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Posted by on 31. October 2010

The past week was a real uphill climb with a few days approaching the board meeting, we were nowhere near any of the requirements we had to do. As the days flew in, we started to slowly tick off items in our to do list and looks in a good position to finish on time. I guess persistence does take you places and as long as you hang in there, the solutions will come in and those things that don’t seem to have meaning will eventually make sense.

The uphill climb is not yet over but at least we did make strides towards the finish line. It was tough and things are bound to get tougher but I’ll always take a difficult life over a life not lived. I’m just glad I can take another long weekend off without being bothered by the pressures of work. I’m surprised though that I’m no longer built for those long lasting overtimes anymore. Funny that I get more drained having an hour or two of extra hours at work compared to running a 5 to 10 kilometers run.

I’m about a month doing regular training runs and this week was my light recovery week but I also had to endure a tough speed session last Friday. I was fully exhausted after my speed session but that’s the whole purpose of it – to try to run at the maximum pace I can and I’m sure It’s gonna be worth all that effort. I felt like floating and seeing stars after the speed session. I also had my first shot an an uphill run in Baguio City and it was difficult running uphill (or upmountain???) combined with the blistering cold climate. I still can’t believe how my mileage during my run was creeping up so slow considering I felt that I’ve probably covered half of the city already. The cold weather has it ways to make the climb a lot more difficult.

Apart from the uphill week, I’m just glad I’m in my hometown for Halloween weekend. I love the weather in this part of the world and of course, the warmth of family and the familiarity of home. Even if I’m more of a visitor now in my hometown, I still enjoy and treasure each visit I have here even at times, I just end up stuck in our sofa in my sleepy cold weather mode. This time though I’m now squeezing in the exercise in my lazy boy routine.

No excuses… I’ve managed to combine the workouts with work and time with family and friends and a lot of travel in between. It’s just a matter of knowing the essentials – the things and the individuals that would make the world mean nothing without having it. I’m looking forward to so many things once I get past the hectic board meeting schedule, I do get to spread my wings again and get back to the finer side.

Life is not always a uphill climb but it is in those struggling climb that you get to appreciate the view from the top and the ease of a downhill trek. Bad days are there to make good times matter.

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