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Unilab Active Health: Husay at Malasakit in Health and Wellness

Posted by on 22. December 2014

Husay at Malasakit in Health and Fitness

Crossing the Finish Line can save lives. #UnilabActiveHealth gives seamlessly planned and executed races for a better appreciation of the health and wellness lifestyle by the participants.  Run United, Bike United and Tri United are fixtures in running and multisports athletes race calendars because it gives them a program to follow and a goal to chase.  It’s excellence (Husay) in execution is among the best and it’s compassion (Malasakit) for participants is evident with everyone given the best conditions to perform.  Start planning 2015 with the Unilab Active Health Calendar and let’s move to a fitter 2015! #HusayAtMalasakit #Unilab

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Husay at Malasakit

Months ago, Unilab came up with the TVC above to highlight two of their core advocacy, which is Husay (Excellence) and Malasakit (Compassion).  Being the country’s top pharmaceutical company, their products has continued to evolved through continuous research and development to ensure that the Filipinos are protected.  They streamline their process to ensure that they have an efficient and effective manufacturing process.  They also continuously develop their distribution channels to ensure that their products are available even in the remote areas.

Unilab ensures that their Husay and Malasakit ways are evident in their PRODUCTS, adoption of new technology (INNOVATION), process flow of their MANUFACTURING process, DISTRIBUTION of their products and their advocacy in Health and Wellness (Unilab Active Health).

I’ve been tasked to introduce the video of Unilab Active Health given that I’m an active participants of their events.  When it comes to active health, there are a lot of feel good stories to note from people losing weight, or people overcoming physical handicap to cross the finish line, or people adopting a whole new lifestyle after joining the events.  For me, running and multisports was my way of building my confidence.  It was a journey from walking 3 kilometers, chasing my first running goals, crossing my first duathlon finish line and eventually finishing my very first full marathon.  If you note that I keep on adding goals and that’s because running / multisports is a lifestyle and that each finish line is the next starting line.

Joining Run United 2 in 2010 gave me the confidence in chasing my first running goal a sub 60 minutes, 10K.

Sometimes people are too intimidated by the distance that they fail to see that it’s a journey.   It’s really more like a step at a time until you reach the finish line.  You’ll get the hang of it when you cross the finish line.  Unilab Active Health gave me the confidence of chasing my first running goal, which was finishing 10K in less than 60 minutes.  They have one of the most organized races and they really understand the needs of the runner.  It’s no wonder that it’s always sold out and has gathered a good mix of experienced and newbie runners.  Run United gives runners great memories on their runs that people tend to adopt the lifestyle in no time.  Unilab Active Health through its TBR Dream Marathon was also the venue for my very first full marathon.  They have a 5-6 months program that would make you ready for anything as you conquer 42.195 kilometers on race day.

Unilab Active Health TBR Dream Marathon built me up to finish my first full marathon.

I’ve been joining the Run United series and also had the chance to pay it forward being a pacer in their Run United Enervon HP Recovery Run this month.  We went on to pace 5 kilometers for 55 minutes. Yes, you can walk a 5 kilometer distance and still finish within an hour.  Running is easier done than thought about so just join the race and enjoy the process.  When you’re done running, you can also venture to multisports, which is also covered by Unilab Active Health.

Check out their 2015 Race Schedule.  I’ve been racing with Unilab Active Health since 2010 and they keep getting even better each year from event items, race essentials and a progressive distance to cover.  They also have the products to give you energy like Enervon Active and Unilab Active Health Gel and also they have Enervon HP for post race recovery.  Unilab got you covered in your races and in your nutrition.

The 2015 Run United and Finisher Shirts has new color schemes and uses a new Active Health Chaf-Redux technology to prevent chafing.

Husay at Malasakit in Distribution

Husay at Malasakit in Innovation

Husay at Malasakit in Manufacturing

Husay at Malasakit in Products

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