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Yehliu Yohoo

Posted by on 21. March 2009

The hard part of this trip is almost over… We’re not really that outgoing anymore since Jing and I have already gone over most of the places in Taipei during our trip last year… and probably have gone over to the different places for so many time already given my 6th year with the annual report routine….

So was able to pull out a Jingy Bear out of hibernation… hehe… and thanks to Susan we were able to go to the North East part of Taiwan… Yehliu Geopark, which took us a 45 minute train ride from Taipei and 30 mins by taxi from Keelung… and it was nice to visit the various rock formation in this area… more common of which is the Queen’s head rock… It’s just amazing to see the different rock formation being a natural attraction… Of course, the ocean view made the attraction even better…

A stone throw away was our next stop, which is the Ocean World featuring a giant aquarium… (there’s a dog-faced fish)… a dolphin and seal show (the large one was really funny)… and additional exhibition from other performers (this part was a bit stale since the seal and dolphin has set the bar high)… A real nice combination of unique fishes and nice entertainment… Before heading off ot Taipei… tried a few street foods along the market…

And back to the hotel, I’ll also be in hibernation mode… hehe… for a lazy sunday in Taiwan… late breakfast… warm jaccuzzi bath… and probably just a walk in nearby places… Time to recharge for next week… =>

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