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Weekend For Yolanda

Posted by on 14. November 2013

If each one lends a helping hand then everybody gets a lift up.”

Just seeing the pictures, the news, the updates on the devastation of typhoon Yolanda is just heartbreaking.  There are just many sides to look at the story but at the end of the day, everybody wants to alleviate the sufferings of the victims of the calamity.  It’s time to focus our efforts to help rather than complain, criticize or hate.  We all have our roles to play and we should do our service the best way we can.  It’s time to boost the morale of the people in the field spending their precious time to help the victims.  It’s time to thank people for their generous souls that have continued to share the love and the resources.  It’s time to reach out deep into our pockets or closet and give whatever we can.  It’s time to praise every ounce of heroism by people.  We are made of tougher materials but we need to be united and focused on what has to be done.

The running community will be doing it share over the weekend in separate run events all aimed in raising funds and pooling donations for the cause of the Victims of Yolanda.

First among the run event happening on Saturday is Rescue Run handled by Greentennial.  This is the 3rd Rescue Run  and if there’s one thing I’ve always admired with Greentennial is that they have always heeded the call whenever there’s a cause that needs their help.  It’s gonna offer 5K and 10K distances for runners and would also pool donations through the event.  They have also added 100 miles Cafe at Bonifacio Global City as a new registration area.

November 16 coincided with the regular The Bull Runner Bull Session.  TBR has opened the event to the public for them to run / walk between 30 minutes to 2 hours also along Bonifacio Global City.  The event would also be a drop area for donations in terms of foods and goods needed.  BGC would really be festive during the weekend with two charity runs happening at the same time.

Pinoyfitness and Pepsquad events is also joining the cause of Yolanda Typhoon victims in relaxed meet and greet 10K with no registration fee, just bring what you can in cash and in goods at Mall of Asia.   You’ll get to meet friends, enjoy a good and easy run and at the same time be able to help those needed.

Needless to say there would be a lot of runners on the road so join in the fun. Run be among a community in different run events happening in Manila.  It may not be much but with all the resources combined we could generate something big.  I’m due to attend a run event happening in another part of the Country but still every stride I make would be for the benefit of the victims and I will be also doing my fair share in giving out what I can for the victims.

Join in any of the above event or you may choose a different event but with everybody trying to reach out to the others, everybody gets an emotional lift.

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