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When the Shoe Does Not Fit, There’s Spenco

Posted by on 13. February 2014

Trying Out Spenco Insoles in My Shoes

“Not everybody has the perfect running form that can go well with any shoes, this is where insoles can be an added layer of protection and support for your feet.  Spenco has come up with different types of insoles that can fit different sports like running and basketball.

Spenco Insoles

I’ve been introduced to the world of insoles when I had a minor injury on my planter.  I had difficulty standing up in the morning after waking up.  I needed my muscle to warm up before I can walk normally.  This was the time that I was a few minutes away from my sub 1 hour, 10K goal running goal.   I can run with pain at the start and eventually becomes okay after a few kilometers of warming up but definitely there was something wrong.  Months of structured training has taken its toll on the feet and legs but the goal felt so close and doable so I had to find ways on how to run with the minor injury.  Then I tried insoles,  I got additional support for my feet thus reducing the impact of each stride. Eventually, I was able to meet my first running goal which is a sub 1 hour 10 kilometer run.   Even when the injury fully healed, I still went on using insoles and this time, I shifted to heel cups and cushions to save on some weight.  To this date, I feel more comfortable running with insoles, more of as a safeguard so each stride would be less taxing on the leg.  The additional support gave me an added comfort level when running.  The insoles take in some of the impact on the legs and the knees allowing me to focus more on the running and less on muscle pains and injuries.  I’m also happy to say that the injury has never reoccured even as I eventually moved on to the longer distances.

Testing Out Spenco in a Shooting Game at Quorum Center.

The truth  is not everybody can have the perfect running form or can run with zero support.  Spenco Insoles can be a great equalizer.  It helps the legs become stronger and reduces fatigue.  Apart from choosing the right shoes, we should always check on the additional support we need to run at a smoother stroke and injury free.    Intense physical activities like running and basketball demand a firm base of support with which to toe off, land, turn, and jump repeatedly. Even the most advanced running and basketball shoe brands oftentimes need additional insole support among athletes who have to deal with common injuries such as plantar fasciitis and arch pain.  Spenco works for me.

Spenco introduces advanced insole support for athletes

Sports Resources, Inc. (SRI), the distributor of Spenco and many other cutting edge athletic brands in the Philippines, formally introduced its flagship products to select members of the sports and active lifestyle media today: the Polysorb Total Support and the Ground Reaction Force insole.

Polysorb Total Support

This insole is designed for runners seeking firmer support and motion control as it reduces pronation and supination. Key features of the insole include the following:

  • 3-PodTM Cushioning Systemto absorb shock and help prevent over pronation.
  • PolySorb Stability Cradlefor advanced arch support and deep heel cupping.
  • Custom EVA Layerconforms to normal wear to match the contours of the foot.
  • Low-frictionAntimicrobial Top Clothto help prevent blisters and control odor.
  • Metatarsal Arch Supportto offload pressure from the ball of foot to help relieve forefoot pain.
  • Forefoot Crash Padfor extra cushioning under the ball of foot for a smooth transition to toe-off.

The Polysorb Total Support insole can also be used in tennis, basketball, and cross-training shoes.

Ground Reaction Force

Designed specifically for basketball athletes, the Ground Reaction Force insole provides semi-flexible support and enhances the performance of their basketball shoes. Its advanced design increases arch support and heel support, and it improves motion control to reduce over-pronation and supination.

Key features of the Ground Reaction Force insole include the following:

  • 3-POD GRF Modulation System helps reduce lateral instability and the risk of ankle sprainswhile guiding the stride
  • First Ray Drop Zone encourages a more efficient stride and push-off and enhances vertical leaps.
  • Forefoot Launch and Crash Pad that is vented for breathability and acts as a platform for active propulsion.
  • Metatarsal Dome reduces pressure beneath the ball of the foot.
  • Deep Heel Cup provides rearfoot stability and controls excessive rearfoot pronation.
  • Semi-rigid Arch Cradle provides midfoot support and controls excessive rearfoot and midfoot pronation.
  • Low-Friction Top Cloth helps prevent blisters.
  • Silpure Antimicrobial reduces odor.

The Whole Line of Spenco Products


Spenco is available at Toby’s Davao, Arena SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, Glorietta 2, CDO, The Block, Shangri-La Plaza, TriNoMa, and Cebu.

Spenco Insole Testimonials

PBA All Filipino Cup Finalists Rain or Shine uses Spenco GRF Insoles.

 “The Spenco GRF Insole is the most appropriate non-custom orthotic device that I have seen specifically designed for basketball.” – Dr. James Losito, DPM – Podiatrist to Miami Heat

 “After games, I normally feel the strain of over exertion on my feet but with the use of GRF and the comfortable support I get from them, it all but disappeared and my legs thank me for it.” – Jeff Chan, Gilas Pilipinas and Rain or Shine Shooting Guard

“I haven’t played without my Spenco GRF. Heard about it from a friend. So I tried it. And the effect on me was amazing. It had a different feel the first time I stepped on it. Further improved the insole cushion of my shoes (whatever the brand is). Another good thing about this is I also outgrown wearing knee supports. The effects of the SPENCO GRF IS ALREADY ENOUGH to protect my knees though I am overweight. I will never wear shoes without it ever again.” – Snow Badua, PTV Host and Writer

“Spenco GRF insoles are the best non-custom basketball insoles that I’ve seen and tried so far. It makes your shoes fit better and provides optimal support for your feet during games. I highly recommend it for professional athletes and leisure players alike.” – Jaydee Calinawan, Rain or Shine Therapist

“I am Coach Johnny Berry of Trinity Sports Organization and the AAU Club team the Texas Admirals. I have Coached Basketball and football for the past 15 years in Texas, Mississippi, and Alabama. I have tried the insoles that Spenco created and found them to be satisfying. The insoles gave me more support throughout my entire foot, not just the heel area like most insoles. The curve part of the foot known as your arch usually aches because of the space between your foot and your insole. The Spenco insole gave me more support in this area and made my feet feel as though they were solid and more stable. When an athlete’s foot feels this way, it gives him or her less pain and irritation causing him or her to perform better. The insole helped so much with the orthopedic pounding my joints take while playing basketball and training. I could feel less tightening of my back and joints after I worked out and played. I strongly recommend and endorse the use of these new insoles for athletes and the active person.” – Coach Johnny Berry, Trinity Sports Organization

“Really like the look of the top and bottom. As soon as I saw them I asked if I could have a pair.  Same with the other players, we liked the look of the ones with holes. Used in my Nike shoes and  it seems more firm…great support of my arch. Using another pair in my walking shoes and the heel and ball area feel good.” – V. Bridgewater, Basketball Player, Waco

“So far I like the feel. I have a wide and flat foot so I like to break in walking first. Walking they feel great and have good support. I have played ball one time and they felt fine. I was surprised that they fit my shoes so well. I will break these (PU pod insole) first and then start using the ones with holes next. Looks are good, caught my eye because of basketball player.” – T. Thomas, ExPro Basketball Player, 2011 NBADL

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