Financial Wiz to Share Investment Tips in Philippines

Andrew Stotz, CFA, shares investment tips in the different universities.

People get scared at the word Investing but Andrew Stotz, CFA, President of CFA Thailand simplifies this as he shares investment principles coming from his more than 20 years experience in the field to students of different universities in the country. De La Salle University-Dasmarinas, University of Mindanao, Ateneo de Davao University, Colegio de San Juan de Letran, and De La Salle University-Manila get the privilege to get to understand this principles which would be a good building block for them as future investors. ”

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The World of Investments

There are a lot of opportunities that we gain in the world of investments.  A few months ago, I had a talk with Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) Society Philippines President, April Lee Tan on how investment can be like a marathon.  Our success rates in both investments and a marathon comes in understanding things we have to do.  CFA Institute takes it one step further by bringing in Andrew Stotz, Andrew Stotz, CFA, current President of the CFA Society Thailand and one of Thailand’s leading equity analysts to Philippines for a series of speeches in the country’s universities to introduce his Principles for a Lifetime of Investing.

Schools that he will visit are as follows:

  • De La Salle University-Dasmarinas (October 2, 2014)
  • University of Mindanao (October 3, 2014)
  • Ateneo de Davao University(October 3, 2014)
  • Colegio de San Juan de Letran (October 4, 2014)
  • De La Salle University-Manila (October 4, 2014)

Family and legacy were the drives behind this presentation when Andrew started creating it five years ago, as he wanted to teach his five nieces how to manage their own finances and share his experience with the greater community. He immediately realized that the financial world is totally overwhelming for most people, particularly those with no experience or interest in the area, such as his nieces. Since then, Andrew has been on a journey to reduce the core principles of investing to a road map that anyone can follow and implement. Andrew’s more than 20 years of experience in teaching finance at universities, in addition to his full-time job as a financial analyst, makes him perfect placed for this task. In his presentation, Andrew will review the Principles, showing where they came from and most importantly, what a person needs to know about them to build a sturdy financial future. On top of this, attendees will be constructing their own financial plan as Andrew walks them through each point. After the seminar like Andrew’s five nieces now, attendees will be equipped with a new hope and a clear path toward managing their own financial lives. And crucially, they will have in their hands a simple financial plan that they can follow for the rest of their lives.

Questions answered in this seminar are:

  • Should I have a written plan?
  • What should be objective for investing?
  • What is the surest way of being successful in the stock market?
  • How much should stocks be in my overall portfolio?
  • How do I cut the clutter to understand the truth about investing and investing professionals?
  • Whether I should manage money on my own.
  • Should I be picking stocks or should I buy a mutual fund or Exchange Traded Fund?

About Andrew Stotz, CFA

Andrew Stotz runs A. Stotz Investment Research, which provides stock portfolio recommendations across every market in Asia to global institutional investors. He has been a university lecturer in finance for 21 years and is currently writing his PhD in finance at the University of Science and Technology of China. He is co-founder of CoffeeWORKS Co. Ltd., Thailand’s leading specialty coffee roaster and, an innovative online learning website.

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Incoming: Blood Rush Aftershock

” Blood Rush | Aftershock: The UP Red Cross Youth Fun Run is a run for a cause with the Dugong Bayani Blood Network as main beneficiary.  Aside from the cause, Aftershock also brings you to a post earthquake scenario with an intensity 9.8 earthquake and you’ll have to get past several incidents and disaster areas going to the safe zone. The event is happening at UP Academic Oval on October 26, 2014, 6 PM with 3K and 5K categories. ”

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If there was one life defining experience I had, it was experiencing an intensity 7.7 magnitude earthquake way back in 1990.  I can still vividly remember how we were thrown off from the table as we saw all our appliances falling down one after another because of the strong earthquake.  We managed to rush ourselves out of the house and into the road as the quake settled done.  While the main quake can be lethal, it’s the aftershock that was critical which had us camping outside our house for months to ensure our safety.  It was a humbling experience as everybody was on even footing and everybody was in need of help. Then there’s the long hard road to recovery and rebuilding.

That scene is  recreated in Blood Rush – Aftershock which starts with an intensity 9.8 Earthquake hitting the campus and you have to reach the safe zone – but proceed with caution, as the course is filled with horrible incidents and as with all disasters, time is not on your side. Grab your friends and prepare for one exhilarating night on October 26, 2014 at the UP Diliman Academic Oval. You can choose between two paths – the easy way (3k) or the hard way (5k)

The 3k is at 450 php and the 5k is at 550 php. The race kit includes singlet, race bib, a flashlight to help you survive, waivers, the route map, and other exciting freebies. You can get a 50php discount if you have a UP ID, or if you register in groups of 5 and 8.   You can register at the UP Red Cross Youth tambayan at Vinzons Hall, UP Diliman, or online at or

Survivors will get a chance to win exciting prizes from our sponsors such as Birkenstock, Hawk Bags, and Eastwood Cinemas as well as cash prizes.

There will also be a photo booth, food concessionaires and merchandise booth and a short program after the run to tell you more about our cause! All proceeds will go to the Dugong Bayani Blood Network – a system of blood donors that advocates Blood Donation Awareness and Blood Advocacy

Have fun and help out! Contact 09175103195 for inquiries! For updates, visit

Race Details

  • Date and Venue:

    • October 26, 2014, UP Diliman, Academic Oval, 6 PM
  • Registration Fees

    • Individual Registration
      • 3k – Php 450 / head
      • 5k – Php 550 / head
      • Discount: UP ID holder: less Php 50
    • Group Registration Promo
      • 3k – Php 2000 (group of 5); Php 3300 (group of 8)
      • 5k – Php 2500 (group of 5); Php 4100 (group of 8
    • Race kit includes race bib, singlet, waiver, route map, flash light, sponsor freebies


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Incoming: Mt. Talamitam Assault Trail Challenge

” Have you ever climbed a mountain? Have you joined a run? Why not do both? Mt. Talamitam Assault Trail Challenge gives you a glimpse of the local trails heading to the summit.  This is not your normal tourist route. It’s gonna take you to the rivers, streams, deep forest trails, bare greens and the local paths on your way to a scenic view of the summit.  It’s also a challenge as the long climbs and the suicide drops makes it a really technical and grueling course. “

Read about:


Conquering a mountain is not an easy feat.

Earlier this month, we were able to sample the trails of Mt. Talamitam.  You can read the Tale of the Trail post above for more details.  We were not only able to sample a part of the trail, we had to finish the whole trail. This is NOT the 6 kilometer out and back tourist trails.  This is freaking 16 kilometers (10 miles) of long ascents, suicide descents that will definitely challenge your lungs and knees.  Before I entice you with what’s in store, I would want to relay my first message. You need to train for this race.  You’ll need to sharpen your climbing skills by doing hill repeats.  You’ll need to increase your endurance as you’ll be on this course for hours.  16K on this trails feels like 25-30 kilometers on the road when you factor in the elevation and the different terrain.

It’s a difficult but a really scenic route.

Difficulty aside, this one is a really scenic course.  There are rivers and streams all over the course.  There’s deep forest trails.  There’s lush green bare areas.  There’s a view of the surrounding mountain ranges which is just majestic.  You also get different surfaces from paved roads, single track trails, rocks, mud, grass lands and rivers crossings.   The trails would keep your eyes refreshed and give you a lot of picture perfect moments along the course.

Race course and elevation profile powered by Movescount

The course has a lot of rolling terrain and a really long assault to the summit of Mt. Talamitam.  The trail is a bit technical especially on the descent where gravity can either be an ally or a challenge depending on how comfortable you are with suicide drops.  There’s also the area after the drop that gives you a feel of Austria or New Zealand with large green track of lands.

The feel of hills being so alive and green.

This is not only a  scenic race but it’s also a character building one.  It challenges your mind, body and spirit with the assault but to anybody who saw the view at the top of the mountain, you’ll know that it’s priceless.  We get humbled by the climb but when we reach the top, we get to be amazed by the breathtaking view.  It’s a massive climb to conquer but it would definitely be satisfying.  The climb may make you breathless but the view from the top will take your breath away.

The view from the top is just breathtaking.

The slots are limited but if you have what it takes, this race can be an excellent one to wrap up your race calendar for 2014.  Mt. Talamitam Assualt Trail Challenge is happening on December 21, 2014 at Nasugbu, Batangas.  The entrance of the climb is at Km 83 in the Tagaytay Nasugbu Highway, near Sandari Batulao.  The proceeds will go to Mt. Talamitam Tree Planting Project.

Come follow me!!!

Race Details

You’ll love the local trails which you can only try via this run.

  • Date and Venue:

    • December 24, 2014, Km83 Sitio Bayabasan, Barangay Aga, Nasugbu, Batangas
  • Registration Fees

    • 10 miles (16 kilometers) – P1,000
  • Registration:

    • Read and print waiver here: waiver
    • Online via google docs
    • Bank Payment
      • Please pay through BPI-Island Savings Acct # 0489 3433 12 under Carl Louie S. Sioson. Please scan and email the deposit slip with your name and shirt size to for validation. Please keep and show the deposit slip when claiming your race kit.NOTE: Please bring with you your Signed Waiver Upon Claiming your Race Kit. We will Implement the “NO Waiver, NO Run” Policy

  • Assemble / Gunstart

    • Assembly Time: 3AM to 5AM

    • Gun Start: 6AM

  • Race Updates

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Husay at Malasakit is the Unilab Way

” For Runners and Multisports Athletes, Unilab would always have a recall for their runs, duathlons and triathlon events.  In terms of execution, it’s one of the best.  By being on top of their game, they stay true to promoting a fitter lifestyle and taking care of the welfare of their participants.  That same Husay (Excellence) and Malasakit (Compassion) we get to experience every time we join their races is the very same principle that guides them as a Company. ”

Batang Unilab

Left: My first convincing 10K at Run United 2 in 2010 Right: My First Marathon at TBR-ULAH Dream Marathon in 2014

I grew up with the numerous Unilab products protecting me from the regular infections and diseases.  I was sickly as a kid but as always, Unilab products are always available for immediate remedy.  I may not be the healthiest kid but I sure had the benefit of excellent medicines, products and vitamins.  Fast forward to 2010 when I discovered running. This was also the time I was introduced to Unilab Running Events.  I had my first convincing 10K Run at Run United 2 in 2010, which gave me confidence for me to chase my first running goal which is a sub 1 hour for a 10K distance.  It was also at a Unilab Event that I finished my first marathon at TBR Dream Marathon earlier this year.  Then, I also had several half marathons under the Run United series.  If there was one thing consistent among this event was the seamless execution of the events and I was able to chase more milestone because I was well taken cared of in terms of my race needs.  Excellence (Husay) in execution and compassion (Malasakit) in terms of ensuring runners needs and safety.  That’s what made Unilab a household name in the running scene.

They not only give you a great race but they give you a healthy lifestyle and encourage advancement.

They not only have runners enjoy the event, they give them a new healthy lifestyle.  Their calendars are always designed to promote progression in their field whether they go on for longer distance, faster times and new disciplines.  This is how they cascade the Husay at Malasakit concept to the participants.  They promote excellence and at the same time they ensure the welfare of their participants.  That same Husay and Malasakit goes to each of the products that Unilab manufactures.

Unilab Believes in Husay and Malasakit in Serving the People

Unilab, being the biggest pharmaceutical company in the Philippines, believes in the power of husay at malasakit and has geared their company’s belief in this. In every product they produce, they make sure that their facilities and procedures are safe, so that they will be able to take care of the Filipino people better.   

They ensure that their facilities and procedures are safe.

Watch the Short TV Commercial of Unilab, which shows their husay at malasakit thrust and hopes to influence as much as they can to the nation. After all, what matters the most is the number of lives we touch when we reach our triumphs.

As a nation, we’ve been through a lot. We’ve seen calamities come and go and this left us in a vary tight spot. Our resiliency as a nation is world class but to fully rise again as a nation, we must be able to have both excellence and compassion (husay at malasakit) in everything we do, especially when in service to others who are in need.

There’s always compassion in every technological advancement

As a major pharmaceutical, they need to change and improve their process with each new technological advancement.  This would also ensure that the people get the best products available.  They also ensure that their heart will always be present in the manufacturing of their healthcare products. Rest assured that in all the innovations they create, the health and safety of the Filipino people are always at the core.

They ensure that their distribution channels reaches all regions.

The distribution of their products are scattered across the country—from Luzon, Visayas, to Mindanao, to reach out to everyone in need of superior and affordable healthcare products. If anything, Unilab believes in the spirit of genuine concern to make the lives of other people better.

They want to make people’s lives better.

I admire Unilab not only because of their sports programs that has become the centerpiece of our racing calendars but for keeping true with “Husay and Malasakit” concept in everything they do.  They make excellence their norm to ensure that we get the best product, service and experience available yet stays close to their heart and let compassion be part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.  That’s the very same principles we should develop on our own, we aim for excellence yet we remain humble and concerned with other people’s welfare.

Let’s all go not only for a healthy lifestyle but also live by the “Husay and Malasakit” concept everyday.

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Get Back in the Game with NY Theraspine

” A big part of being into sports and fitness is that your muscles also gets its fair share of wear and tear.  That’s one of the lessons I’ve learned first hand.  For the past few months, I’ve been racing with an injury and struggling.  Recently, I took a different approach instead of managing the pain, I had it treated at NY Theraspine Inc.  Just a few sessions, I’m back in the game, fresher than ever and enjoying my runs once again.”

Shin Injury

NY Theraspine is Located as 73-G Dr. Lazcano St.. Brgy Laging Handa, Quezon City

Going into my first marathon, I suffered a left shin injury.  Whenever I start running, I get to experience a sharp pain in my shin that also results into stiffness in my legs.   That goes on for about 2-3 kilometers before my muscles adopt to the pain and I can run smoother.  I did find ways to manage the pain by starting slow until the muscles warms up before I can go faster.  I was able to complete my first marathon and then went on to run again.  I still had the same problem for months from the smooth runs, I ended up struggling in races and in my training.  I was finishing my races much slower than I used too.

That cycle took several months until I got an advise from my friend Gryf, who had some upper body stiffness removed by NY Theraspine going to her first half ironman distance.  I am not really comfortable being in front of doctors or physical therapist because they might say, I’m too banged up to run again.  Anyway, I braved my way to their clinic and were shown the various treatments they can do.  I also had a doctor consult to assess my injury since it would be the basis of the treatments.  The good thing about NY  Theraspine is they accept HMOs (Health Cards) and did you know that most HMOs cover up to 12 session of Physical Therapy session so this just means it wouldn’t cost much to have my injury be treated.  

Based on initial test aside from my shin splints, I have accumulated a lot of stiffness in my Iliotibial band (ITB) and also in my hamstring.  This has been reducing my mobility resulting to a slower pace.  The treatment would be focus on my left shin though there would also be procedures in releasing the stiffness of the other muscle groups.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy restores body functions up to its peak in the absence of any pain and restriction. It uses modality like hot and cold packs, ultrasound and tense units.

Electrical Nerve Stimulation

Among my regular treatment includes Electrical Nerve Stimulation, which sends electric waves to the affected nerve to relieve the pain and Ultra Sound, that is a a deep heating type of modality that reduces the pain in the deep tissues of the bone. This was really a big relief on the muscles and feels relaxing.

Ultra Sound

Another key part of my sessions are the stretching exercises to stretch all the muscle group.  This would also for me to develop this stretching routine before and after I run.  It’s about 4 sets of 15 to 30 seconds stretches per muscle group depending on the distance I would be running.  There are also exercises.using rollers targeting the hamstrings and the shin.

Shin / ITB Specific Routines

Basically, the goal is to eliminate the pain in the shin, strengthen it and ensure it is properly stretched before an exercise.  One of my favorite part of the treatment is using the Gymnator which simulates exercise and can also shake of the stiffness. The Gymnator can target a specific muscle group depending on the position in the Gymnator.

The Gymnator uses a vibrations to simulate exercise. It last about one to two minutes.

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a treatment procedure that involves acupuncture needles, inserted into skin and muscle, directly at a myofascial trigger point.  This is very beneficial for acute and chronic pain, rehabilitation from injury and even injury prevention.

Dry Needling

When stiffness goes on prolonged period it becomes nodules already.  One way of breaking them up is by dry needling.  It’s also a way of detecting your tight and sore spots.  When the skin and muscle groups has no problem, the needle will go on smoothly without pain.  When it’s tight and it’s sore, you will feel a certain twinge when it is inserted.  A little time is needed before the muscle will allow the rest of the needle.   This will allow the needle to breakdown the nodules, which you can then flush out of your system once you hydrate.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release initiates the application of gentle sustained pressure into the myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motions.  As I earlier mentioned, part of my problems is having tightness in my legs.  It reduces my mobility and when it comes to running, it slows down my cadence and my pace.  Myofascial Release releases muscle tightness by stretching them out.  This is a relaxing massage but once it’s done, you’ll feel that your legs are light and really mobile.  This can be done one day before a race to improve your mobility and also reduce possible injury.


Myotherapy is a sports massage.  It reduces muscle tension and stiffness.  It reduces spasms and cramping.  It aides relaxation and is an excellent stress management tool.   Over the past few months, I’ve been using regular massage to reduce stiffness accumulated from my runs.  Myotherapy is much better than regular massage as it breaks down the stiffness in the muscle groups.  I have a love hate relationship with Myotherapy.  I hate how it stings with the application of pressure but I love how my muscles are so relaxed after the treatment.  This is perfect to do several days before or after a race.  Don’t do it one day before as there may be some soreness especially if you are not used to it.

Back In Action

Back in Action at Salomon City Trail

I’ve had several sessions at NY Theraspine and I’m back in action. The more important part is, I am running pain-free.   Aside from solving the problem with my shin.   They also improved my mobility with their various treatments.  If I were a car, I’m now a newly maintained, well oiled running machine.  I am now enjoying running even more and on hindsight, I should have done this months ago.  I’ll still continue on the therapy especially on the Myotherapy and Myofascial Release parts as running is an aggressive sport.  We all need to remedy the accumulated stress and stiffness we get from the continuous pounding of the muscles.

I highly recommend NY Theraspine especially to all runners / multisports athletes preparing for your big race.  We shouldn’t just embrace the pain, we should get rid of it and conquer our goals in the process. 

Visit NY Theraspine

NY Theraspine Inc
73-G Dr. Lazcano St. Brgy Laging Handa, Quezon City
Contact Number (02) 375-1035; (02) 921-9831
Facebook page: NY Theraspine

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Incoming: Titan Games


” The Titan Games is the Philippine’s First National Strongman Competition, a multifaceted fitness event that combines physical challenges with a time element. This event is made for every FILIPINO who want to change their lives for the better, through fitness and  health. The Titan Games seek to build TITANS – iron-willed individuals with a strong in mind and body. “


This year, Titans will clash in the concrete jungle. Witness steel, wood, and rubber crash against each other as 6 winning individuals take all in this 2 division challenge. On November 09 2014 at The Camp, Taguig, this whole-day event will feature challenges, mini-challenges, and a spectator-friendly event every person can enjoy.

The Titan Games wants every Filipino to be fitter en route to a Fitter Philippines. Participants and spectators are also expected to have an awesome experience. There will be 2 divisions based on difficulty.  There’s a beginner’s level, Novice division for the everyday person, and a difficult Advanced division for the serious athlete.


The Novice Division (MORTALS)

This is for the EVERY man and the EVERY woman. This is for those who occasionally exercise, the sports enthusiast, the casual (insert sport here). Whether you play hoops with your friends on the weekend, stretch out and find your center every morning, love bicep curls and dancing, or a walk-a-thon junkie posing as a hardcore commuter, this is YOUR event.


The Advance Division (TITANS)

An immovable object. An unstoppable force. Many are strong but only a few can be called TITANS. This division will reveal who are worthy of that title. If you’re part of your country’s elite fighting force, an athlete that has been training since Day 001 on Earth, a gym junkie who does not exercise but trains, or want to challenge your human limitations, then we invite you to clash against other TITANS.


Are You Tough Enough?

CHALLENGES will be FOR TIME,  to finish the required movements  while following the scoring standards in the shortest time possible. There will be 4 main challenges with 5 minute time caps, where all participants can compete. Each challenge has a unique name connoting to the tasks to be accomplished. Only the Top 5 strongest Males and Females in each division will make it to the 5th Challenge, the Clash of the Titans! Winner will be the one with the shortest total time of all 5 challenges!

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be awarded to each top male and female competitor in each division. Prizes from GNC, BeyondRaw, Fit Miss, Ensayo Gym Equipment, Gatorade, Quest Bar, Fitaid, Battle Brew, Progenex, Goat Tape, Brofit and WOD Nation are up for grabs! The advanced division male and female champions will be awarded the 2014 Titan Games – Titan, and they will become GNC’s BeyondRaw and Fit Miss next brand ambassadors!

Register now at the following GNC Stores around Metro Manila, or at partner gyms!


Event Details

  • Registration Fees

    • Early Bird Rate: P800 until September 30, 2014
    • Regular Rate: P1,000 from October 1, 2014 onwards
  • Registration:

  • Major Sponsors

    • GATORADE – Official Sports Drink
    • GNC – Official Sports Supplement
    • ENSAYO EQUIPMENT – Official Equipment Provider
    • PRIDE – Official Outfitter
  • Minor Sponsors

    • FIT MISS
    • FITAID

  • Media Sponsors

  • Challenges



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Incoming: Color Manila Run 2015


” Color Manila Run gave us a colorful New Year for the past two years already. Come 2015, we’re set to have another Color Manila New Year and this time, it’s gonna be bigger and better.  It’s time to roll out the colorful carpet as Color Manila Run is happening on January 4, 2015 by the Bay at SM Mall of Asia Grounds.  ”

Color Fever

This is how we start our year!!! Photo by KB Runner

I wouldn’t even think of any other runs to start my 2015 race calendar.  It will always will be Color Manila Run.  If you’ve been to the past editions of the run, you’d know why it’s an excellent way to start your year.  For one, You still get your usual distance with 3 categories depending on your preference.  First time runners can get to earn their first medal in this fun-filled environment with the short distances of 3K and 5K and seasoned runners building up mileage can go for the 10K distance.  It gives you a very colorful day as you get splattered by colors all along the race course.  The mood is so festive with different gimmicks per color station as well as runners crawling, rolling and playing around with the color powders.  The annual powder ceremony is a scenic delight with a rainbow of colors overwhelming the cityscape.

Then you get a limited edition foldable sunglasses as part of the kit that also comes with the Color Manila Shirt, bib, color packet and a medal.  That’s just a fraction of the wonderful experience of being part of a Color Manila Event.   You will be delighted by the fun fare that comes with the color manila festival with each of the runners having the time of their life.  If you haven’t tried running before, Color Manila Run is the perfect way to earn your first medal.  It would be an exciting run and you’ll get the satisfaction of crossing the finish line.


This would also be the perfect run to do with friends, family and colleagues as you’ll enjoy playing with the rainbow of colors as a group.  So don’t wait up too long and register Now!!!

Race Details

  • Date and Venue:

    • January 4, 2015, SM Mall of Asia
  • Distance and Fees

    • 3K, 5K and 10K
      • Flat Rate of P850
      • Inclusive of Color Manila Shirt, Bib, Limited Edition Foldable Lens (Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Tan)
      • Finisher Items: Color Manila Medal and Color Packet

  • Registration

  • Online at Color Manila Nite Run Site
    • Via Credit Card
    • Via SM Tickets via (
    • Via Prepaid Card, available at
      • Toby’s MOA, SM North Edsa, Glorietta and Shangrila Mall
      • Runnr BGC, Trinoma and ATC
  • Assembly / Gunstart:

    • Assembly: 5:30 AM
    • Gun Start:
      • 10K –6:20 AM
      • 5K – 6:30 AM
      • 3K – 6:45 AM
  • Race Kit Claiming

    • Date: December 11-­‐14 (Friday– Sunday)

    • Venue: SM Mall of Asia Arena

    • Schedule: 10:00AM until 8:00PM daily
  • Bring your confirmation email (print out) and one (1) valid ID. o If you are claiming for someone else, bring their confirmation email, one (1) valid ID of registrant and authorization letter

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Pinoy Triathletes All Set for Ironman Langkawi

“An Ironman distance is 3.8 kilometers (2.4 miles) of Swim, 180 kilometers (112 miles) of Bike and 42.2 kilometers (26.2 miles) of Run.  More than the distance, that also takes months or even a year of preparation mastering the three disciplines and also nutrition to be able to surpass this physical and mental challenge. 124 Filipino Triathletes set off an a journey to conquer Ironman Langkawi, which is said to be the 3rd toughest course in the world.”

Ironman Langkawi

Langkawi – Photo from Ironman Malaysia – Langkawi Website.

When it comes to milestones in the world of Triathlon, the list of a lot of triathletes would include finishing a half Ironman distance, finishing a full Ironman distance and competing in the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.  While there are many half ironman distance available, there are just a few events which are also a qualifier for the world championships in Hawaii.  Ironman Langkawi is one of the Full Ironman distance race that’s also a qualifier.  Ironman Langkawi is also a budget friendly race with more affordable airfare and hotel accommodation given the proximity of Langkawi to the Philippines.

124 Pinoys Set to Conquer Ironman Langkawi

Triathletes Ivan Fojas, Carlos De Guzman, Julian Valencia and Norman Pascual Talk about the Road to Langkawi

Several triathletes who have competed or will be competing in the Ironman Langkawi was present to guide us through the road to Langkawi they took en route to the big race.  Among the triathletes present were Ivan Fojas, SBR.PH’s Carlos De Guzman, Coach Julian Valencia, Coach Norman Pascual, Retzel Orquiza and Coach Vince Garcia.  Among the more important aspect of their insights is on the preparation of the race.  The race meant training about 9 times a week as well as loading up the mileage on weekends.  Most of them have a regular day job so they have to squeeze in the trainings before and after work.  So it’s a real challenge managing their work-life and training schedule.

Retzel Orquiza and Vince Garcia share their views on the upcoming Ironman Langkawi.

Another important aspect of the sport is nutrition.  “It’s the fourth discipline.” according to SBR.PH head Carlos De Guzman.  You really need to plan the nutrients you load and also how you would take them during the race.  Some go for gels.  Some would go for chocolate bars. Some would go for rice.  The body reacts differently so part of the training is knowing which is best for you.   Another important part of the race is the mental part since doing the three sports for more than 10 hours can be really tough.

Press Conference at the Skippy’s Bar and Grill (Bonifacio Global City

This would be an exciting event for the Philippines as they would have a record setting 124 delegates coming from the different triathlon teams in the country.  They would be vying for 40 slots for the Ironman world championships in Kona.  The prospects are also high for our female delegates.  This is a larger delegation compared to the 90 member team that raced in at the Ironman Asia Pacific Championship in Melbourne, Australia.  Majority of athletes qualify for entry in the world championships by placing high in their age group divisions at one of 35 international Ironman qualifying races.  Some athletes also win spots in the race through the Ironman lottery.  The sport of triathlon has grown by leaps and bounds and a lot more people are challenging themselves for the Kona Slots or just the bragging rights to be called an Ironman.

We also had a good spicy pasta meal at Skippy’s. Photo with Trail Legend and Ultra Marathoner Rene Villarta.

Some of my friends would also be competing for this event.  It would really be a challenge but I know they’ll be able to cross the finish line and feel the satisfaction of all the training and sacrifices of the past few months.  Good luck and enjoy the race.

Here’s the race route from Ironman Malaysia Langkawi Site.

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Incoming: Egg Power Run Half Marathon #EggPowerRun

“Some say that the best running form is your hands in a loose fist as if holding an egg.  It releases the tightness in the hand and allows the upper body to relax and more comfortable to running.  This theory gets tested in the #EggPowerRun Half Marathon happening on January 11, 2015 at Bonifacio Global City.”

Are you Eggxited?

Run in a tight fist and it keeps your other body tight and tense.  Keeping your hand in loose fist as if you’re holding an egg, would loosen up your upper body too.  That concept will be tested when running literally gets to hold an actual egg in the race until they finish the race.  That’s what makes this race unique.

As a challenge, all runners will be given raw egg at the Start Line. Each runner must keep their egg from breaking. Upon reaching the Finish Line, runners with whole egg will get more eggs to take home!  Additional 3 eggs for 3km finishers, 6 eggs for 5km, 9 eggs for 10km, and a dozen for the half marathoners will be given.  Runners who opt not to bring their eggs to the Finish Line may leave the eggs at the nearest water stations.  No whole egg at the finish line, no additional eggs will be given.

The Egg Power Run Half Marathon is brought to you by the Philippine Egg Board Association with 3km, 5km, 10km, and 21km categories for the runners. The race would be on January 11, 2015 at Bonifacio Global City.  Since there will be the key Marathon Races in February in the Condura Skyway Marathon and The Bull Runner Dream Marathon, this would be an excellent build up race for Marathoners.  Of course, this is also an event for newbies, recreational runners or to those just wanting to start an active lifestyle.  Finishers medals will be given to 10km and 21km Finishers, while finisher shirts will be given to 21km category.

This event aims to promote the goodness of egg and its benefits being high in protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.

Race Details

  • Date and Venue:

    • January 11, 2015, Bonifacio Global City
  • Distance and Fees

    • 3K – P400 includes Singlet, timing chip
    • 5K – P500 includes Singlet, timing chip
    • 10K – P650 includes Singlet, timing chip, Finisher’s Medal
    • 21K – P950 includes Singlet, timing chip, Finisher’s Medal, Finisher Shirt
  • Registration

    • Online at

      • Delivery fee of P200 and website fee will be shouldered by registrant
      • October 1 – November 30, 2014
      • Delivery:  November – December
    • In Store: (November 3, 2014 – January 6, 2015 or until supplies last)
      • Chris Sports SM North Main Building, Ground Floor, SM City North EDSA North Avenue, Quezon City Tel. No. (02) 928-1487 / (02) 927-6734
      • Chris Sports Glorietta 3, 2/F Glorietta 3, East Drive Ayala Center, Makati City, Tel. Nos.: (02) 927-6734 / (02) 928-1487
      • Chris Sports SM Mall of Asia, 2/F SM Mall of Asia, Sunset Ave., Pasay City, Tel. Nos.: (02) 556-0261 / (02) 556-0260
      • Chris Sports Festival Mall, 3/F Festival Mall, Corporate Ave., Muntinlupa City, Tel. Nos.: (02) 771-0504 / (02) 771-0420
      • 100 Miles Cafe- 2/F Fort Pointe II, 28th St. Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Tel. No.: 869-8927
  • Assembly / Gunstart:

    • 21K – 3:00 AM / 4:00 AM
    • 10K – 5:00 AM / 5:30 AM
    • 5K – 5:00 AM / 5:40 AM
    • 3K – 5:00 AM / 5:45 AM
  • Race Updates:

  • Race Maps

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The Zombie Journals – Outbreak Assault: Time to Strike Back

“ The Outbreak Manila Horde has left humanity’s existence in peril.  There are also people who tried to interfere and shape the battle to conform with their own agenda.  Humanity strikes back and gets armed with air soft rifles to give them a better chance at survival.  Be part of the fight for survival. “

Read About:

Outbreak Recap

Outbreak Assault

Outbreak Manila gave the world the threat of the undead zombies to humanity’s existence.  Outbreak Mission showed the world who the people pulling the strings in the Outbreak Manila Universe and they had different agendas prevailing at each mission.  Outbreak Assault arms the human with air soft riffles to counter the Outbreak Manila Zombies.  Will humanity’s last stand matter or will the inevitable zombie apocalypse run its course?

The rules have changed and the setting got even creepier but the question remains, Will you remain standing once you get past an even hungrier horde of zombies eager to feast on the humans.  There’s a lot more questions still to be resolved and even if it were the craziest thing to do, you’d want to go head to head with the Outbreak yet again.  You are now armed with an airsoft guns.   The guns won’t be loaded but the effect would feel and recoil like the real thing.  You will also be lent a variety of Assault Rifles, Sub-Machine Guns and Handguns.  Add the adrenaline of fighting the incoming horde and you’ll be drawn into the realism of this simulation. The life flags are gone but if you get zombified by direct interaction with the zombies.

This is not the safest place to be as your life would eternally be in peril as long as there’s the Outbreak Manila Zombie grunting for brains they would forever be craving for.  It’s time to strike back and maybe this is your one shot to end the Outbreak.  Be careful as the zombies are also looking to grow their horde aside from feasting on brains.

Outbreak Assault, a Zombie Survival Simulation, is the first of its kind in the country. Survivors will get geared up and be sent on a mission up a 6-storey abandoned building to go head to head with the massive horde.   Shoot and dodge zombie after zombie in your chosen group of 10. Do you and your friends have what it takes to survive the onslaught of Outbreak Assault? Book now for this one-weekend only Zombie Survival Simulation.

Assault Details

  • Date and Venue:

  • October 18, 2014, Outbreak Assault will be in 49 Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City. Here is a link to the map.

  • Fees:

  • P1,500 inclusive of the souvenir dog tags for survivors.
  • Registration period:

  • Registration for the event will start on September 18, 2014 and until limited 150 slots gets filled up.
  • Also available for private bookings via
  • Registration centers:

  • Online Reservation and payment
    • This is the quickest and easiest way to guarantee your preferred timeslot for you and your friends.
    • Simply go to this link and follow the easy instructions
    • Note that there is a P50 additional fee per person for this payment method.
  • Bank Deposit
    • Still a bit wary of online transactions? That’s ok. You can do it the old fashioned bank deposit way. Send an email at with the email SUBJECT: OUTBREAK ASSAULT RESERVATION.
    • Please note that since accommodating your email may take some time, please indicate 3-5 preferred options of your preferred TIMESLOT, and HOW MANY you are in the group
    • Expect them to get back to you within 24 hours for your room reservation confirmation and bank deposit details. They will need a scanned copy of the bank deposit within 24 hours. Failure to do so will cancel your reservation.
  • Private of Corporate Bookings
    • Want to join but not available on October 18? They can explore doing PRIVATE BOOKINGS or THE ULTIMATE BIRTHDAY/BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE PARTY for you and your friends. Email them at

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