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US Potatoes Pack Your Day with Proper Nutrition

Posted by on 2. October 2018

50K at Cordillera Mountain Ultra

As I’ve aged, I got to appreciate taking in the proper nutrients.  US potatoes provide those nutrients in Fresh, Frozen and Dehydrated potato products, which allows you easy access to proper nutrition whether you’re at home, on the go, at work or outdoors.

Potatoes in Everyday Life

I’m living a fast-paced lifestyle.  I’m always on the go.  I work 5 times a week, plan events and hold meetings on weeknights, work out and hit the trails on weekends.  It’s always a full-schedule for me and I like it that way.  With the gazillion things to do, I can count the time I have for food preparation. That’s why, it’s such a blessing that Potatoes USA is now in the Philippines with fresh, frozen and dehydrated variants.

Of course, first choice would always be having the fresh potatoes nearby for a quick meal fix.  The frozen variant would be a thaw and prepare option right of the fridge.  The dehydrated option complements my lifestyle.  It’s Potato power in an instant, which you can readily include into your regular meals. It’s nice that the US has lightweight and compact dehydrated potatoes that is packed with healthy Potato power nutrients.  It’s a handy nutrition I can bring at work, at the trails and on trips.

Running with Potato Power

My First Full Marathon – TBR Dream Marathon 2014

Being properly fueled is a key to performing at an optimum level.  Nutrition even becomes more critical when you go longer runs.  Loading on carbohydrates has been important for my longer races.  It gives me a base source of energy on the race.  Of course, I would need to replenish every 45 minutes to 1 hour of running.  Potatoes have the carbohydrates and the calories you get to burn and consume when you work out.  It also has the Potassium to aid in muscle recovery.  It’s a cycle of fueling, burning and recovery.  I’ve managed to finish two full marathons and one 50 kilometers trail ultra with ample support from proper nutrition.

Marathon Number 2 – Condura Skyway Marathon 2015

Even now when I hit the trails, I also need to re-fuel often even when I’m out at a steadier pace.  Nothing adds fun to the trails than those short snack breaks with friends.  There’s a full complement of meals and snacks that you can get from Dehydrated Potatoes

US Dehydrated Potatoes


It’s an easy addition to the family menu.  Match it with various cheeses and seasoning and it gives you a full range of flavors for your mashed potatoes.  It can also be an excellent addition for creamier soups, sauces and stews.  It can be also used in breads, cakes and pastries and even native delicacies.  How about adding potatoes to your breakfast pancakes or waffles or enhancing pies and local dishes with Potatoes.

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