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Under Armour HOVR is Anytime, Anyday Fitness Shoes

Posted by on 2. May 2018

Under Armour enters the cushioning wars with UA HOVR.  It’s equipped with its Energy Web and HOVR foam that not only reduce impact per foot landing but also generates an energy return on the next stride.  It also gives you a sock like feel with its knitted upper for a more comfortable run.  It is truly an any time, any day fitness shoes.

Under Armour HOVR

I’ve been drooling over the new Under Armour HOVR ever since they started teasing the new running shoes.  It’s an eye-candy that comes in flashy and bold colorways.  It’s an every day shoes that can go well with your gym workouts, your runs and even your regular work day walks.  I eventually got the UA HOVR Sonic in pure white colorways.  I’ve been in the running scene for the past 8 years and when it comes to colorways, I’ve seen shoes evolve from the dull colored shoes to the flashy neon shoes and now back to the plain but catchy shoes.  Yes, white is the new flashy for me.  It looks pristine and stands out in a world of colorful shoes.

The Look

White and some highlights of gold, that’s the colorway of my HOVR Sonic.  I would also go for the bolder colorways of HOVR like Red because it does stand out.  It’s no accident that running shoes has evolved to the flashier colors we see today.  It’s because of visibility especially at night.  That feature keeps you safe and visible to motorist when you are on the road at night. The HOVR is not only visible, reflectorized but is also an eye candy anytime you wear them.

The Fit

The knitted upper makes the shoes fit like a sock and also makes it really breathable.  With a compression-like fit, UA HOVR gives you a better feel of the road, eliminates drag and adds comfort to every stride.  It also feels lighter than its 9.6 oz weight because of the fit.  You can really go farther and longer focusing on the run because of the innate comfort.  The shoes is powered by HOVR foam and wrapped in an energy web that adds cushion to each foot strike and efficient with the energy returns.

The Feel

I’ve used the HOVR on regular days, on gym work-outs, on cycling and on runs.  That’s how flexible it can get.  While most running shoes tend to go lighter and reduce cushioning to the bare essentials, the HOVR works with a neutral foot strike and a cushioned built.  Cushioning is one of its strengths as you feel supported when you walk, when you run and when you work out.  The fit makes up for the added weight on the cushioning since it provides a zero gravity feel with less drag.  It also uses an ortholite insole that molds to the feet for customized cushion and feel.  It feels light on the run, cushioned on the walks, and flexible on the various gym work outs.

It’s a shoes perfect for newbies in the running as it would keep your knees protected even when you go through the growing up pains in running like heel striking, higher rates of impact and fatigue.  It’s also right for me now as I am now more used to the trails and whenever I am in the road, I tend to go back to those bad habits and it also reduces the impact of the harder paved surface.

It’s an Any Time, Any Day Fitness Shoes

Fitness has evolved to not just focus in running.  It’s a bigger pie now.  You lift or do gym strengthening when you need core strength.  You bike when you need to build endurance at reduced impact.  You do cross-fit when you want to improve conditioning at a shorter time.  You run when you need to improve your cardiovascular system.  A lot of people are working their way to fitness through different means and that’s a good sign.

If I can pinpoint what I like best with the HOVR is its versatility.  I can wear it as a lifestyle shoes and still stand out.  I can wear it when I walk and still comfortable on the stride.  I can wear it when I’m in the gym on various gym work outs. Of course, anytime I feel going for a run, I’m ready with my HOVR since its an Any Time, Any Day fitness shoes.

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