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Year of the Franc X2

Posted by on 30. December 2017

Safety Nets! That’s what 2017 is all about.  I’m a bit more future forward and I’m seriously filling in the bases when I eventually step out of the corporate world.  Hectic as it is, I’m enjoying the transition and learning new skills along the way. 2018 will be a good year to finally take off and I can say, I’m ready and waiting.

Year of the Franc

If each year was a race, I can say I always finish empty.  I never hold back in life and with the gazillion things I get to do, I finally burnt myself out once again.  Not complaining though as those burdens meant I was able to do something… I was able to push my limits… I also get to lend a helping hand to make someone’s life much better.  I’m a game changer and that’s how it will always be as long as I live my life to the brim and also pursue things I’m passionate about.  I had to take a step back towards the end of 2017 to rest, reassess and get myself ready for 2018.

2017 was the year I stepped back, pursue other things and also relive my other passions.  I had fewer runs and training. I spent a lot more time to travel, to be with friends, learn new skills, strengthen my business and preparing my safety nets.  My year is a lot more similar to my pre-running years.  It’s about time to be more future-centric and I like how everything is falling in place.  It was not my best year but I like to be a part of many success stories around me.

My Business

When I started my own Company, it was more about learning than ins and outs of having a business.  Its a growing up process all over again, which makes my career journey a full circle.  It started from learning the audit aspect then to accounting, finance, management and now, its about taking risks as an owner.  I started with distributing Oakley in 2016 and I’ve added Anker to my line in 2017.  It’s time to start thinking of another new concept for 2018.

My Travels

It’s as if I went back in a time machine and went back to my traveling ways in 2017.  It was not planned but it felt like taking trips monthly.  There’s the regular out of the country work travels in Singapore and Taiwan. I’ve also checked my bucket list of stepping on the Great Wall of China.  I also had several trips to Hong Kong. It was nice seeing Bacolod for the Eat and Run in January.   We had family time in Vitalis in Ilocos in March and was invited to Ilocos Norte and Pagudpud for a run and exploration a few weeks later.  Of course, all the out of town breathers in the trails and Baguio is always part of my routine.  Let’s see where 2018 leads me.

My Playground

While I’ve been in trails mostly in 2016, I’ve even spent a lot more time in my playground in 2017.  It’s really nice being in touch with nature and just chilling out there.  It’s been a mix of races, feel good runs and some easy treks.  Come to think of it, I’m such a klutz in life that I’m not meant for the trails.  I’m hardheaded anyway, so might as well struggle my way thtough the climbs, outrun my fears of the descents and endure the distance.  I missed my out of the country climb this year with Rinjani being cancelled and PAL cancelling my flight just in time for Snow Mountain in Taiwan. Oh well, looking forward for another round at the trails in 2018.

My Races

This was the year I stepped back from races and this was my fewest mileage in the past 7 years.  Most of them were on trails with only 5 races on the road.  I’m not as high now when it comes to races but I still try to find time to hit the road and the trails on weekends.  I did however finish my first 50 kilometers at Cordillera Mountain Ultra, though beyond cut-off.  Of course, the other highlight would be staging the STAR race this year.  It took a lot of time to be mentally ready for this one but I’m glad that STAR Trail Challenge was another success. Game for another STAR in 2018?

My Sites

I’m bringing back to have a more personal feel.  It’s now about my stories and the few things I’m passionate about.  I’ve reduced my schedules on events, promotions and even contents but I’m glad that I still get my usual traffic for my site. is now on its fast growth in 2017 and I do hope that we get more contributors, more trail stories and features.  While I spend less time on the sites, I do spend a lot more time helping races and brands in the trail community.  I also get to enjoy sharing my passions in talks.  Things are gonna get even bigger and better in 2018.

A Different Kind of Christmas

It was a different kind of Christmas this year as we spent it in Manila instead of the usual one in Baguio.  Since my Aunt was out of the country, my mom wanted to have Christmas in Manila this time.  Well, it was difficult breaking tradition but it was a good try.  I had a better appreciation of Christmas in Baguio, not just because of the weather but because I get to detach from everything related to my routine in Manila.  I guess it’s back to Baguio again next year.

2018, I’m Ready and Waiting

I’m glad that I spent the last few days of the year laying low and being detached.  If there’s one thing I know about the lifestyle I live is that I gets me tired and burnt out at some point.  There are times that I need to detach and reassess things before giving life another long hard go. It’s been a difficult past few years but 2018 is the year to fly.  The safety nets are in place so it’s time to taking the risks, pursuing the essentials and making a difference.  Thank you 2017 and everyone who was a part of it. 2018 here I come.

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