#TaleOfTheTrail Camp John Hay Trails (Baguio City)

The rain gives the trail a slippery feel but it also heightens the freshness of the forest scent.

Camp John Hay has forever been my playground and among it’s old school charm is the trails that surrounds it.  It’s surrounded by Pine Trees and gives you peak of the neighboring mountain ranges. I got to explore the wet and muddy side of the trail this time around.  #TheTaleOfTheTrail brings you to one of the more refreshing things to do in the City of Pines. ”

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Back in the Baguio Trails.

I’ve been aching to hit the trails but since it’s rainy season, it was a bit difficult finding the right time and trail to trek.   I’ve found a small window with the long weekend. I also had another incentive since I have the a new Trail Shoes, with special thanks to Newton Running Philippines, in the Newton Boco AT.  I’ve been drooling over this shoes since I first saw it early February on the preview of new products that would be available in Runnr and Toby’s.  I was expecting that I would be trying it on dry trails for a first use but the weather had other plans for me.  I arrived in Baguio with constant rains, which would make the trails extra-slippery and really muddy.  I guess it would be better to test the shoes in tougher conditions and let’s see how it performs.

The long wait is over as I finally got a Newton Boco AT

I’m a fan of the Newton Technology when it comes to running shoes since it’s more efficient and it comes in really flashy colors.  Newton uses the forefoot lugs technology.  The forefoot lugs gives you an added push of the toe coming from a mid-foot landing making your stride faster, longer and more powerful.    It helps you develop a natural mid foot landing and also functions as ladder to ease the climb and a cushion to minimize impact of the landings.  It really excites me how that technology would do on trails.

Map and Elevation – Day 1 (EcoTrail)

Map and Elevation powered by Suunto Movescount

The trail begins at the paint ball area in Ordonio Drive, Camp John Hay fronting Le Monet.  It descends to the Butterfly Sanctuary area on the first 300 meters of the course.  There is a short climb before a steep descent of about 20 meters on wet stoney path and wooden planks for the next 300 meters.  The route climbs about 40 meters in the next 500 meters of forest paths.  It goes rolling for the next 400 meters going to the old main gate area and returns to the start of the course which is mostly downhill except for the climb back to the paintball area.

Trekking The Eco Trail

A journey of the trail starts with a single step.

Camp John Hay Trails is one of the easiest trails to navigate but since this is in Baguio City, expect lots of climbs.  There are many ways to explore the trails and for this one I choose to do the eco trail which is about 3 kilometers out and back course starting from the paintball area.   It was a rainy day and still was drizzling when I decided to just brave the cool and rainy weather to hit the trails.  I’ve been on this trails on drier days and it tends to be slippery even with the slightest rain.  So it would be a great test of traction for the shoes.

The trails were wet but the traction of the Newton Boco AT was excellent.

After descending from the paint ball area which had the wet soil supported by wooden planks, you get to see the Butterfly sanctuary area. After a short climb, you go to the trail area with the hays covering the wet soil.  The thing about the rain is that it also gives the place a much greener feel and heightens the scent of pine.   This area descends on a trail mixed with soil, limestone, wooden planks and puddles of water.  I was jumping from one solid structures after another and getting down with the mud puddles at times.

More Mud Puddles, No Problem.

The area after the puddles of water then descends to an old wooden bridge with streams of water under the bridge.  When the surfaces are wet, gravity works against you due to the slippery terrain. Thanks to the traction of my shoes, I didn’t have to worry about slipping here.  I was in fact enjoying skipping from one step to another.

After the bridge comes a more solid surface.

After crossing the bridge, the other side was a climb on a more solid terrain.  I went on to run this part as this is a good way to strengthen the quads and at the same time test the traction of the shoes.

Climbing Time.

This was one of the longer stretches of the climb. The view was constant and you just have to stop a while to appreciate the view of the forest and the pine trees surrounding it.

Appreciating nature!

It was time to continue another round of lung-busting climb on man made steps.  I really took advantage of the climb for the work out.

The Climb was a great workout.

The trail shifted to a slightly elevated terrain and I wanted to do this one faster with a smoother and stable terrain. I really wanted to see how the push of the toe form the forefoot lugs of Newton would feel in this terrain.  It was really more efficient running.

Adding some speed with the push of the toe from the Newton’s forefoot lugs.

After this area, I would be closing in the u-turn slot which is the old main gate of Camp John Hay.  It was a big drop in terms of elevation and a short climb.  That big drop would also mean that you had to climb that part again.

What goes down, must go up again in the climb after the turning point.

After the sharp drop, there’s the climb.  The elevation always balances itself up on a out and back course.  It was tiring going up again but except for this part most of the route is heading downwards.

Jumping on some of the gaps in the terrain.

The road back was much easier with the downward path.  On the way back we also found a stream of water by the side of the trail. It had an enchanting feel to it and I went closer to check it out.

The stream look really beautiful.

There were paths across the stream of water but I’d rather leave that for future and much drier visits.  It was time to head back to start and to finish this part of the trail.

Let’s explore the trails.

Map and Elevation – Day 2 (Yellow Trail)

Map and Elevation powered by Suunto Movescount

The route started at the Manor until the entrance of the trail beside Le Monet (opposite end of the Eco Trail) for the yellow trail.  The trail about 500 meters from the Manor with a climb towards the yellow trail.  The trail goes on rolling for the rest of the yellow trail for the next 2 kilometers.  The route shifts to the American Residences area with a view of the neighboring mountains for the next one and a half kilometers.  The trail ends at the Tree Top Adventure area, where you have to ascend about 60 meters of the trail and the stairs going to the Scout Hill area of Camp John Hay and descends back to the manor to make it a round course.

Trekking the Yellow Trail

An old plank of wood to help cross a wet part of the trail

I started earlier on the Yellow Trail in hopes that the trail condition is better since it usually rains in the afternoon.  500 meters into the trail, that assumption was totally wrong as the continued rains from yesterday left the trails extra muddy.  I would have wanted to go back but seeing the path of mud I have to go through on the way back was worst.

It’s a muddy trail.

There were two options for this trail. One was to descend downwards and later on climb back again and one that goes straight and rolling.  I decided to just take the simpler trail since I already have to deal with muddy trails.   I am not certain on the conditions of the trail on the longer route.  The goal was to find another way out of the trail which was less muddy.

I had to be creative in getting past the mud.

While I have no problem getting muddy on this one, I just wanted to minimize the impact so I had to jump from one safe area to another and move faster on soft spots.  The route shifted to a single track and still had the mud all over the place.  About one and a half kilometers after, there was less mud though the area was still slippery.

Some of the solid grounds in the route.

I was alone on the trail with a few bikers enjoying the muddy surfaces on their mountain bikes.  I guess, I’m the only one not smart enough to avoid the trail at this condition.  Turning back was not an option as I’ve already gone past the muddier part of the trail.

When you’re alone in the woods, you might as well take a jump shot.

There’s more solid grounds now.  The view of the Pine forest was always a welcome sight and you get to see the some old bridges and streams of water.  I took the opportunity to clean myself up on the streams of water.  I’m glad that the shoes were water resistant so I didn’t have to worry about too much water or dirt entering the shoes.

An old bridge that has lived past its purpose.

The trail was more tolerable now with fewer mud puddles to worry about.  In no time, I was back on solid ground and on my favorite part of the trail.   From the yellow trail, I went straight to the area of the trail with the view of the mountains.  Being on the higher part of the trail, this one was drier than the lower part.  The road is by the side of the mountains with Pine trees by the cliff side and the neighboring mountains as the view.

It was challenging to reach this part but it was worth it.

I really want to go to this part so I knew that the muddy part and the climbs were just obstacles.  I slowed down at this area to appreciate the view.  It was worth it.

A peek at the mountain ranges nearby in perfect fusion with the cloudy sky.

This was also a flat terrain and much easier to navigate because it’s well paved and view was just splendid.   It’s the perfect area to speed up. Just be careful as it’s beside a deep ravine.

The flatter terrain makes it more speed friendly.

The trail goes on with this conditions for about a kilometer until you see on old wooden bridge.   This is my usual turning point for an out and back course.  They’ve also reinforced the side which can double as another passageway.  Since I didn’t want to go back to the muddy part, I decided to go on with the trail.

The more solid stoney passage at the side or the creaky old bridge,your choice.

For some reason I selected the creaky old bridge and it was scary as there were nowhere to hold on to in case something fell off.  After crossing it, I realized I should have just used the easier and more sturdier structure at the side of the bridge.  The trail had a different look at this point with the return of the muddy grounds and more of a wild forest look.  You can see some of the Tree Top adventure ride at this point.

I did the silver surfer ride last year and you can see the other end of the ride from this point.

As I entered the tree top area, I took one last shot of the mountains and went out of the trail, which was not an easy way to exit as you go through a steep climb of about 60 meters until the Scout Hill area.

The mountain range nearby.

I then made my way to the Manor area to make it a rounded course.  I hope you enjoyed the second #TaleOfTheTrail offering and I hope to feature more trails here.  As for the first impression of the Newton Boco AT, it had good traction, lightweight, water resistant and is efficient with the forefoot lugs technology.  It’s a really excellent weapon of choice.  I hope that I have enticed you to try the trails as it doesn’t require you to be a fitness junkie to navigate one.  I hope to hear your #TaleOfTheTrail too.

More photos of the trail here: Camp John Hay Eco Trails

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Incoming: Color Manila Nite Run Glow Paint Edition

” Color Manila gave us a colorful start for the past two years and then they made the night much colorful.  They’ve also expanded their colorful horizons in the regions.  They are now back in Filinvest for a fresh approach in coloring our nights in their glow paint edition. Imagine all the bright colors contradicting the darkness of the night with thousands of people having fun.  You could be one of them by joining the Color Manila Nite Run – Glow Paint Edition. “

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Color Manila

It was January 6, 2013 when we had the first Color Manila Run in the country.  It immediately redefined the concept of a “fun run.”  Color Manila was the real fun run and during the course of the run, you’d see people rolling in the color powder or throwing color powder at each other.  It gave the carefree atmosphere for non-runner to finally overcome their fear of the distance.  People of all walks and ages had the time of their life and the color powder ceremony was just amazing.  We should really start the year using color powders instead of firecrackers.  The Color Manila Nite Run followed suit withe the same fun atmosphere for runners and glow sticks and glasses to standout into the night.  It has grown leaps and bounds with provincial offerings that also had its own identity.   The Color Fever goes back to Filinvest this August 30, 2014 and it’s gonna be the glow paint edition.

Finally, Glow Paints are here.

It’s been a long wait, but we now have glow paints to play with during the nite run.  It’s all safe and has already been tested in a Ravevolution party.  Expect to go through the race route in Filinvest being doused with neon-colored paint and crosses the finish line with the multicolored effect.  Of course, as every Color Manila Run has gone, a Color Manila Medal awaits everybody, regardless of distance.  This is really a great incentive especially for someone new to the running community – earning your first running medal in colorful style.   Crossing the finish line is just the beginning as Ravevolution will have its DJs play all night long and splatter glow paint using their glow paint cannons.

Color Manila runs just keeps getting better.  “We want to bring out of the fun in the fun runs, make it so exciting that you would want to do it all over again!  We innovate in each leg, so we always have something new in store for our runners, says Color Manila’s Business Development Head Justine Cordero. “The heart of innovation is to keep the energy high and hopefully spread more smiles, colors and unique experience for everyone without sacrificing safety that is why our team made sure that the glow paints are laboratory-tested and non-toxic, making the glow pain edition another fun, and safe events. “

Registration is ongoing until supply last.  Runners can opt to register online, via prepaid cards available at Toby’s and Runnr or they can purchase their tickets at SM Cinemas.  Each Race Kit would include glow glasses, glow sticks, Color Manila Tank Top, Race Bib, finisher medals plus freebies from sponsors.  Race kit claiming will be on August 28-30 at the Filinvest Tent, alongside with the Health and Wellness expo,in which participants can enjoy discount and giveaways from Color Manila Partners.

Here’s a bonus on the August 30 of the Fitness and Wellness Expo.  There will be an advance registration for the Color Manila Run in 2015 happening in the first Sunday of January at P100 off from the regular registration rate of P850.

Color Manila Goes Regional

The Color Fever can not be contained and from a successful Color Manila runs in Metro Manila (BGC and Filinvest), Color Manila invaded Cebu and Bacolod and each had their unique character in the run.  Cebu had the Sinulog feel while Bacolod had the party feel with the Color Manila Nite Out and the Maskara Festival.  It doesn’t stop there, Nite Run looks to go into La Union, Davao and Ilo-ilo and of course, Cebu and Bacolod in 2015.  There’s a forecast of Color Powder rains in the cities of Davao, CDO, Baguio, Bacolod, Ilo-Ilo and Cebu in 2015.  The color fever grows a city at a time and hopefully even international where there’s a large OFW base.  Color Manila races is more fun in the Philippines.

Race Details

  • Date and Venue:

    • August 30, 2014, Saturday, Filinvest City, Alabang
  • Distance and Fees

    • 3K, 5K and 10K
      • Flat Rate of P850
      • Inclusive of Nite Race Shirt, Finisher’s Medal, Glow Sticks and Glow Eyeglasses

Race Kit Inclusions

  • Assembly / Gunstart:

    • Assembly: 7:00 PM
    • Gun Start:
      • 10K – 8:30 PM
      • 5K – 8:40 PM
      • 3K – 8:45 PM

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Sofitel Manila Half Marathon

A Big Medal for a Big Effort! – Photo by Justin Gomez

Distance: 21K
Location: SM Mall of Asia
Date: August 17, 2014

” The Annual Sofitel Run just got bigger with the #SofitelManilaHalfMarathon. We got a big medal for our big effort.  It was fun running the MOA, Macapagal and Roxas Boulevard route that also gave us a view of Manila Bay and was for the cause of Virlanie Foudation.  Thousands of runners went on to enjoy this run that also came with the cool weather.  ”

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Sofitel Manila Half Marathon

Sofitel had a different format for their run this year with the Sofitel Manila Half Marathon.  Instead of the usual Battle of the Sexes, Sofitel came up with a bigger concept with a half marathon for runners to enjoy.  Of course, the more important part was it would generate funds for the benefit of Virlanie foundation.   It was great to be a part of this race.  More than anything else, I came to this run to enjoy it.  Of course, I also need the mileage to start preparing for my second marathon early next year.  I’m low on long run mileage but I’m sure I’ll find the energy to finish this one.

Race Route

Race Route Powered by Suunto Movescount

Race starts at Seaside Boulevard and proceeds to Macapagal Boulevard, CCP Area and Roxas Boulevard for the first 3 kilometers of the race.  The bulk of the race is in Roxas Boulevard. The race proceeds towards NAIA Road in Roxas Boulevard  for the next 5 kilometers passing through two flyovers in Buendia and Edsa.  The u-turn is before NAIA Road and heads back to Kilometer 0 (Luneta) in Roxas Boulaverd, which is about 6 kilometers from the u-turn passing through the two flyovers again.   The race proceeds back to Mall of Asia area from the u-turn slot from Roxas Boulevard to CCP Area and Macapagal and entering Seaside Boulevard at around the 17 kilometer mark.  The last 4 kilomter covers the full length of Seaside Boulevard and has a u-turn at the intersection of J. Diokno Boulevard and goes back to the inner part of Seaside Drive for the finish.

The Race

Race Time – Photo by Pinoyfitness

Chasing Gunstart

I was so complacent when I woke up that I left Makati at 3:30 am for a 4:00 am gunstart.  I was stuck in traffic at the EDSA and I was literally watching every seconds tick until I reach Mall of Asia. I even thought of just trying to chase the starting line cutoff instead, which would allow runners up to 15 minutes leeway before it is closed to runners.  It took me several minutes to queue for parking and by 3:58 am. I was parked and rushed to the starting line.  By the time, I reached the starting line, runners were already starting to run at the start.  No warm ups, no stretching but I had to go.  One good thing though, my adrenalin is already at a high because of the chase to gunstart.

Can you find the hidden Franckie??? – Photo by Fox T Rot.

I really didn’t have a race strategy in mind as I’m trying to limit the use of the run walk method.  One more thing going against me was that I had zero warm up before the race.  As I entered the starting shoot.  I went on to run at my regular pace. Fortunately, the regular pains in my legs was not present this time so I went on with the race.  This was really a bonus since I didn’t have a decent warm up.  After 5 minutes of running, I decided to go 5:1 run walk interval, which was a bit longer than the 3:1 run walk ratio I usually use.  I just needed the extra 2 minutes push to add some effort in the run.   I also don’t want to waste a lot of time in the water station this time.   Let’s see how long can I push this effort.

My Gatorade moment. – Photo by Justin Gomez

The first 3 kilometers from MOA until Roxas Boulevard went like a breeze with most runners also running in full force.  Water stations were well spaced out and would have one within 1 to 1.5 kilometers.  The first half of Roxas Boulevard would have us navigating two flyovers over the next 5 kilometers going to NAIA road.  I’d try to sync my walk intervals in the climb by adding several minutes on the run part until I reach the climbs.  It was more efficient that way as the rest of the area are flats.  Nothing much to see here as it was 4 am and it was still dark save for the usual night lights to guide us on the road.  My legs were very cooperative at this point.  It also helped that the usual humid atmosphere was not around since this was a rainy day and the weather was cool.

My sleepy eyes on a bed weather run. – Photo by Arunkada

The next part after reaching the u-turn would be to go to the other side of Roxas Boulevard at Kilometer 0 in Luneta.  We’ll be passing by 2 flyovers again so same strategy of reserving the walk part on the climbs.  After crossing the second flyover around 12th kilometer into the run.  It started to brighten up and there’s always the view of the CCP complex and Manila Bay along Roxas Boulevard to appreciate at this time.  It was much more refreshing this part and since this is the second half of the race, it felt better ticking off one kilometer after another from the 21 kilometer distance.  The u-turn was at Luneta about 14 kilometers into the race.

The way back to MOA always feels better since you’re ticking off the kilometers until the finish line. – Photo by Freelancer.

7 kilometers to go!!! From the u-turn in Luneta, it was the way back to the MOA Grounds.  It was going over a strip of Roxas Boulevard, navigating the CCP area and Macapagal Boulevard before we entered the confides of MOA via the Seaside drive.  The last four kilometers would be the full length of the Seaside Drive.  Since this was the last leg and I was running low on energy for longer stretches of the run,  I shifted to a 2 minute run and a 30 seconds rest interval to spread out my energy and not too over extend my recovery walks.  By the 18th kilometer, I saw runners who have finished the course walking with their big medals.  I was really surprised at the size of the medal as I didn’t expect it to be that big.

Let’s get this over with.  Smirking is one of the many faces I do when I run – Photo by Pinoyfitness.

I went on with the last stretch with the shorter intervals and little by little I was inching myself to the finish.  It didn’t take long for me to cross that finish line and it was a good race for me.  I pushed myself further but not too hard and I got my mileage of the day.  Of course, I really appreciate the nice quality of finisher shirt and the big medal.  Great race to Sofitel and Runrio!

I also saw Volleyball Player and Toby’s Ambassador Michele Gumabao who was with our group when we scaled Mt. Batulao last year for Berghaus.

Outfit of the Race

This is my outfit for the race. – Photo by EM Soquena
Top: Oakley (Designed by Breakout Design)
Bottom: Under Armour
Shoes: Saucony Cortana
Watch: Suunto Ambit 2S
Shades: Oakley Racing Jacket
Visor: TYR
Calf Sleeves – Under Armour
Socks: Under Armour
Tape: Rock Tape
Shoe Insole: Spenco

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Enervon Activ Brings You The Temple Run Digital Promo

” One of the races I finished last year was the Angkor Wat International Half Marathon.  It was definitely a bucket list run and race condition was excellent.  We got to see the glorious Sunrise at Angkor Wat Temple just before gunstart.  We went through the soft asphalted roads that gave views of the forests, the moats and of course, the ancient temple.  Locals was all around the course cheering you in the race.  I highly recommend people to join this run and Enervon Activ gives you a chance to be a part of this run on December 7, 2014 with their Temple Run Digital Promo. Your daily dose of Enervon Activ could just be your all expense pass to one of the best heritage runs in the world.”


Read about:

Angkor Wat

The Angkor Thom Area had series of temples and ruins including the very popular Bayon Temple.

Angkor Wat is the shining glory of the rich heritage of the Khmer Empire.  I’ve been in Angkor Wat for three times and I’m still amazed to see ancient infrastructure that has been there since the 10th century still standing to this day.   There are a variety of temples in the area and the most popular of which is the Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm and Bayon Temple that had different facets for you to admire.  Angkor Wat just got better as you go deeper in the temple. Ta Prohm shows how giant strangling trees  merged with the ancient temples.  Bayon had a lot of four faced Buddhas all around its large structure.  The Angkor Wat International  Half Marathon route brings you around the Angkor Wat area where you still see a large portion still forested.  It’s a visually enticing run with the temples as a centerpiece.  The race happens in December 7 and Enervon Activ gives you a chance to be a temple runner.

The ancient temples will be your visual enticement for this run.

Enervon Activ

Enervon Activ is your partner as you train for your races.

Most of the time I get the impression that I have a lot of time and energy but the truth is, I am as normal as anybody doing a regular job and living an active lifestyle.  I make time and I use it wisely.  As for the energy,  I get them from taking Enervon Activ regularly. Enervon Activ helps you build stamina to keep training and keep performing.   I still have the energy to train even after a busy day at work.

This is very timely especially for those building up for marathons and half marathons for the upcoming Run United Philippine Marathon.  I’ve been to numerous half marathons and one marathon and this is where I got to appreciate Enervon Activ as a supplement to my trainings.

  • A marathon or a half marathon is a game of recovery.  Due to the distance of a 42K or a 21K, preparing for it is different from sprints.  You have to spread out your energy reserves by pacing yourself better.  The faster you recover, the faster you can continue over the distance. Enervon Activ is an Energy Booster with B-Complex, Ginseng and Royal Jelly.
  • There are no short cuts to building endurance.  You have to pile in the mileage regularly and consistently.   In order to achieve that consistency, you have to be able to be free from sickness and able to recover fast weekly.  Enervon Actin is an Immunity strengthener coming from Vitamin A, C, E and Zinc.
  • Muscles need the amount of nutrients to reduce fatigue and muscle failure.  Nutrition is a key part of preparation and lack of hydration, salt, calcium and other nutrient may leave us prone to cramps, shin splints and muscle failure.  Enervon Activ gives you better Muscle Control with Mineral Sium 5X™ blended formula (Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium).

Go Stronger at RUPM with Enervon Activ

It’s time for Fortivs or going stronger and nothing makes you stronger than regular and consistent training powered by Enervon Activ.  It helps you recovery faster on the longer runs and allows you to go on your next training cycle.  I hope this helps you at the next Run United Philippine Marathon.  If you haven’t registered yet, I hope you can register now and see how Enervon Activ can help you finish your distance better.

Enervon Activ Tempe Run Promo


  1. Promo is open to all Philippine residents of legal age.
  2. Promo starts on Aug 1, 2014 and ends on Oct 31, 2014. Entries can be submitted up to October 31, 2014 only.
  3. To join, purchase the Enervon Activ promo pack by 10′s from any participating drugstore, convenience store or supermarket account.
  4. Look for the digital code attached to the insert of the promo pack. This digital code serves as the promo entry. All digital code inserts should be kept for claiming purposes, in the event the digital code wins in the raffle draw.

    The Digital Code and Serial Number is at the back (Note: The attached code has already been registered by me.)

  5. Enter the following in the promo website at www.unilabactivehealth.com/templerun to be part of the pool of valid entries:
    1. Digital code
    2. Serial number
    3. Official Receipt (OR) number of purchase of Enervon Activ promo pack

      You just need to fill in the information coming from your purchase.

      You’ll receive a confirmation message once you send your entry. You’ll also receive the message on the email address you provided.

  6. There will be winners monthly, which will be determined by electronic raffle every 1st of the month at 12nn. Winners will be announced on the Enervon Activ Facebook Promo Page immediately after the draw.
    1. If date of raffle draw has to be moved due to unforeseen events, the draw will happen the following work day at 12nn.
  7. Digital code can win only once. But all digital codes not yet drawn will still be part of valid entries until end of the promo.
  8. Winners will be contacted through their indicated mobile number and email address instructing him/her on how to claim his prize. Winners will be emailed a notification email of their winning entry.
    1. Winners will claim their prizes at 3F Unilab Corporate Center, Mandaluyong City from 9am-5pm on weekdays only.
    2. No claiming on holidays.
  9. Upon claiming, winners should present a valid ID, winner’s print out of notification email, and the winning promo pack with digital entry code as proof of purchase of the Enervon Activ promo pack.
  10. Winners will have up to 30 days from receipt of the notice to claim their prize. If the winner lives outside of GMA, the winner can send an authorized representativeto claim his/prize. Representative must present an authorization letter signed by the winner, valid ID, winner’s notification email and promo pack with digital entry code. If the winner fails to claim his prize within 30 days, the prize will be forfeited in favor of Enervon Activ with prior approval of DOH/FDA.
    1. For the October winners, they must claim their wins on or before November 15, 2014 in order ensure completion of flight bookings, accommodations, and other logistical details.
    2. In the event of a dispute, the DOH/FDA representative shall resolve the same, which decision shall be final.
  11. Enervon Activ serves the right to use the photos of winners claiming their prizes to be used on the brand Facebook pagefor promo announcement purposes.
  12. Employees of United Laboratories, Inc. and those of its affiliates, subsidiaries, distributors, dealers, suppliers, advertising, digital and promotional agencies, DOH-BFAD representatives, and their relatives up to the 2nd degree of consanguinity or affinity, are not qualified to join this promo.
  13. By joining this promo, the participant warrants that he or she is capable and healthy to travel and that he or she assumes full and complete responsibility in the prizes that he or she may receive, including during the travel itself. The participant if he or she wins, hereby waives, releases and forever discharges the promo organizer from any claim of whatever nature upon receipt of the prize. Participant acknowledges that the promo organizer shall not in anyway be responsible for the winner while he or she is traveling. This promo is not valid for minors.
  14. Monthly prizes will be given out as follows:

  • All-expense paid trip involves the following only:
      1. Flight to and from Angkor Wat, Cambodia from the Philippines (Dec 6-7)
      2. Overnight accommodation (Dec 7)
      3. Registration for the race (Dec 7)
      4. Meals, including Special Cultural Dinner
  1. For inquiries, email enervonactiv@gmail.com.
  2. DOH-FDA-CDRR Permit No. 164 s. 2014.

Join Now!!!

Angkor Wat

I’d really like you to experience the beauty of Angkor Wat which I got to appreciate in my past visits and running the Angkor Wat International Half Marathon.  This is a really nice opportunity provided by Enervon Activ so while you’re training in chasing those personal records or ticking off a running milestone, take Enervon Activ and it could be your free pass to Angkor Wat. 


I also personally submitted my code above and joining this one is really easy.   I’m also sharing the GoPro video of my race last year.

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Incoming: Salomon City Trail Manila

“Salomon has brought different innovations when it comes into trails. They made trails a lot more accessible by introducing the City Trails.  The city can give you so many trails and Salomon brings us to the old city in Intramuros.  Navigate the walls and be challenged by different surfaces and terrains while being mesmerized the rich heritage of the walled city. Join now Salomon City Trail Manila and let’s get to appreciate a different kind of trail right in the foothold of our history happening on September 7, 2014.

Read about:

City Trail

Most of the trails are located outside of Metro Manila.  There are a lot of peaks, forest, mountains, rivers outside of the Metro.  We encounter different terrains and surfaces that challenge our skills and at the same time visually entice our eyes.  The downside though is that it takes you at least two hours just to visit this trails.  Salomon has introduced City Trail that makes you create your own trail and anything goes. You can challenge yourself by navigating stairs, crossing bridges, going through tunnels, passing through underpasses and a lot more.  There are also a lot of views in the city and this would simulate the challenges you get while navigating a regular trail.  Salomon brings you City Trail Manila and they are holding it in one of the most scenic place in the metro as they are gonna hold this one in the walled city of Intramuros.  Aside from being amazed by the historical sites in Intramuros, this would also be a sunset run and what better place to wait for the sun to set than in confides of Manila Bay.

The oldest city in the Philippines, The Walled City was deemed perfect for an adventure run that will not only be challenging and exciting with its dynamic urban landscape, but rich with culture and heritage as well. Even more enticing is the fact that the race starts at 4PM, which means the runners will experience all these amid the Manila sunset –the best time to explore and absorb the old fortress.

The sunset run is set to target at least 500 participants made up of adventure seekers, road runners, weekend warriors, fitness buffs, and trail running enthusiasts. Divided into two categories of 12km and 6km, the course will not be a conventional road run and will include challenges such as climbing stairs, crossing bridges, and clambering ramps around the Walled City. Foot strikes on different surfaces, ascends on bridges and stairs will stimulate trail running skills while rediscovering Philippine heritage and culture. Salomon brand ambassadors, Philippine Sky Runners & Suunto Athletes will be the assigned to selected areas to marshal and guide the participants in the running tour. The cutoff time for the whole race is two hours.

This is the perfect race as they’ll be bringing a fun and non-competitive environment wherein you get to view the beautiful historical structures in the area.  This would be a green race so only refilling stations would be available in the race route.  The 12K and 6K distance will go around Intramuros, which is a great way to explore the area.  Register now and see you in the historic walls of Intramuros.

Living up to its claim as the leading expert in trail running equipment, Salomon will also be launching the X-Scream, the best choice for Multi-Terrain Urban Running. Dynamic and cushioned, the X-Scream is an agile Citytrail shoe that injects mountain spirit into running in an urban landscape.  Designed for an adaptive fit, dynamic cushioning, and grip, the X-Scream features a specific set of innovative technologies including a Lace pocket to provide easy storage for the Quick Fit lacing system; Quicklace, for a minimalistic and strong lace for one-pull tightening; OS Tendon for a perfect ride; Light Weight Muscle Traction; Friction Free Lace Eyelet; Contagrip HA; Molded EVA; Sensiflex, for a combination of foothold and freedom; Contagrip LT for grip and durability; EVA shaped Footbed; Sensifit; and a Non-marking Contagrip.

Testing the Salomon XScream for a few minutes

I’m really impressed with Salomon’s City Trail Shoes as being in the trails for several years now, I got to accept that shoes with great traction on trails are a bit heavy on roads.  The Salomon XScream changes that as it’s also a fast shoes even on the road and most of my friends even use them in competitive races.  This really highlights the City Trail concept as you can go on the regular roads and shift to different surfaces with ease without compromising traction or speed.  This is a game changer by Salomon.

Race Details

  • Date and Venue:

    • September 7, 2014, Intramuros, Manila
  • Distance:

    • 6K
    •  12K
  • Fees:

    • 6K – P900
    • 12K – P1,200
      • Inclusive of race bib, timing chip, Salomon Citytrail singlet, Citytrail cap)
      • Inclusive of post race meals
      • Inclusive of access to Intramuros
      • 12K finishers will get a City Trail Finishers Medal
  • Registration Centers:

  • Prizes:

    • Top three male and female winners per distance will be awarded with R.O.X. gift certificates
    • Salomon products, and other freebies. Salomon items and products from sponsors will also be given away to lucky participants on the day of the event

About City Trail

In line with Salomon’s campaign to “Elevate Your Run”, it is through the Citytrail event and its latest Citytrail footwear that Salomon aspires to introduce Citytrail running as an urban alternative to trail running.

A global event meant to entice everyone to “Elevate Your Run”, Citytrail running is all about being creative and imaginative when it comes to making your own trails in the city. It involves making use of the different surfaces within the city like pathways, roads, sidewalks, alleyways, bridges, stairs, et cetera to keep the experience exciting and more challenging.

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Alaska Ironkids Support Gatas for Breakfast

“Alaska Ironkids was among the highlights of the Cobra Ironman 70.3 weekend with the kids taking part in a Swim, Bike and Run along the premises of Shangrila Mactan and at the same time came to support the Gatas for Breakfast Initiative of Alaska.”

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Ironman Weekend

Ironman Champions and Pros meet the Ironman and Ironkids Participants.

There were a lot of activities during the Ironman and Ironkids weekend.  There was an expo for all the major sports brand.  The participants also had the chance to meet Ironman champions like Pete Jacobs, Caroline Steffen, Alaska Tri-Aspire Coach Matt O’Halloran and Filipino Elites Banjo Norte and Jenny Guerrero.  It was an enriching activity for the kids as they had the chance to run with the professionals.  After the practice run with the Pros was the “Ironkids Supports Gatas for Breakfast” event.  This was a milk drinking activity for Mactan Elementary School where Ironkids will share a nutritious breakfast with Alaska Milk to over 1,500 young students to support Alaska Gatas for Breakfast Movement.

The Alaska Gatas for Breakfast Movement kicked off last June 1 at the Alaska World Milk Day Run.

The Alaska Gatas for Breakfast movement, which kicked-off last June 1 during the Alaska World Milk Day, encourages everyone to start their day right with a nutritious breakfast with Alaska Milk.  This effort to foster healthy consciousness among individuals and families – through the combination of exercise and proper nutrition – is Alaska’s way in helping fight against the increasing number of overweight and undernourished children in the country.

According to the 7th National Nutrition Survey conducted by the Department of Science and Technology – Food and Nutrition Research Institute (DOST-FNRI) 2 out 10 Filipino Children, 10 years old and below, are overweight while 3 out 10 children are under nourished.  This results were not surprising since children today prefer to stay indoors glued to the TV or playing video games instead of playing outside with friends.  Alaska has pioneered sports programs like Ironkids Philippines to change this inactive habits of kids.

Ironkids of all ages vied for this medals.

Alaska’s IronKids Philippines is the country’s very first triathlon event for the youth.  Since holding the first race in 2010, the local triathlon series has grown leaps and bounds, grooming young triathletes to become the Pride of the Philippines in the international competitions.  Being the local junior version of the international triathlon series, IronMan, Alaska IronKids has producted champions, on and out of the podiums – children who have learned the value of determination, hard work and teamwork, discipline and sportsmanship from their experience the race.

One of the participants dashes to the finish line.

Last August 2, hundreds of children 6 to 14 years old joined in the Alaska IronKids Triathlon in Cebu.  The event included participants who are new to the course and some who have already completed in other sporting events.  Alaska IronKids Philippines also added the Play category this year since the regular participants have already progressed into competitive racing.  The Play category gave first time racers a fun racing experience with shorter distances and less pressured time.  It was fun watching the kids race through different level as they bring in the more important element into the sport which is having fun.  I saw kids who rode so well and there were those who are still starting. It’s also exciting how kids can hold sprints in the run events.  Seeing kids in this field just gives you the idea that Alaska is exposing the kids to how fun is it to play outdoors.

On the bike leg.

Alaska IronKids Philippines Triathlon aims to promote among children the importance of good nutrition and active lifestyle in a fun and exciting way that will get them “to go out and play”.  It hopes to get them toward an active and healthy lifestyle that does not involve physical activity but also proper nutrition, living up to Alaska’s message, Nutrition, Action, Champion.

Covering Alaska IronKids at Cebu

Some photos are available at https://www.facebook.com/Francramoncom

Follow Alaska IronKids

Website: www.ironkidsphil.com
Twitter : @ALASKAsportshub
Hashtags: #Alaskaironkids #GatasforBreakfast #Milk Selfie

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R3Run for Sustainability

R3Run 12K is done.

Distance: 12K
Location: Blue Bay Walk, Pasay City
Date: August 10, 2014

#R3Run had more than 10,000 runners sending a message on the importance of the 3Rs which is Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.  A big cheers to Quanta Paper Corporation for bringing a feel-good run at a cost that’s practically a giveaway since it had a lot giveaway for all runners.  It was a fast and flat course that also gave us the bay side view of Roxas Boulevard on an early Sunday morning.”

Read about:


This is my post-run breakfast meal.

When I attended the R3Run launched, I was impressed by the race details.  For one, P250 for a run complete with a race tee and loot bag was practically a giveaway.  Next, they provided a new venue which was the Blue Bay Walk in Pasay City.  Next, the event area was a WiFi hotspot for all users.  Bottom line is that it’s a really great deal.  More than 10,000 runners registered for the event and let’s see how they execute with the volume of runners.  I selected the 12K distance as I always go for the longest distance to make my trip worth the travel time and the early wake up time.  I had given myself modest expectations for this one and the bigger part was to experiment on pace, strides and run walk intervals. I also don’t want to stress myself too much as I’ll be heading off to Subic for a Board Meeting in the afternoon.  I also made sure that I got a decent sleep before the race which is something I haven’t done in a long while.

Race Course

Race Route is Powered by Suunto Movescont

Race starts at the Blue Bay Walk in Pasay City and proceeds to Roxas Boulevard.  The race goes on the immediate climb on the overpass crossing Edsa to the other side of Roxas Boulevard until Bradco Avenue before the u-turn slot 1.5 kilometers into the race.  The race goes back to the other side of Roxas Boulevard and climbs the flyover once again before going flat again at Roxas Boulevard until the 4th kilometer.  At km 4, there’s another climb in the flyover crossing Buendia.  The race continues at Roxas Boulevard until UN Avenue for the u-turn at 7.2 kilometers.  The race then goes back to the start passing the flyover again at Km 10 and shifting back to Blue Bay Walk for the finish.

The Race

Ready to R3Run!!! Photo by Edwin DC for R3Run

I was able to sleep early for this one and was in the Blue Bay Walk at around 4:30 am in time for the 5 am gun start.  I was able to go around the area to see familiar faces and warm up.   The finish area for 8K and 12K was different for 4K and 1K.  That’s a good way to separate more than 10,000 runners.  After the pre-event ceremonies and warm up, we were released on time at gunstart.   It’s anything goes for this race and I’ll just settle with a strategy that works in the middle of the race.  I started fast and went on to run until I could before taking a walking break.  I was able to reach the first water station which is around 1.5 kilometers before I started with a few seconds walk.  Muscle was a bit stiff after the fast start so I went back to a run walk sequence while trying to loosen up the muscles.   I took the climb back to the flyover in Buendia to rest the legs a bit before running again on the descent and flat grounds.

Running in Roxas Boulevard! – Photo by Jack Morales for Running Photographers.

After a while, I went on a more stable 4 minute, 1 minute run walk split after the descent approaching the 5 kilometers mark.  It was also this time that day becomes brighter and you could definitely see the view of Manila Bay running this stretch.  Since most of the hydration stations were towards the other end of the road, I decided to pass on the hydration and will just rehydrate on my way back after the u-turn.  It was a little over 2 kilometers before the u-turn using the same run-walk sequence.  After the u-turn, I saw some familiar faces on the other end of the road.

Can you find the hidden Franckee?. – Photo by Pinoyfitness.

The first thing I did after the u-turn was to go straight to the next hydration station and hydrate.  I went back to my routine with a sequence of runs and walks and water stops until the climb again in the 10th kilometer.  I run half the climb and then walk the other half.  I may have conserved my energy too much as I still fresh at this point so when the race descended, I took the momentum to speed up carrying the momentum  on the flats.

Nearing the finish. – Photo by Lem So for Pinoyfitness.com

I was getting my momentum and finally found the pace and stride I’m comfortable with.  I went on this rate as I entered the last kilometer to the finish line.  I wasn’t running fast the whole race but I was consistent with my pace and effort.   I started picking up my speed as I made the last turn and went on with a strong finish.   I was dripping in sweat as I approached the finish line.  I earned my mileage for today.

Let’s go for a strong finish!!! – Photo by RAR Martinez

This was a well run race for Quanta and Cosmic Gate Innovations Events.  Even if you see that there was a phalanx of runners all around, there was enough leg room to run.   Water stations was a bit crowded but it’s tolerable considering it’s servicing 10,000+ runners.  Having separate finish line did help in preventing bottlenecks at the finish line.  The queue for the loot bag was fast though there were a lot of queues because there were additional items in other booths.  The hosting was well done and it was nice seeing Jasmine Curtis and Kylie Padilla being so comfortable with the crowd during the post event.  Definitely, a successful event… Do I hear a R3Run 2? Well, I hope.

Outfit of the Race

This is my outfit for the race. – Photo by Lem So for Pinoyfitness
Top: Adidas Climachill (Designed by Breakout Design)
Bottom: Nike Shorts
Shoes: Saucony Cortana
Watch: Suunto Ambit 2S
Shades: Oakley Tour De France RadarLock
Visor: K-Swiss
Calf Sleeves – Zensah
Arm Sleeves – Nike
Socks: Under Armour
Tape: Rock Tape
Shoe Insole: Spenco

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yurbuds Holds Meet and Greet with Pete Jacobs at Cebu #CobraIronman703

If there’s something common between Pete Jacobs and #yurbuds is that they are both on top of their game.  yurbuds being the top sports earphone in the world and Pete Jacobs among the top professional triathletes in the world with multiple World Championships win.  It’s no wonder that Pete Jacobs is one of the ambassadors of the top sports earphones that gives you the never-fall-of-your-ear experience and that #NeverStop getting better with new technology coming in.  Guest and triathletes got the chance to meet Pete Jacobs live during the #CobraIronman703 Expo held at Cebu.”

Read about:

I was in Cebu two Ironman 70.3 ago also covering the event and supporting some friends.  The lead pack of the bike leg came and that’s the first time I saw Pete Jacobs. He was in a close race with Cameron Brown at the bike leg.  He eventually broke away in the run leg to win big at 2012 Ironman 70.3 in Cebu earning his third straight Ironman 70.3 in the Philippines.  A year ago, I wasn’t able to go to Cebu but I followed the feeds and Pete Jacobs was down around 4 minutes in the bike leg and chased eventual Courtney Atkinson hard on the run leg before eventually yielding the crown by just a minute.  This year, I got to join the meet and greet with Pete Jacobs courtesy of yurbuds Philippines. With his winning track record in the country, Pete Jacob has developed quite a following in the country.

That’s me in the yurbuds Inspire Shirt while covering the Ironkids event.

The meet and greet with yurbuds came after the meet the Pros, where we got to meet the other Professional Triathletes competing in the event as well.  Among the first thing we learned was that Pete Jacobs won’t be competing this year in the individual event but rather in the relay event with his wife since he’s still recovering from joining Ironman Switzerland and Challenge Roth.  Since he was not joining, he was asked who his favorites were for the individual categories.  He was able to correctly predict Brent McMahon and Caroline Steffen as the eventual winners.

We also got to hear from him how much he loves yurbuds as a training partner and how he uses each variant.  One good thing I got to appreciate about him is his product knowledge about yurbuds, which just shows how often he uses yurbuds.  Over the past two years, yurbuds has introduced a lot more models that can be specific to the needs of the athlete from a women’s line, an adventure line and just recently the wireless model.  He loves the Inspire Wireless for gym workouts.   He also got to share his music playlist with those who came.

SWIMBIKERUN.PH Carlos De Guzman Awards the Men’s Elite Triathlete Award to Pete Jacobs.

Speaking of his following in the country, Pete Jacobs was voted as the top Men’s Elite Triathlete by Filipino Triathletes in the SWIMBIKERUN.PH annual award.   Carlos De Guzman of SWIMBIKERUN.PH awarded Pete his award during the meet and greet.  This award says a lot on how much Pete Jacobs is admired by Triathletes in the country.  It was a very casual meet and greet and people were given a chance to line up for those who want signed memorabilia from Pete Jacobs and one triathlete even had his bike signed (I’m sure that’s going to be a fast bike).  The event ended with photo-opportunities with Pete Jacobs and team yurbuds.

Team #YurbudsPH with Pete Jacobs

About yurbuds

yurbuds was founded in 2008 by Seth Burgett, President and CEO, an active triathlete and Richard Daniels, COO, a 24-time marathoner. Burgett and Daniels left their corporate roles and joined forces to improve personal performance. They have been joined by Craig Ceranna, CFO and Managing Director, to realize the company’s mission: transform the athlete’s experience through personalized service and exceptional audio products that integrate ergonomics and emotive design.Cascos Inc. distributes yurbuds in the Philippines.

Follow yurbuds

Website: www.yurbuds.com
Facebook page: Cascos Inc. and yurbudsph
Twitter / Instagram: yurbudsph and share your workouts with the hashtag #neverstop

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Incoming: Run United Philippine Marathon

“You’ve run faster (Citivs), You’ve aimed higher (Altius) and NOW, it’s time to finish Stronger (Fortius).  Run United Philippine Marathon is the best way to cap your trilogy with a full or half marathon distance in your journey to be a stronger runner.  There will also be 10K distance for those who choose the shorter but faster route and a 500 meter dash for kids.  It’s all happening on October 5, 2014 at the SM Mall of Asia.   Register Now!!!  #RunUnited #PhilippineMarathon #ULActiveHealth

Read about:

Run United Philippine Marathon

Run United in 2014 adopted a Citus, Altius, Fortius theme with Run United being the faster race with a shorter distances and Run United 2 encouraging runners to go for higher goals and upgrade to the longer race distances.  Run United Philippine Marathon is about the stronger finish whether it’s conquering your first or your nth marathon or chasing better times at the half marathon or 10K distance.  All roads lead to the SM Mall of Asia for a fitting climax at this year’s Run United Series on October 5, 2014.  This course is gonna be an excellent for a marathon and a half marathon and Unilab and Runrio is also known to create the perfect environment for that strong finish.

The singlet comes with the sweat triggered technology of the word Fortius, which mean stronger.  Run United 1 and 2 has built you stronger for the Run United Philippine Marathon and marathoners and half marathoners comes with a finisher shirt with a badge of a runner finishing strong.  This is a fitting testament for your Run United Journey.  Every runner gets a visor and an Active Health Ventilation Bag.  Do register early as the slots would be gone fast.  It would also give yourself time to have a proper build for you to enjoy the race.  Everybody can have a strong race but you do need time to build up for the race.

Everybody gets a Active Health Ventilation Bag and a Visor

The race would bring you along the grounds of SM Mall of Asia, Roxas Boulevard and Cavitex (for 42K Runners only), which is a personal record friendly course and also comes with the view of Manila Bay in the morning.  Slots would be limited for runners to allow enough leg room for runners to enjoy the race.  Please also take note that the 42K distance would have a cutoff of 7 hours. 

Register Early and Finish Strong!!! 

Group shot at the launch and can you find the hidden Franckee?

Race Details

Medals for Marathoners and Half Marathoners

  • Date and Venue:

    • October 5, 2014, SM Mall of Asia
  • Distance and Fees

  • Singlet Size Chart

  • Finisher Shirts (21K and 42K only)

  • Registration Schedule (Race Expo and In Store Registration is subject to availability of slots.)

  • Assembly and Gun Start

  • Prizes

  • Registration

  • Online at www.runrio.com 

    • Via Credit Card
    • Via Prepaid Card, available at
      • RUNNR Store BGC, B1 Bonifacio High St. The Fort, Taguig City
      • Toby’s Galleria, 3F Robinson’s Galleria, EDSA cor. Ortigas Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City
      • Toby’s SM North, SM North – The Block G/F, North Ave. cor. EDSA Quezon City
      • Toby’s SM MOA, SM Mall of Asia, G/F Entertainment Hall, Roxas Blvd, Manila
  • Race Expo Details

  • In-venue registration to be held at The Portal, Greenfield District, Mayflower St. Mandaluyong City from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM August 15 to 17 only.

  • Directions Going to The Portal, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City
  • By Bus and MRT
  • From EDSA, ride a southbound Baclaran or Ayala bus with secondary sign that reads “Crossing Ibabaw” or take an MRT and go down at Shaw Blvd Station, then, cross EDSA (Shangri-la side) and take a 5 minute walk to Mayflower St. (Landmark: Soho Central Condo) going to Portal which is located beside the Greenfield District Park.
  • By Private Car
  • Option 1: From EDSA, drive straight to Shaw Blvd intersection and then turn right at StarMall. Take the first U-turn slot, cross the intersection and turn right at Mayflower Street. The Portal is at the right side before the intersection.
  • Option 2: From C5, turn right at Julia Vargas Street past Tiendesitas, turn left when reached the San Miguel Ave. intersection, then right at United Street. The Portal is located at United St cor. Mayflower St.
  • By Bus and MRT
  • From EDSA, ride a northbound Fairview or Monumento bus with secondary sign that reads “Crossing Ibabaw” or take an MRT and go down at Shaw Blvd and take a 5 minute walk to Mayflower St. (Landmark: Soho Central Condo) going to Portal which is located across Pavilion Mall or beside the Greenfield District Park.
  • By Private Car
  • Option 1: From EDSA, before Shaw Blvd, keep right and turn right at Teleperformance or United Street. The Portal is located at the left side after the Pavilion Mall.
  • Option 2: From C5, past the elevated U-Turn, keep right and do not take the overpass. Take the first U-Turn slot and then turn right after Universal Rubina. Drive straight thru Shaw Blvd, turn left at Pioneer Street, in between Caltex and Tropical Hut, and then right at United Street. The Portal is located at United St. cor. Mayflower St.

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Incoming: Energizer Night Race 2014

” Let’s set the world brighter by running with the bright Energizer lights in the streets of Filinvest on September 6, 2014. #EnergizerNightRace2014 also comes with a good cause with the GMA Kapuso Foundation as its beneficiary.  #ThatsPositiveEnergy that comes with each drop of sweat and stride of your feet in a #RaceForABrighterWorld ”

Read about:

Energizer Night Race

Racing to make the world a better place.

Energizer Night Race is a shift from the usual morning races as it happens when the darkness starts to creep in and goes on to the night.  What makes it even exciting is that Energizer powers each runner with a headlight to help them across the darkness.  The light also provides a spectacular view as thousands of runners would be sporting the headlamps in the area.  The Energizer Run has held several runs in the country already over the past four years and also had runs in other countries like Argentina, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and South Africa.  I always look forward to this runs as I’m a night person and another aspect I love about Energizer night runs is it comes with a less competitive environment with more participants coming in for the fun more than the run, which is perfect for families and friends on the hunt for a nice weekend bonding experience.  Of course, you can also go for a fast run as Filinvest is a Personal Record friendly environment.

Energizer-powered runners blazes the night sky.

This is not only a fun run as the Energizer Night Race has been a venue to spread #Positivenergy by contributing to local and international causes as part of their responsibility in making a positive impact around the world.  Energizer have donated hearing aid devices with Energizer Hearing Aid batteries to kids of the Kapuso Foundation, Solar Lights to thousands of homes in the country without electricity through the One Million Lights project.This year, they will be donating batteries and lights again to their partner GMA Kapuso Foundation.  Bring in the friends, families and officemates,  Energizer Night Race 2014 would create the perfect fun environment for a run. Register Now!!!

Register Now!!!

Race Details

  • Date and Venue: September 6, 2014, Filinvest City, Alabang
  • Distance: 5K and 10K
  • Fees:  (includes singlet, race bib with RFID Tag, cap, energizer headlight and Schick Razor )
    • 3K – P600
    • 5K – P700
    • 10K – P800

  • Registration Period: Starting August 2, 2014
  • Registration Centers:
    • Brooks, SM North Edsa
    • Runnr, Bonifacio High Street, Alabang Town Center
  • Prizes:

    • 3K, P3,000 (1st), P2,000 (2nd), P1,000 (3rd)
    • 5K, P5,000 (1st), P3,000 (2nd), P2,000 (3rd)
    • 10K, P7,000 (1st), P5,000 (2nd), P3,000 (3rd)
  • Race Maps:

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