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We Took the Merrel Capra Challenge and We Won

Posted by on 23. April 2015

Champions for the Merrel Capra Challenge

The first time I saw a Capra it was in a zoo and I was amazed at how the mountain goat can navigate with ease in the rocky cliff with their hooves.  That same traction comes in the new Merrel Capra shoes that has the Vibram Megagrip with excellent traction for different surfaces and Unifly that provide a better feel and agility on the surface for better movement.  It can go both for the faster trails or the longer and more challenging mountain treks.  We got to be a part of the Merrel Capra Challenge as part of the launch of the newest Capra shoes and we ended up winning the challenge and win our very own pair of Merrel’s latest all around trail and trek shoes.

Merrel Capra Challenge

The Merrel Capra Challenge was a game of wits and strength designed to inspire excitement for the outdoors and foster the spirit of adventure.   It had a series of obstacles for us to conquer and the team with the fastest time wins the challenge.  It challenges each member and at the same time fosters teamwork.   As you know me, I always love challenges like this and even if I don’t always do well, I always give it a good hard try. I also like brand launches like this as it deviates from the normal sit down launches.  It was exciting to be a part of this one as I am also spending a lot of time in the trails and mountains recently and Merrel would be a product I would really want to try.  I feel at home when I’m in the confides of the trails and mountains and would love to conquer as much adventure as I can especially now during summer months.  It was also Merrel’s way of introducing the latest Capra shoes that has an impressive features as slated by mountaineer Coby Sarreal, who was able to use the Capra shoes over several mountains already.  On a side note, Coby would be our trek guide on our climb to Mount Kinabalu next month.   After a short briefing about the brand and the shoes, we were immediately grouped into 4 separate groups with each team having 5 members.  There were series of obstacles and at times, we would be choosing which obstacle we would be taking based on a flipboard.

Teamwork at its best.

The first challenge was simultaneously moving in a wooden plant.  I am familiar with this one since we did this in our Principles of Management Class in Grad School.  They key is to move in unison and you’ll end up nowhere if you don’t move as one.  We were able to take this part quickly to be able to establish a lead over the other team.  The next obstacle had us running on tires, which was common for me since, this is always part of obstacle trails.

After the tire runs.

Next was to do jump ropes and this was something I couldn’t do, not even if my life depended on it (Yes, boo to me).  Good thing, that there is a rule where if you can’t do an obstacle, the team captain or a team member can do this for you. Working as a team also involves knowing your weak points and allowing others to take over.  We then had to go through boulders of rock,s which does require a lot of balance and traction.   After that we had to crawl under a net.

Please, let it be a low number.

We then had to do push ups with the number of repetitions to be determined based on the results of the two dice.  We were lucky that it just had 1 per die so we just had to do 2 push ups.  We headed to the last which was to take a photo each at the top of the Military Wall.  For a total time of 5 minutes and 26 seconds.  We were ahead of the other group.  We had to wait for the results of the second batch and surprise, surprise, we were overall champions and we won our very own Merrel Capra.  I can’t wait to try them out on actual trails and climbs.

We are the Champions!!!

Of course, the event was just a teaser and the highlight was showcasing the Merrel Capra.  The Merrel Capra came in colorful and flashy designs with a durable frame that’s built ready for all surfaces.  And now, without much ado, let me introduce the Merrel Capra.

Merrell Capra is inspired by nature’s ultimate climber – the mountain goat. The bold and colorful Capra is especially constructed to help hikers over varied terrains and this one is the perfect partner as you go all out in your outdoor adventures and achieve your personal goals whether blitzing a trail or conquering a new mountain.  Capra is the brand’s latest hiking innovation that’s fast, nimble and designed to enhance the backpacking experience, driving people to ascend further and stay longer outdoors. Summer is the ideal time to sport the shoe as you venture out in search of that perfect getaway.

The Merrell Capra is packed with technology that makes it ideal for every kind of excursion. Extreme conditions are no problem with the Vibram MegaGrip, improving grip and durability during those long and grueling hours on the mountainside. The outsole design is constructed like goat hooves with a split-toe design for enhanced grip on rock edges and crevices, while the UniFly™ midsole provides serious feel and agility. Vibrant hues keep your look young and eye-catching whether you’re trekking over dirt trails or taking it easy on the streets.  Merrell gets you ready for your getaway to adventure – from city streets to mountain trails and everywhere in between.

Go for the outdoors.


Like our own Capra Challenge, there are also challenges out there for you to conquer.  What’s your challenge? Take it on with confidence in the Capra, a speed hiker that’s designed to maximize performance and style outdoors. With a strong silhouette and striking colors, this lightweight shoe is a dynamic choice that can take you exploring far and wide as you search for the perfect getaway.  Challenge yourself to push life’s boundaries as you getaway to adventure. Whether as part of a pack or enjoying solitude in the wild, be humbled in the face of nature’s most majestic sites and find the will to emerge stronger than ever. Nothing is as empowering as venturing out of your every day routine and taking on the untouched wilderness. Trek with purpose and climb like an animal in your Merrell Capra, the only partner you need on the journey.  Transform your life with the power of adventure. Embark on your getaway and come back changed by the exotic destinations, the vibrant cultures and the once-in-a-lifetime experience. All you need is a good backpack, sturdy shoes and an open mind.

Life is an adventure

Life is an adventure and do take it.  Don’t fear those lung-busting climbs, enjoy those fast descents, have the time of the life crossing rivers, going over boulders of rock or anything goes.  When you have a shoes that’s designed for all the different terrains and conditions, you’re in good hands. Go for your own challenges and adventures and make the most out of your trails and treks with Merrel Capra.

Go for your own challenge and adventures.

Grab your own pair of Capra for your getaway in Merrell stores at TriNoma, SM North EDSA Annex, Market! Market!, Festival Mall Alabang, Marquee Mall Pampanga, Harbor Point Subic, SM City Dasmariñas, Ayala Center Cebu, Gaisano Mall Davao, Abreeza Mall Davao, SM Lanang Premier and SM Ecoland Davao. Merrell is also available in leading department stores and sports specialty stores nationwide.  Visit Merrell on Facebook via and follow us on Twitter and Instagram via @Merrell_PH.

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