The Zombie Journals: Unmasking the Werewolf Zombie

Alecs and the Werewolf Zombie- Photo by Pef Decena

“Alecs and the Werewolf Zombie are both creatures of the night.  One has caught the attention of humanity trying to survive the Outbreak while the other one has been practically all around the place as a student and a budding Photojournalist.  Get to know more about the beautiful person behind the mystical Werewolf Zombie.

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It’s All About Alecs

Alecs is a beauty inside and out in person – Photo by Angelo M. Gomez

Her presence captivates the Outbreaks even as they fight to survive the Outbreak or fulfill their mission.  The Werewolf Zombie in her own mystical ways has drawn the admiration of both the humans and the horde.  There’s something about her savage Werewolf Character that radiates her charms as she howls her way during the beautiful full moon in search for her next meal.

One on One: Alecs vs Werewolf Zombie

To the Zombie World, she’s the Zombie Crush ng Bayan, the Werewolf Zombie.  Her human character is a do-it-all fresh face that juggles her time with home, school and her rich extra-curricular life.  She’s more than a pretty face and unmasking the werewolf zombie gives us an even better appreciation of the young lady named, Alecs Ongcal.

Even my Z has been a captive to the Werewolf Zombie’s charm – Photo by Pef Decena

Franc: How does it feel to be admired by people as the Werewolf Zombie?

Alecs: It is flattering that people love my character.  It’s one of the reasons I love being a zombie because people acknowledge my efforts.

The Werewolf Zombie – Photo by Pef Decena

Franc: How did you become an Outbreak Manila Zombie?

Alecs: It was in Outbreak BGC when we sent an audition video with 5 of my friends. I ended up as a patient zombie on my first outbreak.

Alecs is part of the Outbreak Manila Zombie Horde – Compiled by Dan Ramon Geromo

Franc: What inspired you to create the Werewolf Zombie persona as your zombie character in Outbreak Manila?

Alecs: At Outbreak BGC, I saw how people made a lot of effort to come up with their zombie persona.  I was challenged to come up with a better character.  Since it was Halloween and the Outbreak had a mystical feel in Enchanted Kingdom, I decided to create the werewolf zombie.

The Werewolf Zombie was born at Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom – Photo by Pef Decena

Franc: What are the similarities between the Werewolf Zombie and Alecs?

Alecs: We both value our alone time.  We are both a night person. We both eat a lot and anything. We are both very active and physical.

Plain and Simple Alecs – Photo by Edmar Borromeo

Franc: What are the differences?

Alecs: I’m more of an extrovert while the Werewolf Zombie is an Omega or a lone wolf.  Another thing is when angry the werewolf zombie goes on a rampage while you’ll know I’m angry or annoyed when I become silent.

The Different Faces of Alecs

Franc: We all know that the Werewolf Zombie hunts her prey on the full moon, what keeps Alecs busy on regular days?

Alecs: I’m busy with school being a freshman in college.  I also love photography and do photojournalist work from time to time.

Alecs is a Freshman in College.

Franc: Which is your favorite Outbreak?

Alecs: It’s Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom since the mystical feel of the park was perfect for a zombie outbreak and Halloween.

Franc: Aside from the Werewolf Zombie, you also showed us different zombie characters?  Tell us about the other characters.

Alecs: My first character was a patient for my first outbreak.  I was the werewolf zombie at Enchanted Kingdom and Filinvest.  I also did Alice in Zombieland at BGC.  I was a soldier in Intramuros to match the venue.

The different Faces of Z Alecs – Photos from Outbreak Manila

Franc: What other characters would you like to portray in the Outbreak?

Alecs:  That’s for them to know in the future outbreaks.  It’s going to be a surprise.

Franc: You also love doing cosplays, what characters have you portrayed already?

Alecs: I’ve portrayed Asami of Legend of Korra, Suki of Legend of Aang and Zatana of the Justice League.

Alecs as Zatana of Justice League (Photo by Monch Puentabella) and Suki of Legend of Aang (Photo by John Valdevieso)

Franc: What’s next for Alecs Ongcal?

Alecs: For now, my priorities are my studies and developing my photojournalist skills.  I also want to do some business someday.

Alecs is developing her skills as a Photojournalist – Photo by Grig Montegrande

Franc: Any last message from the werewolf zombie and Alecs Ongcal?

Werewolf Zombie: Awoooo….

Alecs: Keep following the Outbreak as there are still a lot of surprises.  Are you ready for the next one? And can you survive it?

Animation by Meia Ramos Alvarez

Catch the future outbreaks and get to see more of Alecs Ongcal, the werewolf zombie and her different zombie persona.

Read about the other zombies and Outbreak Manila at the Zombie Journals Tab.  Please follow this site by liking the Facebook Page for more zombie Journals and future Outbreak Manila Updates.

You can also follow Facebook Page of Outbreak Manila Zombies

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Salomon XTrail Run 2014 #TrailLove

Toughest 12K Ever!!! Photo by Jose Ramirez of Running Photographers.

Distance: 12 Freaking Kilometers

Date: April 12, 2014

Venue: Pico de Loro, Nasugbu, Batangas

“When you add an X in Trail, you’re bound to have an extraordinary experience.  Salomon Xtrail Run left us literally ‘breathless’ with the steep ascents. It had us slipping, sliding and tripping on the descents. It gave us a total workout navigating from one boulder of stone to another.  It was more than a trail run. It was a character building session that had you thinking on what brought you to this challenge. It also left you brimming with satisfaction once you’ve crossed the finish line.” #TrailLove

Read about:

Salomon XTrail Run

Pico de Loro was really a scenic host for the xtrail run.

It’s trail running season for me and 1st up is the Salomon xTrail Run.  I went for a 12K distance.   Salomon xTrail Run had the reputation of being the toughest trail run.   I know I’m gonna discover it the hard way since I did miss a lot of training time after two weeks of a busy work schedule and being sick.  The good part was trails are not as demanding compared to roads when it comes to speed.    I was in Pico De Loro a day before the race joining my friends, Mascy, Jeff and my inaanak Lucas so I didn’t have to cram going to the venue.  I only went over the elevation profile and the maps only when I reached Pico de Loro and I know that this is going to be a real challenge!!!

Bloggers and Media after the Run

Race Course and Elevation Profile

Race course and elevation profile powered by Suunto Movescount

The race start near the beachfront and immediately proceeds to the climb worth 125 meters of elevation for the first two kilometers going to the relay station. The race has a sharp descent back to the Pico main area and proceeds to the Power Line 1 area at Km 3.  Power Line 1 consist of a very steep climb of  about 100 meters of elevation.  The race descends to the bike area going the the 5th kilometer covering 100 meters worth of elevation.  The race goes flat in the next 4 kilometer in the bike area. Approaching the 9th kilometer you get to ascend about 150 meters of elevation going to the 10th kilometer.  The race descends about 150 meters of elevation proceeding into the river area with boulder of big stones to navigate until the last 500 meters.  It now goes back to the road for a run to the finish.  It was a relatively hot morning with an average of 31.1 degrees Celsius.

The Race

It was a sunny day at Pico for the race. – Photo by Tezza Orlanda

I woke up before 5 am. I had breakfast and prepped for the run.  I was still at our unit 20 minutes before the race since expecting a 6:30 am gunstart but apparently, it was move to 6:00 am.  I was able to reach the start area 5 minutes before the start as our unit was just a few hundred kilometers to the start area. I was only able to say hi to a few friends as 12K runners were already assembled in the starting line.  After a few reminders, it was time to run.

Hills unlimited welcomed us to the race at the relay station – Photo by Jeff Lo for

After just a few meters of running, we started to climb. I then shifted to a slower pace as I don’t want to consume all my energy on the climbs that early.  It was about 800 meters worth of road before heading to the climb in the relay tower. It was more than a kilometer of climbing in rocks and soils going to the top of the relay station.  After reaching the top, it was an abrupt descent. Since the elevation was steep, I had to go slow and hang on to every root, trunk or wire available to prevent me from falling.  I lost count at how many times I’ve slipped, or skidded or tripped on the roots.  The descents were designed for the fearless.

The descents were even tougher. – Photo by Jeff Lo of

The bottom of this trail led us back to the main area of Pico de Loro where we took the road going to Power Line 1.  It was 3K into the race and once you make a turn to the Power Line area, you’ll be intimidated as you got to see a file of runners bunched up in the climb to the top worth 125 meters of elevation at almost 90 degrees angle.  I spent so much time here because the queue was so long as only one person at a time can pass at especially on the parts where you have to hold on to ropesfor support.  This literally takes your breathe away as it was exhausting to climb that elevation plus the queue time added to the degree of difficulty.  After the queue and the climb, I was  finally up on top.  I’ve covered the first 3.5 kilometers almost an hour already so I was hoping to recover some time on the descent.

One step at a time. An imposing elevation conquered with character. – Photo by Jeff Lo of

Like the first descent, the next descent was also a sharp drop and it took me even longer conquering this stretch due to the technicality of the descent.  If you go to fast, you could really slide or fall hard so it was back to playing it safe on the descent.  I had several falls in this part, which reminds me how much of a klutz I am.  This stretch was about 1.5 kilometers until we reached the flat grounds.  This was the regular bike area at Pico de Loro.  While the roads are flat, the surface was uneven.  It’s also at this time that we felt the full heat of the sun because this area was open.   It was four kilometers of brisk walking and running at this area. I also decided to conserve energy here as I know there is still a bigger climb ahead.

By the 9th kilometer, we started ascending Power Line 2 which was worth 150 meters of elevation spread out over a kilometer.  This was an even higher climb than the first Power Line but I used a different strategy for this one.  I looked ahead instead of looking up and just went on climbing with a few breathing breaks in between. It felt easier even if the climb was endless but I was just inching myself to the top until I finally was there.  It was back on the descents once again and as usual I played it safe here going at a slower pace.

The last challenge was going over boulders of stones.  It was my first time to go through boulders of stones in any race.  It was really difficult as each stone is different.  Sometimes, you have to make big steps. Sometimes, you have to jump. Sometimes, you have to find a way to get past series of stones.  If the ascents were ‘breathtaking’ and the descents were risky, the boulders of stone was a full body workout.  It was not easy navigating this terrain but this is the final roadblock to the finish line so might as well finish it.

To the Finish – Photo by Jose Ramirez for Running Photographers

Last 500 meters and I was fully exhausted by overcoming the boulders of stone. I still tried to run some of the part just to finish the race and as I crossed the finished line.  It was satisfying to conquer this race.  I have much respect for this course and this was a nice character building session for me and the participants. What doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger.

And that was my toughest 12K Ever…

This was different from the other trail runs, I’ve joined.  This one has a lot of character in it.   It was nice to survive this one and I’m sure this would go a long way in my future runs.   It’s not the easiest of runs but it’s one of the more satisfying ones.

It was also nice seeing celebrities like Belle Daza and Solenn Heusaff do the 12K distance too.

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Incoming: Soleus Valley Trail Challenge

“The trails give you a scenic backdrop, a fresher air, less interruptions as you do what you love to do which is running.   Soleus Valley Trail Challenge brings you the trails of Nuvali that are friendly to new trail runners and have the refreshing scenery that rivals that of New Zealand.  So join the different distance from 15K, 30K or be an ultramarathoner with their 50K distance.

Read About:

Soleus Valley Trail Challenge

Race Tee

Being on the trails remind us on why we love running. We want our eyes treated to the magnificent view of the city or nature.  We want our legs and body to feel the workout from continuous striding.  We like to see people who enjoy the same passion.  We are able to think freely and meditate on anything and everything.  We want to feel the fresher air that comes with running.  All these are best experienced in the trails. Nature is our backdrop and at the same time our challenge while we go over the distance.

This are the reason that I love the trails.  It’s a welcome breather from the usual frenetic pace of road race and it’s always refreshing to see the raw beauty of nature.  2014 Soleus Valley Trail Challenge brings you to the trails of Nuvali, which at certain areas have views similar to New Zealand.  Nuvali is one of the best places to be for people who loves the outdoors like me with fresher air, cleaner roads and scenic trails.  It’s a runner friendly trail with rolling but mostly flat terrain.  First time trail runners would love the 15K distance as a baptism to trail running.  Experienced runners can explore more sites with the 30K distance.  This event can also be your transition to be an Ultra Marathoner with the 50K distance.

There are many lessons that trail running teaches you and one of them is being self sufficient so it’s strongly advised for runners to carry their own headlamps/flashlights and hydration kits and nutrition supplies. In the trail, you also get to bring more of your “whine less, run more persona” as you’ll enjoy the run better that way.  Soleus also made sure that you’ll love the add-ons of the race as they have event shirt made of quality materials, a sling bag, post race meal and drinks and a finisher medal for everyone.  Experience the peace and serenity of the trails away from the busy noise of the city.  Before I forget, this is a RAIN or SHINE event. Sometimes the most memorable trails come when we get the conditions we least expect.  Don’t fear the trail, love it.

Earn this medal

Race Details

Medals for everyone


  • Date and Venue:
    • June 29, 2014, Fields Clubhouse, Nuvali
  • Distance and Fees
    • 15K (300 slots) – P750
    • 30K (400 slots) – P1,000
    • 50K (300 slots) – P1,500
      • Includes Event Shirt, Race Bib, Sling Bag, Finisher Medal, Post Race Meals and Drink

  • Registration
    • Registrations Starts on April 11 and ends i June 1, 2014 or until supplies last
    • Registration procedure
      • Bank Deposit: HARDCORE PUBLISHING HOUSE, INC. BPI 2371 0034 71
      • Print your name, shirt size and distance on the deposit slip together with your signed and duly accomplished registration form and waiver (see form below)
      • Scan and email to You will receive an acknowledgement thereafter. Please do NOT post on facebook.
      • Incomplete details on deposit slip will not be honored.
      • For inquiries;

  • Race Start and Cutoff
    • 15K – Assembly 1t 4:00 AM, Starts at 5:00 AM (Cutoff time at 3 hours – RFID Timing)
    • 30K – Assembly 1t 4:00 AM, Starts at 4:30 AM (Cutoff time at 6 hours – RFID Timing)
    • 50K – Assembly 1t 3:00 AM, Starts at 4:00 Am (Cutoff time at 10 hours – 50K with 25K cutoff at 5 hours – RFID Timing)
  • Kit Claiming / Race Briefing

    •  Kit Claiming -June 6, 7 and 8, 2014 from 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM at 100 Miles Cafe, BGC, Taguig City. BRING YOUR DEPOSIT SLIPS when claiming your race kits. NO DEPOSIT SLIPS, NO RACE KITS.
    • Race briefing will be held on the following dates; 6:00 PM June 6, 2014 and 2:00 PM June 7 and 8, 2014 at 100 Miles Cafe, BGC, Taguig City. Please note that the venue can only hold a limited number of participants at a time so please come early if you wish to attend. For those not able to attend the said schedules,  briefing/updates will be held onsite on June 29, 2014 before the start.
    • There will be no race kit distribution during race day at the venue.


  • Race beneficiary
    • Part of the registration fee would go to the heroes foundation



  • Race Maps
    • This is an out and back course with the start and finish lines situated in the vicinity of The Fields Clubhouse.

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Incoming: PRO Earth Run

“Earth Day is celebrated every April 22 of the year and the festivities begin with PRO Earth Run.  Let’s Protect, Respect and Oversee the care of Mother Nature and increase that awareness by running for this cause.”

PRO Earth Run

Every year we celebrate Earth Day to raise awareness on the importance of the environment.  We are awed by its beauty.  We have cleaner air with a greener society.  We get our sustenance through the environment. Yet, we are all witnesses on the how it has deteriorated through the years.  It’s time that we put premium on Mother Earth. Let us Protect, Respect and Oversee the care of the Earth as it is our one and only home.  There will be a series of activities lined up for this year’s celebration and among them is PRO Earth Rum with a distance for everybody. There’s 1.5K for kids, 3 and 5K for newbie runners and 10K for the experienced one.  Let’s join this cause and enjoy the distance for the love of our home.

The celebration is headed by Earth Day Network Philippines (EDNP).  EDNP is a network organization of different sectors of society campaigning for environmental citizenship. It also invites everyone to celebrate Earth Day every April 22.  EDNP is the local counterpart of the Earth Day Network International based in Washington, USA. It is the network organization that coordinates the celebration of Earth Day and is composed of government agencies, local government units, businesses, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, religious groups and individuals for environmental citizenship through meaningful cooperation.

 Time to do our share for our environment and join this run.

Post Race

More than 5000 pro-Earth run for environment protection

10K Pro Earth Runners warming up before gun start.

More than 5,000 running enthusiasts heeded the call of Earth Day Network Philippines to protect, respect, and oversee the sensible and sustainable care of Mother Earth as they sprinted around Bonifacio Global City for the “Pro‐Earth Run” Saturday morning.

Earth Day Network Philippines President Bert Guevarra said the fun run is a kick‐off activity for the 2014 Earth Day Celebration on April 22, 2014.

“We want to promote earth day everyday, everywhere for everyone. We must have a conscious effort to take good care of our environment everyday,” Guevarra said.

The Earth Day Network Philippines, a non‐profit, non‐stock corporation, leads more than two thousand (2,000) entities from different sectors of the Philippines that work towards environmental protection and conservation.

The pro‐earth runners inched and raced one another to the finish line of the 10‐km, 5‐ km, and 3‐km categories. There was also a 1.5‐km run for children dubbed “Run with Doraemon.”

The Earth Day Network ambassador Doraemon, with his friends Nobita and Shizuka, also graced the event and entertained the runners before sending them off the starting track.

The pro‐earth run was presented by LifeOil, 100% pure Malunggay extract, and United Parcel Services or UPS.

Carlo Lugtu, executive vice president of Manila Nature’s Link Corporation, the maker of LifeOil, shared that “LifeOil energizes people with active lifestyle, including runners, by replenishing the energy they lose during physically demanding activities. ”

“Malunggay oil extract, aside from increasing energy, also strengthens the immune system, manages sugar level, and has Vitamin D,” Lugtu added.

Among those who joined the fun run were celebrities from GMA Artist Center. They said they participated in the event not only because they want to stay fit but also because the run was for a good cause.

Starstruck alumnus Steve Silva tweeted “WE DID IT! #5k #ProEarthRun kickoff event for the worldwide celebration of Earth Day on April 22″

Staged by Huper International, the Pro‐Earth Run was also sponsored by the Philippine Charity Sweeptakes Office, First Gen, Energy Development Corporation, Globe, Holcim, Animation International – Philippines, Informatics, Merrell, Lumsense, The Body Shop Peppermint Leg Spray, St. Luke’s Medical Center, Timex, Gardenia, Greenlite Banner, Gold’s Gym, Integrated Waste Management, Inc., Empire East, Union Bank, and Haribon Foundation.

Merrell’s Marketing Associate Dennice Lao, LifeOil’s Executive Vice President Carlo Lugtu, Earth Day Network Philippines’ board members with Top 3 5K female finishers.


Race details

  • Date and Venue:
    • April 12, 2014, Bonifacio Global City, 4:30 am
  • Distance and Fees

    • 1.5K, 3K, 5K, 10K – P500, Inclusive of Singlets, Bib and Freebies
      • Few slots open for 1.5K & 3K until April 10.
  • Registration
    • Online at
    • Pay at SM Ticket Net and register online
    • Pay at Merrel Sports Store – Market Market, Festival Mall, Trinoma and SM North-Annex

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Are You Ready for Salomon X-Trail Run?

Salomon Xtrail Run treats you to the views of Hamilo Coast with a refreshing mix of the greens of nature and the blues of the ocean.  Are you ready to OutRun the ROAD and OutLast the TRAILS? Here are some last minute reminders for the event.

Salomon XTrail Run

Last Stop Before Salomon XTrail Run

I love trails especially at the time of the year.  Summer is the perfect excuse to go out admire nature.  While I love the adrenalin rush that comes with a road race, I love the slower pace, the refreshing views, the breath of fresh air and the challenging inclines that a trail run brings.  Even at a slower pace, trail run are not a walk in the park but it can challenge your character with uneven terrains and a tougher elevation profile.  The upside is you get to do the distance with the refreshing view of nature in front of you and that’s priceless.

The next trail to conquer on April 12, 2014 is the Salomon X-Trail Run at Hamilo Coast which is famed for its trails, vertical ascents and steep descents. This year’s Salomon XTrail Run will be offering 6km road to trail, 12km road to trail, and the much anticipated 24km & 32km mountain run.  These are perfect for all types of trail runners and outdoor enthusiasts who want to test their skill and endurance in the sport.  I’ve been to several trails and it would be my fist time to do the trails of Hamilo Coast. From the looks of it, the elevation of the trail is one of the tougher ones.  The varying terrain surfaces, which include dirt, rocks, sand and concrete paths, also makes it a lot more challenging.

With different distances offerings, Salomon targets beginners in the 6 km and 12 km categories with a road to trail run.  The 24 km and 32 km mountain run is for those are more experienced on trails and have strong endurance. These are perfect for all types of trail runners and outdoor enthusiasts who want to test their skill and endurance in the sport.

Aside from enthusiasts, the X-Trail run is also very much geared towards providing the perfect challenge for beginners, who want to give trail running a try. As for those who are already into road running, the X-Trail run is a great way of taking things to the next level. This race category will be a perfect introduction to the trails for them, with majority of the 6km distance on the road. Meanwhile, the 12km road-to-trail category is a distance targeting beginners in trail running who can already endure longer distances of road running. This is the perfect distance for them to take their trail experience higher. Trail and road ratio for this distance is 50-50.

The much anticipated Mountain Run is a distance catered to experienced runners. This year, there will be two distances for this category: 24KM & 32KM. It’s named as ‘Mountain Run’ due to the steep ascents and descents, which simulate skyrunning—something which Salomon is known to excel in. It’s a ‘hardcore’ route for trail runners who want the real “Salomon Experience”.

Here are some important reminders:

  • The Salomon Xtrail Run Philippines 2014 Race is a GREEN RUN. No disposables will be provided at the hydration stations. All participants MUST bring their own provisions.
  • Mandatory Gears are as follows:
    • Mountain Run (Head lamp, Whistle, Hydration bag/ belt)
    • Road to Trail (Hydration bag/ belt)
    • *Mandatory inspection will be conducted before the race. No mandatory gears, no race.
  • Bus Schedule 
    • Pick-up Point: R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street, 12:30AM
    • ETD: 1st batch- 1:00AM; 2nd batch- 1:30AM
    • Requirement: Online & Store Registrants must present valid ID
  • Directions to Hamilo Coast
    • The shortest and fastest route to Hamilo is via Cavitex- Naic – Puerto Azul Route

6km road to trail – P850; 7:00 AM Gunstart; cutoff time: to be announced (with race bib, timing chip, Salomon Xtrail technical jersey) Post race meal will also be served.  Mandatory gear: hydration bag/belt. These will be inspected by race officials prior to run.

12km road to trail – P1,100; 6:30 AM Gunstart; cutoff time: to be announced (with race bib, timing chip, Salomon Xtrail technical jersey) Post race meal will also be served. Mandatory gear: hydration bag/belt. These will be inspected by race officials prior to run.

24km mountain run – P1,400; 5:30 AM Gunstart; cutoff time: 5 hours (with race bib, timing chip, Salomon Xtrail technical jersey, and Salomon Racing Belt. All finishers (official finish within cut-off time) of this distance to receive finisher’s medal & other Freebies).  Post race meal will also be served.  Mandatory gear: headlamp, whistle, hydration bag/belt. These will be inspected by race officials prior to run.

32km mountain run – P1,600; 5:00 AM Gunstart; cutoff time: 7 hours (with race bib, timing chip, Salomon Xtrail technical jersey, and Salomon Racing Belt. All finishers (official finish within cut-off time) of this distance to receive finisher’s medal & other Freebies).  Post race meal will also be served.  Mandatory gear: headlamp, whistle, hydration bag/belt. These will be inspected by race officials prior to run.

Race Updates: Salomon X-Trail Pilipinas Website

he Salomon Xtrail Run 2014 is in cooperation with AXN as the official TV partner, powered by Gatorade, R.O.X., and Suunto with official venue partner: Hamilo Coast and Wave 89.1 as the official radio partner. This event is also sponsored by Pico de Loro, Pico Sands, Nalgene, Sea to Summit, Otterbox, EcoXGear, Honey Stinger, Monster Energy, Vaseline Men, Spy eyewear & Primer Group of Companies. Thanks to our media partners The Philippine Star, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Runner’s World, MultiSport, Animo Magazine, Travelife, OneSport Magazine, Pinoy Fitness .com, &

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The Zombie Journals: Outbreak Missions: Intramuros Operation Stronghold


My Dilemma: Human or the Horde?

“Cure or control? That was the choice as the historic walls of Intramuros became a silent witness to the tug-of-war between the Rebellion and the Brotherhood with the Outbreak Manila Zombies (OMZs) serving as the major obstacle in surviving the real-life action adventure called Outbreak Missions: Intramuros – Operation Stronghold.”

All the Outbreak Mayhem Starts in this Corridor

Read about:

Human or the Horde?

Humans with the Horde (with Blogger Rochkirstin Santos)

I was last seen as a member of the horde in Adarna Initiative in October after I ingested the cure. Since the cure was not perfected at the time, there was still the Z Virus within me that can resurrect the savagery of a zombie anytime.  I just don’t know why but when Outbreaks come, the cravings start to return.  Things have changed since the cure came into the equation with the battle of intentions between Drs. Alfonso and Vera Adarna as well as the entry of the Brotherhood whose intention is still suspect at this time.  My feet brought me here to unravel the ongoing tug-of-war at the strongholds of Intramuros.  The question was with the impending bloodbath, would the Z Virus take effect and have me joining the OMZs once again?

Beauty tames the Z Franc – The mere sight of the beauty of Actress Dawn Jimenez was enough to tame the Z Virus for now.

After doing all the chores for the day, I ended up with Dawn Jimenez’ group while going around the walls of Intramuros, I was a mere observer immune from all the Outbreak Manila Zombies, the Rebellion and the Brotherhood.  The humans could turn the tide in this battle between the Brotherhood and Rebellion and the decide eventual fate of the Zombies.

The Rebellion Needs Your Help

Top Scientist Dr. Vera Adarna joins the rebellion in hope of finding the cure.

From the safe passage in the Narrows in Filinvest, the battle lines shifts to Intramuros with the Brotherhood abducting Dr. Alfonso Adarna with the intention to control the Outbreak Manila Zombies.  Dr. Vera Adarna makes the shift from a brilliant scientist to being among the key players in the Rebellion whose goal is to cure the Z Virus and they need the help of the humans in locating the cure. She warns them that the Brotherhood controls the walls and the Outbreak Manila Zombies are there lurking around.

Run for your life as the Outbreak Manila Zombies are just lurking around

The Brotherhood Controls the Walls

The Brotherhood has Setup Checkpoints and it may cost you lives.

The brotherhood has made the walls zombie free but they patrol the walls and their overzealous patrol may cost you lives.  They offer patches for safe passage in exchange for life.  They have checkup points and would take away lives for those without patches.  They have also started to control the OMZs. In the White Light Zone where the zombies won’t chase you in the dark.

The White Light Zone showed how the brotherhood controls the OMZs.

The Brotherhood is Headed by Female Leaders

The leaders of the Brotherhood is revealed upon reaching the end of the wall.

The area of the Brotherhood ends with the big reveal and surprise, surprise… they have female leaders!  What’s even more surprising is that they may not be that sinister.  Their aim is to control the OMZs so they can no longer hurt people.  You are invited to take part in their advocacy.  The Brotherhood then escorts you to the Red Light Zone with the red area being the safe zones and when the lights go off, just run!!!

The Big Reveal.

Dr. Alfonso Adara is crazier than usual

Dr. Alfonso Adarna welcome participants at the entrance of Fort Santiago

The road to Fort Santiago is filled with a lot of zombies and the best thing to do is just run for your life.  Representatives of the rebellion directs everybody to Fort Santiago where Dr. Alfonso Adarna is located.  Dr. Alfonso Adarna has always straddled the thin line that separates genius and insanity. Although he is getting closer to insanity at this time, he and his team were able to lay down the next task which was to find 3 ingredients in Fort Santiago.

Up Next Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Zombies lurking in Fort Santiago

The goal is to find three glow sticks  in the Fort Santiago area. This was probably the most dragging part especially for the latter waves as there were limited amount of glow sticks plus there were a lot of zombies lurking,  It just says one thing, when a zombie apocalypse is here, scarcity can be an issue.  It won’t be easy finding what you want.  This also resulted in a bottleneck in the gate area. What I saw at this point had me see another important value. People already started trading and sharing their glow sticks just for more people to have safe passage.  This is a big plus for humanity.

Fort Santiago tested the patience of participants but it also showed that humanity’s shining moment with people sharing glow sticks.

Cure or Control?

Control or the Cure

The last part of the mission was a choice whether to help the Rebellion get the Cure by getting the fourth ingredient or use the 3 glow sticks to Control the zombies alongside the Brotherhood.   This was not a typical battle of good vs. evil but a choice on which advocacy you would believe in, so which would you choose? That choice determines how you end your mission.

And it’s time to call it a mission.

Another mission, another story.  I’m leaving you with a few shots from some of your favorite OMZs.

Is this the werewolf zombie in human form? – Photo by Justin Gomez


You can check more photos in my page at and I will be adding more there in the next few days.

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WeChat and Lazada Adds More Discount to their Partnership

“When two top players in their respective industries team, we’re bound to see a successful business and with the initial discounted tablets from Lazada via WeChat comes a lot more promotion by just following Lazada_PH in WeChat.”

Read About

WeChat + Lazada

Last March 26, The Country’s top online shopping mall, Lazada teamed up with the leading social mobile app WeChat for the Lazada’s second anniversary sale offering a 7” Android tablet worth P2,499 for only P999 and in just a couple of hours, they sold hundreds of tablets.

That’s how effective the combination of Lazada’s creative promotional ideas and WeChat’s large network of young users.  With the positive feedback especially it’s easy to use interface and quick navigation features, the partnership was a success.

One great success deserves another and as Lazada’s way of showing their gratitude and appreciation to their loyal customers, they are rewarding them with substantial discounts on the best-selling items. The new promotion will give customers the opportunity to purchase their favourite Lazada items through WeChat.

Download WeChat for free and have the opportunity to purchase exciting ‘Best Deals’ from Lazada

  • In the search tab, type Lazada_PH

  • Follow LazadaPH Official Account

  • After following the page, you will receive a message from Lazada_PH.

  • Click on “View All”, scroll down and click on “Read more”. You will be redirected to Lazada-WeChat page.

It’s easy to shop at Lazada – Great prices. Even better service.

About Lazada

Lazada ( is Philippines’ largest online shopping mall and is pioneering e-commerce by providing a fast, convenient and secure online shopping experience combined with an extensive product offering in categories ranging from mobiles & tablets and consumer electronics to household goods, toys, fashion and sports equipment. Lazada is continuously striving to offer its customers the best possible shopping experience with multiple payment methods including cash on delivery, extensive warranty commitments and free returns.

Learn more about Lazada and download the app on iTunes and Google PlayStore.

Lazada Philippines Facebook page:

About WeChat

WeChat envisions and innovates new ways for people to connect, communicate and share. A mobile social communication app designed for smartphone users, WeChat is the world’s fastest growing social app with over 100 million registered accounts internationally.

WeChat empowers users in fun and dynamic ways by bringing together messaging, social communication and gaming in one seamless, interactive experience, with comprehensive privacy and security settings that can be tailored as needed.

WeChat is an all-in-one app that enables users to add friends with several innovative features. These include highly convenient and reliable QR code scanning, phonebook and location-based connection services such as “Hold Together”, “People Nearby” and “Shake.” The platform facilitates social interaction with real-time “Walkie Talkie,” “Voice Call,” and “Video Call.” Supported on data networks and Wi-Fi, WeChat makes it easy to stay connected with friends anywhere, anytime. Users can choose to communicate and share photos one-on-one, or within their closed social network through “Moments”. The popular WeChat Sticker Shop has a variety of fun animated emoticons to express any emotion.  Also, with a host of addictive WeChat Games, users can play and challenge their friends on the move, share scores and even find competitors nearby.

WeChat is available free for download on Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian and Windows operating systems.

Learn more about WeChat and download the app at


Follow We Chat

Facebook Page:
Twitter: @WeChatPH

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The Zombie Journals: The Dancer Zombie

The Dancer Zombie Up Front and Personal – Photo by Jimrod Tan

 “Dance is the art that tells a story with every passionate movement. But for an undead, the only story any movement tells is certain doom for its unsuspecting victim.  The Dancer Zombie confuses most runners, often moving un-zombielike instead of zeroing on the living like the others. Many run past this zombie, relieved that it didn’t give chase, only to look back and see themselves within inches of losing their last flag or last teammate. Beware next Outbreak for any moves from this Dancer will not be entertaining for you.”

Read about:

The Dancer

Animation by Meia Ramos Alvarez

Outbreak Manila has brought in variety of zombise but one late bloomer had upbeat music, his energetic dance moves and his hopeless romantic persona to blame for his life on the horde’s side.  He lights up the venue with his all-out performance inspired by the synergy to the music of his lost love.

He comes with his energetic dance move and his charisma – Photo by Paul Del Rosario Photography

Akira was a fast rising dancer with dance tracks and moves that’s been followed by millions of people.  His inspiration was a Rockstar named Jo. The music she plays and the dance he performs complemented each other.  The love they had was the one that inspired him to come with those popular dance tracks and with his moves, people saw how happy he was to be with the Rockstar.

His heart belongs to a Rockstar – Photo by Pef Decena

Akira’s fate would change as he accompanied Jo with his band on her way to Enchanted Kingdom.  This would be their first gig together.  There was a pedestrian that slowly crossed their path. Jo, who was driving the car at such a fast pace, swerved the car to avoid the pedestrian and hit the wall.  Akira was unconscious after the accident.  When Akira regained consciousness, Jo was missing and her band mates were dead.

Akira also noticed that there was chaos in the grounds of Enchanted Kingdom He thought Jo may have perished from the zombie attack.  Akira, wounded and all, found a way to inch himself out of the massacre.  He felt devastated for whatever happened to Jo and the death of her band mates.  He continued his performance as it was the only thing that mattered next to Jo but his passion was tainted with sadness though his natural talent was enough to make him a star.

His Life Would Change During a Gig in Filiinvest – Photo from Outbreak Manila

Almost a year have passed from that fateful day and Akira still tried to look for Jo though all efforts ended in vain.  One night while he had a gig in Festival Mall in Alabang, he was caught in shock when a group of doctors occupied the mall and the next thing he knew there were already zombies lurking in the mall.

He saw people confused by the people in orange and the two doctors in their quest for the cure for the zombie virus.  Akira just wanted to survive.  As he was about to exit the mall via the delivery bay, he saw a familiar face, it was Jo but in a different form. She was the Rockstar Zombie wielding her guitar.

He saw the Rockstar wielding her guitar in Zombie Form – Photo by Joms Antonio

Akira froze as he saw the love of his life and since he heard of the cure people were looking for. He hid himself and joined the quest as people searched for the cure.  He saw the male doctor named Dr. Alfonso Adarna, who gave him the cure and he rushed to find the Rockstar Zombie once again.  When he saw the Rockstar Zombie, he gave her the cure in hopes to revive the Jo she has grown to love.

The cure he got didn’t work and was turned by the Rockstar into the side of the horde. – Photo from Outbreak Manila

It was not the right cure and there was no change.  The Rockstar Zombie smashed Akira’s head with her guitar and turned him into a zombie.  He woke up again and this time as a part of the horde.

He now dances his way towards those precious life flags. – Photo by Jimrod Tan

It was a bittersweet reunion as the love they once had as humans now holds true in the horde.  Akira got his wish to be reunited with Jo but this time the fame they once craved was now replaced by the constant craving for brains and life flags.  This was their happily ever after and the performance they once shared is now replaced with grunting that sent shivers to the followers they once inspired.  Don’t follow the music and the dance beat as at the end of the note comes a fearsome musical zombie couple.

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Disclaimer: “The events and characters depicted in this are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental”

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Incoming: DZMM Tulong Na, Tabang Na, Tayo Na, Takbo Na

“Every little thing we do, could mean a lot and DZMM brings you a 5K Color Run for the education of the kids of typhoon Yolanda victims and it’s open to all runners of all speed and of all ages happening on May 4, 2014 at the Bonifacio Global City. 

Sa bawat hakbang, sa bawat takbo, hatid ay edukasyon sa mga batang sinalanta ng bagyo.”


Finishers get to receive a cap.

We all know how our country was devastated by Typhoon Yolanda. We’ve seen the goodness of mankind with the donations worldwide.  We can say that the ground works of rebuilding is in place and next in line is on how to help people reestablish their lives once again. The chance at a better life is through education.  In line with this comes a color run by DZMM whose beneficiaries would be the identified scholars from the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.  Each stride would really brighten up the life of the chosen beneficiaries.

The race is organized by Runrio, Inc and we all know the excellence in execution that Runrio stands for.  They value the cause so much that they are organizing this event free of charge as part of their corporate social responsibility and Coach Rio would really want to see the event to be a success that he’ll donate an additional P200,000 once we reach the target 10,000 runners for this event.  It’s now our time to do our share in this endeavor and register.

Register and have a colorful day as we get splashed with all natural and safe color powders while enjoying the 5K distance with a lot of people united in a common cause.   Runners are suggested to bring in shades or protective eye wear for this event.   End up as colorful as you can be by the time you hit the finish line and as you get to receive a finisher towel and a cap, smile because you also added color the lives of selected scholars by giving them a chance at education.

Finishers also get to receive a towel

Race Details

  • Date and Venue:
    • May 4, 2014, Bonifacio Global City, 5:30 am
  • Distance and Fees

    • 5K
      • P550 – Early Bird (March 17 – April 4 only)
      • P630 – Regular Rate
        • Senior Citizens discounts apply
        • Inclusive of Race Kit (Singlet, Timing Chip, Bib Number B-tag)
        • Finishers will receive a Limited Edition Towel and Cap; Gatorade and Premier Water at the finish line
  • Registration
    • Online at 
      • from March 17 to April 20 only
      • Delivery of race kits will start on March 31 .
      • Shipping cost apply for online registration
    • In store:  (March 24 onwards)
      • R.O.X. – Level 2 R.O.X. Bldg. Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City (12nn–8pm, Tel # 8564638)
      • Toby’s SM Mall of Asia – G/F Entertainment Mall, Roxas Blvd., Manila (12nn–8pm, Tel # 556-0445)
      • Toby’s SM North EDSA The Block
      • ABS-CBN Tulong Center (near Audience Entrance)
  • Race Maps

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Investing is a Marathon

One on one with CFA Society of the Philippines President, April Lynn L. Tan, CFA

“Investing is a Marathon!!!”  That’s the first thing CFA Society of the Philippines, April Tan, CFA told me on the similarities of running and investing as CFA Philippines made its presence felt in the running scene with the highly successful Financial Fitness Run last February 23, 2014.  Financial Fitness Run not only gave the runners a fresh route to conquer but also some lessons that can make runners good investors.

Read about:

Financial Fitness Run

While most of you know me from my runs and races, I also live in the world of Finance so when I got the invite to meet up with the President of the CFA Society of the Philippines to discuss about the recently concluded Financial Fitness Run, I was excited to match wits with CFA’s Royalty.  It would also be my chance to visit one of my favorite subjects in graduate school which is Investments.  The fields of finance and fitness don’t meet often but there are a lot of similarities between the two.  The Financial Fitness Run was able to capitalise on the popularity of running to send the message that investing can be for anybody and promote awareness on investors rights.

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Society of the Philippines is the local arm of CFA Institute, which is the global association of investment professional that sets standards for professional excellence and credentials. CFA is a title/certification earned after passing a 3 year program.   They promote ethical behavior in the financial markets and also have continuing education program to develop competent Financial Professional.  They also do their share in helping regulators in increasing their financial know-how through scholarship programs for government agencies and Finance Professor.  They promote financial literacy and investor rights both to members and non-members.

April Tan, CFA finished her first half marathon at Financial Fitness Run.

One of the goal of CFA on its 15th year is to capture a bigger audience with emphasis on Broader Mission, Bolder Voice and Bigger Community in an effort to be more relevant to more people.  This was one of the reason according to April that the CFA Society of the Philippines initiated the Financial Fitness Run and was the first to come up with this initiative among CFA member societies in the whole world.  Sometimes, people view the term investing with great technicalities that they avoid it instead of being aware of its benefits.  April Tan recaps the similarities of running and investing.


  • Have a goal – In running we can set a distance goal, or a time goal whether you want to do your first half marathon or finish 10K in an hour.  In investments, that goal can be like raising P1 million in 5 years.
  • Have a plan - Going into your first half marathon, you start doing a program that builds your endurance with progressive long runs or if you have a speed goal, you start incorporating speed sets.  In investing, you have to determine how much you are willing to invest and your expected growth rate to meet your goal. You can vary your portfolio based on your risk appetite.
  • Discipline / Consistency Both requires discipline and consistency as you have to keep yourself focused on your training goals while in investing you have to stay away from unnecessary spending that can hamper your investment budget.
  • Think long term - There are no short cuts in building endurance and that is also the case for investing, you earn more through time.
  • Have mentors -   In running, gettng pointers from more experienced runners help you in achieving your goals and the same goes with investing as you’ll need inputs from finance experts and books to learn about the different investment vehicles.

CFA Society Philippines at Financial Fitness Run

Investing is a Marathon. It takes a process of learning and it takes discipline.  It can be for anybody and you also have to take baby step and invest time to master it.  A common way to invest was to reduce expenses, April gave an example of someone who consistently invested P3,000 monthly and in a span of a few years, the person was able to accumulate already P600,000 and is aiming for her first million.  It’s also important to diversify one’s portfolio as some investment can complement each other.  Among things to avoid, April says to avoid buying penny stocks or those we get just from tips.  We should also learn that we can’t consistently earn a lot but in the long-term, investment do earn a lot. I remember 5 years ago, the Philippine Stock Exchange Index was in the 2,000 level and now, it’s around the 6,300 level.  That’s a really big growth.


Among the highlights of the Financial Fitness Run was the signing ceremony of the upholding CFA Institute Statement of Investors Rights which aims to help retail investors make better decisions.  This calls for more transparency from financial professionals on potential returns of investments, conflict of interest as well as having access to research materials that they can use in making better decisions.

CFA Society of the Philippines was really happy with the positive response for the Financial Fitness Run with thousands of runners taking part in the race under the advocacy of upholding the rights of the investors when availing financial services.  This is a milestone for CFA Society of the Philippines being the first member of the CFA Institute to hold a run event and with the successful turnout, who knows, this may be a regional or even a global event.  Up next for them is the First Philippine Investment Conference happening on May 28, 2014.

It was a really nice conversation with April Tan about CFA, Financial Fitness and Running.  I did learn a lot from her and I hope I’ve been able to impart key parts of her interview through this post.  Have Fun Running and Investing!!!

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