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Wasted Time

Posted by on 3. October 2010

I feel that I’m wasting my time on some vicious cycle. Somehow, no matter how much you fix certain problems, they always find ways to mess things up leading you back to square one or even worse, stuck steps backward. I’m not really afraid of what the future holds but somehow going over some cycles are already getting sickening and it feels like wasted time. So leads me to the question until when should I go through the routine???

Oh well, that’s what happens when I go on this thinking spells. I end up stressing my mind so much on the value of time but I guess you just have to go through the motions and take whatever life brings and you’ll realize that there’s always a topside in any scenario. It’s funny how I whine when the going gets tough and get bored when there’s nothing to fix. I guess, I’m made for those intense moments and my heart beats best when the stakes are high. Of course, I just hope that some naysayers be a part of the solution for a change.

Speaking of heart, I’m still in awe at the 3-point dagger that took out the Tamaraws. The heart of the champion. 3 Peat for the Blue Eagles and I’ll be joining the bonfire later after running training. It’ll be more intense training for me as I shoot to move up to 10k in a few weeks. Sometimes, I do feel that I’m a full time runner and a part time employee with the time and effort I’ve been investing in running but of course, I do need to work to finance my being a run-a-holic. Besides muscle pain and a trimmer waist, the satisfaction of crossing the finish line is one of things I get from running.

It’s a tiring weekend spent less than a day in Baguio to attend my cousin’s wedding. It was a cold day spent with the warmth of family. Sleep a little, eat a lot, drink a little and eat whatever is available (it was a food-tripping day…=>). I did get a heart warming piece of advice from the one who officiated the wedding. “Love people for who they are and not for who we want them to be unless they do accept the change themselves.” It’s the part of love being unconditional. It does bode well to any relationship in as much as we should allow people to leave their own unique memory prints in the parchment of life. Sometimes, if we don’t see past people’s faults, we may miss out that their virtues maybe the one thing we are looking for.

It’s good to start with a nice thought and the rest will follow… =>

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