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ZXIOXZ Second Conquest

Posted by on 1. June 2012

First Part: ZXIOXZ Conquers Earth

Years have passed since ZXIOXZ and the creatures of the nth galaxy failed to conquer earth. ZXIOXZ, the strong-willed leader of the galaxy, has regained his (its) desire to conquer Earth. For several years since their failed conquest of Earth, the aliens of the nth galaxy were able to recover from their early defeat. With an arsenal that is several generations ahead, these three-eyed green creatures are undoubtedly confident of their next conquest.

“According to an advanced scientific study of our first defeat, the being that foiled our plans is a bread toaster. It is not really a being of their planet. It is just a simple kitchen appliance that is used to toast bread. The study also fortifies the claim that Earth is the most energy-infested planet. Therefore, it is my decision and your council of elders that we conquer Earth no matter what.” ZXIOXZ told the odd-looking creatures of his domain.

He further ordered ZIQ and QAZ to lead the mission to take over Earth. ZIQ and QAZ came with millions of warrior aliens. Besides being gifted with shape-shifting capabilities, these five inches extra-terrestrial beings had a very high sensitivity to sound. Every sound they hear is magnified by a million times its usual volume. This new capability made them invulnerable. They plan to attack at early dawn where earthlings will be caught unaware.

ZIQ said: “Here we are again in this energy-infested planet! In just a few hours, this planet will be ours. No bread toaster is going to stop us. HA! HA! HA!

“This planet is terrific! After we gain control over this planet. The universe will be easy to dominate. Hey, wait! Look at that earthling. You’re not going to stop us.” QAZ added.

“Don’t worry QAZ! I’ll try to communicate with it. Hey, you odd-looking earthling with a round body. So you are covering your face with glass. I can understand you fear us!!! Do you think that cylindrical metallic armor of yours would protect you? HA! HA! HA! No!” ZIQ voiced in a challenging manner.

“We will conquer this planet!” The rest of the beings shouted.

“So all you can do is say “TICK TOCK, TICK TOCK” while your two hands is moving around your rounded face. Those two metal ears, which are attached to the top of your rounded body coupled with your metal feet, they look pathetic! Go on cower in fear. So you have several round adjusters in your back. Maybe it’s how they recharge, isn’t it? In just a few hours, you will be our slave.” QAZ uttered to the poor earthling.

The bragging continued on for several more hours until ZXIOXZ arrived to lay claim to this productive celestial body. ZIQ and QAZ proudly told ZXIOXZ that this planet was too easy to conquer.

ZXIOXZ saying in an angry tone: “Enough of the bragging! Let’s get down to business!”

ZIQ and QAZ murmured: “Look at our leader, he is very committed in conquering this planet.”

As the aliens in the nth galaxy was preparing their weapons for the invasion. The TICK TOCK’s of the earthling suddenly became stronger and stronger. Suddenly….

“Kkkkkrrrrrriiiiinnnnnnnnggggggggggggg!!!!!! The earthling countered.

“What’s that?” ZIQ asked.

With the ultra-sensitivity to sound, the continuing ring was killing them. Their brave alien warriors were starting to fall down and die.

“Let’s retreat!!!! ZXIOXZ told his men.

“It’s better we forget our ambitions and live than pursuing it and die. The earthling is too much for us. This planet is full of unfriendly beings. Let’s leave it. Maybe it would be best if we leave this planet in peace.”

“kkkkkkkkkkkkrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg!!!” The rounded being continued.

The extra-terrestrial beings of the nth galaxy retreated. Each trying to survive the very loud ring of the earthling. Finally, they reached the nth galaxy but minus majority of its warrior aliens who didn’t survive the buzzing sound.

ZXIOXZ instructed his people to permanently dash their hopes of being the ruler of Earth. Their first mission after their failed conquest is to inflate their population again. They’ll have to find ways of strengthening their flock so that their invasion won’t be foiled again.

As for the mean time, Earth is once again safe from alien invasion. ZXIOXZ second conquest was crushed…. By would you believe… AN ALARM CLOCK.

Factual Fiction

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