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Win the Battle against Shoelaces with Shufit

Posted by on 15. October 2015

The battle of shoelaces has been there since we were kids.  We hated shoelaces as kids since we had a hard time properly tying our shoelaces.  Even up to now, we still get to encounter the redundancy of tying and untying the laces every time it gets untangled.   It’s probably going to get even tougher when we grow old and weak. Shufit got you covered with magnetic laces that you can easily clip and unclip as you use your shoes. This is really more comfortable than regular laces and even slip ons.


When I was a kid, my parents always got me Velcro straps because I hated shoe laces.  I either tie it the wrong way and get it tangled or I tie it loosely.  It was a really a chore.  The problem with Velcro straps was that it can only withstand several uses. Even during the time I learned to tie my shoes, I always have to retie them. It probably has something to do with how I pronate and the laces are often loosened by frequent steps.  It was still a chore. Even when I started running, laces was still a problem but I was able to make do with lock laces and Xtenex, which cater to more of the athletic type.  I was able to try out Shufit Magnetic laces and it’s simple.  It gives you a magnetic clip you can attach into your laces and after you’ve set it up, you just have to clip and unclip the magnetic laces.  Check out the video below on how to install it.

It’s easy to install but make sure you fit it right before cutting out the extra portions of the laces.   The magnetic clip is powerful and secure and won’t easily be unclipped by your fingers.  It can be removed though when you push your foot upwards since the foot does have stronger and bigger muscle groups.  I was able to use it during my one hour run and it was in place the whole time.  I barely felt that the magnetic laces were there. I got to experience a more comfortable and efficient lacing system.  Personally, It works well with me when I run since I have more conservative strides but the results may be different if you have powerful strides or you tend to over pronate as this can unclip the magnetic laces.  Shufit is designed more for casual wear and instead of competitive use.  It does save you a lot of time when you compare it with traditional laces as compared below.

The Shufit is perfect for kids who doesn’t like laces as it would be more comfortable for them to just clip or unclip using the Shufit.  It can also be perfect for senior citizens who are having a hard time tying their laces.  It also goes well for people on the go who would make the most of their time with a faster lacing system like Shufit.  It is also perfect for people who put premium on comfort and efficiency. In short, it’s perfect for anybody young or old.  It comes in 8 different colors so you’ll have all the options when you match it with your shoes and outfit.

Win the battle against loose or tangled laces, Get Shufit Laces.  It’s simple, easier and would save you a lot of time.  It retails at P495 and is initially available at Body Evidence Fitness Gym located at National Road, Barangay Mayapa, Calamba City, Laguna.  It would also be available SOON at your favorite sports and fitness retailers and Lazada.

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