Incoming: iTracc Maxxed Sierra 51050 Relay & Half Marathon

Let’s talk about hills and a lot of it as  iTracc Maxxed Sierra 51050 Relay & Half Marathon will give you a lot of elevation to conquer and a lot of scenic views to see.  Work as a team of 5 in conquering 50K distance with each member doing 10K each or go solo doing a 21K or a 10K distance that will definitely challenge your climbing skills and endurance.

 iTracc Maxxed Sierra 51050 Relay & Half Marathon

Hill running is not the easiest thing to do but it’s the one that makes you stronger and gives you wider stride length.  It’s a lot of hard work but you’ll be treated to the scenic Sierra Madre Mountain Range as your quads get a beating, your lungs get exhausted and your will tested.   On March 1, 2015, iTracc Maxxed Sierra 51050 Relay & Half Marathon will happen at the hills of Sierra Madre in Tanay, Rizal. The route runs along Sitio Mayagay, Barangay Sampaloc and Barangay Cuyambay with a half marathon distance, a 10 kilometer and a 50 kilometer 5-man relay to choose from.  Sierra 51050 has proven that running is not just a solitary sport. Runners formed groups to battle it out who is the fastest in the relay category. It’s a lot more fun appreciating the scenery while testing your vertical limits with a team.

iTracc Maxxed Sierra 51050 has the Relay 51050, Half Marathon and 10k for race categories.The half-marathon and 10k distance categories are open to individuals who would like to try the hills of Sierra Madre, while the Relay 51050 will compose of five (5) members in a team who will run 10 kilometers each summing up to 50 kilometers.  Early registration starts December 16, 2014 to January 4, 2015 while regular registration starts January 5, 2015 and will end on February 15.

The racekit comes with the race bib and singlet while the finisher’s shirt, medal (for relay and 21km) and lootbag from our sponsors will be given when they cross the finish line.  Register now to take advantage of the early bird rate.  There are also a shuttle service you can avail with limited slots only.

Race Details

Date and Venue

  • March 1, 2015,  Sierra Madre, Tanay Rizal

Distance and Fees

  • Relay (Team of 5) (Inclusive of Singlet, Finisher Shirt, Medal and Lootbag)
    • Early Registration (December 16, 2014-January 4, 2015) -P3,500 per team
    • Regular Registration (January 5-February 15, 2015) – P4,000 per team
  • 21K (Inclusive of Singlet, Finisher Shirt, Medal and Lootbag)
    • Early Registration (December 16, 2014-January 4, 2015) -P850
    • Regular Registration (January 5-February 15, 2015) – P950
  • 10K  (Inclusive of Singlet, Finisher Shirt and Lootbag)
    • Early Registration (December 16, 2014-January 4, 2015) -P750
    • Regular Registration (January 5-February 15, 2015) – P850

Registration (In Store)

  • Sports House Store (SM Bicutan, SM City Fairview, SM City Novaliches, SM Marikina, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, Robinson’s Galleria and Trinoma
  • Second Wind Running Specialty Stores (Malingap St., Teachers Village Quezon City/Unit 107, G-Strip, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan/Ortigas Home Depot Julia Vargas, Pasig City)

Shuttle Services

  • Pick up and Drop off points
    • Mini-Stop across SM North Annex
    • SeaOil P. Tuazon
    • McDonald’s Edsa Central (Teleperformance)
    • Mercury Drug Masinag (Marcos Hwy cor Sumulong)
      • You may pay together with the registration fee when you register. Limited slots only.

Race Updates


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Run United Enervon HP Recovery Run

55 Minutes Worth of Stories and Fun Complete

Distance: 5K
Location: Bonifacio Global City
Date: December 14, 2014

 Consistency is what gets you to the finish line strong but it is recovery that gets you to the starting line.  While we invest a lot of mileage during the year, it’s really important to squeeze a period of recovery in between the cycle.  While #RunUnited Series was all about going faster, higher and stronger, #RUHPRecoveryRun was all about putting premium on recovery with runners encouraged to run at an easier pace with elite athletes and running bloggers pacing them all the way.  #EnervonHP

Run United Enervon HP Recovery Run

Read about:

Race With Me

If you’ve been following me, you’ll notice my Race With Me post on Instagram. Twitter and Facebook.  I was supposed to run 21K for this one but I got invited to be a pacer instead.  Of course, I couldn’t decline an invite from Unilab because it’s a good way to “Pay It Forward” to the running community.  I got assigned a pace of 55 minutes for the 5 kilometer distance and for those who don’t run often, that’s a really slow pace and may be equivalent to brisk walking 5 kilometers.   At this pace, you can even take 5 selfies per kilometer.  It’s a different challenge for all of us, including the Unilab Elite Team, who’s not used to running at this pace but this is really going to be exciting.

Let’s do this!

Race Route

Race Route Powered by Suunto Movescount

Race Starts at 34th Street and goes through 32nd Street and 30th Street for the first U-Turn.  After the first U-Turn, the race heads back to the full length of 9th Avenue all the way to 40th Street for the second U-Turn.  The course loops into the Triangle Drive before heading back to 11th Avenue and 34th Street for the Finish.

The Race

Team Violet – 55 Minutes / 5 Kilometers

I was at the venue at 4 am since we still needed to ensure we have our pacer bibs and balloons.  We saw the 21K runners being sent off for their gunstart. The 21K runners were really lucky as they had all the leg room for their run as this one is a much more intimate run compared to the Run United Series.  Up next was the 10K runners and 5K runners with their pacers.  I was grouped with Unilab Elite Team Claire Adorna, Supladong Irish Runner (Jared) and Irish.  One of the good part of the run was to be able to meet the elite athletes and much more pace with them.

5K Pacers

On the list of pace groups, we were assigned the slowest pace at 55 minutes for the 5 kilometer distance.  If you’ve been to races, you’ll notice that almost everybody starts out fast and eventually slow down as they get exhausted in the race.  We expected to have zero runners on our group at the start but it was great that Claire was able to convince a kid to pace with us.  As the race started, everybody went off fast as expected and since we’re assigned an 11 minute per kilometer pace, we started doing our brisk walk.  We were able to maintain the desired pace and save for one kid, we had no other runners. It was fun joking around with other pace groups like telling them they were overspeeding and they would get speeding tickets for that.

Brisking walking our 5K Distance.

1 kilometer into the run, we started to have more runners or even overtake some runners.  Yes, we were just walking all the way and telling stories. Jared was even singing at some points.  It was also nice bonding with Claire as we were joking about our slow pace.  We just see elite runners and triathletes from a distance on their podium races.  Talking to them up close gave us the idea that aside from their serious training regimen, they are also fun to be with.   We were also able to post some photos in Instagram during the race.  3K into the run, one of my runner friend, Israel caught up with us since he came in late.  I told him to just pace with us since he deserve the easier pace having done the 21K distance the day before at Milo.  At this point also, we started seeing the faster paced 10K runners.

Definitely having fun! – Photo by Lem So of Pinoyfitness

The weather was perfectly cool this morning which made our brisk walk pace really comfortable.  We still were doing our mileage and burning calories even at this pace.  It also gives you an appreciation of the pace, the course and that running can be fun and easy too.  The amusing part was being overtaken by some 10K pacers and then see them stop a few meters before the finish line because they are still minutes away from their expected finish time.  We too were ahead of our pace by 3 minutes so we went really slow walking towards the finish line before waiting for the race clock to be at 55 minutes before we crossed the finish line.  That’s a successful 55 minutes for a 5K run.

Yey, we made it!!!

That’s 5K worth of walking, talking and having a great time.  I guess, this also shows that people shouldn’t be intimidated joining races. Just join and you’ll find out that this is something you can do.  You’ll get the hang of it after crossing the finish line.  After the race, we were treated to breakfast at the pacer lounge.  There were also several booths on recovery from self-stretching, recovery ice pools, self Myofascial Realese and even mental recovery; which gave runners a better appreciation of the different recovery regimens.

Self Myofascial Release really helps as it removes the tightness you accumulate running.

It was fun being a pacer for a change and I did bring home my pacer balloon as a souvenir.  It also gave us new friends in the community.  Great Job Unilab Active Health for bringing us Run United Enervon HP Recovery Run!!!


Outfit of The Race

This is my outfit for the race. Top – Adidas Lakers Singlet, Bottom – Under Armour, Shoes – Newton Distance III, Watch – Suunto Ambit 3 Peak, Shades – Salice Eyewear, Visor – Under Armour and Socks – Under Armour

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The Classic Lacoste Pique Poloshirt in #Lacoste1212Watch Collection

Lacoste is among the world’s most iconic brands that started with the classic cotton petit pique poloshirt designed by tennis legend René Lacoste in 1927.  It’s my preferred poloshirt because it’s just classic, timeless and really comfortable.  The hallmark simplicity, refinement and comfort of each Lacoste poloshirt was captured in the #Lacoste1212Watch collection.  That’s the time-tested Lacoste DNA in your wrist to give you the classic and elegant look that Lacoste has established since 1927.


Wearing the new Lacoste 1212 Watch partnered with the Lacoste Shirt

The first time I wore the Lacoste brand years ago, I immediately fell in love with the simplicity, elegance and comfort of the Lacoste Poloshirt.  In fact, I’ve been acquiring shirts from their classic collections down to their contemporary designs.  The pique fabric that has made Lacoste a wardrobe staple since 1927 is perfect for my built and feels so comfortable especially with the humidity in the Philippines.  Its simplicity and elegance is the reason I wear their poloshirt most of the time, whether going for the business casual look at the office or a sporty casual look on weekends. I eventually went on to love their other products from their shoes, bags, caps, bonnets and their watches.

With Friends Inja of Soleus/Timestudio at the Top and Jam of Speed Mag at the Bottom

As iconic and recognizable as the crocodile logo is the classic cotton petit pique poloshirt that tennis legend René Lacoste designed in 1927. Nicknamed the crocodile for his tenacity on the court, the athlete created a uniform that would allow for better sweat absorption and freedom of movement. He named it L.12.12L for Lacoste, 1 for its one-of-a-kind fabric, 2 for its short sleeves, and 12 for the number of the final version of the design he selected for production. Heralding the birth of contemporary sportswear, the L.12.12 has remained a beloved wardrobe staple for the elegantly athletic.  Lacoste’s sporting spirit is reignited in the Lacoste.12.12 watch collection, with a timely launch on December 12, 2014 held by country distributor Artful Marketing, Inc. (a subsidiary of the Lucerne Group) and global licensee Movado Group, Inc at Makati Shangrila.

MGI President Julian Addison presents the Lacoste 12.12 Watch Collection

 “Much like the classic polo shirt it is named after, the Lacoste.12.12 watch embodies the brand’s rich history of designing crisp, elegant pieces, and we are really excited to be bringing its 2014 Holiday collection to Manila,” says Julian Addison, MGI President for Asia Pacific. “Filipinos seem to have a tasteful yet practical sense of aesthetics – values that are manifest in these timepieces.”

Lacoste 12.12 Watch Collection comes in 6 different confident colors.

Six confident colors make up the Lacoste.12.12 watch design palette: grey, red, blue, white, green and black. There is a timepiece for whatever the mood calls for. Take the classic preppy tack, go for masculine and powerful, understated and simple or relaxed and laidback. Whatever you choose, the result is timeless, simple, wearable elegance for work and play.

With Fellow Running Blogger Receiving a Gift at the Launch – Photo by Rodel Montejo

Simplicity, refinement and comfort are the hallmarks of Lacoste’s wearable icons. The light, airy piqué fabric that serves as the polo shirt’s unique signature is faithfully echoed on the watch by an attractive petit piqué mesh effect running around the case sides and along the soft-touch silicone strap. Ready to take a bite out of 3 o‘clock is the legendary green crocodile that adorns each dial. Indeed, wearing a Lacoste.12.12 watch is wearing a true classic on your sleeve.

Match the Lacoste 12.12 Watch Collection with the Classic Lacoste Poloshirt.

 Lacoste Watches are available at L Timestudio, Wristpod, select Chronos Boutiques, SM Department Stores, The Landmark and Robinson’s Department Stores.

Care to Play Tennis?

Let’s Play Wii Tennis. – Photo by Rodel Montejo

Since Lacoste started with Tennis Legend René Lacoste, there was an added challenge to the event with a Wii Tennis Tournament featuring 16 teams grouped randomly.  I was paired with Shai Lagarde of and she’s such an excellent teammate at Wii Tennis.

My Teammate Shai Lagarde

There were 4 teams each for white, green, blue and red groups.  The white and green teams were bracketed together in an elimination format.  On the other side of the bracket were the red and blue teams.  It was really fun and exciting playing Wii Tennis.  The tournament was complete and even had hosts Anthony Suntay and Patricia Hizon doing color commentary on the side.  It was tough and even had to come from behind in one of the games. We eventually went on to top our bracket with Shai’s power serving and had to wait for the winner of the other brackets.

Here are the finalist but who won? – Photo by Rodel Montefo

The finals was a best of three series with the other team serving the first set.  We were able to squeeze a win in the first set.  I was now then the one assigned to do the serve and went on to open a wide lead at the start of the set, which was enough for us to coast to a straight set victory. Yey! We are the Wii Tennis Champions.

We won and here’s one of our prizes, a Lacoste Watch.

As I said, Shai is such a great teammate as we get to communicate while playing and eventually led us to victory.  Before the event ended, we were in for another surprise as all of the participants were asked to get one box each at the Christmas Tree. In the box was a gift, which is one Lacoste 12.12 Watch. That’s a great Christmas Gift Lacoste!!!

Left: White Lacoste 12.12 Watch (My Gift) Right: Black and Blue Borneo Watch (My Prize)

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Zensah Gives You Some Christmas Gift Ideas for Weekend Warriors

While most people celebrate the Merry Month of December, some people like me are on the last phase of their preparations for their Big Race in the first quarter of 2015.  There are big name local and international marathons and triathlon events jump starting the 2015 Racing Season.  We’re weekend warriors and we make the most of our weekends to get our mileage done and at the same time still living in the holiday mode.  Zensah can give you a lot of gift ideas for Weekend Warriors who make the most out of time chasing new records, new distances and new adventures.

Read About:


Compression can really help your muscle function better with better blood circulation and more relaxed muscles especially on the long haul workouts.  That’s what Zensah is all about, it keeps you safe and comfortable when going the distance or training hard.   When it comes to Weekend Warriors who loves to do the distance, Zensah is almost a MUST when it comes to keeping your legs safe and comfortable. They can also speed up the muscle recovery process.

While most are logging their mileage for the races in the first quarter, Zensah becomes a really good alternative for gifts that would be useful and functional.  The holidays would be a perfect excuse to give your runner, multisports or regular athlete friends a Zensah Compression Wear.  They’ll love you for it and they’ll use it the next day on their run / ride or workouts.  This Christmas, Zensah’s got your fitness-loving friends and family covered.

  • Compression Leg Sleeves

Zensah’s best-selling compression leg sleeves provide relief from a runner’s worst enemy – shin splints. It’s made with moisture-wicking material that keeps athletes dry during high activity, and antimicrobial fabric that minimizes odor. With 23 different colors to choose from, there’s a compression leg sleeve to suit any type of personality – from minimalistic and straight-forward heather grey to fun and flirty tie-dye neon pink.

Perfect for: Your adventure-loving, marathon-running sister.

Shopping tip: Buy her three in different colors so she’s got more to choose from when she goes on a run. It’ll help break up the monotony and keep workouts fun.

  • Tech+ Compression Socks

Made with a 200-needle thread count for more durable, denser, and better-fitting socks. These socks, through graduated compression, allow for better blood circulation, improved muscle support and injury prevention. Long runs can take their toll on your feet, but with these socks that prevent blisters and chafing, runners can drive their focus on their run instead of worrying about pain.

Perfect for: Your no-nonsense, multi-tasking officemate.

Shopping tip: These socks come in 8 different colors, from neon green and electric blue to classic black or white. Color-coordinate your choice according to the color of your friend’s running shoes; they’ll appreciate the extra thought that went into getting them something they genuinely like.

  • Seamless Sports Bra

Nothing’s more annoying than an ill-fitting sports bra, especially during a run. Zensah’s seamless sports bras are body mapped for support and ventilation, allowing for maximum comfort and movement. They’re built to withstand quick and sudden movements, and will keep you dry even while navigating the roughest of terrains.

Perfect for: Your can-do-anything cousin.

Shopping tip: Surprise your loved one with an unexpected color choice; layered underneath their regular workout clothes, it can provide a pop of color to even the most basic of outfits.

  • Compression Arm Sleeves

Compression wear isn’t all about protecting against shin splints, your arms need just as much support as your lower half. Zensah’s compression arm sleeves provide sun protection, perfect for year-round running in our tropical climate. They’re also made with silver ions that keep your arms at just the right temperature.

Perfect for: Your always-on-the-go boss.

Shopping tip: Pair your gift with some earphones, and make sure it’s got Bluetooth pairing and wireless connectivity for the ultra-busy individual.

Zensah compression-wear is now available in the following outlets: Runnr, Planet Sports, R.O.X. Stores

Follow Zensah


Facebook: Zensah Philippines
Instagram:  zensahph
Twitter: zensahph


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#RunnerPH #GiveAway What I Want to Run Away This Christmas

Christmas is the time for giving and #RunnrPH is feeling extra generous and hosting an InstaVid Giveaway.  Simply visit any Runnr Store, take a video, tag and get a chance to win P5,000 worth of Running Items. #SantaRUNNR #WhatIWantToRunAwayWithThisChristmas

Read about:


Runnr has been the one-stop shop for runners and multisports athletes. It has a lot of items that runners would need as they prepare for runs and races from shoes, apparels, accessories, watches, nutrition and a lot more.  They also are easily accessible with several branches across Metro Manila.  More than being a retail store, they are active in the running scene too.   They also know that there’s nothing but a cool giveaway to warm a runners heart during the Christmas Season.  #SantaRunnr is feeling generous so read up on the mechanics below and join for a chance to win P5,000 worth of running items.

  • Go To Any Runnr Store

  • Follow @RunnrPH on Instagram

  • Take a 15 seconds video (Maximum Duration) of you with the Runnr Race Bib (to be provided in store) and the running items you want to win

  • Tag and mention @RunnrPh and the branch you visited. Use the hashtag #WhatIWantToRunAwayWithThisChristmas #SantaRunnr in your caption.

  • Don’t forget to set your profile to public so they can view your entry.

  • 5 lucky winners gets to take home P5,000 worth of running items.

  • Submission of entries is until December 14, 2014, 11:59 pm.

Do Check out the 12 gift ideas from Runnr too.

So what do you want to run away this Christmas? Head over to the Runnr Store near you and you may just win it via the Insta Vid promo.  See you on the Road.

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Let Us TAlKaBOut Fitness

 Whether in running, in sports or in our daily life, nutrition always plays an important part.  #TAlKaBOutFitness is a talk on Sports Nutrition done by Takbo.PH and Pinay Health Junkie last November 27.  This is a much needed forum for the running community since a lot of people have continued to pile in more mileage and shoot for higher goals.  Sports Nutrition takes you to the finish line more balanced and a lot healthier.

Let’s Talk About Fitness

Takbo.PH founder Jinoe Gavan welcomes guest on the first of a series talks on sports nutrition.

When it comes to sports nutrition, it’s always been trial and error for me.  Sometimes, I find something that works for me and at times, I pay dearly for it in actual race situations.  Once you start piling in the mileage and start aiming for higher goals, sports nutrition would really be critical to perform at an optimal level.  Since I got invited to TAlKaBOut Fitness, I decided to take time out of my work and training schedules to get more insights on Sports Nutrition from more experienced people., the country’s biggest online Filipino running community, together with Pinay Health Junkie, launched the health and fitness talk series called TAlKaBOut Fitness. The first of the series, Sports Nutrition, was held in 100 Miles Café at the Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig on November 27, 2014.  The Sports Nutrition Talk focused on how runners of all levels — want-to-be-runners, beginners, and seasoned runners — can eat and drink their way to a peak performance.

According to Founder Jinoe Gavan, “It is important for us to learn about nutrition so we will know what to eat and how much should we take when we are training for race. “

The topics discussed include nutrition guide for runners, how to satisfy those cravings of sweets, proper diet, nutrition and hydration to boost performance, smart substitutes of the food we take and tips on fat loss vs. weight loss.  Participants not only learned but also took home exciting freebies from the event sponsors.

TAlKaBOut Fitness: Sports Nutrition Talk was co-presented by Lightwater and Vitaminboost. Special thanks to 100 Miles Cafe, Bioessence, Onelife Studio, Front Runner Magazine, Yummy Magazine and Runnr.

Coach Miguel Lopez talks about the benefits of Lightwater and Hydration in training and running.

Coach Miguel Lopez, who is a celebrity coach and a Lightwater ambassador, was first in line to discuss on the benefits of water in particular Lightwater.  More importantly on Coach Miguel’s credential is being in the running, mountaineering, triathlon scene since all of theses sports/activities were being introduced to the country.  He has always be a winner and top performer in all of these sports.  Water is the purest and most natural beverage in the world.  Water is the perfect hydration and also a way to cleanse our system.  Lightwater is something better than water since it has calcium,, potassium, magnesium and has no sodium.  So in terms of replenishing your nutrient needs, lightwater can do more for you.  Another important insight I got from Coach Miguel’s talk is determining if you are dehydrated.  One way to know if you’re properly hydrated is that you wake up at least once during the night to pee.  It means there is sufficient water in your system.  If not, it’s possible that you are dehydrated.  It’s really important to take your regular water intake especially if you train often.

Fia Bantua, RND of Fitness First gave a very detailed talk on Nutrition.

Fia Bantua, RND, who is a licensed nutritionist and dietitian and also an advance personal trainer at Fitness First, gave a really detailed talk on nutrition starting with the different food groups on which would have more calories like white meat has less calories than red meat and whole wheat bread has less calories than regular bread.  She also gave a nutrition guide for runners and ideal spacing of meals, which is basically having light meals every three hours depending on when you run.  She also reminded us that there is only one diet that she recommends and it’s proper diet.  A proper diet would be about 50-60% Carbohydrates, 115-20% Protein and 25-30% Good Fat.

She also encourage to go for fat loss rather than weight loss.  Part of this she highlighted that when we lose weight it’s either we lose water, fats or muscles.  The goal is to keep the water and the muscle level and drop the fats.  That’s the problem of some diets since people can lose weight though they are not better internally because they are also losing muscles and water too.

In terms of hydration, she recommends to do a sweat test which is basically measuring your weight before and after a workout and reducing the intakes and the volume you urinate to get your water loss.  That would be the amount you should replenish at hydration stops when you run/workout.  She also gave us a suggested hydration plans on runs/workouts.

  • Water – 30 minutes / shorter runs
  • Enhanced Water – when plain water seems boring
  • Sports Drinks – before, during and after, ideally every 30 minutes
  • Enhanced Sports Drink – two hours or more runs/workout
  • Recovery Drinks – supplemental fluids, before/after runs and workouts
  • Juice / Soft Drinks – After a race / snack time.

For shorter runs, you would make do with water since you don’t lose too much nutrients and electrolytes.  When you go longer, you’ll have to have sports drinks in between for the body to replenish nutrients and electrolytes.  Enhanced sports drinks like energy gels is needed when you go longer.  When it comes to energy gels, she advise to distribute the intake in smaller and more frequent doses during a run or workout to spread out the energy recovery.  Sometimes, if you take a gel in full, you get too much energy in an instant and consume it immediately too.  Recovery drinks, juice and soft drinks should be after a race since it might ruin your tummy in between.

Ms. Fia ends with some reminders as follows: Running keeps you fit. But to lose weight properly and run your best, focus on what you eat. Don’t Take Shortcuts because nothing worth having comes easy. Go for long-term weight control. GO FURTHER.

Freebies after the event

Hats of to the organizers as I did learn a lot from the session and I hope this is a start of having more fitness and nutrition focused runners and athlete.  We all win in that case. Speaking of winning, I did win some Lightwater Drinks and 2 weeks Yoga Pass from OneLife Studio and that goes with a lot more freebies for the event.  For me the talk was more than enough incentive to join this one as you get to adopt new and better habits when it comes to nutrition.  Looking forward to more TAlKaBOut Fitness Talks.

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Alaska Holds The Biggest Football Tournament in the Philippines #AlaskaFootballCup

Alaska has always been in the forefront of sports development and among their advocacy is to have kids started early with the sporty lifestyle.  Alaska held the 2014 Alaska Football Cup last November 29-30, 2014 which was participated by about 4,500 young players all over the country. This is one of the most successful grassroots sports development programs for football, which is now on its 19th year.   #AlaskaFootballCup

Alaska Football Cup

Kids in Action at the 19th Alaska Football Cup

Ayala Alabang Country Club in Muntinlupa was the host site for the 2014 Alaska Football Cup last November 29 tp 30, 2014.  This has been the biggest and most eagerly anticipated football tournament in the country with football players of all ages, from as young as six years old, participating in this annual event organized by Alaska Milk.  The annual Alaska Football Cup is the one football tournament that young players from all over the country look forward to every year.

Teams representing schools and football clubs from all over the Philippines includes participants from Masbate, Baguio, Negros Occidental, Cebu, Davao, Palawan, Legaspi, Laguna, Batangas, Bukidnon, Zambales, Pampanga, Tarlac, Ilocos, Bicol, Romblon, Davao Sur, Compostela Valley, Quezon, Cavite, Albay, Pangasinan, Bacolod, Iloilo, Mindoro and Metro Manila.

The annual football event, which started in 1995, held its 19th edition this year with over 300 teams of more than 4,500 players competing in the different categories. The two-day event will be played over more than 750 seven-a-side games, in 30 football fields, and officiated by over 120 game officials.  The Alaska Football Cup is one of the country’s most successful grassroots development program in football.

Alaska believes that sports play an important role in instilling the value of determination, discipline, hard work, team work and sportsmanship among the youth. Sports help them achieve the “winning form” which is Alaska’s goal for the children.

Keep the kids outdoor enjoying sports.

The National Nutrition Survey of the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) revealed issues on health that are best addressed by adopting an active healthy lifestyle and by regular consumption of nutritious food such as milk. Programs such as the Football Cup reinforces Alaska Milk’s thrust in promoting a healthy lifestyle not just by drinking milk but also by engaging regularly in physical activities such as football. Alaska seeks to engage all Filipinos, especially the youth, in sports.

It is in line with Alaska Milk’s program and dream to be part of the lives of more children in the Philippines and encourage these young champions to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle through football.  The tournament develops the athletic skills of participants to the fullest because they compete against athletes of the same age as well as physical and mental development.

Alaska does not just sell milk products. It promotes community development and nation building by nurturing positive values of teamwork, cooperation and fair play through sports activities like the 2014 Alaska Football Cup. Alaska promotes a healthy lifestyle, especially among children, through regular sports activities and proper nutrition.

Winners were awarded trophies and medals for their efforts

The following are the list of winners from the 2014 Alaska Football Cup

  • Girls 12
    • ABC Stars Naga – 1st Place
    • British School Manila – 2nd Place
    • Xavier School FC – 3rd Place
    • Ateneo de Davao – 4th Place
    • Rona Zaldivar – MVP
  • Girls 14
    • Nomads Football Club – 1st Place
    • Makati Fooball Club – 2nd Place
    • ABC Stars Naga – 3rd Place
    • Ateneo de Davao – 4th Place
    • Ashley Slough – MVP
  • Girls 16
    • Ateneo de Davao – 1st Place
    • Minuluan FC Bacolod – 2nd Place
    • Ateneo de Cebu – 3rd Place
    • Tuloy sa Don Bosco – 4th Place
    • Inah Rosales – MVP
  • Boys 10
    • Xavier School FC – 1st Place
    • Federated Football Association of Masbate – 2nd Place
    • San Carlos City FC-Bacolod – 3rd Place
    • Diego Aspiras – MVP
  • Boys 12
    • Hedcen FC – 1st Place
    • Tiger City Mandaluyong FC Makati FC – 2nd Place
    • La Salle Zobel – 3rd Place
    • Jan Adri Caraig – MVP
  • Boys 14
    • Claret Football Center – 1st Place
    • Sacred Heart School – Ateneo de Cebu – 2nd Place
    • La Salle Zobel – 3rd Place
    • First Fruits Christian Academy Bukidnon (first time to join) – 4th Place
    • Fidel Tacardon
  • Boys 16
    • Xavier School FC – 1st Place
    • Claret Football Center – 2nd Place
    • Hedcen FC – 3rd Place
    • Goshenland FC – 4th Place
    • Tony Kho – MVP
  • Players 6
    • Ateneo de Manila Football Center – 1st Place
    • Loyola Meralco FC – 2nd Place
    • Davao Hyenas FC – 3rd Place
    • Xavier School FC – 4th Place
    • Andres Hizon – MVP
  • Players 8
    • Makati Football School – 1st Place
    • Xavier School FC – 2nd Place
    • St. Alexius college Southern Cotabato- First time to join – 3rd Place
    • Crocodile FC Davao – 4th Place
    • Jared Peña – MVP
  • Ladies Open

    • De La Salle Zobel – 1st Place
    • Lizarito FC-Bacolod – 2nd Place
    • Ateneo de Davao FC Lady Knights – 3rd Place
    • Green Archers Utd. – 4th Place
    • Sarah Castañeda – MVP
  • Men’s Open
    • LeyLam FC Cebu Team 2 – 1st Place
    • Philippine Air Force – 2nd Place
    • Team Socceroo – 3rd Place
    • Leylam FC Cebu Team 1 -First time to join – 4th Place
    • Ranulfo Colina – MVP

For more information on the Alaska Football Cup please visit the Website or follow on twitter: @ALASKAsportshub.

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Incoming: Sta Fe Trail Run

There are just places that gonna make you say WOW and Sta Fe Trail Run is one of them.  The Route passes through Philex Road and leads you to the Philex Ridge via the Sta Fe Trail.  The route gives you challenging elevation climbs and scenic views along the way with the Philex Ridge as one of the key highlights.  That’s 18 kilometers of breathtaking climbs and descent that will make you appreciate the beauty of area.

Route Pictures

Brought in cooperation with Municipality of Itogon and Barangay Ampucao

When I saw the photo of Philex Ridge, I just have to say WOW.  This is a place I would want to see and I hope there would be a run in this area and true enough, there’s one happening on January 18, 2015.  The Sta Fe Trail Run takes you 7 kilometers descent via Philex Road before a lung-busting climb of 4 kilometers via Sta Fe Trail going to the scenic Philex Ridge and another 4 kilometers rolling terrain before descending back to Philex Road to complete an 18 kilometer loop.  The road will give you a lot of views from paved roads, single track trails, forest trails and a lot on pine trees and mountain ranges with some fog in between.

The Route

Of course, pictures speaks  much louder than word so here’s come photos courtesy of Frontrunner.

The picture just really shows the sheer beauty of the trail from the slow ascent with the trails surrounded by Pine Trees to the ridge view of the whole place.  It’s definitely something worth joining come January 18, 2015.

Elevation Profile

Race Details:

  • Date and Venue: 

    • January 18, 2015, Brgy. Ampucao Marker, Philex Road, Ampucao, Itogon, Benguet
  • Distance:

    • 18 kilometers
  • Fees: 

    • 18 kilometers – P550 (Inclusive of Long-sleeved Technical frontrunner Shirt with sublimated printing and Race Number  to be claimed before the event, frontRUNNER Magazine, unlimited coffee, snacks and drinks at the finish line)
  • Registration Details:

    • In Store:
      • Laperal Building, Session Road, Baguio City c/o Ms. Che Alberto
    • Via Bank
      • Deposit 550.00 Pesos to BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands) Account Number 2379 0362 39/Constante Mendoza, Jr.
      • Write your full name and shirt size on the deposit slip and accomplish the event  race-waiver.
      • Photo-capture or scan both and email to with the subject Sante Fe 18.
      • Confirmation email will be sent after receipt of all requirements.Distribution of pre-race items will be conducted at the Starting Line commencing at 4:30 AM, 18 January 2015

Size Chart

  • Race Reminders:

    1. Gun Start is at 5:30 A.M.  Assembly Time: 5:00 AM, RAIN or SHINE. Please be on time. Latecomers will NOT be allowed to officially join the race anymore. However, they are still entitled to post-race items.
    2. Runners will run a total of eighteen kilometers. The route will be along Philex Road for the first seven kilometers and onto Philex Ridge via Sante Trail. It will be marked with colored ribbons and some areas will be manned by volunteer marshals. Everyone must summit all designated peaks.
    3. There will be one water/snack station located at Km 7 where all runners are free to refill or drink.
    5. Littering is ABSOLUTELY prohibited. Violation of this rule will merit outright disqualification. Garbage bags will be available in the aid station.
    6. All runners must wear their race numbers in front, pinned on the shirt or shorts.
    7. Runners who decide not to continue the race must contact the Race Director or inform the nearest aid station marshals for proper accounting.
    8. Jeepney service vehicles will wait for passengers infront of Baguio Patriotic School along Harrison Road starting at 3:30 AM and leave promptly at 4:00 AM and will wait for no one. Same service vehicles will start leaving for Baguio at 10:00 AM, or earlier once full.  Seating is first come-first served ONLY FOR REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS. Pay directly to the driver. If you are interested, please indicate your interest for listing and seat reservation.
    9. FREE parking is available at designated parking areas adjacent to the event site. Runners will be solely responsible for securing their belongings. Race organizers and management will not be held liable for any damage or loss to personal items.
    10. Baggage deposit counters will be available at the same site.
    11. It will be highly appreciated if you extend a greeting or two to the  locals as you pass along houses in the route. Please respect everyone and everything at all times.
    12. The Race Director may, at any time, make revisions on the course and race details/rules for the benefit of all runners and reserves the right to use pictures and videos taken by any participant for publication in any form of media without any consideration, monetary or otherwise. Owners of published photos/videos will be duly recognized.
    13. Race Director’s decision is final.
    14. For additional inquiries, please email or call/text 0922-822-9342.
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Incoming: Radar Run 2014

6,500 feet above sea level.  That’s high enough to say you’re on top of the world before the year 2014 comes to an end.  That’s how it will feels joining Radar Run on December 30, 2014.  It’s a challenge doing a vertical 5 miles (8 kilometer) with the view of Baguio City and the nearby mountain ranges as you huff and puff your way to the top.  It starts at the Intersection of Sto Tomas Road and Marcos Highway and ends in the Mt. Cabuyao Relay Station where you can see the two Radars up close.

Read About:

Radar Run

Up Close with a foggy Radar

In some areas in Baguio City, you could see two radars at the top of the mountain.  That’s the Mount Cabuyao Relay Station and to some locals like me, we’d like to call it as the air condition that propels Baguio City’s cool climate.  I’ve been here as a kid and was able to do the radar run a few years ago and went again earlier this year.  The view doesn’t get old with the mountain ranges you get to see in the different vantage points of the climb.  You get to feel the cool December breeze as you climb your way to the top where at times you’d get to see the thick white fog enveloping the area.  The area has been a common site for stations of the cross so you also get to see this different stations en route to the top.  You get to pass fully concreted roads from start to finish.

Race Course and Elevation Profile from 2012 Radar Run

Registrants will be entitled to the following: Long-sleeved Technical frontrunner Shirt with sublimated printing and Race Number  to be claimed before the event. frontRUNNER Magazine, unlimited coffee, snacks and drinks at the finish line AND good times!  One of the reasons I like joining races in Baguio City is the community feel after the race which shows how Baguio’s Community of Runners  are so closely knit.  It’s also a great time to be in Baguio due to the long weekend.  Radar Run is also a great race-cation for you.  This is one race that you’ll get to enjoy with the view of the course and the satisfaction of the finish.

The view of the Radar

Race Details:

  • Date and Venue: 

    • December 30, 2015, Marcos Highway corner Sto. Tomas Road, Baguio City

  • Distance:

    • 5 miles (8 kilometers)
  • Fees: 

    • 5 Miles (8 Kilometers) – P400 (Inclusive of Long-sleeved Technical frontrunner Shirt with sublimated printing and Race Number  to be claimed before the event, frontRUNNER Magazine, unlimited coffee, snacks and drinks at the finish line)
  • Registration Details:

    • In Store:
      • Laperal Building, Session Road, Baguio City c/o Ms. Che Alberto
    • Via Bank
      • Deposit 400.00 Pesos to BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands) Account Number 2379 0362 39/Constante Mendoza, Jr.
      • Write your full name and shirt size on the deposit slip and accomplish the event  race-waiver.
      • Photo-capture or scan both and email to with the subject RADAR RUN 2014.
      • Confirmation email will be sent after receipt of all requirements.
      • Distribution of pre-race items will be conducted the Marcos Highway Police Station starting at 5:00 AM, 30 December 2014

Size Chart

  • Race Reminders:

    • Gun Start is at 5:45 A.M.  Assembly Time: 5:00 AM, RAIN or SHINE. Please be on time. Latecomers will NOT be allowed to officially join the race anymore. However, they are still entitled to post-race items.
    • Runners will run a total of eight kilometers, mostly vertical. The route will be along concrete roads.
    • There will be one water station located at Km 4 where all runners are free to refill or drink.
    • Littering is absolutely prohibited. Violation of this rule will merit outright disqualification. Garbage bags will be available in the aid station.
    • All runners must wear their race numbers in front, pinned on the shirt or shorts.
    • Runners who decide not to continue the race must contact the Race Director or inform the nearest aid station marshals for proper accounting.
    • There will be NO shuttle service provided for.
    • FREE parking is available at designated parking areas adjacent to the event site. Runners will be solely responsible for securing their belongings. Race organizers and management will not be held liable for any damage or loss to personal items.
    • Baggage deposit counters will be available at the same site.
    • The Race Director may, at any time, make revisions on the course and race details/rules for the benefit of all runners and reserves the right to use pictures and videos taken by any participant for publication in any form of media without any consideration, monetary or otherwise. Owners of published photos/videos will be duly recognized.
    • Race Director’s decision is final.
    • For additional inquiries, please email or call/text 0922-822-9342.
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A Runners Christmas List

Runnr has a wide range of products that would suit your budget for gifts for your Runner friends.

It’s the time of year when Christmas gift exchanges are popular once again.  If you have friend or family member that happens to be a runner, there are a lot of gift ideas you can find at Runnr.  You could find something wet and soft like a GU Gel or go for something techie like the Polar Loop and yurbuds.  Or you could go for something long (as in long distance run) like a Brooks Ravena or a Newton Gravity.  And the list goes on, Runnr is your one stop shop for running items and runner’s gifts.

Read about:

12 Gifts of Christmas

The nights is starting to get a little bit chilly.  The streets are now filled with beautiful Christmas Lights and Decors.  The restaurants and parking spaces are almost always full.  That could only mean one thing, It’s beginning to look like Christmas! With the season of giving upon us, what do you get for all your runner friends? Here are some suggestions that will definitely bring some good cheer to all your fast and fit friends.

1. Spenco Ironman Race/Train Insoles (P1,995)

Featuring Spenco Total SupportTM Technology and the patent pending 3-PODTM Modulation System, these replacement insoles provide superior cushioning, stability and arch support over the regular running shoe’s sockliner. Ironman Race uses an ultra-light, semi-flexible profile more suited for racing flats, while the Ironman Train uses a FacetTM cradle ideal for longer and more frequent workouts. Metatarsal support for both insoles relieves pressure on the forefoot. These will help your running shoes have the best possible ride and stability, especially for injury-prone runners.

2. RUNNR Run Fast T-Shirt (P455)

Look as fast as you run with this fun, thematic cotton T-shirt!

3. CW-X Women’s Stabilyx Squares Compression Wear (P6,195)

Compression never looked so good! CW-X’s patented Support WebTM provides targeted support to the knees, core, and lower back. Kinesiology taping technology supports the joints, while moisture-wicking fabric keeps the athlete cool and dry. And that neon, digital, multi-square print? ‘Cos it just looks awesome!

4. yurbuds Inspire Earphones (P3,000)

#neverstop moving with the earbuds that never fall out. Featuring TwistLock technology and a FlexSoft comfort fit, yurbuds are guaranteed never to hurt or fall out. The ergonomic design is sweat- and water-resistant while allowing a bit of ambient noise in for safety.

5. RUNNR Elite Backpack (P995)

This sleek and stylish backpack is big enough to hold all your training essentials, but light enough to tote around the race expo without feeling like a ton.

6. RUNNR Zero Blister Socks (P195)

All runners love the feel of fresh socks. These Zero Blister socks wick away sweat, allow your feet to breathe, and have just the right amount of thickness to protect your skin maintaining a connected feel with your shoes.

7. GU Energy Gel (P75)

Give your runner a shot of race day fuel with GU Energy Gel! Packing 100 calories of high quality, easily digested and long lasting energy, GU is engineered to provide essential nutrition for miles and miles. Each packet of GU contains 70-80% maltodextrin and 20-30% fructose for complex carbohydrates, along with amino acids, Vitamins C and E, and electrolytes. Several flavors also contain a shot of caffeine for an added pick-me-up.

8. Moving Comfort Rebound Racer Sports Bra (P1,595)

Featuring seamless, subtle-contoured cups, front and back mesh zones and encapsulation/compression properties, the Racer Sports Bra gives women unrestricted movement and support. It also has front-adjustable straps with concealed hook

9. Fitletic Quenchbelt (P2,250)

-and-loop closure with an adjustable keyhole back closure.

Need to carry a little or a lot? The Fitletic Quenchbelt is a versatile hydration belt that can be configured to your needs. Patented, zippered holsters fit most bottles from 12 to 24 ounces, with pull-tension bottle secure cords to keep them from falling out. A water resistant neoprene pocket holds a mobile phone and essentials, and an interior pocket secures your ID or cash. It’s also equipped with two exterior energy gel loops, toggles for race bibs, and uses silicone gripers to minimize bouncing.

10. Newton Gravity III (P8,995)

Featuring the highly responsive POP1 platform with five lug forefoot design, this neutral trainer is built for runners who need a daily training shoe that also works brilliantly as a faster tempo pace run or race shoe for longer distances. Suitable for race distances ranging from one block to a hundred miles.

11. Brooks Ravenna 5 (P5,395)

Riding the line between Neutral and Support, the Ravenna 5 gives you that just-right blend of cushion and stability. With BioMoGo DNA gracing the entire midsole, the extended Segmented Crash Pad delivering full ground contact, and the adjustable saddle wrapping from the heel and midfoot, this shoe is an excellent choice for piling on the miles.

12. Polar Loop Watch (P6,995)

Track your daily activities with the Polar Loop Watch! The sleek design tracks your daily activities and can be paired with an optional HR sensor for more accuracy in caloric burn and exercise intensity. Smart Coaching features give you activity goals based on user personal data, typical daily activity, and health recommendations on daily exercise.

Visit a Runnr Store Near You

All items are available at RUNNR and select Toby’s Sports stores. For the latest on running gear log on to, or contact their head office at 651-7777.  You may also check out the RUNNR social networking sites on Face Book through

Visit RUNNR stores at Bldg. B3, Bonifacio High Street, 2/F Trinoma Mall, 2/F Alabang Town Center and 2/F Level Ayala Center Cebu.

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