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yurbuds Inspire Limited Edition with Triple Magnet Sound

Posted by on 19. May 2013

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I started using yurbuds in February when I was preparing for my half marathon for Standard Charter Hong Kong Marathon last February.  My running and yurbuds has been inseparable since then from my training runs to key races like Baguio 2wenty 1ne and the North Face 100. It adds rhythm into my strides and keeping me entertained for hours on the longer runs.  It makes running feel more natural with the cadence and arms sway guided by upbeat music and power songs and doesn’t leave you worrying about earphones falling off or wires getting entangled as those are the attributes that made yurbudsR the top choice of earphones among athletes.  I’m taking my yurbuds experience to the next level with the yurbudsR Inspire Limited Edition with Triple Magnet Sound.

yurbudsR Inspire Limited Edition sport earphones

yurbudsR Inspire Limited Edition sport earphones gives one more choices as it can let athletes personalize their listening experience.  It comes with two kinds of earbud, the noise-isolating and the ambient aware type.  This noise isolating earbud is perfect for listening to music or watching movies in the comfort of home or office.  The ambient aware type would be applicable when doing runs or training when you want good music yet still allow some sound to keep you alert outdoors.   yurbudsR Inspire Limited Edition sport earphones features the Triple Magnet Sound TechnologyTM, the Inspire Limited Edition provides an exceptional listening experience with exceptionally deep bass in a 3D soundscape.

The Inspire Limited Edition is compatible with Apple® devices and includes a 3-button microphone on the tangle-free Kevlar® cord. As with all yurbuds, the Limited Edition products feature FlexSoft™ Comfort Fit and are sweat and water resistant. I like the 3-button microphone feature which is perfect for making calls on your phone and with Siri right there on my iPhone, it’s much easier to explore my phone at the sound of my voice even as I am in the middle of the run.  It could be a good way to keep people updated on some of our milestones as we progress in the race or go on an adventure.

“The Limited Edition line is a creation stemming from years of research, work and product development. It truly is the ultimate sport earphone and is yurbuds at its best,” said Daniel DeVille, Director of Marketing for yurbuds.

The yurbuds Inspire Limited Edition features the patented TwistLockTM technology that guarantees they’ll never fall out once locked comfortably in your ears. Each kit also includes two earbud options: Noise Cancelling for the most immersive experience, and Ambient Aware for usage outdoors. The yurbuds Inspire Limited Edition is water and sweat-resistant, using soft, silicon earbuds and a Kevlar-wrapped flat cord for tangle-free operation. A built-in microphone and 3-button control enables phone conversations on the go and quick access to your music. Premium sound quality is made possible by Triple Magnet Sound TechnologyTM, 15mm Speakers, Dynamic Drivers, and 20Hz-20KHz Frequency Response.

The yurbuds Inspire Limited Edition retails for P4,800 at Planet Sports, The Athlete’s Foot, RUNNR, Urban Athletics, MOVE, and Brooks.

yurbuds is all around!

I did a run using the limited edition yurbudsR inspire with the ambient aware earbud and I found myself just enjoying my playlist instead on paining over the kilometers ahead and with ambient sounds still coming in, I am fully aware of the surroundings.  In another world, I was able to watch my favorite series in my laptop with high definition sounds at home using noise isolation earpiece.  In yet another world, I was able to call my friend to ask for directions while driving since the yurbuds had a microphone.  So whether I’m catering to my sporty side or my chill-mode persona or even my regular work-fun routine, yurbuds can come into the equation.  Flexibility and functionality is what sets this yurbuds apart.

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