. The Village will provide disaster- resilient shelters for families battered by Typhoons Yolanda in 2013 and Ruby in 2014.   To add more beneficiaries for the PDIC-GK Village, the PDIC will conduct “Takbo 2: Tungo sa Kalusugan, Para sa Kalikasan” at the CCP Grounds in Pasay City on May 10, 2015.  Takbo 2 Tungo sa Kalusugan Para sa Kalikasan will be having 1K, 3K, 5K and 10K categories for both newbie and experienced runners.

While we are in a charitable mode, I would also want to introduce another project by Gawad Kalinga which is the Bayani Challenge 2015.  There are 365 days (366 on leap years) in a year, what if everybody had 5 full days to do some volunteer work to help communities needing assistance.  That would really be a lot of help that can assist about 20,000 barangays in the country, with exciting activities like youth conferences, house builds, health missions, sports programs, and clean-up drives.  Bayani Challenge is open to various sectors and age groups.  The challenge is from April 9 (Araw ng Kagitingan) until June 12 (Araw ng Kalayaan).  This is a large step to really help #endpoverty .  If everybody lend a helping hand, then everybody would have an easier time.  Last year, there were over one million volunteers who answered the call to become heroes for Filipinos in the disaster-hit provinces of the Visayas and Zamboanga for 63 days.  You can be a hero too today and learn more about the Bayani Challenge 2015 by visiting http://gk1world.com/bc2015 and be part of Barangay Walang Iwanan.

Officials of PDIC with Ms. Earth Jamie Herrel (3rd from Left) promoting Takbo 2.

All the race related expenses will be covered by PDIC so all the registration fees would go directly to the funds for the PDIC-GK Village in Sitio Malmangan, Lawaan, Eastern Samar.  It’s the perfect race for the whole family and barkada with all the different distances for everybody. You get some much-needed exercise. You get to appreciate wellness You get to have fun with your family and friends You lead and live a healthy lifestyle. You help rebuild a community in Lawaan, Eastern Samar which was hit by typhoon Yolanda in Leyte (2013) and typhoon Ruby (2014).  Register now and be a hero!!!

Race Details

Singlet Design

Date and Venue

  • May 10, 2015, CCP Grounds, Pasay City

Distances and Inclusions

  • 1K Kids – P200
  • 1K Adults – P400
  • 3K – P400
  • 5K – P500
  • 10K – P600
    • Inclusive of Singlet / Bib / Timing Chip


  • PDIC Office (8/F SSS Bldg., Ayala Ave. cor. V.A. Rufino St., Makati City) – April 13 – May 8, 2015
  • Chris Sports (Glorietta 3, Metro Market Market, SM Manila, SM North Edsa Annex) – April 16 – May 6, 2015
    • Race Kit will be given immediately upon registration
    • Bulk registration is allowed. Interested participants below 18 years old must submit their waivers, signed by their parents/guardians. However, adults are not allowed to run with children on strollers.
    • Registration forms may also be submitted by a representative to the registration centers listed above, provided that the forms are completely executed by the participants themselves.
    • Registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. Please make sure you are good to go before signing up.
    • Change of category after registration is NOT ALLOWED.

Gun Start

  • 10K –  5:30 AM
  • 5K – 5:35 AM
  • 3K- 5:40 AM
  • 1K – Children – 6:30 AM
  • 1K – Adults – 6:50 AM


Winners Medal

Race Updates

Race Maps

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Incoming: Powerman Duathlon Pilipinas

Duathlons brings in a different challenge from the usual runs, cycling events or triathlons.  It’s about mastering two disciplines and learning to maximize different muscle groups of the body.  Powerman brings an all new Duathlon event in the Philippines, which brings you to the scenic locations in Balanga, Bataan by foot and by two-wheels in a Powerman Classic Distance of 10 km / 60 km  / 10 km Run-Bike-Run Set or a Powerman Short Distance of 5 km / 30 km / 5 km Run-Bike Run Set happening on November 14- 15. Register Now!!!

Powerman Duathlon

Powerman Duathlon Pilipinas 2015 is a long-distance duathlon event that aims to raise the level of competition in the Philippine duathlon scene. This premier duathlon event will be held in the city of Balanga in the province of Bataan, which is less than a 3-hour drive from the capital Manila, on November the 14th and 15th, 2015. The event offers a classic category with distances of 10-60-10 km (run-bike-run), a 5-30-5 km sprint and various kid’s categories.  Powerman Duathlon Pilipinas is a qualifying event for the 2016 Powerman ITU Long Distance Duathlon World Championships in Zofingen, Switzerland. The event welcomes professional and highly competitive age-group athletes, seasoned multisport athletes who want to take on a different challenge as well as beginner multisport athletes.  The event was recently launched by F and F international Events Group, as the country’s franchise to the world’s most prestigious duathlon series.

Powerman is gonna showcase the beauty of Balanga’ Bataan

The Philippines is a perfect venue for the Powerman Duathlon event with a growing running and multisport community.  Duathlons are at times a stepping stone for budding triathletes but it’s a whole different competition when it comes to duathlons.  It happens at a more frenetic pace with participants being able to exert more effort as each discipline uses different sets of muscle groups.   This helps people to transition more into the sport and also be able to display their prowess in the international scene.  Powerman Duaman will also showcase the beauty and historical charm of Balanga, Bataan and give the participants a better appreciation of the scenery, the culture and the heritage.

 “More than just the chance of bringing the world class sports event to the country, this is also an opportunity for us to send our athletes to the international arena,” Powerman Duathlon Philippines President Tobias Bernando said during the official media launch held at the Balesin Islander Restaurant, Alphaland Makati.

Bernardo, who is also a marketing specialist and a multisport enthusiast, has teamed up with veteran multisport adventure athlete and organizer of the country’s biggest and longest running duathlon series, Thumbie Remigio and restaurateur Raymund Magdaluyo to introduce the world class sports event to the Philippines.

“Duathlon is the best training for multisport enthusiasts because it toughens up the legs.  Duathletes start cycling with already pumped up legs, having started off with an intense run leading up to transition one. To endure a duathlon, athletes need to build up their leg muscles’ power and stamina to see them through all three legs of this tough event,” Remigio said.

F and F events group is also the team behind the Bataan International Triathlon (Bi3) event which was awarded as the 2014 Race of the Year (under 600) by SwimBikeRun (SBR.ph) in the same media event. Bi3 also presented a plaque of appreciation to Las Casas, Local Government of Bagac and the Tourism of Bataan for the successful triathlon competition held last year.

“We are looking forward to the continued success of both the triathlon and the duathlon races in the Philippines. By organizing and supporting these sports events, we are getting one step closer to joining and winning the international competition,” Bernardo said.

For more updates on Powerman Duathlon Philippines, please visit http://powermanph.com and http://bataaninternationaltriathlon.com for Bataan International Triathlon.

Race Details


Date and Venue

  • November, 14 – 15, 2015, Balanga, Bataan


  • Powerman Classic: 10km Run | 60km Bike | 10km Run
    • Individual – Participants may join as an individual and perform all three legs individually.
    • Relay - Participants may join as a 2- or 3-person mix-gender relay team with each member delegated to perform a particular leg.
  • Powerman Short: 5km Run | 30km Bike | 5km Run
    • Individual - Participants may join as an individual and perform all three legs individually.
  • Power Kids
    • 6 to 8 years old Individual: 600m Run | 1.5km Bike | 300m Run
    • 9 to 10 years old Individual: 800m Run | 2km Bike | 400m Run
    • 11 to 13 years old Individual: 800m Run | 5km Bike | 800m Run
  • Age Groups for Powerman Categories:
    • Male : PRO | 18 – 24 | 25 – 29 | 30 – 34 | 35 – 39 | 40 – 44 | 45 – 49 | 50 – 54 | 55 above
    • Female : PRO | 18 – 24 | 25 – 29 | 30 – 34 | 35 – 39 | 40 – 44 | 45 – 49 | 50 above

Registration Fees


Race Updates

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#TaleOfTheTrail Maysawa Trail (Tanay, Rizal)

The Trails always brings out the kid in me.

The view at Tanay is so overwhelming with a panoramic view of the scenic Sierra Madre Mountain Range.  The Maysawa trail is equally scenic with shaded forest trails, rough roads, stone paths, bamboo stems, rivers and and of course the mountain range.   Trails always bring out the kid in me as I enjoy the fast and quick descent, the excitement of river crossings and the appreciation of nature at its raw beauty.  It test your balance and traction with different surfaces. It test your lung power with the fast and long descent and the unlimited ascents.  #TaleOfTheTrail

Read About: 



Wacky Times with Team Soleus and Team Rundezvous – Photo by Jack Morales


Summer is the season for trails for me and when I got invited by the Jazzrunner Rene Villarta (BTW, his trail chronicles are just awesome) to join a recon run of Maysawa Trail at Tanay, Rizal, I didn’t think twice.  Actually, I’ve been raring to hit the trails lately as I really want to add more #TaleOfTheTrail adventures here as well as I am always at home when I am doing trails.  Trails are just an appreciation of the beauty of nature and life in slow motion.  It’s even twice as fun as we’ll be joined by Rundezvous Inc, who the organizer of one of the most scenic races in the country, Sierra 51050 and Team Soleus, one of the biggest and closely knit running team in the community.  If I really had a lot of free time, I’d hit the trails more often but I’m glad I had time this weekend to enjoy once again the beauty of Tanay, RIzal.  This time by exploring the Maysawa Trails.

Weapon of Choice: Newton Boco AT

Map and Elevation

Race Map Powered by Suunto Movescount

Elevation Profile Powered by Suunto Movescount

The route starts at 10 cents to Heaven and goes to Marcos Highway which gave a descending road terrain with a few climbs for the first two kilometers.  The route then enters Maysawa Trail where you get to descend about 300 meters until the 6th kilometer.  The trail shifts to a climb worth 100 meters of elevation in the next kilometer.  The next 3 kilometers descends going to the river area with 300 meters worth of elevation.  The trail goes flat for the next kilometer from the river area to Sta Ines Road.  The first 4 kilometers in Sta Ines is on a moderate incline before a killer climb covering 200 meters of elevation for the last 2 and  a half kilometer heading to Marcos Highway.

Trekking Maysawa Trail

Time to hit the Trails – Photo by Jack Morales

It was an early meeting time as I met Abet Ocampo and Alfred Vedarozaga (Running Atom) of Rundezvous, Inc in QC since I’ll be riding with them going to 10 cents to Heaven at Tanay, Rizal.  We then met up with Team Soleus at 10 Cents and started plotting our course.   As we wanted to cover more ground, we started immediately proceeding to the stair exit of 10 cents going to Marcos Highway.  We started on the paved and clean roads of Marcos Highway for a road run for the next 2 kilometers. Abet started pacing the road part and she was really consistent on her pace and didn’t mind whether it’s uphill or downhill.  I was playing around the 2nd to 4th runner in the group with runs on the descents and walk on the ascent.  Abet ended up overshooting the Maysawa trail entrance and lucky me to be just in time getting the info on the entrance before I went past it.  Alfred eventually tried to chase down Abet to bring her back to the Maysawa Trail Entrance.

Entrance of Maysawa Trail

After Abet came back, we went on with the start of the Maysawa trail which was on dirt roads. It started with a slightly inclined dirt roads within the community.  I positioned myself with the second group as I didn’t want to be part of the lead pack for fear of missing a turn.  I also wanted to be part of the first part as I can maximise the waiting part along some of the areas to regroup to rest.  The tail-end usually gets the less rest as rest break usually ends when the last group arrives.

The next part was a downhill stoney path and I just let the fun of the descent take over.  It’s a bit tougher than paved roads but since the path was stoney and had an uneven surface.  I tried to widen and lengthen my strides while still being aware of the surface to ensure I wouldn’t lose balance.  Since gravity was on my side, it felt smoother running this stretch as long as I kept myself aware of my stride and ensuring that I was stepping on firmer grounds and I am not tripping on the stones.

Ernest Carual (in Orange) was an inspiration as he braved the technical trails and was really strong on the trails

The lead pack was going fast and started to pull away.  I was next in line so since the lead group was far already, I would usually wait for the next group to ensure I am within a group.  We barely noticed the time and the mileage here and just like that we’ve already managed to do 6 kilometers before we regrouped since there was a fork in the trail.  There was a trail going up and the lead group went straight to the trail going down so Coach Roel chased them down to bring them back to the core group.  The thing that happens to the lead group.  Eventually, we decided to just take the same route so we met them around kilometer seven on the inclines.

And here comes the climb.

As we hit kilometer 6, the trail shifted to a climb in a forested trail which was partly shaded by tall grasses.  The climb lasted for a full kilometer.  I shifted to walking with longer strides and started to watch my heart rate and breathing as I wanted to manage my heart rate on the climb.  Climbs can really take your breath away and really raise your heart rate at an accelerated pace.  This makes me tire out faster on the climb so I made sure that I keep moving and ensure that I breathe properly.  After the climb, we had a magnificent view of Sierra Madre Mountain Range.

Group Pic with the view of the Mountain range. – Photo by Jack Morales.

After regrouping at the area, we started making our way downward guided by a local to show us the right way in the trail.  This was one of the scenic parts of the trail with the view of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range along the course in an open environment with the greener backdrop of the trails.

The Jazzrunnzer showing us the beauty of the Maysawa Trail

After a while, the trail shifted with a backdrop of bamboo plantation.  This part was shaded by tall bamboos all around.  The trail also was more technical with the descent and surface and in some areas you had to take big steps or to hold on some of the plants for balance.

Bamboo plants surrounding the area.

We felt lost for a time but we ended up entering a gate made of bamboo and followed the trail.  The key was we had to descent downwards to the river and it looks like we did find the right way.  It was also amazing to see an all natural source of water on the path.

All Natural Water along the course

After the forested area and around 8 kilometers into the route, the trail shifted to soft dirt roads.  The lead group started to run and I started running too since the surface was really soft which really reduces the impact on the knees.  We were on the descent and felt like we were going to the right direction. We also saw a flock of goats in the area.

Hello There There Goats Family!

We then descended further and saw a Star Apple Tree and decided to wait for the rest of the Group there.  We also had the chance to eat really fresh star apple off the tree.  It was also a good part to rest since the Tree was our shade, the river was nearby and we had food to eat.

Freshly Picked Star Apple

The star apple was really tasty and it’s been years since I had the fruity sweet taste of one.  This is one unique treat for all of us. Our star apple was courtesy of Alfred’s solid core and climbing skills.

Alfred runs easy at a really fast pace and he climb trees at ease no wonder he’s called Running Atom (and he blogs too.)

After the last group arrived at the meeting point, we then preceded a few more hundred meters to the rivers and that’s about 10 kilometers into the route.  Finally!!!

It’s time to play in the waters.

We took a lot of time playing in the river.  It’s always fun to be in the river.  It’s even a lot more fun running in them.  That’s thanks to my Newton Boco AT. It has a water resistant materials to reduce water from coming in and  it still has vents on the side to let water out.  Since we are in a tropical country. The shoes dries naturally in no-time.

Kids playing in the River – Photo by Jack Morales

After the river crossing, comes about a kilometer of dusty roads heading to Sta Ines Main Road.  While we were playing, the lead group was already nowhere in sight.  I started running to catch up and it was good that the dusty roads were soft on the feet.

Trying to catch up.

After arriving at Sta Ines Main Road at around 11 km in the route, I saw the first group.  One set of the group went for break at the nearby store and our group went to the bridge to catch the scenery.  It was there where we rested while waiting for the others.  We were supposed to proceed but we were torn if the other group would be able to find the way where the roads would intersect. The Jazzrunner volunteered to check on the other group.

Shot at the bridge. – Photo by Jack Morales

We eventually went on the main road and had our snack break.  In no time, the other group also came to meet us in the same area.  There was about 4 to 5 kilometers left to reach the Highway and another 4 – 5 kilometers from the main road to 10 cents to Heaven.  The plan was to bear with the first 4-5 kilometers, which was a climb and check on available transportation once we reach the highway.

Tabing ilog shot – Photo by Jack Morales

We were now on paved roads and we started to walk / run our way to the distance.  The first part was mainly on a slight incline.  I saw a motorcycle selling ice cream for 10 pesos and since I had 40 pesos I got 4, I had one and shared the other 3.  It was also a dusty road so whenever a car, truck or motorcycle would pass, we would basically eat dust.  Oh, the fun part of it.  Upon reaching the next barangay, we also ate watermelon.  Trails are fun because not only do you burn calories, you get to gain them back, eating.

One of the best natural thirst quenchers – Watermelon.

The first four kilometers of Sta Ines was on moderate incline but I knew that there would be some portion were there would be steep terrains.  I tried to manage my energy and heart rate so I went on a brisk walk pace instead of a run pace.  I wanted to keep my heart rate low and relaxed when I eventually hit the steep inclines.  The first 4 kilometers went at a fast pace at around 11 minutes per kilometer.

Uphells Unlimited

The last 2 1/2 kilometers felt like an endless uphells.  I just went by at a consistent pace and managed my breathing but it still felt difficult as after each turn had another set of climbs.  For the steeper part, I would go for a certain distance of walking and catch my breath for a few seconds.  I was already seeing from some angles the peak of the mountains and yet I haven’t seen the highway.  It was a good thing I had a similar experience at Brooks last year climbing about 5 kilometers of steep incline which made this feel tolerable.  Walk, Crawl, Rest, Repeat.  After what seemed like forever, I was finally able to see the highway with about 16.5 kilometer distance of total mileage.  We then decided to take a tricycle back to 10 cents since we were also trying to catch up with the time.  The others went on to run/walk the 4-5 extra uphill road kilometers.  The total route would be around 21 kilometer.  This route would be a perfect road to trail half marathon.

My D-I-Y Trail Mix was great food on the trail.

After reaching 10 cents to Heaven, we waited for the others and had our well deserved lunch.  That was such an awesome trail.  The inclines can be punishing but the whole experience is worth it.  Many Thanks to Team Rundezvous (Abet and Alfred) and to Team Soleus led by Judith Staples.  ‘Til the Next #TaleOfTheTrail

Outfit Of The Trail

Many Thanks to MY Hydration Partner Lightwater

My Outfit of the Trail:

  • Top: Berghaus (#TaleOfTheTrail designed by Breakout Design)
  • Shorts, Calf Sleeves, Socks and Visor – Under Armour
  • Shoes: Newton Boco AT
  • GPS Watch: Suunto Ambit 2S
  • Eyewear: Spyder Nomad H
  • Arm Sleeves: Nike
  • Hydration Bag: Scott

More Photos of the Trail: Maysawa Trail

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Incoming: AffiniTea Raise D Roof and Brown Race Marathon

Two Years Ago, I got invited in the first #AffiniTea Launch. It was a few select bloggers, photographers, the organizing team and the owner of #AffiniTeaPH.  The message was simple, they wanted to have a race for a cause and have a race with the runners in mind.  This gave Birth to Affinitea Raise D’ Roof and the year after Affinitea Brown Race.  It gets bigger and better in 2015 as we get to have a bigger #AffiniteaRaiseDRoof happening on July 5 at CCP Complex with 3K, 5K, 10K, 16K and 21K Categories and we get to have #AffiniteaBrownRaceMarathon happening on December 6 at the Quirino Grandstand with 3K, 5K, 10K, 16K, 21K and 42K categories.  Both #AffiniTeaRace comes with a cause and affordable registration fees and cool race inclusions.

Affinitea Race D’Roof

Flashback 2 years ago, Affinitea D’ Roof was a year-end race with a maximum distance of 10 kilometers.  The race have grown and now have a 16 kilometers and half marathon category.   Raise D’ Roof concept started in 2013, the 1st run for a cause of AffiniTea. The purpose was to help the homeless street children, abused children, and abandoned children from Tahanan ng Pagmamahal.  It’s package as a race the whole family can enjoy with 3K Kids (Lala), 3K Adults (Lene), 5K (Hemrei), 10K (Manong), 16K (Nini) and 21K (Macky) each named from AffiniTea signature drinks.  It comes at affordable registration, cool event swags and offers a very rare treat for runners which is, FREE DELIVERY for prepaid card holders.  Like I said earlier, they have the runners in mind with this race.  AffiniTea Raise D’Roof 2015 is happening at CCP on July 5, 2015.

An AffinTea Race won’t be  an AffiniTea Race without a cause.  From day 1 when AffiniTea Races were created, it was the cause that was priority number 1.  For Raise D’ Roof, the beneficiary would be He Cares Foundation.  The foundation focuses on providing the basic needs of street children and with the little help from each of us, we get to give them more equipped for their tough day-to-day life.  This one is a run that’s light and healthy for the heart and our general well being.

Race Kit Delivery is FREE

AffiniTea Race aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and camaraderie among friends and family members through running while we serve our community to help the needy most especially the children.  Their purpose is to give wonderful experience to the runners and encourage them to support public charity  It’s a run for runners with a race friendly course at the CCP and Roxas Boulevard Areas and comes with cool singlets, freebies and finisher items.  So it’s gonna be good for the health.  It’s gonna be a great bonding time with family, office mates and friends.  It’s gonna warm your heart with a really good cause. Register Now and let’s all help Raise D’Roof for the benefit of the street kids.

Race Details

Race Singlet

Date and Venue

  • July 5, 2015, CCP Compound, Pasay City

Distances and Inclusions

Finisher Shirt for 21K Finishers

Finisher Medal Design


  • Online via www.affinitearace.com (Starting April 15 – June 7, 2015)
  • Payment can be via Paypal or Prepaid Cards
  • Prepaid Cards are available at:
    • Mizuno: MOA, Trinoma, Bonifacio High Street, SM Megamall & Alabang Town Center
    • Garmin: Glorietta 5
    • AffiniTea: Makati, Binakayan Cavite, Mendiola, Taft

Early Bird Registration Promotion

  • Duration: April 15 to 19, 2015
  • Registration Site:
    • Mizuno MOA
    • AffiniTea SM North
  • Promo A:
    • Register 21K and get AffiniTea Premium Card and AffiniTea 2014 Singlet
  • Promo B:
    • 10 + 1. Register 10 to any categories and get 1 race kit for FREE.

Assemby / Gun Start / Prizes

Race Updates

Race Maps

Brown Race Marathon

Brown Race inspiration came from being pro country ( Maka – Bayan). Brown Race has many meaning to us this can be Lahing Kayumangi, Angat Lahi or Takbo ng Lahing Kayumangi. The Filipinos came from a great ancestry of heroes across the centuries and it’s in re-establishing our proud roots that we maximize our potential as individuals and as a nation.  Last year theme was, “Deepening one’s Faith, Identity and Love for the Country”.  This year theme is, “Nurturing God’s Love, Core Gifts & Family Relations.” Race categories are themed based on Filipino Pride and values starting at 3K Dream, 5K Passion, 10K Potential, 16K Good Habit, 21K Character and 42K is Purpose.

It’s nice to see how AffiniTea Races has grown from the first time we’ve heard about the idea two years ago.  It says so much about how the passion to help and to running has given AffiniTea giant strides in the running world.  They will also be offering the 42K experience with an option to join the Brown Race Marathon clinic, which would have ten training session from the top running coaches and athletes in the country.  That gives you a really wonderful journey to earn the “Marathon” title.

Of course, the focus of the AffiniTea Brown Race is not only the 42K distance.  It also offers lower distances of family friendly 3K and 5K distances and the long-distance mileage loved by experienced runners with 10K, 16K and 21K categories.  The event shirt would also be a colorful Tech Tee design that you could wear even on regular days.  The Race is happening on December 6, 2015 at the Quirino Grandstand.

Another important aspect of the Brown Race Marathon is the cause which is the Aral Pinoy and its quest to feed 3,000 malnourished Filipino Children.  Think of it as each kilometer you do fills the tummy of a child who needs nourishment.  Run with pride for your country and practice one of our basic traits of being “matulungin.”  So let’s go for a run that promotes National Pride in the Brown race and get to enjoy the race with everyone.

Race Details

Event Shirt

Date and Venue

  • December 6, 2015, Quirino Grandstand

Distances and Inclusions

  • 3K Dream – P550 (includes Singlet, Race bib, Finisher Certificate, Raffle Coupon)
  • 5K Passion – P650 (includes Singlet, Race bib, Finisher Certificate, Raffle Coupon)
  • 10K Potential – P750 (includes Singlet, Race bib, Finisher Certificate, Raffle Coupon)
  • 16K Good Habit – P850 (includes Singlet, Race bib, Race Chip Finisher Shirt, Finisher Medal, Raffle Coupon)
  • 21K Character – P1,000 (includes Singlet, Race bib, Race Chip, Finisher Shirt, Finisher Medal, Raffle Coupon, Affinitea Drink)
  • 42K Purpose – P1,600 (includes Singlet, Race bib, Race Chip, Finisher Shirt, Finisher Medal, Raffle Coupon, Red Bull Drink)
  • Brown Race Marathon – P2,500 Clinic (includes Singlet, Race bib, Race Chip, Finisher Shirt, Finisher Medal, Raffle Coupon, Red Bull Drink)
    • 10 Training Sessions with Professional Coaches
    • Training Shirt
    • Graduation Medal
    • Hydration During Training

42K Finisher Shirt

Finisher Medal Design


  • Online via www.affinitearace.com (Starting April 15 until )
  • Payment can be via Paypal or Prepaid Cards
  • Prepaid Cards are available at:
    • Health Express Glorietta
    • Mizuno: MOA, Trinoma, Bonifacio High Street, SM Megamall & Alabang Town Center
    • Garmin: Glorietta 5
    • AffiniTea: Makati, Binakayan Cavite, Mendiola, Taft

Bundle Registration

Assembly / Gun Start

  • 42k – 11 Pm / 12 Mn
  • 21K – 1:30 Am / 2:00 Am
  • 15K – 3:00 Am / 3:30 Am
  • 10K – 4:00 Am / 4:30 Am
  • 5K – 4:30 Am / 5:00 Am
  • 3K – 5:00 Am / 5:15 Am

Race Updates

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Running WIth Maxxed Flight 101

Maxxed Flight 101 Comes in Cool Flashy Colors

I’m always amazed by the technology now in place with the different running shoes. There are different shoes that’s fit you perfectly and some where you learn to adopt in time.  Maxxed Flight 101 uses heel blades to absorb impact when you stride and propels your next stride like a spring.  Maxxed is designed for the longer run with the reduce impacts on your stride minimizing the wear and tear in your legs while giving you added speed. The Maxxed Flight 101 is available at Sportshouse Branches Nationwide.

Read About:

Maxxed Flight 101

The Maxxed Flight 101 Up Close

It has a different unorthodox look, that’s my first impression of the Maxxed Flight 101.  I try to dissect the technology of the Shoes based on its look, materials and construction.  One it’s more obvious feature is the heel blades.  So what does the heel blades do?  Most runners land on their heel or their midfoot.  The blade would generate a spring-like feel when you land and propels your next stride.  It’s also an added cushioning when you land since the blades takes in the impact and saves your shin, ankle and knees some wear and tear in running.  The front part of the sole has premium rubbers and those rubbers are there for you to have a better grip of the surface preventing you from skidding and gives you a better feel of the road.  The body of the Maxxed Flight 101 is built with breathable mesh and cushion pads.  The breathable mesh lets you foot cool down while running and is soft enough to prevent blister or unnecessary friction to the skin.  The cushion pads not only supports the foot, it also makes the shoes wearable and comfortable with or without socks.  Of course, the more obvious feature of the shoe is that it comes in flashy colors that really stands out.


It’s now time to test run the shoes. With a different look and a different technology, I am not sure how my feet would react to the Maxxed Flight 101.  Before using it on actual run, I used it several times walking just for my feet to be familiar with the technology.  It was soft on the feet and felt comfortable though the blades sometimes has a squeaking sound coming from the blades rubbing against each other.  It’s always best to walk with your shoes before running as it helps your feet be familiar with the shoes.  When I tested it for a run, I was surprised at how comfortable the shoe was.  The long run felt short since I had less fatigue coming from less impact on the strides. The heel blades were taking much of the impact and this time, the squeaky sound was not prominent.  I guess this shoes is made for running and not walking.  You tend to land midfoot when you run, which reduces friction on the heel blades.    I usually suffer from shin splints when using a new shoes until I get used to it but with the softer landing of the Maxxed, I didn’t worry about shin splints, cramps or even ankle pains during the run.

Sorry for the grainy photo as I usually train at night.

I was also able to run faster with the spring like feel while running.  It also helps that the shoes is made up of breathable mesh as it helps the feet cool down especially now that it’s always humid because of Summer months.  The premium rubbers at the forefoot also gives you a better traction with the surface preventing you from slipping and giving you a better feel of the surface for added stability in your strides.  The Maxxed Flight 101 is not a lightweight shoes but what it exceeds in weight, it makes up for cushioning and a spring-like feel that propels you to run and run faster.   This one is designed for the longer runs.

Maxxed Flight 101 gives that stride the spring-like push.

It may look unorthodox for a running shoes but it gets the job done. It can be perfect for any distance whether short or long though walkers do have to contend with the squeaky sound.  It’s currently priced at P6,999, which is quite pricey but they are offering huge discounts at the moment for people to get the chance of try out the Maxxed Flight 101.  The Maxxed Flight 101 is available at Sportshouse Branches.

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